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225 East Houston Street
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Element - New York, NY
Element - New York, NY
Element - New York, NY


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We bought a table pakage online not really sure what to expect because I've never done NYE at a club and this party was off the hook! Honestly I don't remember leaving but I do re...


Where Do I start? I came here to celebrate my birthday 2/12/10 for caribbean night. It was my first time here and I signed up for the guestlist which constituted of me + one perso...

unprofessionalism 11/13/2010

I celebrated my bday last night there (11-13-10). From the beginning, it was a nightmare. Supposed to have VIP bottle service that was paid for and was given a hard time from outside. Bouncers unprofessional and nasty. Did not have guest list straightened out and also made guest list people pay when they weren't supposed to. VIP section was smaller than a closet for over 15 people in my party. Bottles given after 2 hours of being there and chasing people down for it. Just horrible. Did not let all of my people on guest list in and one person on list had to pay more money (buy bottles) to get in n never got the bottles he paid for. NEVER AGAIN. more

Best of Citysearch? WOW 2/14/2010

Where Do I start? I came here to celebrate my birthday 2/12/10 for caribbean night. It was my first time here and I signed up for the guestlist which constituted of me + one person free of charge. I get there, my names on the list but no one knew what free was. Its 23 degrees outside, me and my friend in pumps, dresses and peacoats becoming annoyed. Finally after complaining she lets me in. Door people were all rude. Anyway, We finally get in, the club is small, nothing spectacular, 2 floors, music was really really good, drinks were ok but pricey ($12 for cranberry and vodka??) . Crowd was corny, full of a mixture of old, young, fat and in-betweens. ratio of men to women was almost extinction, there were women everywhere, and if they were'nt flashing long weaves in your face, they were grinding on each other and kissing, (yuck!). I also noticed while standing on the line how strict they were on dress code, they wouldnt let a few guys in cause they had on pradas and boots, yet when we got in, there were horribly dressed men in addidas and pumas #checkplease!...If I had to pay to get in, I DEFINETLY would pass it up, other than the good DJs, I was expecting upscale reggae and soca club with a nice mature crowd. There was no difference from your local up the block club besides the bottle service and decor. I dont understand why this place was best of citysearch, thats funny.. Pros: Great Music Cons: Corny Crowd, Overcrowded, Bad Guestlist more

Great New Years Eve!!! 1/11/2010

We bought a table pakage online not really sure what to expect because I've never done NYE at a club and this party was off the hook! Honestly I don't remember leaving but I do remember the countdown. There must have been a thousand people all counting at once with the live ball drop on a big screen hanging in the middle. We ended up on the dance floor with a group of girls from Virginia??? I'm still hung over. Pros: Seriously the craziest NYE I've ever had Cons: Crowded more

Love this Spot! 12/25/2009

I just did my birthday here and had a great time. They have a birthday package that was really good. We got a bottle of champagne and a table and my whole party got in with no charge. We did have to pay $3 for coat check and they did try to sell us a bottle once we were inside but we just went to the bar for drinks. It was Saturday night and music was a great mix of everything. Club is really a beautiful space and crowd was a nice mix. Everyone was dressed nice. I would recommend it for a birthday. Pros: Most beautiful club in the city more

rude people not so great crowd 9/19/2009

We went to this place last night and had such a terrible experience. First we had to pay $20.00 to get in (girls) - p.s: on the website it says it was free. So we get in and the place is somewhat empty and 90% were girls. The bartender was so rude and the drinks are extremely expensive. We were there for not even 20 minutes and we decided to check out another place, and then go back there a little later hoping it would get better. We were expecting to get a stamp since we paid...but they didn't even do that! They said once you are out you can't be back in!!! The place was so bad that we didn't even care, we left and went to Sapphire (which was way better and great staff). Never going back to Element Club and I will tell everybody I can not to waste their money!! It surprises me that there are still places like this in NYC considering the number of clubs in the city. Too bad for them! Pros: big place Cons: rude people and expensive more

Not on A Friday Night 9/13/2009

To be fair, I only went once a Friday night (Reggae night) during Labor Day weekend so its possible I'm not making a fair assesment based on one experience. However, I can suggest that if you do go AVOID at all cost going on a Friday night. The price is WAY TOO HIGH ($30, maybe bc it was the weekend of the West Indian Day Parade but still too damn much) and the place is WAY TOO SMALL. The worse thing of all was the DJ. He was disgusting and obnoxious. I did not pay all that money to listen to some arrogant p huck spew misogynistic, homophobic, anti-anything and anyone non West Indian banter all night long. Kept interrupting the music to talk nonsense and he actually cursed a woman out for NOT letting him feel on her booty. There is nothing "upscale" about this place, I don't care what the website says. The whole no sneakers/no jeans thing is a joke. It was a regular place, with regular folks in typical club gear which there's nothing wrong with that but don't charge me 30 bucks for something I could get for 5 bucks in Queens. On the positive side, the crowd was cool; everyone was just there to party and have a good time and everyone was actually really polite, men and women. But I would never go again on a Friday night. Pros: Decent crowd, Party people Cons: Obnoxious DJ, Overpriced, Small more

