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I have been taken to Cossetta's since i was a young girl and it never fails to please. Now, whenever my husband and I visit St. Paul or are on our way through... we take our son....


I went there on Valentines Day 2016 with my girlfriend for some pizza With I noticed the pizza cooks were needing the dough barehanded but the server had gloves on!! not wanting t...

food poisoning 2/18/2016

I went there on Valentines Day 2016 with my girlfriend for some pizza With I noticed the pizza cooks were needing the dough barehanded but the server had gloves on!! not wanting to be rude(a huge mistake)I took the pizza and ate it upstairs we then went to the market place and bought some fresh Italian sausage the manager showed it to us and picked it up barehanded again not wanting to be rude I just purchased it along with some other ingredients to make homemade lasagna well that night we both fell very ill vomiting and diarrhea I never get sick and I'm very good about washing my hands and keeping myself clean so I can only think it was cossetta's pizza I really think they need to observe their employees I have been eating there For10 + years more

Food poisoning 6/16/2013

My family boyfriend and I went here for Father's Day dinner. We wanted to try the new restraunt. I was fine when I got there and after eating the pene pasta with red sauce I was in the bathroom throwing up. Went home and couldn't stop. Still throwing up now. My boyfriend tried my leftovers and got sick right after as well..... No good more

Terrible treatment by the manager 11/28/2012

Don't eat here if you're looking for vegan options. When I requested spaghetti with tomatoes, I was told first by an employee and then by a manager, "We don't have just pasta and tomatoes, so we can't help you." When I pointed out that there was plenty of spaghetti on the hot bar as well as plenty of tomatoes on the salad bar, I was told, "We don't have spaghetti, we only have penne." I replied, "That would be great. Can I get penne with tomatoes or olives?" Then I was told, "No. We don't have a way to charge you for an order like this." "You're supposed to be an authentic market," I replied. "I just got back from a trip to Italy, and ordering vegan meals there was no problem. Your restaurant is not very authentic if I can't order pasta and tomatoes." At that point, the manager raised her voice and told me, "This is America, not Italy! We've been serving this food for 100 years! If you don't like our food, go back to Italy! In fact, why don't you just leave! Get out! Go now! Leave right now!" At that point, I said, "Oh, don't worry, I will never come here again." Unfortunately, my husband had already paid for his food, so I ordered a portion of artichoke salad and we headed upstairs to sit down and eat. We were stopped at the elevator and told, "You can't bring food up in the elevator." The greeter tried to take our tray of food away from my husband, explaining she would carry the food upstairs for us if we wanted to take the elevator. He explained to her, "No, I don't want your germs on our food--my wife has cancer and she has to be very careful about who handles her food. This food isn't covered, so just give it to me and we'll leave." THEN we were told we had to put his pizza in a to-go container before we could leave! Shocked at the continued mistreatment, we ignored her orders and left. My husband and I ended up eating in our car in the parking lot. It was a terrible experience, and we will never eat at this restaurant again. Please call JoAnn at 715-296-8924 if you want to make this right. more

Delicious! 2/19/2009

I have been taken to Cossetta's since i was a young girl and it never fails to please. Now, whenever my husband and I visit St. Paul or are on our way through... we take our son. The food is only bested by the atmosphere. more

cossetta's 2009 2/18/2009

Well i am a cossetta employee and has been there for almost 2 years now and i have never witnessed any of those violating conserns. The cooks and prep people are constantly monitering our food. Checking dates and making sure everyting is at the right temperature. I eat food there EVERY DAY and im not dead yet so they must be doing something right. If i knew there was something wrong with the food i obviously wouldnt eat it. Beleive the rumors if you want but untill you work at cossetta's, then you shouldn't say anything. more

Who is Truth C 12/10/2007

Are you an MN Dept of Health inspector? If not, I'd like to know your source of the info you posted here. I've enjoyed Cossetta's for 8+ years since I've lived in St. Paul, and I've never gotten sick, nor had any kind of bad experience at Cossetta's. It's one of my favorite St. Paul restaurants, point blank. more

