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I just bought a car from Emmons this past weekend (6/23/12) and I must say it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I?ve purchased five brand new cars in my lifetim...


To refer to me as ""Tiger Woods"" and arrogant is assanine!! YOU had plenty of opportunities to make this situation right and you failed at every opportunity. There are very fooli...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/30/2013

Big disapointment! Made a mistake by buying a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and was led to believe the vehicle was ""checked out"". Really? In less than than six months I have had to replace: brakes, pads AND rotors, AC leaked, and now the best; transmission. The window sign states extended warrenty for about a $1 per day, I was offered extended warrenty for $2300 freaking dollars. Buyer beware!!! Only has 115k on it too so if ""checked out"" by a real mechanic, this would not have happened. \r Update, now the crankshaft position sensor died, another repait I had to do because this Jeep was ""so well gone over"". Oh and forot, the radiator was full of RUSTY WATER!! \r Please DO NOT BUY from this place, you'll be sorry. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/13/2012

IN RESPONSE TO: Mandy R.'s post dated Nov. 28, 2012 more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/8/2012

I went in to the dealership to purchase a vehicle that I had already test driven and paid for a vehicle maintenance inspection on. An Authorized Dealership Representative and I both signed a Retail Purchase Agreement, which states on the document ""This Agreement is not binding upon Dealer until signed by an Authorized Dealership Representative."" The dealer asked me to put down a deposit and I declined because my financer was cutting the check within 24 hours. The dealer stated that as long as they had a faxed copy of my cashier's check as proof of purchase then the car was mine. He did state that someone was scheduled to view the vehicle the next day at 4 pm. I assured him that the copy of the cashier's check would be in well before that. My credit union recieved the fax for the Retail Purchase Agreement, had me sign off on all of my loan paperwork, cut the check and faxed a copy of the check over to the dealership before 1 pm the following day. I called Justin, my dealership representative on three seperate occassions that day. The first conversation was alerting him that the check copy was being faxed over as proof of purchase. The second conversation was to confirm that he had received the fax (he stated he was at lunch and would check for it when he returned). The third conversation was to confirm that he received the fax as well as a copy of my proof of drivers insurance on the new car. He said that he had received everything and that I was good to go. He also asked when I would be in the following day to pick up the car so that he could have the keys and the car ready to go. I told him I would call him as soon as USPS had delivered the overnighted cashier's check for the full amount of the car which would be before noon. Three hours passed before I received another call from Justin at the dealership, thirty minutes before closing. Justin said ""I have bad news, another dealer took a $500 dollar deposit today that I was unware of and we have to honor that deal instead of yours."" more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/28/2012

Very Disappointed! I drove over an hour to look at a car at this dealership. I left feeling taken, and I'm not an inexperienced purchaser (having worked for a well known dealership for several years).The car was as expected but the price was misleading! I am a cash buyer and had no need to haggle over the bottom line, even offering full price the purchase order came back with almost $1000 worth of inflated pricing, packs, doc fees, etc. I would say, ""buyer beware"" false advertising, don't waste your time and effort for a place that doesn't give you the full price right up front online. Very, very disappointed! I wanted the car but had to walk away! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2012

For the 2nd time in as many years, we recently purchased another vehicle through Emmons as after our first experience I was ready to return. Justin continues to be very professional and again delivered us a very well maintained vehicle, at a very good value. If any of you are (for whatever reason) interested in a low-priced junker, you have plenty of suitable alternatives elsewhere. However, if you might be interested in paying a fair price for a very nice pre-owned vehicle, look no further. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/30/2012

Got a car from Emmons last week and it was an AWESOME experience. Justin was attentive and walked me through the whole process. I would strongly recommend using Emmons!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2012