Beware Element and Vault are Totally Different!!! 7/26/2009

Okay the problem I have is not with Element per se, it's with that tiny hole in the wall club they have on the side called The Vault. Here's the thing me and some friends contacted Element to reserve a table for a bachlorette party. They confirmed, but said due to a private party in their main room, they were only taking table reservations for the Vault Event. We didn't know the "Vault Event" was this extremely small, ceiling low, hot at hell, one bartender down in the basement club totally separate from Element. It actually felt like we were in a vault. The table reservation was only until 12 and since we got there close to that time and would've had to share the spot - we didn't need to go into "The Vault". It's just that some of us had already gone in and the line for Element was extremely long at that point. My thing is Element should advise that the"Vault Event" is not exactly in there nice big club and let party goers know what they are getting into. I was disappointed to say the least and ready to pass out from a heatstroke for sho! I don't know who with good common sense would venture down into "The Vault". But for why??? Pros: In Regards to Vault - NONE Cons: Vault - Rude Cashier, HOT as HELL and SMALL!!! more

Definitely has that "element". 3/27/2009

At first, I was put off by the crowd (I like a more mixed crowd) and this just wasn't that kind of place. I was there for a birthday and we did everything that we could to make sure that we got in the club b4 12 (as we were told it would be free).. of course, it wasn't we ended up having to pay $10 each to get in which didn't sit well with me. Then, we HAD to check our coats even though we were going to be in the VIP section where we could have easily but our coats on the chairs somewhere. Since Friday, it was Caribbean music throughout which got old at some point and so I'm glad the DJ was smart enough to throw a few different genres in there. (Only problem with the DJ was that he TALKED way too much which threw off the groove many times). Visually, the place is cool.. the sound system is good.. Pros: VIP Section Cons: Having to pay to get in even on the guest list before 12! more

Pricey, but had a great time! 2/24/2009

We came here for my friend's birthday party. They open at 11 and only allow the first 10 people on the party's guestlist in free. We showed up around 11, and were towards the font of the line, but didn't make it in until 11:30 just because they were using stalling tactics. After midnight, you pay $10 once you're on the guestlist Once you get inside, expect to pay $3 to check your coat. I know some people complained about this, but really, who wants to walk around inside a club with their coat?! The great thing about the birthday celebration is that we were given a free bottle of house champagne. They do tell you that you can stay in the VIP section as long as no other party does bottle service (you can stay there as long as you want if you buy a bottle). The good news is that the DJ plays a GREAT selection of music so you don't want to be seated for long! Advice to the ladies: Go with a group of girls, or better yet, bring some guys. It's a little sketchy sometimes because the gentlemen in the club will pretty much form a circle on the perimeter and just stare at you. There are some who are very pushy and will just come up behind you and start grinding. Not a great situation. Pros: Music Cons: Cover charge, long wait in line for no reason! more

Loved It! 12/26/2008

If you're like me and you go clubbing to dance then you will love this place. It is really layed out pefect with the vip mezzanine that overlooks the dance floor and the music is not so crazy loud up there. But when you go down onto the dance floor its like your right in the middle of the sweet spot. The DJ was awesome. He was mixing hip hop with eighties rock and even house. Things I never thought would go together but I couldn't stop dancing. The crowd kept going crazy every time the next song came on. So I would recommend it for the dancing crowd:-) Pros: Great dance club! Cons: Located downtown (I'm an uptown girl) more

Stay Away from this "Downscale" spot..such a RIPOFF!! 10/18/2008

Ummm to all the people RAVING about this place..its OBVIOUS you have no idea what a classy upscale club is supposed to look like. First of RSVP online and you get there and get stamped and you still get shoved to the back of the line...they KEEP you in line purposely so by the time you get to the cashier it is now coveniently 12:02pm and you are now forced to pay the ridiculous $20 bucks for ladies and $35 bucks for men.Now don't get me wrong money is not an option for me but its the principle of the whole situation. They then claim there is a dresscode but when you get in its clearly untrue because there are bunch of thugs running amuck in hoodies and t's.. oh before I forget there is a "mandatory" coat check which Ithink is tacky..because I should have the option whether I want to check my coat in or not.okay..where was I.... ahhh yes after having my coat checked forcibly for another extra charge per's the icing on the friend put his $3 bucks for his coat into the tip jar by mistake and he told the coat girl..she prompty told him sorry..this is for tips and refused to give him his money back so he had to put out ANOTHER $3 for his coat(not that hecared..he could afford it but its the PRINCIPLE)...shocking.. I was all ready to hang it up then but they probably have a no refund policy..anyway we pressed on..inside I thought that I was in a metal box..more like a can of sardines...the crwd was not my taste..there was cheap clothing galore(Someone said earlier everyone was well dressed..question where were they..cause I did not see em) then we went to the bar..the drinks were pricey for no reason...I think my other friend payed$10 for two bottles of poland spring water.. the only semi decent highlight of our night was the music...other than that if you want a classy ..good crowd..I suggest you search elsewhere..if you want plastic weaves , cheap clothing and to feel like you are being taken the whole night then be my guest ELEMENT!! Pros: music Cons: Everything else..pricey drinks..just a ripoff more

