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El Rey Taqueria - 19 Reviews - 910 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (713) 802-9145

El Rey Taqueria

910 Shepherd Dr (at Washington Avenue)
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 802-9145
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El Rey Taqueria - Houston, TX
El Rey Taqueria - Houston, TX
El Rey Taqueria - Houston, TX


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My secret little indulgence. I have been going here for years to eat all the things my trainer would never approve of. The tortilla soup is crazy delicious and I could eat the b...


ok i dnt.knw. if corp.knows about it but never have i gone to a restraunt where the amount of drinks plus cost are not shown on a reciept George the manager told me that thatd how...

Decent 10/24/2011

Pretty average for me. Nice quick service and clean. The sauces don't v any punch for me. more

Breakfast! 9/30/2011

LOVE the breakfast tacos... more

Empanada Paradise 5/21/2011

My secret little indulgence. I have been going here for years to eat all the things my trainer would never approve of. The tortilla soup is crazy delicious and I could eat the black beans by the bucket. I am getting hungry just writing this. more

this is the one on bunkerhill 9/14/2010

ok i dnt.knw. if corp.knows about it but never have i gone to a restraunt where the amount of drinks plus cost are not shown on a reciept George the manager told me that thatd how all there reciept come out.A friend and i went after work 1 day and he had 2 beers as i had ordered the whole chicken aka carte for 8.99 then tortillas corn to be exact so total was 14.59 but they were sepreate checks i saw my friend hand over a 5dollar bill for his drink then as i paid with a 20 i got back 4dollars now when i went back in to ask why? The manager at bunkerhill told me the drinks do not show on the reciept now not only did i get a attitude from a manager but also 10 dollars taken from me when i would go in numerous times well i would like to let all further customers check the reciept given and change but NEVER will I or any of my family or friends will eat there at the bunkerhill rest.slack of managment and slack or good service. more

Cuban sandwiches at 3am are my plight 3/31/2010

Living just a few blocks down from El Rey can be better than Christmas morning after a night out of dancing and worse than getting run over by a truck when it comes to hitting the gym later in the week. Their Cuban sandwiches are 100% authentic with butter drenched bread and plenty of friend meat pressed into a disturbingly small foil packet of calories. Prepare to feel satisfied and happy, yet guilty. Their ropa vieja is another highlight and will fill your taco with unforgettable joy. Whatever you get, it must be ordered with a side of fried plantains, the perfect accompaniment to any Latin snack. I suggest sticking to the Cuban inspired menu as the more Tex-Mex items are nothing special and can be a bit overpriced compared to the surrounding taco trucks that line the nearby streets. Come here for the Cuban, come late at night, but go elsewhere for breakfast tacos. Only the drive through is open late yet the crowded parking lot, with the line of cars often spilling onto the nearby streets, manages to have its own vibe. It is impossibly to stop at El Rey on a weekend night without conflict amongst drunken idiots in the midst of territorial wars over their Douche Central. The Tex-Mex items, prices and douchbags take away a star from this otherwise 5-star Cuban taqueria. Pros: Cuban sandwiches Cons: douchebag central location more

Good Food 3/18/2010

This place used to be awesome... they still go good food (some quality has suffered), but this is still the place to go to after a crazy night. They are open late... Food is good and prices are reasonable. Pros: Good Food, Cheap, Atmosphere Cons: Small Portions more

El Rey ...everyday 2/2/2010 do I sound a little biased? It came naturally I promise. I tried out the El Rey on Shepherd a few years ago and liked it but only occasionally ate there. I just wasn't paying close enough attention at first. At the time I was not a vegetarian and expected; stereotypically to find breakfast tacos and the usual beef and chicken fajita fare. But one day I tried a fish taco...oh! I love that habanero sauce! Hmm ...what is this? Cuban cuisine as well ....plantains ...ah...I love those! Cuban sandwich? Oh yeah! But the clincher was when I realized that I could also get a breakfast plate (with yummy home fried chopped potatoes) annnnnd ...wait for it .... a delicious espresso cafe' mocha! At almost half the price of Starbux. C'mon! Tex-Mex (hey..I grew up here annd San Antonio) , authentic Cuban (try the Ropa Viejas!) AND an espresso / coffee bar all in one? Are we paying attention yet? And as for inspections (?) and cleanliness ..I see the crew constantly cleaning and maintaining the dining room and kitchen...and they actually care. This ain't no fast food dive podnah. El Rey everyday? Wow ..almost! What can I say, I eat there several times a week as do many of my diverse friends and associates. If you've ever desired the missing link between fast food (eww!) and overpriced restaurant dining, this is it. Oh and now that I am octo-vegetarian I still have no trouble finding delicious alternatives on their menu. Ask for all white (real) egg tacos too... Professional ""by day"", starving artist""the rest of the time?"" ... I prefer a place with high numbers across the board ... not pros n' cons ...El Rey delivers. Pros: Clean, eclectic, great food, espresso & coffee drinks!! Cons: not open 24hrs? more