I just bought a car from Emmons this past weekend (6/23/12) and I must say it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I?ve purchased five brand new cars in my lifetime and this experience far exceeds any of those experiences. My salesman was Justin. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to purchase a car from someone trustworthy and extraordinarily helpful. I live in Crawfordsville AR, 565 miles from Pasadena, so you can imagine my hesitation to purchase a car from Emmons but Justin went out of his way to make the buying experience smooth and successful. After sending a message via the internet to Emmons, Justin called me back the next day. I wasn?t available so he left me his personal cell phone so that I could reach him over the weekend. I called him back and asked lots of questions to which he gave me straight forward answers. He told me to give him another call on Monday and he would walk out to the car and go all through it with me on the phone so that I could get the answers to all my questions first hand. I took him up on that offer and when I arrived 6 days later the car was exactly the way he had described it. I flew in to Houston on Friday night and Justin picked me up in my car on Saturday morning. It took about 45 minutes to finalize the deal. I had asked Justin to please have everything ready for me sign so that I could be on my way back to Crawfordsville (10 hour drive) as soon as possible. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and more. The car had a few carpet burns on the driver?s side and was missing the two floor mats. Justin sent me pictures of the burns and I felt they weren?t deal breakers but by the next time I talked to Justin he had arranged to get the burns repaired and replaced the two floor mats for me. The entire experience was positive and everything went great on the way home. This car is everything I was looking for. It?s a 96 Toyota Camry with 76K miles and it handled perfectly all the way home! I couldn?t be happier. Yes, the waiting room is small but who cares. It?s a good salesman, it?s a perfect car, and it?s a all around successful purchase that makes all the difference. more

Hi, I have now bought 2 cars (a 5/30/2012

Hi, I have now bought 2 cars (a Volkswagen and an Expedition) from Emmons in a period of 3 years. I have been impressed with their inventory, professionalism, and prices. the salesman that I have worked with both times is Justin Braley. He has been very nice, helpful, and informative. I live in the Temple/Waco area and would not hesitate to travel down to Pasadena to get a good car and a good deal from Emmons and Justin. They treat you professionally and fair. more


To refer to me as ""Tiger Woods"" and arrogant is assanine!! YOU had plenty of opportunities to make this situation right and you failed at every opportunity. There are very foolish people in this world and as long as they exist, you will be in business another 40 years. I was content on letting this be until I read some of the things you wrote. I will continue to post anywhere I can post especially after this. EMMONS Motor is the WORST DEALERSHIP I've ever dealt with. They only offered to fix everything once I posted the review and they NEVER offered to pay for the BMW inspection even after finding out it wasn't the right vehicle. Gary Emmons can say what he wants, but let me tell you that my side of the story is the real deal!!! I have NO reason to lie about the shadiness that I dealt with. Many of the same things have happened, just look at their reviews. Again, if you buy from them, buy at your own risk! Furthermore, you can see how they conduct business simply by looking at their posts. When you run a business and are doing the right things, you don't need to defend yourself, your customer service will do all the talking for you, even when something like this occurs. Accident or not, you had TWO WEEKS to resolve the issue. All I had to do was sign the paperwork, and I asked on NUMEROUS occassions if this vehicle was inspected. Even if it was inspected once, as many times as I asked, you would think EMMONS would have sense enough to check it again, being that you've ""Been in business 40 years!"" I don't know any dealers in Austin that have been in business that long doing that!! To reiterate, if you buy a car from this company, do it at your own risk because they won't warranty the vehicle at all. Immediately take the vehicle to get inspected because they will lie to you. I am not writing this review to be nasty, if I can save someone the hell I've gone through with this company then that is great! I will be contacting the Houston area BBB as well!! more

PART 3-IN RESPONSE TO: ""Worst Service Ever!!!"" by: TSimien 4/5/2012

An important note: After I discovered that Terry Simien had posted his review and it CLEARLY did not reflect what actually happened, I asked him that he either edit his review by giving the FULL STORY or delete it. He said he would do one or the other. He later felt that he didn't owe it to me or the dealership to do that. Terry knows what our phone conversations were about and he knows I have emails showing the content of the correspondence back and forth. I did everything possible to earn his business and be fair throughout this entire process. For those of you, who post reviews about a particular product or company regardless of what industry it is in, remember that you are not benefiting any potential consumer if you don't give a fair account from both sides. more

