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Cypress Creek Hospital - 17 Reviews - 17750 Cali Drive, Houston, TX - Psychiatric Hospital Reviews - Phone (281) 586-7600

Cypress Creek Hospital

17750 Cali Drive
Houston, TX 77082
(281) 586-7600
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Cypress Creek Hospital - Houston, TX
Cypress Creek Hospital - Houston, TX
Cypress Creek Hospital - Houston, TX
Cypress Creek Hospital - Houston, TX


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I am sever bipolar, and have been trying to seek help for many years and have been to many psychiatric hospitals. I had nearly given up, until i was forced to go to Cypress Creek,...


This was my first experience in a mental institution and I did not know what to expect. I certainly would have taken advantage of any kind of useful service provided, but, unfort...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/1/2014

Very nice, clean facility. Food was good and healthy. Most all staff was very helpful and understanding. (Always a few bad apples in the bunch) Doctors were especially helpful and would actually listen and act on medication difficulties/issues. Lots of activities to do or one can choose to be alone as well. Staff will let you sleep when you need it, especially first few days of detox. Only disappointment; I didn't realize it was only a short term facility. When I went to a residential facility, my eyes were opened and I appreciated Cypress Creek Hospital even more!\r \r Dr. Chen is the BEST! Andrea was one of my favorites too! Really ALL the group therapists were fabulous at facilitating productive group therapy. They offered lots of suggestions, resources and ideas to change the way we think.\r \r GREAT PLACE! TWO THUMBS UP!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/22/2014

I unfortunately went through a bad drug overdose and went psychotic back in 2007. Thankfully I have been sober for about 5 years. I would never recommend this place to anyone. The staff was verbally abusive. And I was heavily over medicated. So much that I couldn't eat anything because I would pass out in my food. The therapy sessions were a joke. One positive note I can honestly say I am clean because I am scared to go back to that hell hole. I would never recommend it to anyone. If you care for your family members and don't want them to have continuous nightmares about this place don't go there! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/10/2014

After first arriving in a terrible state of going through alcohol withdrawl and alcohol induced pyschosis (hearing voices) I had the wherewithal to be impressed by the surroundings and employess I had made the right choice in getting detoxed and treated for a horrible state of disease. \r I was first greeted and made comfortable by an intake nurse and was assured that I would seen as soon as possible and not to worry about uncomfortable circumstance and phyiscicaaly ill feeling. \r As I notice another gentleman there with a family member who seemed in even worse shape that myself my compassion and patience allowed me to wait until his needs came before mine.\r As there were only 4 people in the room yet my hallucinations reached a point that I heard more the 10 people in the room....I knew i was getting even worse in the waitng room. \r After4 hours of this passed and as I grew even more frighten...without any concoling assureance,food,water etc....I was finally called in for more questions only to find out RUDELY that I had been dry of alcohol for more than 2 days and that there was absolutey NOTHING that could be done and that i could only be admitted at and outpatient basis only. \r As i asked what I was to do about my medical condition RIGHT THEN, all I got was a exasperated head shake and shown the door.\r I suggest that anyone deciding to go for treatment that really doesn't need it except to be given litterature at a VERY COSTLY and to be virtually laughed by other clients as well as staff as I was wheeled out in a wheelchair by my family member should make calls to other facilities as SOON AS POSSIBLE to ensure the safety of your well being. \r The ENTIRE place needs to investigated and reported for unacceptable practice. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/13/2012

Do not recommend this place unless you have absolutely no other options. The staff were rude to me and did not want to be bothered to give me my belongings each time I asked ( even though it was their rule to keep them!) Some of the staff were extremley condescending. Did I mention you cannot even get a cup of water unless you ask! I will never step foot in that hell hole again no matter what. I think mentally ill people n?ed to be treated better than mischievious prisoners. If they could only spend a few days in their own hospital. more

