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Dr. Caryn Selick - 44 Reviews - 338 East 30th St., New York, NY - Doctors Reviews - Phone (212) 683-0090

Dr. Caryn Selick

338 East 30th St.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 683-0090
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I have been so happy with Doc. Selick! I tried three different fertility specialists and offices before I found her and she was the nicest and most professional, as well as every ...


I been with the practice for more then 2 years but finally i got enough of them . The last 5 visits with them were just horrible . Dr Selick never spent enough time with me , alwa...

Great Doctor! 8/7/2013

I have been so happy with Doc. Selick! I tried three different fertility specialists and offices before I found her and she was the nicest and most professional, as well as every single staff member in her office. She got me pregnant with my son who I gave birth to a year ago and I am now working with her on my second. She was very patient with me and took her time explaining the process, her offices are the warmest and most cheerful of all the ones I've been in and made me feel better than any of the others. I didn't have to wait any longer than any other doctors office I've been to and her office is very clean. I don't know why there are such bad reviews about her and I'm glad I didn't see them before or I would have missed out on a great doctor. She was trying everything to avoid surgery with me until it was the last resort, and she did everything so we don't waste my precious embryos. I can go on and on about how great she is... Most sincerely! more

Do not go to this practice 1/23/2012

I been with the practice for more then 2 years but finally i got enough of them . The last 5 visits with them were just horrible . Dr Selick never spent enough time with me , always rushing to see someone else. The office billing practices are very offensive and aggressive . I felt like i am client of a business , not a Patient in medical office . Stay way form them. more

Extremely competent IVF Specialist 12/5/2011

Dr Selick has taken extremely good care of me in situations when I had both viable unviable pregnancies. I have had some serious and uncommon fertility issues which she guided me through safely and helped me achieve the family that I have today, which includes two children and one on the way. I would recommend her to friends and family, and have in the past. more

-Dont go to her for Fertility Treatments! 11/2/2011

Caryn Selick is by far the worse "doctor" I have ever encountered. She is a regular OBGYN and is not someone anyone should be going to if they are interested in IVF. She works with RMA which is a legitimate infertility clinic and when your doing treatment for it your basically just going to Dr. Selick to have your test done and get your medication. RMA will be the ones who are looking at your stats and giving her the info about what you should be doing next. Caryn, I refuse to continue to call her doctor, is just the middle man which is why its cheaper to go to her then RMA directly. I suggest if you are using her just go to RMA directly and continue getting your treatment there or find another doctor elsewhere. She has a horrible bedside manner and is truly a bitch. After spending money on two IVF that ended in miscarriages I found a doctor where I was successful on the first try and thankfully I am now blessed to be the mom to twin boys. Had I stayed with Caryn I am sure I would of never became a mother. I had to have extensive testing and genetic testing on my embryos because of poor egg quality, something she never addressed or found. more


Horrible staff and unprofessional. Tried to charge me twice fraudulently. Damaris or the billing woman is obnoxious. Mixed up my files, double billed me and my insurance company. This doctor needs to be investigated bigtime. Complaints have been filed at my insurance company as well as ALL the medical boards she is a member of. Trust me they WILL take dicsiplinary action and cancel her license. more

Worst doctor 9/21/2011

Terrible terrble bedside manner. Very rude especially when talking about touchy subjects. She is very eager to do surgery for no reason. After having all the tests done eventhough nothing appeared to be wrong with my uterous she decided that I needed exploratory surgery. Went in to have it done and while I was being prepped she mentioned casually that I might need to have my "sick" tubes removed. I was in shock bc she had never mentioned previously. After surgery was told that all was fine and nothing wad done. Meanwhile I had a horrid recovery and now an alien looking bellybutton! Once I recovered I started clomid and iui. Got pregnant and then lost it very early but dr insisted I have very serious injections just in case. After this she decided I needed to have another surgery. That is when I decided it was time to go to a new dr!!! Don't know why I waited so long. Dr selick should not be allowed to practice. She is truly awful. more

mess up the pt. history, careless dr. Selick 7/20/2011

1)she put me on fertility cycle with a cyst on one overy, it's known factor that this overy will not produce a healthy eggs. she should have wated foe another cycle. 2)when one overy produced 5 healthy eggs she did'n retrive them. she said its not enought for ivf. why??????? 3) after she removed my fellopian tubes she did insemination. ha ha ha. she said, that she forget about laporoscopy tubes removal which she perfomed herself buy the way a one month ago. it was the worse. such a humuliation. i want to press charges against her. more

Very Good Dr, Most Awful, Rude staff 5/11/2011

Good: Selick is thorough and thoughtful. She does make time to listen. In 20 years of knowing her, she has done right by me.And she is well respected at NYU. I stay because of the Dr.. Bad: I often thought to walk away, because of her unprofessional,thoughtless,rude support staff, who don't care if the Dr loses her patients! Complete lack of courtsies! Her Offfice Manager is the worst! With so many options out there, they better get their act together.. Improvements: A cleaner, updated office. Better organization. Updated phone answering and response to callers with questions . Better trained, more helpful staff.. more

Worst EVER 4/6/2011

Her staff lies, does not follow through EVER! I really hate to refer to her as a Dr., pitiful excuse for one. Will never, ever go back. more

very unprofessional 2/23/2011

She is just an OBGYN dr not specialized in infertility but offers infertility "treatments " to be able to bill your insurance! She never reads your chart, has no clue why you are in her office that day and has NO IDEA HOW TO ADMINISTER FERTIITY MEDICATIONS. SHE IS A SCAM DOCTOR for anyone interested to have fertility treatment! more