PART 2- IN RESPONSE TO: ""Worst Service Ever!!!"" by: TSimien 4/5/2012

2012 marks the 40th year for our family dealership. Over the years we have sold tens of thousands of pre-owned vehicles. From time to time when an issue comes up, we do our very best to resolve it with our customers. There was nothing different about this particular instance with Mr. Simien. He and his girlfriend did in fact make the drive from Austin, TX to our dealership to potentially purchase a BMW X5 we had in inventory. He did speak to a salesperson named Colin who anxiously awaited their arrival on a Saturday morning. Colin did tell them that the BMW had been previously inspected. Mr. Simien wanted another inspection performed on his own to ease any concerns that one might have when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. He did take it to a local BMW dealer and the report showed that the BMW had a small oil leak, a small coolant leak, and a CV axle boot was torn. By definition of small, I mean that even after driving the vehicle for an extended period of time, there were NO fluids of any kind dripping onto the ground. When he came back to our dealership with his findings, I was a little puzzled because the report we had from the same BMW dealer just weeks prior didn't show any issues. So in front of Mr. Simien and his girlfriend, I held the 2 inspection reports side by side and I noticed the inspection report we had was from another nearly identical BMW X5 we also had in inventory at the same time. Now it all started to make sense. I told Mr. Simien that on the next business day (Monday) I would take the BMW to a qualified local repair facility and have an ASE Certified Technician look at the items that the BMW dealer had discovered and let him know what our options were at that point. He obviously didn't feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle with items that needed to be addressed and I certainly understood. The repair center we took it to had a copy of the BMW report and confirmed that it did in fact have a small coolant leak (which was able to be addressed while they were looking at it), did have a CV axle boot torn, and it did have some type of small oil leak but NOT where the BMW dealer had stated. So we immediately called the BMW dealer and took the vehicle back to them to have them physically show us where they felt the leak was originating from. They put it back up on the lift but couldn't show us an actual leak. They could only show us just a residual oil type substance that was on a certain area of the engine. So we took it back to the repair facility that we use and again, they confirmed that the oil leak was not coming from the area that the BMW dealer had said. It was coming from a small seal on the rack-n-pinion. After several discussions with the technician I authorized the repairs to be made. After the repairs were completed, we road tested the vehicle extensively and I personally inspected the vehicle while on a lift on 4 more occasions. I wanted to know with absolute conviction that these issues had been completely resolved. Mr. Simien was told that the price of the BMW X5 would increase to cover the cost of the repairs but he would still be able to purchase it for the same price he originally saw it online for. I knew he had driven a long way initially and I wanted to make a fair concession for him. He stated he would only be interested in the purchase if I would pay to have the BMW dealer do another inspection and give him a free 90 day bumper-to-bumper warranty on the ENTIRE vehicle. I told him I absolutely would pay for the final inspection and that I would warranty 100% the items that were repaired for 90 days. However, I also told him that I did not feel his request of the bumper-to-bumper warranty was reasonable. I even told him that it was possible that I could deliver the BMW (a 4 hour drive) to him at no additional cost just as a gesture of good faith. He declined to make the purchase. more

PART 1-IN RESPONSE TO: ""Worst Service Ever!!! by: TSimien 4/5/2012

This response is directed to Terry Simien who posted his review on 3/23/2012 and all other potential Emmons Motor Company customers. Mr. Simien did not give a full explanation of events that had transpired throughout the course of interacting with our dealership. I noticed his review online 7 days after he posted it. Since his initial visit, he and I had corresponded multiple times over the phone and through multiple emails. One being the actual day he posted it (I later discovered that he posted it approximately an hour before we spoke). I encourage anyone who has dealt with our dealership to post their experience (good or bad) online PROVIDING they give a fair review of events. I have had dealings with many people over the course of the years but in my opinion, the arrogance that Mr. Simien has displayed throughout this process rivals that of Golf Pro Tiger Woods. more

IN RESPONSE TO ""ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!"" by reyfc2004 11/18/10 3/30/2012

(This response was posted in November 2010 on ""Yahoo Reviews"" and copied and pasted here to address the post on ""City Search."") more

Response:Worst Service Ever!!! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM EMMONS!! 3/23/2012