I LOVE El Rey!!! 12/7/2009

I always look for healthy places to eat. I really love El Rey. Their food is without preservatives and the coffee is fair trade. AND they actually have wheat tortillas. I really appreciate that everything is fresh. The orange juice is amazing. Their key lime pie is favourite, hands down! It is better than the key lime pie I have found during my many trips to Florida. The staff is always friendly and service is quick. Also, in all locations I have visited, the restaurant is always clean. I usually eat here twice a week and will continue to do so. This location is one of my favourites, because it is nice to be able to sit at the window and just watch the world turning while taking a break to enjoy delicious food. Try it! You'll see! Honestly, Me Pros: Food, Service, Fair Trade Coffee, Key Lime Pie Cons: nothing, nothing, nothing more

Fresh food fast..... and it is actually fresh. 12/7/2009

I have been a steady patron of El Rey since this summer. I just happened to want breakfast tacos one morning and by chance (or possibly fate) my regular place was closed for no reason that I know of. Needless to say from the amount of stars I decided to rate El Rey, my old favorite place lost my patronage. The breakfast tacos are fresh and you have a choice of fresh wheat tortillas, and they are very delicious. I personally love the Ranchero Egg plate, which comes with tortillas, two eggs topped with ranchero sauce, fried potatoes, and two pieces of bacon. Conan enjoys!!!! It is one of my all time favorite breakfast treats. Moving on from breakfast, my family and I decided to order dinner there one night. The beef fajita torta is pure delicious awesomeness. It can not be beat. The fresh guacamole and fajita beef seasoned and cooked to perfection makes a great combination. The second item I tried from the menu was equally enjoyable. It was the beef enchilada plate (Conan obviously likes beef), the tortillas are just fresh and delicious. There is no denying that fact. On a sweet note, the key lime pie is the best I have ever had. It is just sweet enough with delicious crust. Conan likes everything about El Rey!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Fresh, Wheat tortillas,coffee, orange juice,everything! Cons: Nothing!!!!!! more

In Response to Bad Review CiCi2006 11/7/2009

First of all, I love this restaurant, so sorry this is a bit deffensive..\r Thats pretty funny how they (CiCi2006) said that El Rey Cleans up for the inspectors.....dont they make UNANNOUNCED APPEARANCES???? \r What a risk, going on here talking smack about the place that you work at .....during a recession!!!\r I guess some people have NO COMMON SENSE!!\r Good Luck Cici 2006, because no matter what, even after you leave (get fired) from El Rey, they will continue to make great food and provide great service and you, well you will just be miserable no matter where you go, becuase apparently you focus more on things other than what you are paid to do. As far as your comment on unwashed veggies, you must be uneducated in sanitation. Do you know how many bad reviews there would be on here for food poisoning due to what you are assuming?? Take a food safety corse sometime and get back to us about these types of things, you really underestimate us citysearch readers. Its borderline insulting :( In all honesty, thanks for trying to tell us not to be fooled, but in retrospect it seems that the only one you are ""Fooling"" here is you.... You have the nerve to take the time to get in front of your computer, get on line, find citysearch, write a whole bunch of bad stuff about the people who employ you, yet you dont have the courage to say any of this to thier face, which would take less than a quarter of the effort than it took for you to go and tell us all this. Thanks Taquero 101, at least our perseption of this restarant isnt ruined because of some immature cowardest employee. Over and out! Pros: great food, great horchata! Cons: Immature employees, apparently... more

Taquero101 11/6/2009

I have been working for El Rey for 8 years and the only thing that my boss has been is loyal to me and my family. There is nothing dirty about this restaurant the only bugs and rodents are the ones that are outside our restauant. We keep it in prestine condition as you can see with our gloves. I am sorry that our boss likes to take a vacation once in a while (only human). CiCi2006 I feel sorry for you that you feel this way. It is sad that you characterize all of us latinos as illegal workers. The only things that you seem to be describing is your dirty kitchen in your own house. I am sorry things are not working out for you but it is obvious that El Rey kind of knows what they are doing. I mean they are ranked in the city for best quick eats. They are always striving to do more to help the buisness in every aspect. If you are so miserable then quit because I am tired of picking up your slack....... You know who you are.. I will leave it at that. Pros: Awsome Food Cons: Disgruntled Worker more