Very intense. 3/26/2012

I have been in four mental hospital facilities over the years since my adult onset or prescription induced psychosis. I thought that the meds they put me on worked well at Cypress Creek. They make a lot of observations including, groups. I was actually better (when in the hospital) than now (several weeks later). The Haldol shot they gave me helped for a month. Now, I don't have the records to see what type of Haldol shot it was. (They did tell me that I can look at my records or get copies. (need to do that). My outside doctor didn't get the records. I just got the discharge orders. And, there was no mention of shots in the future. Overall, I see it as a positive stay. I have never been is such a place before. The closest thing was in the northeast. There were lots of groups in that one, but seemed to be a lot of fun (like crafts). These groups were just discussing problems. There was one group after another at CC. Intense. There were unfortunately eight or so incidents of (1) hitting a staff member, (2) verbal fights, a woman knocking her head against doors and stuff. That was all a first for me. It is a little different there, because of the substance abuse people mixed in. Many people developed a bond, and there was even a lot of hugging (against the rules, but everyone did it) and phone number exchanging. I thought that it was all fascinating, except for the watch-your-back stuff. I have been overdosing on suburban life here, but when I was in there there were all kinds of people with all kinds of problems and interesting gifts. Like the woman who started working at age three, and can whip up a dress just by looking at one. Two of my roommates were wealthy. Most get better and go home after several days. It's not like the old days. Insurance agencies and employers don't want to pay for a long stay. I recommend checking yourself in rather than making someone commit you. It's a lot harder to get back home that way. If you don't want medication, these places are for the most part a waste of time. You need to get better, before any kind of therapy is going to help. That's my opinion. That's just because at this point, that seems to work best for me. Good luck., sincerely! It can be a long road. more

Best Hospital I have been to! 8/1/2011

I am sever bipolar, and have been trying to seek help for many years and have been to many psychiatric hospitals. I had nearly given up, until i was forced to go to Cypress Creek, due to nervous and bipolar breakdown...Don't buy in to these bad reviews...For one thing, this place is completely remodeled and the food is wonderful...The Staff is the most caring I have ever had. You not only have group therapy, they give you individual time all day long...You are kept busy and you get the help you need from very credible doctors...when trying to find good psychiatric hospitals,its like trying to find needle in a haystack..give them a try before you get into a place that does nothing but lock you in a room in some drug induced haze...If i need help again, I will definitely choose Cypress Creek...hopefully the staff and doctors remain the same.... more

Great hospital 5/17/2011

I'm not sure what happened with the other clients, but when I checked into Cypress Creek, I was treated with nothin but respect, I was full blown manic one time, and was court ordered to stay down. That year I was on Unit 1, and of course, I wanted to fight with the staff, and try to give up, but they kept me grounded, and gave me my medications - when I needed it, or when I acted up. I know my main doctor, Dr. Frank Chen is great, I recently got out the hospital after checking in March 28th, 2010, and I was there for a week and a few days(or less, can't remember), and the staff team on Unit 3, and all across Cypress Creek hospital managed to make me well again(I was manic, depressed, and had a ton of rambling/racing thoughts going on), and I managed to get released back to the real world with a new focus, staying on my medications. I learned a ton of coping skills that have kept me grounded(thanks to the Cypress creek therapists), and if the food is great, also; I had trouble sleeping, and my doctor had no problem fixing me, and putting me back on my medications, and everyone on the unit was very welcoming. I'd recommend cypress creek to anybody that has a problem with their mental illness, and the hospital will help you, and set you with a new outlook on life,especially if you take all the coping skills, and learn from them. -Carlos Andrade Jr more