Dr Selick is AMAZING! 5/10/2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Selick's for over 5 years and in that time I have found her and her staff to be the most understanding, pleasant and amazing people that I have ever dealt with. I've seen her for my infertility issues and have always found them to be compassionate towards me when a procedure didn't work. I ended up having IVF and have a beautiful baby boy that I am not sure I would have had without Dr. Selick. She worked with my husband and me in a thorough and professional manner. She answered all of our questions and concerns as if she had not heard them a million times before. She was compassionate and understanding when we had a set back and always made me feel like we would get to a successful pregnancy even when I had serious doubts. Her nurse Rebecca is great to talk to and will make you feel at ease. She will answer any question she can and makes you feel like she cares about you personally. The office staff is great to work with and very professional. Our IVF nurse, Barbara was very clear with her instructions and worked with us to explain the procedure. She encouraged us to ask questions so that we knew what we were going to do at home. I would recommend Dr. Selick to anyone who is looking for a fertility specialist who knows what they are talking about and is willing to listen to you and work with you on helping you achieve what you desire which is a successful pregnancy. more

General appointment 4/1/2010

Good: Dr. Selick was FANTASTIC. I found her to be thorough, gentle, compassionate and kind.. Bad: Nothing. She was great in every aspect of my exam. Other: I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews about Dr. Selick. I found her to be very easy to talk to and found her to be very gentle, helpful, and kind.. more

Great Results 3/31/2010

While Dr. Selicks office might be chaotic at times, I felt it was to be expected given the field she is in. I found her bedside manner to be caring and thorough. I got pregnant after my second round of IUI and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in august. I never felt the doctor was trying to steer me away from trying IUI before moving to IVF.I plan on seeing Dr.Selick again to assist with another pregnancy. more

Unprofessional 3/1/2010

Selick is cold and uncaring. The billing department would claim you owe money without being able to justify what service it was for. The nurse who provided the IVF class snapped gum the whole time and couldn’t answer half the questions. One time the dosage information was given wrong and I caught the mistake myself. Half the time the staff wouldn't even know what your appointment was for. more

Terrible office staff, knowledgable doctor 2/12/2010

I had a disaster of an experience at this office over an insurance matter. While the issue was eventually settled, the billings people were rude, the front service desk woman thinks she is superior by talking down to all the patients, and the ridiculous system of signing in with a laptop is laborious. Dr. Selick on the other hand is very knowledgable- and while I will never go back to her for a 2nd visit, I felt like she is a great doctor, and within a different office environment, her reputation and practice could grow positively. more

can't get through to the office -- line is always busy 9/22/2009

It is impossible to get through to this office. The line is always busy. And if they call you and don't reach you to leave you a message, it takes days for them to return your return call. A patient could progress to a late stage disease by the time this office gets back to the patient! more

Mismanaged office but fantastic results! 9/22/2009

It's true that there is often a wait and that it can be extremely difficult to get anyone on the phone. However, Dr. Selick's expertise led to a successful pregnancy within a year of beginning treatment with her. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 3 years. Dr. Selick systematically tested us, tried less invasive treatments, then ultimately recommended IVF. Our first round was successful and we recently gave birth to our daughter. Dr. Selick's successful approach was most definately worth any front office aggrevation. more

Rude, unhelpful and not supportive!! 8/26/2009

We were told we have "male factor" and that we could NEVER raise my husband's sperm count, motility or morphology numbers. This is a complete LIE!! After 4 failed IVFs, 2 losses and way too much time wasted on mis-information, my husband's count has gone up and we are able to do IUIs- with another Dr!! I was told IVF was my only chance at being a mother, so far, I am not a fan of the diagnosis or procedures. I felt like she was too anxious to direct us to IVF without offering us any other options or ways in which we could work to change our situation. I do not and would not recommend Dr. Celick to ANYONE who has been diagnosed with infertility. She has a horrible bed-side manner, swears like a trucker and offered no sympathy what-so-ever when we had our two losses. She was quick to tell me when I could do my next cycle, but never made reference or even asked if I was emotionally prepared to do so!! There are plenty of capable Drs in NYC and I believe I made the mistake (not knowing who to turn to) by going to this office where both of the Drs are insensitive and even though they are women, they certainly don't act like it!! more

Do NOT go to Dr. Selick! 7/30/2009

I have been going to Dr. Selick's office for over 1 year now and have have finally had enough. I have had several miscarriages and just decided to do IVF. I was supposed to go there for some pre testing when I got my period, but I have not gotten it. So today, I took a pregnancy test and it's positive! Due to my history ( I have a blood issue) I need to be on certain medications when I’m pregnant. So I called her office today and they still have their night message on. That’s not the first time. So now I can’t contact her and the weekend is coming up so I doubt I will get to speak with Dr. Selick until next week. Her assistant, Rebecca, is also not the nicest person to work with. She and Dr. Selick are both always rushed and don’t seem to take time for their patients. this is a sensitive time for patients and there is NO sensitivity from either of them. Yes, Dr. Selick is to the point, but that’s it. Nothing else. The office is disorganized and wait times are way too long. I once waited for almost 2 hours with no apology and my appointment was 1st thing in the morning. Dr. Selick just decided to come in late. Even once she got there, I had to wait another 1/2 hour. Not acceptable. I will be seeking a new doctor now. My recommendation: DO NOT GO THERE! more

Rude, Insensitive and out to make money 7/18/2009

Good: I could get appointments starting at 8am. Bad: 1) No explanation, you had to make another appointment if you need more details 2) Her nurse Rebecca is not just stupid, she is also completely insensitive and rude 3) The other Dr Haverluck, cannot seem to make up her mind.. Improvements: Sack Rebecca, get an office staff that actually answers the phones, and does not put you on hold for 15 minutes. Other: Don't go to her at all. I was her patient for a year and I now I am moving to a different doctor.. more
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