Elizabet Nubla-Penn , DDS


2001 Union St
San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 563-1511
Elizabet Nubla-Penn , DDS - San Francisco, CA
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One of the best dentists in town


Dr. Elizabeth Nubla-Penn and her husband, Dr. Derek Penn, have very dubious business practices. A doctor moved in across the hall from their practice around 06/01/05, and kepted ...

very good dentist 7/17/2017

One of the best dentists in town more
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Owner response 11/5/2019

great dentist 1/9/2016

very good more

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Liz does a great job 2/24/2014

Love coming here for cleanings. more

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Great dentist 2/24/2014

One of the best dentist in this area more

Great Dentist 2/20/2014

Dr. Nubla did a great job with our child. Glad we found her on Judy's Book. more

Very Good Craftsmanship With Fillings & Veneers 11/19/2007

Mr. & Mrs. Nubla-Penn have been my primary care dentists since 2002 and I’ve had them install several composite fillings and also veneers and I’ve become aware of the craftsmanship involved in these procedures. Of course, pain control is a major issue in any dental procedure and they are good at minimizing any discomfort. If you have a problem that they can't solve, they also provide good references to other specialists in the city and promptly transmit their records to the alternative provider. more

Excellent Dental Care 12/15/2006

You are in great hands at the dental practice of Dr. Nubla Penn and Dr. Penn. Both are gentle, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and overall, really great people. As someone else mentioned, no one looks forward to going to the dentist, but if you have to, go here. I've recommended to several people and continue to do so whever someone is looking for a dentist. These guys rock! more

Dr. Nubla-Penn has been my dentist for years 11/20/2006

While I can't say that I always look forward to my next appointment, I can enthusiastically give five stars to her, her husband, and her terrific staff. more

Not only ETHICAL but excellent dentistry! 7/3/2005

I have been a patient of Dr. Nubla-Penn since 1998. I first came to Dr. Nubla-Penn with severe sensitivity in my teeth and had even lost the ability to chew on one side of my mouth since the pain was so severe. The discomfort was so unbearable that Dr. Nubla-Penn had to numb my mouth just to do a cleaning. The treatment that Dr. Nubla-Penn provided to me was so effective that after just 4 years with Dr. Nubla-Penn I not only can go for cleanings with NO anesthetic but I can also drink a cold soda, eat ice cream and brush my teeth with regular toothpaste - all things I wouldn't have dreamed of doing when I first went to see her. It is upsetting for me to see that business owners, that are clearly attempting to gain a larger patient base, will sink to the lowest levels of slander to discredit such excellent dentists as the Nubla-Penn's. The Nubla-Penn's are such warm people and have such a welcoming office environment that it is not surprising to me that anyone would want to work for them, WITHOUT solicitation. more

Unethical Business Practices 6/30/2005

Dr. Elizabeth Nubla-Penn and her husband, Dr. Derek Penn, have very dubious business practices. A doctor moved in across the hall from their practice around 06/01/05, and kepted in place the staff that was with the previous doctor. This is a basic industry standard to keep the staff of the selling doctor so that patients can see a familiar face when they come for treatment. You would think that a neighbor, only right across the hall, would have enough ethics to respect that process, and even welcome the new neighbor. That didn't happen. The Penn's had one of their assistants go into the new practice and solicit the new Doctors staff, and is actually hiring one of them. I think this is a depiction of desperate people who would do anything to further their business at whatever detriment to others. In an industry like medicine, where ethics are a measure of who you really are, what they did is despicable and should be known by the public so that they know what type of people with whom they are dealing. more

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Dr. Nubla-Penn Rocks! 6/29/2005

If you're looking for excellence in dentistry, you will find it here. more

Gentle, friendly and professional 9/14/2004

Gentle on your teeth, friendly and very professional more
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Owner response 2/13/2014
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