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Drogin Mark MD

23445 US Highway 281 N Unit 2
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 491-4300
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The first that alarmed me is the waiting people complain about. Dr. Drogin tries to help every patient he can and he doesnt give patients 10 minutes each -- he gives his patients...


I had an appointment scheduled for over a month and I show up half an hour early and waited for over 4 hours before they finally told me that Dr. Drogin had decided to ignore the ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/28/2013

To see Dr Drogan is a 4-6 hour event. You get there, fill out new patient paperwork EVERY time, regardless if you have seen him before. Then you turn in the paperwork and you are asked to come back in 3-5 hours. Then you wait again and finally see the Dr. It's insane. This may work for stay-at-home parents, but for working parents, its absolutely unacceptable. He wants to see patients every 30-45 days, regardless if they need to be seen or not, just to put them through this hell of trying to get in to see him.\r The staff is only doing what the dr tells them, but if the doctor doesn't come in until 10am, then why do they open at 8:45? Forget having an appointment, walk-ins have priority. I had waited 3 months for a 2:30 apt and was asked to come back after 5pm. We left at 6:30. \r \r I have no idea how this doctor stays in business.\r \r \r \r more

Best Dr. Staff complaints way off base. 3/31/2012

The first that alarmed me is the waiting people complain about. Dr. Drogin tries to help every patient he can and he doesnt give patients 10 minutes each -- he gives his patients the time they need. Also, if you have to wait you can leave and the staff will call you when you should come back. And the staff has always helped me politely. Even when I pushed them their hardest because I needed something done quickly and it wasn't something they had to do. In fact I brought them and orchid that they keep and their window they tend nicely. But the best is Dr. Drogin. Takes his time. Listens. Doesn't push you out the door. He has helped me so incredibly much. more

I think he's great 3/25/2012

I have to wait every time I see Dr. Drogin. The minimum has been a couple of hours. I accept this, however, as I usually walk in and when I finally get to see him he is mine for however long I need him. I have a job that doesn't have a schedule do the fact he is one of the few doctors that still takes walk-ins is invaluable to me. His care is top notch imo, I have fired my last two doctors, who were perfectly fine, due to bad front office staff but have never had a problem with his. Sometimes they are hard to get a hold of but that is the way it is sometimes. He isn't for everyone due to the nature of his patient care, but I think he is a great doctor for me. more

Unprofessional, unreliable, and rude 3/5/2012

I had an appointment scheduled for over a month and I show up half an hour early and waited for over 4 hours before they finally told me that Dr. Drogin had decided to ignore the appointment so that he could start taking in walk-ins instead even though they had been telling me that I would be the next person to be seen throughout the whole duration of the wait. At one point Dr. Drogin came out and I was going to ask him about the appointment but when I tried to get his attention he just ignored me and kept walking. The staff is also very rude making you feel like you're the person who is wrong and that it's your fault. To drop a scheduled appointment to see people that didn't bother to call and feel that they can just show up is unprofessional and rude. I would definitely not recommend Dr. Drogin if you want to have a reliable doctor. more

5 1/2 HR WAIT/ RUDE STAFF 2/16/2012

I have been taking my kids to Dr. Drogin for about 5 years now for prescription needs. These prescriptions require an office visit every 6 months and we also have to come and pick up the script every 30 days in person. The prescription type cannot be called in to the pharmacy. more

The good, the bad, and the ugly. 9/28/2011

The good: He goes have walk-in hours, but be prepared to wait for a long time. The bad: I've made multiple appointments, only to have them cancelled the week of. These appointments are made at the time of a visit, for a follow-up, usually about six months out. The Ugly: If you begin to run out of medication, you are expected to walk-in (which is a very long wait, normally hours long). They did make an exception and give me one months supply, but they couldn't get me an appointment before that ran out. Example: Go to appointment, get six months supply, make follow up appointment. Four days before my follow-up, I am called and told the doctor would not be in, and I had to reschedule. My rescheduled appointment is 44 days away from the current date, but I only get one months prescriptions. So 44 days - 30 pills = bad. He would not give me one more months worth of pills to cover the two weeks. My only option, walk-in. This would be a pain, but doable, if I was in the state. I travel all over the US for work, and often am not in Texas (primary residence), so I handle most of my business over phone. When I make an appointment six months out, I expect to have that appointment honored. I'm with the other reviews that have had terrible experiences with scheduling conflicts. Dr. Drogin is a great doctor, I agree, but his sporadic hours, appointment cancelling, and staff all need to get a upgrade. more