This place should be shut down 11/14/2010

This was my first experience in a mental institution and I did not know what to expect. I certainly would have taken advantage of any kind of useful service provided, but, unfortunately, during the whole week I was there, I was unable to find anything useful about the place. The first time I saw the psychiatrist assigned to me, Dr. Kaiser, and explained my situation, he admitted that this place could not help me and he knew of a doctor he could refer me. Even though I only spent maybe 10 minutes with Dr. Kaiser, it was easy to see that although he was there physically, his mind was elsewhere. I don't believe they had court approval when I was brought in on Friday. The last time I saw Dr. Kaiser was on Wed., when he repeated that he was going to refer me out, and that I would probably be released that day (not released until the next afternoon). Dr. Kaiser also told me that this dr. he was referring me to did not feel comfortable treating the psychological components to my physical medical condition, so Dr. Kaiser said I would have to be a patient of his after I left CC. Dr. Kaiser said he would set everything up with this dr., fax my records, and I would receive a call within 2-3 days. When I didn't hear anything, I finally called and they knew nothing about me, nor did they know a Dr. Kaiser. I made an appt. and was not surprised that he did not require that I also see a psychiatrist. Of course, this dr. informed me at the end of the appt. that he just performed evaluations and would be referring me to yet another dr. (another run-around). The week I spent at CC did more harm than good. Every day we filled out useless forms, asking the same questions (for example, ""What is your goal today?"" when I had received no input as to what I was supposed to be accomplishing - I was just waiting to be set free). I notified the staff on my first day that I had special dietary requirements, was told they would request them, but I never received them. The food was greasy and unhealthy; most of which I was unable to eat anyway. The staff are there for only 2 reasons: to monitor each patient and make notes on their own forms, and to berate patients who did not follow the rules (many of which the patients were never told about to begin with). The staff hated being bothered with questions or requests (like, could I get a toothbrush?). Depending on each staff member, the rules changed or exceptions made for some patients but not for others. If one of the patients had not clued me in on what I was supposed to do so that I could be free, my stay there would have been longer. I was told: attendance at the 2 ""group therapy"" sessions/day were mandatory. Each session was a waste of my time. The patients were treated like children or imbeciles, depending on the staff member. The patients referred to CC as a ""cash cow"" and, if I were the insurance co., I would classify the place as fraud. Most of the patients' time was spent staring at the walls, as there was absolutely nothing else to do. Basically, CC is a babysitting service that charges outrageous sums for providing same. Some patients were overly-medicated and barely coherent, and the electric shock patients were like zombies. During the 6 nights I slept there, I slept for a total of about 9 hrs. Even my lack of sleep was written down on some form, bit I was not given anything to help me sleep. When I was finally able to leave, I was a basket case. I did not arrive with a mental condition, but when I left I was definitely depressed. One of the patients told me that since I was an involuntary patient, I would be asked to sign a form that said I was voluntary before I would be allowed to leave. Of course this form also included how the bill was to be paid. The whole ""process"" was a joke and I now know how insurance fraud occurs so easily every day in this country. more