My honest opinion 10/18/2008

Seeing all the reviews for the element club I got so interested that I had to check it out just to see what side I would take - a lover or a hater. Turns out I fall somewhere in between. I went on Saturday and this was my experience: Line was really long when I first got there but it moved pretty good. I would say it took me about 20 minutes to get inside. This was normal to me any time I go to a crowded place. I did see them taking people off line because they had baggy pants or T-shirts so there was a dress code and there were lots of signs but I couldn't tell exactly how they decided who got in or not. I paid $20 cover (got there early - I think it goes up later) and had to check my coat. Again, typicall - every big night club I've been to makes you check your coat. I think i know why - if you didn't the place would be full of peoples coats laying everywhere and then people would probably write bad reviews about how trashy the place looks because peoples coats are piled all over. So just a hint - if you are planning to go clubbing, expect to pay a few bucks to check your coat. Sound system was good and music was mix of hip hop, house, rock, and when they started playing full on latin music I realized I was at a mostly latin party. I love all kind of music so this was fine for me but if you are freaked out by this I wouldn't go here on a Saturday. Drinks were normal club prices - I think my beer was $7 and my grey goose was $12 so I'm guessing the house drinks are $8 to $10. Another hint - if you are looking for cheap liquor don't go to a club, go to a dive bar (that's what I do when I want a cheap buz). Inside was just like the pictures with the colored light fixtures and the upstairs balcony but it was a little sloppy from people spilling drinks so my shoes were sticking to the floor all night. So overall I had a good time. I don't know if I would say a great time but there was definitely a real party going on and everyone was dancing. Pros: Good music, nice decor Cons: A bit crowded and sloppy on the dance floor more

I love the Friday party - haters stay home! 10/17/2008

I love, love, love this party! I always have a great time. I agree that when people get all worked up and write a bad review it's because they don't know what to expect when they go to a certain party. This is the party that everybody in the caribbean comunity is talking about so it's always crazy at the door and the lines are long and of course they are going to to charge you $35 when there are 500 people in line behind you willing to pay. Tink about it sista - simple supply and demand economics. No one is forcing you to pay. Just go to some dead club with no cover! Anyway, I was there last night and was coming to write a happy review about my birthday party. The place is so beautiful inside and the crowd is always dressed up and more important HAPPY and dancing. No drama. So anyway thank you to element for making my birthday and thank you for the bottle of champagne and even the sparker. A little cheesy for someone turning 25 but it still kind of makes you feel special :-) Pros: Great Caribbean Music! more

"Its Called Carribean Fridays" 10/17/2008

This was my second time going, in the same month. I love the friday party. For some reason some people have been given bad reviews about it: dont know why? It is exactly what the name says "Carribean Fridays". The crazy thing is how you get these rich kids wanting to try something new and originall and then they complain that its not what they expected. This is the closest thing to a real party left in NYC. It's like being on vacation and checking out the local spot. This party is all about the music, the "carribean crowd", and the crazy dancing which is so gooooood. Stick to what you know if you are not comfortable around different types of ethnicities. What else would you expect when its reggae night, a bunch of heavy metal heads? Overall the music is superb, the drinks are good, and the staff has always been polite and helpfull when ive been there. The only set back is the cover charge if your not on the guestlist $20 for ladies, ouch! Pros: Atmosphere, Sound System, Dancing Cons: Cover Charge, Parking, Door Line more

Oh puhlease....there is no guestlist at this still pay the $20 bucks for ladies and $35 for men..TRASHY RIPOFF!!! 10/17/2008