Cossetta's: Behind the scenes; Health Hazards 11/20/2007

Besides the obvious there are some things the public should know about Cossetta's pizzeria, Health Hazards. Cossetta's Pizzeria has failed two health inspections conducted by the city of Saint Paul in 2007, The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also found Cossetta's to be employing illegal, non Immunized immigrants on two separate occasions. Now from sources currently employed at Cossetta's Behind the scenes We learn more about Cossetta's Interesting and Dangerous practices. Cossetta's still employs Illegal non Immunized Immigrants who handle your food, Cossetta's still Knowingly distributes outdated foods in Disregard of Public Health codes. Cossetta's still handles and prepares food in violation of Public Health codes. Some examples of these violations would be: 1. Cossetta's Manager Greg Fisher has instructed employees to distribute spoiled salad dressing after it has been brought to his attention that it is outdated. 2. Cossetta's Manager Charles Cook has instructed employees to to distribute Produce products after they have been placed in the outdoor garbage for several hours. 3. Employees have been witness to Cossetta's cook and distribute non refrigerated, spoiled poultry products. 4. Employees have been witness to Cossetta's knowingly distribute undercooked or spoiled beef products on several occasions. 5. Employees have been witness to Cossetta's distribute spoiled produce products that they had obtained from local food shelves. There are several more examples of Cossetta's knowingly violating Public Health codes. Have You and your family become ill after dining at cossetta's?. I suggest You contact the Minnesota Department of Health to demand Justice and Compensation for being deliberately poisoned by Cossetta's Pizzeria. 651-201-5000 (Minnesota Department of Health) 888-345-0823 (toll-free for callers outside the metro area) 651-201-5797 (TTY) I do not recommend that anyone eat or feed their family the potentially poisonous foods found at Cossetta's Pizzeria. more

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Cossettas...Yum 2/4/2007

I am a huge fan of Cossetta's in St. Paul. The food is inexpensive, good and fast (you may want to avoid it if there is anything at all going on at the Excel, though, unless you like swimming through hordes of people). The mostaccioli is the best I've ever had. I am in love with their marinara sauce, which you can buy frozen. A lot of people rave about their pizza, but I've had better. I went there yesterday, food was its usually great quality, but the staff seemed apathetic. You could tell they would rather be someplace else. You could definitely find a worse place to drop about 10 bucks on a meal, though! more

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My favorite Italian restaurant 11/21/2006

The sausage on the pizza is HOME-MADE! Wonderful! Plus, they sell it by the slice, if you want. more

Authentic Italian 6/2/2006

I'm Italian and very picky about Italian food. I won't eat Italian food out usually because it's not like my mothers. Well, Cossetta's is amazing. I've been there several times now and love it everytime. I highly recommend it to everyone. more

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I couldnt believe it 4/9/2006

If you are ever in the Twin Cities, especially if you are headed to the Xcel Energy Center, this is the place to eat. It is served cafeteria style, so it is extremely fast, but that does not mean they go easy on the food. Pizza, pasta, and other classic Italian food that is absolutely incredible will not leave you disappointed. Especially good before and after Minnesota Wild games! more

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Traditional Italian Deli & Market Scores BIG! 1/7/2006

Growing up near Little Italy, I was a bit skeptical when I moved to the Cities and people I knew would rave about Cossetta's. I thought to myself "how good can it be??" But the first time I went into Cossetta's, my mouth was agape, and I was duly impressed. To begin with, their traditional Old World style decor, and adorable brick & wood work make it a very cozy and enjoyable place to spend an afternoon eating lunch. Though the second floor can get a bit crowded during meal times, it's always bustling and lively, and fun. Their authentic Italian deli, complete with an array of wonderful cheese's, meats and olives does not dissapoint either. Though the prices may be a bit high, you get what you pay for in quality. Their traditional Italian sausage, either cased or in bulk, is delicious, with just enough spice. And their restaurant, serving magnificent mostaccioli, pizza, sandwiches, lasagna, beer and more, is enough to keep a person going back weekly, just to try everything once. Cossetta's is worth the buzz! more

Classic Place! 9/6/2005

I first visited Cossetta's within a few weeks of living in the Twin Cities Metro area. A friend took me there, promising that I would fall in love with the place. I did! It's so charming, from the autographed celebrity pictures to the traditional Italian deli. In addition, their restaurant truly is fabulous. Their house specialty, the mostaccoli, is absolutely to die for. Saucy and cheesy with just a little kick! Their breadsticks are out of this world, and the salads and sandwiches are perfect. The best thing about cossetta's is the convenience. It's the perfect place to swing by before a show, and it can be super-quick if you just want to grab a slice of pizza and a soda for the road. You absolutely will not be disappointed if you check out Cossetta's! more

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Great Deli, OK restaurant 8/20/2005

I love Cossetta's deli area. They have great imported foods from Italy and lots of fresh Italian home made products. Their baked goods area flavorful as are the sausages and cheeses. The assortment of Italian candies is unique and bigger than any other I have found. mm mm Perugina baci... The restaurant section, however, is just OK and is a disappointment to me. It is kind of uninspired and greasy. The pizza is ok, but nothing special. Some of their frozen products are pretty good. Parking is easy with their own lot. Definitely worth a trip! more

Great place for lunch 8/16/2005

Italian cafeteria style eatery. Great food go down one aisle and get a huge piece of pizza, go down another and get salad, pasta, or main dishes. Great food and very authentic and most of the staff is Italian. Two floors to eat on and the price is great for lunch. They also have authentic Italian food to buy for your own home. more
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