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Comtrans picks up and drops off my stepson every school day for the last 3 years. Yes there's been a few times when drivers have been behind schedule, but very few and they alway...


I really enjoyed working for Comtran's. Maybe I should clarify I liked the job I did by helping other people and putting a smile on there face. I worked there for a little over t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2013

I think comtrans is a great place to work they try to help the employes as much as they can I worked for comtrans for 6 years the worst mistake I ever made was quit my job there and wish I had my job back. more

Not a bad company 2/6/2011

I really enjoyed working for Comtran's. Maybe I should clarify I liked the job I did by helping other people and putting a smile on there face. I worked there for a little over two years and a guy rear-ended me so it's mandatory to do a drug test, no problem. I go and do the drug test and about 5 days later I was pulled into the Vice Presidents office with two supervisor's and was told my UA came back dirty, I told them I had done no drugs, so the Vice President told me she would give me the benefit of the doubt and let me submit to another drug test which I went and did right away. She also mentioned if it came back negative I could go back to work. Well it came back negative like the first one should of but did I get my job back...NO Kinda weird if you ask me why the first drug test took 5 days to come back and the second a day. But anyways all of a sudden they wanted me to go to a drug rehab program that I had to pay for myself. So just so I could keep my job that I so needed even though I was innocent I joined. Well the more I thought about it the more I felt if I completed the program its like admitting I was using drugs so I quit. So I lost my job. I wished I had got a written letter from the Vice President when she said I could have my job back after I did the second test, but I know damn well the supervisors that where called in there that day would not back me up, plus one left a week later after all this had happen. There is good and bad in Comtran. They seem like they can change there rules and not live up to there company polices. 50 percent want to work while the other 50 percent don't. wanna do there job right. So to be perfectly honest I enjoyed the people I transported, you know most of the people I transported just wanted someone to talk to or a ear to listen to them. I heard most of the drivers wont even acknowledge there clients, and that's pretty sad. more

Reliable service 11/30/2009

Comtrans picks up and drops off my stepson every school day for the last 3 years. Yes there's been a few times when drivers have been behind schedule, but very few and they always got there, just not always on time. Keep in mind when reading some of these negative reviews that some people appear to expect perfection and that's just impossible when dealing with so many variables in a drivers day. How many times can you leave for work and get to your work exactly within a 10 minute window? Alos, I think Comtrans handles a lot of people for the state and some are mentally ill, so that might be why there are some negative reviews, (if you know what I mean). It also seems like many ex employees like to post negative reviews when it was probably there own stupidity that got them fired. Maybe that's why I've had such a good experience with them, they're not afraid to fire people that do a poor job of taking care of their customers... Pros: Consistently makes the pickup Cons: Tough to schedule around traffic delays more

Horrible- I know i used to work there for 3 yrs 11/25/2009

I used to be a dispatcher for comtrans so trust me when i say i know EVERYTHING. The intentions of the company and what they do are great, but the number of drivers cannot handle the amount of clients this company holds, which is why a good number of comtrans drivers are always late. Horrible management, a high amount of drivers are always late when they start their shift in the morning and afternoon but never get disciplined by management, thus dispatchers always have to create excuses for clients when they call (vehicle breakdown, manifest error, etc... But i was always honest, i hate lying- its a sin...) Comtrans literally hires people who never have driven as a job, thus alot of the drivers get lost easily and the learning curve to learn the arizona map system, cities streets, takes months to learn, thus creating another reason why alot of drivers are always late... and the final reason why i give a 1 star rating... I got fired for not attending a meeting that my own manager was late for at 10am and was nowhere to be found. I worked from 5am-2pm, 11:10am came- i had no break- worked for 6 hrs straight and was very hungry so i left on my lunch. (I believe there are labor laws that guarantee me a break after 4 hrs of work but im not sure). Next thing you know, this is called insubordination lmao!... What a Unpleasant company to work for... I worked there for 3 yrs, showed up everyday for work and i missed less than 5 days in a total of 3 yrs which i had vacation hours to cover for. I was the ONLY dispatcher who showed up everyday.... Oh and did i mention this company forces you to take your vacation FTO hours every year if you have not used it. And if fired, you dont get paid for these hours. raises come once a yr and are very cheap, the most i ever got was 60ish cent raise.... And if that wasnt bad enough, the official reason why i got fired was the meeting thing (i know what a bad reason, but i saw this coming because i knew about a real Management-employee relationship affair that at the time was a rumor flying around the company but i was 1 of 3 people who could verify it true... And did higher management try and stop this even though the guy was married and the woman in a committed relationship with they didnt! They put the blame on me and called it a rumor..., I in fact said nothing of that sort, nor am that type of person to spread rumors or even put that truth out there and i didnt...) so there you go people.... And if anyone doesnt believe me or think im just slamming this company, I am a spiritual person and i try to live my life for god as much as i can, therefore i try my hardest to not sin.... The last eight months of my employment, I kept getting in trouble for the dumbest reasons, would literally pick something very irrelevant to my job and it felt as if they were trying to fire me at anytime in those last eight months for what i knew. I was depressed to go to work, and never looked forward to going to comtrans every morning for those last 8 months.... Pros: Some good drivers, Great Clients- Great Customers Cons: Bad Management, etc... read on i know everything... more