Premade food at your service 4/28/2009

Went to the new location on the katy fry. Ordered beef fajitas. The meat was overseasoned & tough. Everything is ala carte. I might try lunch but right now Ivan disappointed more

Great fast food 3/10/2009

I love this place. The lemonade is perfection to my tastebuds. It's not overly tart or overly sweet. I've had the grilled fish tacos - great. The shrimp tacos - also great. The steak sandwich - I'm lukewarm with the bread but the rest of it was great. I really like their fresh squeezed orange juice. The only draw back is that the large cup is about $5, which is the same as Jamba Juice but I guess I just didn't expect it. But the oranges they choose are sweeter than the orange juices I've had at Jamba. I love their tortillas. My husband always gets the Cuban plate without fail. If I don't already eat here once a week, I totally could. Pros: Food, Drive-thru option Cons: Drvie-thru is slow during peak periods, small parking lot, on busy intersection more

Once upon a wonderful.....NOW...not worth mentioning......SO SAD!!! 2/23/2009

I used to love El Rey......there was nothing better..........THAT WAS THEN............\r \r My last SEVERAL visits to El Rey have SUCKED......... I normally don't complain\r about establishments publicly, but I feel it should be said.\r \r MAYBE EL REY WILL LEARN SOMETHING!!!!!\r \r Quality doesn't exist anymore.....\r Portions have been cut in HALF........\r The Al Pastor was always the best in town, as was noted in a previous review.....\r Now its mostly FAT and the sauce is way off from the original......\r When you order chips and salsa (to go) they give you about a thimble of salsa,\r thats right, ONE OUNCE of salsa for a bag of chips, not to mention the rest of the meal............\r NOW THATS CHEAP RIGHT THERE!!!!\r \r Speaking of the salsa.......WHAT HAPPENED?????\r It used to rock the mouth of any unwary consumer, then you got addicted.......\r The new MILD recipe has got to go!!!!!\r If I ain't sweatin', it ain't no good!!!!!!\r I'm a broke, young, lower-middle class, white boy..........\r I want my good, cheap food back!!!, not tasteless yuppie tacos!!\r This has happened to EVERY taqueria in Houston that becomes popular.......with the upper class folks.\r ANYONE REMEMBER LA TAPATIA??? YEAH....thats probably enough about them!!!\r Thankfully El Rey hasn't gone off the deep end yet......there is still time for them to fix their mistakes!!!\r \r EL REY, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!\r \r You can trust the 1fatkid when it comes to food!!! Its just about all I care about!!!\r Pros: fast, semi-cheap Cons: a growing list: SERVICE, quality, flavor more

Used to be good... now its El Rey, NO WAY 11/6/2008

I have eaten at El Rey for about 5 years now. Recently, I ordered the usual fish tacos. The taco was thrown together, one of the tortillas was wet and fell apart, there was about 1.5 ounces of fish which was over cooked and tasteless; the cabbage was old and bitter. At one point, I would have said they had great tacos for the price, now it is doubtful I will go back. They apparently have become spoiled by the influx of urban dwellers throwing their money through the drive through and lost sight of quality and value.\r \r Sad. Pros: Good location, fast service Cons: Food quality dropped significantly more

Nice place for a quick bite 6/19/2008

Every time I go to El Rey I find something new to love. Recently, I've been ordering tortas--great sandwiches on great bread. I also love the fruit-flavored agua frescas. It's just a good place to get quick, cheap tacos and tortas. Pros: Surprising variety, good value more

Get the Steak sandwich 2/13/2007

I have been going to El Rays for about 5 years now and how always loved it. The lemonade is very good, if you like the rice water drink many people say its very good as well. I just wish they had some of the things on the old menu. Will go again and again. Pros: Drive thru more

Try the Cuban Sandwich!!! 9/20/2006

I have been on a quest for the past 7 months looking for a good Cuban sandwich in Houston, and El Rey is in the running with the best!\r Fresh bread & meats make it a homerun! Pros: Cuban Sandwich more

Best Tacos al Pastor in Town 11/3/2002

El Rey has the best Tacos al Pastor in town; I just wish they would offer pineapple pieces with them to make it a once-a-week must. I lived in Mexico City for 20 years and they can truly compare to the real thing. Pros: Tacos, Price, Drive Thru more
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  • A high-traffic intersection in the Washington Corridor is the ideal location for this fabulous taqueria that serves it up fresh and fast for breakfast, lunch, dinner and post-bar-hopping snackage....

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