Several weeks ago I was browsing the internet looking for a used BMW X5. I finally came across a white one on Autotrader and the dealer was Emmons Motor Co. I started dealings with one of the sales reps, Colin, who started out very professional. He ensured me that the vehicle was inspected by their team and that their would be no issues with the vehicle. I was assured for a week and a half prior to going to finalize the deal that everything was good to go. After driving four hours in the rain, I arrived at Emmons to see that the vehicle was in emmaculate condition. I then wanted Emmons to take the vehicle to the local BMW dealer to get it inspected and they refused to pay for it. EVERYTHING went downhill from there. I decided to pay for the inspection, and it was the best $150 I have ever spent because the vehicle had all kinds of issues. It was leaking oil, leaking coolant, and the CV Joint cover was leaking. I couldn't believe it! I had to ask the BMW inspector twice because I didn't think it was the same vehicle!! So not only did I have to pay for the inspection, Emmons was going to sell me a crappy vehicle and be content with doing so!!! Wait it gets worse, Gary Emmons called a day after and said that if they got the vehicle repaired, he would have to go up on the price. Seriously!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Anyone with integrity would've made sure that the vehicle was in great condition prior to selling and especially if someone travels FOUR HOURS in the rain to buy the vehicle. Emmons did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make the situation better. I even gave them the opportunity to make it better buy allowing them to correct the problems,and they didn't. I got a call from Gary two days after I visited and they havent called since. I will tell you if you are stupid enough to buy a vehicle from them you are a $@#&ing idiot!!! I have NEVER seen a more unprofessional dealership in my entire life, even for a small one. I can't reiterate, if you purchase a vehicle from them your an idiot!! more

Emmons is a busy place for a reason! 3/6/2012

We have bought 2 cars from Emmons. They are busy every time we go there. I keep seeing negative posts about the small waiting room and not enough sales people and it takes a long time to get attention there, ect.......... If you want the hype that the big dealerships offer, THEN GO TO A BIG DEALERSHIP!!!! If you are looking for a great quality car at a more than fair price with helpful salesman, then go to EMMONS! I have bought new and used cars from the big dealerships. It was a great service experience, but you get higher prices, and as far as sitting at a dealership all day-I have never ever been in and out with a car deal. And thats just the general rule, if your going to buy a car, expect it to take all day and maybe a few trips to dealership. I dont get the people who complain that about a bussiness that is doing too much business. ......... Its just like a resturant- If the parking lot is empty at lunch time, its because the product is no good. ........... They are busy because they do good, fair, honest business so everyone wants buy from them. .......... In all honesty, I have been there many times and thought 'They could really use a bigger place.'....... The thing about that is, a bigger lot and bigger building with more salesman really only gives the customer one thing-HIGHER PRICES. Do you really want to for a dealerships overhead costs?????? ............. I would rather sit in their small waiting area, and wait an hour to speak with an Emmons salesman and get a great car at a great price instead of sitting in a leather recliner all day at a big dealership with 10 salesman in expensive suits waited on me hand and foot and leave with a car that I will be paying thousands more dollars for. .......... Just realize something- Emmons Motor Company is busy for a reason! more

Absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/17/2010

This place does not even deserve one star, but I have no choice. I was interested in a 2003 mustang cobra that looked flawless from appearance back in the middle of Oct. 2010 and met with one of the sales goons from Emmons (Alex). When I got there he got the keys to the car turn the car on and left me alone for about 25mins. He came back and said, ?what would you like to do??. (Very professional, right?) During the time he left me with the car, I notice three discrepancies. Front rotors needed to be turned & new pads would be needed, the tension pulley was extremely loose, hence causing to pull on the supercharger pulley; causing it to leak from around the supercharger. I addressed these concerns and asked if the car was inspected. Of course the reply was, ?Oh we have mechanics that inspect the vehicle would you like to go for a ride?. I reply no, this can be dangerous and I would not like to be liable for damages to the car. He said he would get the car fixed and he would call me once the car was ready. I never got a phone call from him the following week so I called him and asked once again. He then stated that the car was not ready and that he would call me when it was done. The next week I called him and he told me that the car was going to be sold as is. I asked him to speak to the manager and he replied by saying there is no manager just three brothers that owned the dealership and that they would not be available since they are race car drivers and that they are out of town. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he gave me a name, ?Jamie?. Well this guy must be imaginary because every time I ask for him he is always taking pictures of cars. I have left my number more than enough times and they are not interested in returning my call or fixing a car that needs attention. I would hate to see somebody spend over $20k for a car that seriously needs to be attended. I challenge for anybody from Emmons to call me but they won?t. I don?t need to post my number they have it, my name is Frank. Hope this helps people that work hard and wants a good quality vehicle. more