COMTRANS is one of the best 1/8/2009

These negative reviews must be either about a different COMTRANS company than my wife works for, or they were written by disgruntled customers who are simply angry at the world because their children are in ""the system"" and take out their frustrations on whoever is handy. My wife is a driver for COMTRANS in Tucson and she is proud that she has NEVER been late for a pickup or delivery of any child, EXCEPT when the parents do not have the child ready at the scheduled pickup time. She treats the children with kindness, respect and care and actually talks to them and makes their ride enjoyable under what is certainly a stressful time for the kids. There is an old saying: ""don't shoot the messenger"" and that certainly applies here. more

Unbelievable - pathetic 9/27/2008

Comtrans cannot be where they are suppose to be when needed - If you call no one can help you because you are not in the system - Even confirmed reservations mean nothing and no-one is there to work with you Pros: its a needed service Cons: they never show up more

Bad Comtrans 9/27/2008

This company and their drivers leave alot to be desired. they are never on time! I know because I used to work there. When I worked in dispatch they had us lie to clients on a daily basis, due to the fact the drivers would not answer dispatch to let us know where there were at. And this is for fact becaues there are some drivers that think their radios are for gossip between eachother than anything else. I would name a few in particular but I think they know who they are and I'm sure this will get back to them. So if I were you I would not expect them to get you anywhere om time or get picked back up. more

Horrible management 8/26/2008

I would not recommend this company to anyone. They are not consistent in the pick up or drop off times and when you have a genuine problem they are not professional in handling it. I have encountered a few of their employees who should not be working with children with developmental disabilities, especially those with behavioral issues. The one employee that is the biggest problem should have been fired for his conduct and instead was just moved to a different route. Definitely use this service as a last resort. more

This company needs a complete overhaul!!!! 4/14/2008

First of all, I HATE being lied to and the dispatchers do that frequently. Just this morning, for example, I called to verify that their mistake had been corrected on the sheet the drivers get and discovered, as usual, that it had not been. The dispatcher acted engaged, but rushed and when I questioned her about that she replied, ""Ma'am, I am writing everything down, and I will fix this."" When my driver picked me up for my ride home, I found out that nothing had been corrected. The driver had to ""find"" me because the suite number had not been corrected from C266 to C226. The office phone number had not been put on the sheet, and the fact that I have an assistive dog was not listed. All of this had been gone over this morning. So, basically I had wasted my time. I have been using this company for over two years and these problems have been consistent, with no improvement over time, no matter how much I communicate with them. Supervisors promise me the world, with no improvement. Dispatchers promise improvement, yet none happens. They also love to blame my Case Manager with Magellan, but he is not to blame, as I am always on the phone with him when he does my renewal. He actually highlights the above items to try to make sure they make it onto the driver's sheet. Being disabled, I have enough to deal with without having to constantly monitor Comtrans employees who are supposed to be SERVING ME!!!! My question is this: why are companies paying them to do such a poor job???? Pros: Many drivers are very nice, I always get to my appointments early, clean vehicles, drivers are honest Cons: Some drivers are rude, Some drivers should not be driving; come close to having accidents more

avoid this company at all costs 2/27/2008

This service seems to be the most poorly run company I have ever seen. They are never on time booking many more people to pick up at the sametime then they can handle. People in management lie to you when ever you call. I waited on thier phone line one night for a hour and 15 minutes, before i got so angry that ifinally hung up the phone after my son was over two hours late from his drop of time. Called back and was on hold for another twenty minutes and finally got someone. He was too be picked at one time and the school would call me and they would say he was still there 45 minutes later then his pick up time, but i would called comtrans and there excuse is that they dont know why school was calling me becasue my some was picked up 20 minutes earlier then that. Like the school had nothing better to do with there time then to call me and tell me my son was still there. I feel that this company needs change of mangement or to quit thinking thier doctors and quit scheulding so many people at the sametime so they can provide the service they comfirm that they will. more

Great place to work 4/28/2006

I have worked at comtrans for over 1.5 years and love it. Pros: great benefits more

They are poorly managed!! 3/29/2006

This company is poorly managed by a man that states he is trying to help people! Right this company works there empoyees like dogs and pay them crappy. They are never on time. It is unfortunate for the clients. The staff are great however, they need some serious new management. If you have to utilize this service I recommend this. BE PATIENT there are things more important in life then people who are money hungry.(MANAGMENT) more
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