Best Doctor in San Antonio Best Doc in Texas 7/12/2011

In response to the review dated 3/25/11. As a long time patient Wait time with Dr Mark is expected. He is a very kind and giving doctor and he devotes his full attention and time to each and every patient. It is sad that you had a bad experience At Dr Marks office but You seemed to have had plenty of time to sit and write a very long and mouthy complaint I feel sorry that your mom will miss out on a great doctor But we wont miss your mouth in our waiting room. Dr Mark keep up the good work and know that me and my whole family are so glad we found you. And we continue to refer friends and family to you (even though we might have to wait a little longer) It is well worth it to have such a great doctor and an awesome comunity member and all around GREAT PERSON more

Great,Very Smart Doctor 7/3/2011

Dr.Drogin has changed my life after seeing numerous doctors who wouldnt take time to listen,Dr.Drogin found alot of diagnoses that others couldnt..Hes so kind and Patient more

AWESOME 6/27/2011

I am bipolar and needed meds badly. All the other psychiatrist in the city have waiting lists that are months out. Dr. Drogin is the only doctor I found in town that actually takes walk-ins. He is empathetic, genuinely cares about YOU, and is actually availble to those of us that need help. He is wonderful!!! more


Today was quite possibly my worst experience EVER with a Dr.'s office. This was supposed to be my diabled mother's new ""fabulous"" Dr. YEAH RIGHT!!! more

The Absolute Worst Ever 7/28/2010

I have waited up to 5 hours past my appointment time to be seen. I have never been seen within 1 1/2 hours of my actual appointment. I usually scheduled my appointments so that I am the first appointment of the morning, which is 7:45. Upon arrival I found out that he had scheduled 2 patients ahead of me. It didn't really matter because he didn't show up until 9:10am. The receptionist was very apologetic and told me he seldom ever got in prior to 8:30am. During my last visit I left after 2 hours past my appointment, only to receive a $25 No Show bill in the mail. Dr. Drogin will also not provide a Preauthorization to the pharmacy without charging $20, so if your insurance requires one for the prescription you won't get your medication. I have never had a Dr. do this before and CVS informed me that they have never heard of it before. I am not alone in my complaints as you will undoubtedly hear in the waiting room should you pay him a visit. I will never return to this Dr. regardless of the health implications to myself. Pros: He is a nice guy. Cons: ALWAYS late, Lazy. Manufactures additional charges. more

Great Doctor, Great Person...KInd, respectful, caring 7/13/2009

I have had only one other physician that I truly thought was one of the best..and that was Dr Ted Botkin who is deceased. I never thought I would find another that I could rely on and trust like Dr Ted. However, after meeting and being under Dr Drogin's care I assure you he is a wonderful doctor. A kind and gentle, caring person. I am totally grateful for being one of his patients. ...And he's nice looking!..Has great boys. And from what I have seen is a great father! What more is there? Thanks Dr Mark. Pros: Always there for you! more

great doctora that is methodical and thorough 6/13/2009

i found him on the internet and was quite reluctant to see him. I wanted to see a doctor away from where I lived. Working in the healthcare field ,I simply knew t o much about the doc where I lived. It took me 2 months to see him, but the wait was worth. I was seen exactly at my appointment time. He was very kind and personable. He was very focused on my needs and listen to what I had to say. He addressed each problem and developed a plan to reach my goals.. There was no secrets and no medical jargin that I could not understand.. He reviewed my medications and knew immediately what to do. He explain the reason for each step. He put me on new medicine. Each day I have felt better and better.I know I was very depressed and now I can see myself doing much better. I madw another appointment and hope to see him as long as I need to.. Pros: very attenative to detail more

question for the doctor 12/13/2008

I have had several friends tell me that this doctor is wonderful and from the reviews I have read they are probably right. There is nothing better than word of mouth. I was hoping to make an appointment and I see that Doctor Drogin reads the reviews here so I had a question for him. You can either respond here or email me at lovsr8724 on aol. I was wondering if you treat lyme disease and if you run test cd57 for it. And also if you know much about morgellons disease. I would appreciate a response so we won't waste each others time by me making an appointment. Thank you for your time. more