Dangerous/disappointing 4/25/2010

My son went into CC for a manic episode. We had no idea what was causing it. He had 3 guns, including an automatic weapon and loaded pistols in his vehicle when he arrived home for Easter in a manic state...we locked up his guns and convinced him to go to CC. Intake nurse was great...took his time and was very kind. We were told an entire bloodwork panel would be done. My son (over 21) convinced the psychiatrist on call the next day that he was fine. Psych called me and I expressed concern that my son was still not 'himself' and that he still had some firearms in his apt. Not their problem. My son walked out w/out ANY instructions...just 2 prescriptions. Dr. probably spent about 10 minutes w/him and told him he is 'bipolar'....on the way home from pscyh ward, we took our son to eat lunch, stopped at Academy to purchase some clothes for him and he walked right up to the ammo dept and purchased several boxes of ammo which we promptly confiscated and locked up. If we had tried to 'talk him out of this' in the middle of Academy, there would probably have been quite a scene. Took him home (out of town) and locked up all guns in his apt (in another town). Have stayed w/him for parts of past two weeks trying to stabilize him w/meds and find him support. He agreed to have his records from CC hospital but all they did was run a 'regular' blood panel. I am shocked and believe that they are with-holding the rest of his blood work which might have shown drugs in his system. Shocked since my son even admitted that pot should 'show up' in his blood work. Brought him back to the director's private office in The Woodlands for an apt and the doc said my son had signed a release (was a lie) and that, now, he could tell us what was in his blood-drum roll......doc lied and told us it was ephedrine and that this and Red Bull can cause psychosis-even worse than what our son had experienced (?)-my son had taken some ephedrine for a cold but he had a small envelope from his school infirmary and had only taken 4 out of 6 pills over the course of about 5 days. Unless he had snorted it, which I doubt, I don't think this would have 'made him psychotic'. Also, how could the doc say this w/out having seen a large amount of ephedrine in his bloodwork, which, it turns out, may not even exist. We were told to go buy 'Bipolar for Dummies' (my husband went to Stanford and we both have our M.S. degrees-I'm sure there are even better resources)...This place is a joke because the guy running it is a joke, a crook and a liar. Should be investigated since I THINK it might be against the law to let someone out of a psych ward who is a danger to others or themselves, which had not been determined at that time they released him. I know the mental health system is badly broken. Now I see why. Don't take your loved ones here. Even though the people working there are nice, the head guys are, obviously, only after your $ and, I think, insane. If my son is bipolar, which is highly likely, we would at LEAST like to know what he might have been taking that could have set off this manic episode, if anything. It would be nice for HIM to know since 'self-medicating' is a VERY common things for someone w/bipolar to do...Don't go here! Pros: Staff and intake nurse very professional/helpful/sincere/kin Cons: Doctors running this place are insane more

Best Hospital 4/4/2010

I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks because of my Bipolar. I was treated by Dr.Venkatesh and he was very good. I was a ""zombie"" before being admitted to Cypress creek hospital. Dr. venkatesh changed all my medicines. Now. I am taking only 2 medicines. Not only I am stable in 6 years but also more alert and awake. i highly recommend this place. more

Nice hospital 4/4/2010

My mother was recently admitted to Cypress creek for her depression. She improved a lot with medicines and therapy. her therapist was great. Pros: Therapy Cons: Food more

I am sober - thanks to Cypress Creek 4/4/2010

I have been to 4 different hospitals for my rehab before Cypress creek. I am now sober for 65 days. Thanks to the great team of professionals. My psychiatrist ( Dr.Venkatesh) not only managed my detox but also did cognitive behavior therapy to help me to identify my negative thoughts that were leading to my relapse. It was very helpful and am I still sober. I highly recommend Cypress Creek and Dr.Venkatesh Pros: Great team Cons: Visting time with family is very short more

Great Doctor 4/2/2010

This is a great hospital. It changed my life. I was treated by Dr.Athi venkatesh who is very nice and caring. he spent lot of time with me. He listens. his approach is very thorugh and professional. Staff are good. i highly reccomend this place. Pros: Caring Physician Cons: Food more

VERY helpful but outdated 8/19/2009

I spent 1 1/2 weeks at Cypress Creek for bipolar and would consider a very helpful experience. The goals reviews and counseling sessions were very helpful and it was nice to have staff around that cared. Pros: caring staff, great doctors, good therapists Cons: a bit outdated, no positive phrases of the day, etc more

no, just no 4/5/2009

I was involuntarily put in this hospital. The only good thing about this is if you ever wonder what crackheads are like in their day to day life, this is a great educational experience. The staff felt more like bouncers than caring people. I remember when I was in one of the rooms and turned the curtain around and found black mold growing on the side so I wanted to put in a suggestion in the suggestion box saying to wash the curtains, the main bouncer, then told me I wasn't doing the right thing and he wasn't my house maid. They wouldn't let me go outside because I didn't smoke cigarettes. When they loaded me down with anti psychotics, they wouldn't let me chill and they would make me participate in sessions no matter how groggy I was. I heard mixed reivews about the dr.s there I hated mine, Dr. Athi Venkatesh, he usually was late or rescheduled usually cutting into my ""free"" time. This was 4 years ago and I still got endless beef with this place. If you are depressed, you have better chances at getting better at western warehouse than this place. Pros: Social Diversity Cons: Mean staff, dirty place more