These guys are by far the worst dealership I have ever tried doing business with. Poor customer service, under staffed, cheap bastards, rude and they just dont give a damn about you and how long you wait. I found a truck I have been looking for for some time, it was a perfect truck ( I was told it was owned by the owner), I will add they had very clean cars and trucks at a great price. But price isnt everything! I called 2 days earlier and spoke with a salesman, I told him i wanted to check the truck out Saturday, He said to call Friday afternoon to verify availability and schedule appointment. So anyways It was available, I drove 3.5 hrs for this truck (hoping it was what I wanted and so on). The truck was PERFECT, and the price was awesome. I arrived at 1030, test drove it and was back by 1130. So before moving forward I told them to quote me on my trade-in. So first off they quoted me $2200 less then 3 other dealers but I decided to still move forward because the truck was perfect in condition and price. So it took them 2 hrs to get me the credit application paperwork , we filled it out and waited. So we find out that they forgot to send it in when we were done so now its 2:05 and they are just sending in the paperwork. Well they close @ 3! Well 3 came and the banks hadnt responded yet and they said it takes an hr to 2 sometimes. Well that doesnt help me when Im 3.5 hrs away from home. So I wasted my whole saturday driving and sitting on my ass in their soo called wating area (4 chairs). The salesman I was dealing with was working like 4 deals at once and wasnt paying any attention to anyone. They were understaffed and the office is way too small. 5 or 6 salesman sharing 2 desks, thats crap. The owners are cheap bastards, they need a much larger lot, office and professional salesman. They didnt even offer water. No matter how perfect the truck was and how awesome the price was, I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I can tell you that there were atleast a dozen other pissed off potential customers, some left when it took a sales person over 20 mins too talk to them. SCREW EMMONS MOTOR COMPANY! I hope one day they get sued or something and go out of business. more

Amazing Service! 10/17/2010

Emmons is the opposite of any typical used car dealership there is. (VERY long review... Sorry!!) We were just transferred to Houston for work and were suddenly burdened with the horrible task of having to buy a car. We decided on a used car for our needs, and thought it might be better to go through a dealership than just through Craig's List or something similar. After doing a lot of careful research, we decided on a dealership and narrowed down the list of cars we wanted to consider. Emmons was the obvious choice based on the stellar reviews online (a used car dealership with 4+ star average ratings everywhere we looked??!). We made an appointment (this is a must) with Lowell and drove out there to check out a couple cars. Lowell showed us the cars we came out to see and walked around the lot with us, letting us know whether or not cars we were interested in were in our price range. I was amazed at the fact that he never pushed us into looking at anything we didn't specifically ask about, and never tried to get us to go out of our price range. After test driving a couple cars, we decided on one and started the paperwork. Emmons doesn't negotiate on price, but they do provide you with a 200 mile guarantee (best price within a 200 mile radius). We also got the car for under KBB value!! The car we bought was not under any warranty, but we thought spending $1200 more for a warranty didn't make sense since we have insurance. After driving the car a week, we had a major problem with the oil gasket and all of the oil in the car poured out. This happened after 6PM, so Emmons was closed and we had to call AAA to tow our car to the nearest autoshop. The following weekend, we came in to pick up our plates and see if we could get reimbursed for the work done at the autoshop. One of the owners spoke with us himself and not only gave us a check for the full amount we had paid, but also offered to fix a couple minor problems we found with the car and provide us with a car from his lot while our car was being looked at. He also gave us his cell phone number so that we could call him directly to set up a time. Talk about customer service!! I would definitely recommend Emmons as the place to go if you need a used car. If we decide on a second one, Emmons is where we'll go. more

Thanks Emmons! 10/2/2010

I would like to commend the Emmons Motor Company for their quality cars, and excellent service. After literally months of searching, I found Emmons to have the best price and condition on the Honda Pilot that I wanted. Not finding any good options in Missouri where we live, I looked at wholesale dealers in Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, etc. Emmons has a great selection of quality vehicles and really know their business. I have seen other reviewers complain about the lack of attention they receive when they show up on the lot without an appointment. This is actually one thing that I appreciated about their business. Their salespeople are busy working, selling cars, unlike other dealers where the salespeople are sitting around. If you want your salesman to jump up and serve you cookies and coffee when you walk through the door, go to one of the other overpriced dealers. But if you are serious about getting a good deal on a quality car, find a dealer like Emmons who sells a large volume of cars at wholesale prices. Emmons excellent service was my main motivation for posting a positive review. In addition to picking me up at the airport when I flew down to pick up my Pilot, they also covered some minor repair costs (oil plug and brake rotor turn) after I got it home. I was very pleased with how reasonable the owner, Gary Emmons, was in this matter, and have referred my family to his business. I hope they continue to do well and choose not to participate in the recession. C Jones, Joplin, MO more
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