Perceptive physician 12/5/2008

Dr. Drogin is very perceptive (probably his psychiatric training). As a new patient, I found he immediately tracked his conversational style to my pace. I wanted to get a lot of information stated quickly because I was so used to being in a rush at other practices in the past. So he broadly wrote down items, at my pace, initially. Then, as I filled in the details, he responded with more detail cued by my more relaxed state. He suggested alternate dosing schemes and a generic medication to aggressively try to save me money. I would highly recommend him. The office staff is friendly and proactive in saving you time for yearly physicals and tests and letting you know about test findings, even when they are normal. Pros: Great Staff, Perceptive doctor Cons: None I could think of more

A Doctor Who Listens 10/7/2008

I tried several doctors over the 10 years I was in San Antonio before I was referred to Dr. Drogin. The other doctors had the 'McDonalds' approach: Serve as many customers as you can with speed and marginal quality. Dr. Drogin, on the other hand, was exactly the opposite. I spent close to an hour with him at our first appointment. He took the time to find out about me, my family, and my lifestyle. We talked about every medical concern I had and he gave me great advice and treatment to make me feel better. Pros: Takes the necessary time to provide quality care. Harvard Medical School. Cons: Sometimes hard to get into for routine appointments like physicals. more

One of San Antonio's BEST Physicians! 7/8/2008

I'm a Registered Nurse, and Nurses can be PICKY (to say the least), but Dr. Drogin has exceeded every expectation I hoped for in finding a family physician. His knowledge base is diverse and vast, and his compassion shines thru EVERY time I see him. My family and I've NEVER felt rushed as he LISTENS to our concerns, which is VERY unusual in today's medical managed care world. Pros: TOTAL THUMBS UP! Cons: was a little hard to find the first time.... more

best medical care 4/25/2008

I moved to San Antonio ten years ago and during my first year here I looked for a good doctor in family practice. Somehow I came across Dr Drogin and after my first visit with him, I was convinced that my search was over. I'm 50 years old and have never met a doctor who is as caring with his patients as Dr Drogin. He's never in a be prepared to wait your turn. He takes the time to explain things to me in a manner that I can understand (since I'm not an MD). He is pretty accurate with his diagnosis and treatments. When he has referred me to specialists, it has always been to great doctors as well. Most important, his peers think very highly of him. I love the fact that he is so unassuming and friendly...someone you can relate to and relate with. Last but not least, he is a very professional person - I have never had any reservations in discussing with him sensitive matters. more

Best Doctor I've Ever Meet 4/18/2008

I am writing this because I want everyone to know that Dr. Drogin is the best doctor I've ever known. I used to work in a ER and I came across several drs. that were uncaring and uncompassionate. Dr. Drogin is the most caring and compassionate dr I've ever meet. He always takes his time with me and my kids. I can call him anytime of the day and I know he will call me back. My son had epilepsy and anytime I needed to speak with Dr. Drogin because I needed reassurance or had questions that I didn't understand I knew I could call him and he would be there for us. After, my son's surgery to correct his epilepsy no one would take out his sutures when they needed to come out. I called Dr. Drogin and he fit me right in (5 days before Christmas). He was gentle and he talked to my son through the whole thing. He is on top of lab results, CT results, ect. He is the best dr in San Antonio. Anyone, who bad mouths Dr. Drogin does not know what they are talking about. Pros: office staff is great and friendly Cons: little wait time sometimes more

Dr Drogin MD is the best i have ever met 11/1/2007

I have changed dr's about 5 times in the the year, some wouldnt look me in eye. Some where prescribing me medications i just didn't need to be on at my age. Some just plain didnt listen. Thats untill I meet Dr Drogin he is a kind man who takes his time with each pt, I never feel rushed and he always listens. If i have an emergency someone always gets right back to me. I have never had a Dr i am so comfortable with. I would and have recommened him to many friends and the twon that saw him have become regular pt's of his. I drive an hour to see him for every appointment. He is well worth the drive... Pros: Service by the staff always ready to help Cons: Ambience is not the best but he does it to save his pt. money more
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