Cypress Creek...needs improvement. 7/22/2008

Cypress Creek has the potential to being a good hospital, but has a long way to go! Pros: Security is adequate. Cons: Lousy food more

cypress creek 5/6/2008

I also agree that cypress creek is a terrible place to go. more


I went in for depression and I was not even offered outpatient therapy. Instead, they asked me loaded questions about suicide which I was not capable of doing to myself. Then, whenever they were having me admitted into inpatient, I repeatedly asked if it was completely voluntary because I just wanted a therapist to talk to and I needed to leave the next day. They assured me this was the case, but once I spent the night with people that were multiple suicide attempts and one that was even homicidal I wanted out. This place may be for some, but if you're just feeling depressed DO NOT GO. You will watch as people stalk from room to room with zombified expressions, and I felt better about myself just as soon as I left that place. I discharged myself and even then that was a process because they had twisted all the questions they asked me about suicide to make it seem as though I were a danger to myself and others. I am definately not an expert on inpatient facilties but I know my own emotions and they may be for some people who feel completely hopeless, but it was not for me. The staff seemed warm upon entering but turned slightly hostile when I needed discharge to continue my life. Again, these people deal with very hopeless and bleak cases so this may be for you, but it wasn't for me. more

Awful Place 8/25/2007

I attempted to check in twice on my Drs reccomendation. Neither time could I get an honest answer as to whether a room was available. Once I sat in the waiting room for several hours and walked out. Some people had been there all day. The staff was rude to patients and people trying to check in. I was forced to sign a statement that I had refused treatment before they would unlock the door and let me out. The truth is that I was never offered theatment, just a seat in the waiting room. I will never return! Pros: Nothing Cons: Dishonesty about room availability, rude staff, one Dr for about 80 patients more

Highly Recommend 4/15/2007

I disagree that Cypress Creek Hospital is a bad place. I have personally been twice, and both times felt extremely well taken care of. I believe the medical staff, social workers, doctors, and counselors all were very instumental in helping me turn my life around. If I had any problems, it was the amount of time I was allowed to stay, however this was the fault of none other than my insurence, not Cypress Creek. I truely believe that had I not recieved the treatment from Cypress Creek, I would not be alive today. If you are searching for mental heath or substance abuse services, I highly recommend Cypress Creek. I am one of their success stories. more
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  • Serving Houston and the surrounding communities, Cypress Creek Hospital is a fully-accredited, 96-bed acute care facility providing quality care and assistance for adolescents, ages 13-17, and adults in need of psychiatric care and treatment for substance abuse. Cypress Creek Hospital offers a broad range of inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services for adolescents and adults suffering from mental illness orchemical dependency.

    Our physician-directed staff of registered nurses, social workers, therapists, mental health technicians and certified alcohol and drug abuse counselors will bring both skill and compassion to the individualized treatment program for both patient and family..

    Cypress Creek Hospital is designed for treatment of adolescents,ages 13 - 17,and adults,ages 18 and older,requiring acute or outpatient psychiatric care or substance abuse treatment.

    An interactive hospital community revolves around personal accountability,leadership,group support and social skills. Included in all of our program services is an individualized treatment plan developed by our interdisciplinary team of professionals which include physicians,nurses,licensed therapists and mental health associates. These professionals join with family and a positive peer culture to lead,guide and create an interactive and flexible environment for change.

    Our treatment plans and therapeutic assignments are individualized and based on each person's abilities and needs. If you or someone you know needs help,please contact us.

    To contact our Admissions department,please call (281) 586-5956.

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