To the reviewer below me..face it this place sux!! First of all it looks NOTHING like what the website shows..this place looks like a warehouse..small..and I am gonna repeat it again..the crowd is way wayyy below upscale...the drinks are don't get me wrong I have no problem paying for good drinks but for these types of drinks? This spot is all about taking money out of peoples pockets..they shock you with the surprise charge of 20 bucks for ladies and GASP $35 for men...because you got to the cashier at 12:01pm...then they practically drag your coats off your backs for check in for a extra charge...I will NEVER EVER go back..and for the record I think the majority of the positive reviews are by employees of ELEMENT..because from their pleasant experiences its obvious either they are talking about a different club or just trying to get more suckers to come get ripped off. And I refuse to get suckered..they better enjoy the $150 bucks they made off me and my friends, because they will never get another dime from me..I have no reason to make this up..If I have a good time at a club I am the first one to put out a positive review about it..oh yeah I forgot to mention the guys kept GRABBING at me and my friends like a bunch of hungry wolves..I felt like a piece of medium rare steak..ugh..take my advice stay away!!!!! Pros: okay music Cons: EVERYTHING!!!!!! horrible crowd...just not a classy upscale venue like it boasts...pricey drinks more

All around great experience 10/16/2008

I have to say that this is a very professionally run club which is probably why they are so packed all the time. I speak from experience because I have worked in the business for a long time. We went last Saturday and had a great time. The door was very strict but they treated everybody respectfully, even when they turned people away - no attitude. The Security, coat check, bartenders were all super nice. I went after seeing that it was voted one of the best parties in the country on Club Planet and I can see why. It was a great night! Pros: Great Party on Saturdays Cons: Parking is rough on the LES more

Caribbean Music Lives in New York City! 10/16/2008

So many people told me to check out the Friday Caribbean party and I finally went for my girls birthday. Let me tell you this is where the beautiful professional caribbean crowd hangs out. Everybody was dressed up - very nice and classy. I almost went crazy when the DJ said Husain Bolt was in the crowd and we realized he was at the table right next ot us up on the balcony. We stayed cool though - didn't want to cause a whole scene. The dance floor is huge and you can look over the whole thing from upstairs - people dancing everywhere. Music was really good they even played some soca and some hip hop in the mix. At one point there was this crazy light show. I have to say I don't go out every weekend anymore, but I found my spot from now on! Finally a nice party for grown ups. Pros: Great Crowd, Great Music, Great Vibe Cons: Long Line to get in more

Where do I start... 10/14/2008

I can only speak on this place from what I've seen. I recently went on a Friday night because I heard it was reggae night.... I love reggae music, i've seen this place from the outside but it was my first time going in. It looked big, seemed like it would be fun. We put our names on the guest list, which gets you in free before 12. We get to the ladies that collect your money a few minutes before 12, she says the guest list is closed. It's $20 to get in.... which isnt a big deal except that its not even 12 yet. Im all about principle with these places, so that was strike 1. Strike 2... was the coat check. This lady made me check my scarf, jacket, and umbrella onto 3 different hangers.... Thats $9 just to hang some stuff up. Ridiculous.... so i go in the place...its just about 12, and its PACKED. The music is going, no problem.... except that i look around and a) im not impressed with the crowd at all.... I'm not sure how strict they are on saturdays but they were letting any old people in on Friday. From the young boys to the old heads.... dressed in god knows what. I wasnt even dressed my best, but i still felt over dressed compared to this. Acting a hot mess.... I dont go out to deal with the non-sense. And b) the place was much smaller than i expected.... Moving on, i go to the bar. Drinks are more expensive than at the Pegu Club!!! (high class martini bar in the west village) and im pretty sure i was being fed bankers club and other non-sense liquors that make you die.... at about $15 a pop. Needless to say $180 later, Its the worst club experience I've had since i moved to NY.... But to each his own, I expected more. Pros: They played reggae Cons: Everything else that followed.... more

Best In The City 10/9/2008

This is the PLACE to go on Friday's: This is the best club I know in Manhattan. The Crowd is great, the place is well managed, the bouncers are respectfull, the bartenders are Hot, the music is awesome. Ive been to a bunch of clubs but club Element has to be in my top 3. Pros: Music, Crowd, Atmospher(Reggae Night) Cons: Long Line more

Why didn't I know about this place? 10/9/2008

This is definitely one of the toughest spots to get into in the city right now, which usually means it's off the hook. I got in and it was definitely OFF THE HOOK! It was nutzo getting in. Don't even try unless your dressed the part or with ladies. I went last saturday with a group. We had to do bottles to get in but we got a table on the balcony looking over the dance floor which was packed and oh my god the ladies! If you're not used to the hustle bustle of a packed night club I wouldn't recomend but if you want the crazy Ne York club experience this is it. Pros: Beautiful space, beautiful women, great music Cons: crrrowded, hechtic door more
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  • Rich golden spotlights illuminate the classical building--and the club's lines winding around the intersection of Essex and Houston. Through the door are two choices: the thick of the soaring-ceilinged dance pit, or the spacious open mezzanine, where often-famous DJs spin from a catwalk podium and bystanders survey the action below. The understated elegance of texturized metals and painted woods is lost on the grooving masses, but is most apparent at Vault, the offshoot lounge downstairs.

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