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Cocoa Beach Shuttle

3345 Tri-City Ave
Cocoa, FL 32926
(321) 631-4144
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I was a little apprehensive to use CBS with the negative reviews i have seen lately but figured I would give them a shot anyways. I had booked back in october for round trip shutt...


I booked a shuttle with this company for a group of 12. We were going to Port Canaveral for a cruise on Freedom of the Seas. I was told by the individual I booked with that ...

How can I give less than 1 star?? 5/15/2012

Absolutely terrible experience. I booked a towncar for transport from MCO to Cocoa Beach, and from the port back to MCO. Call center gave HORRIBLE directions to where the driver would be waiting--finally the driver himself had to get my number and call me--only took 35 minutes..... The return trip was even better. After paying $200 for the upgraded towncar service, I stood and waited as no fewer than 3 van loads of shuttle passengers were taken to their destinations. All told, I stood at the terminal for over 45 minutes because, as the Cocoa Beach Shuttle terminal manager said, he ""took a gamble and sent my driver on a shuttle run."" It gets better....when calling to speak to a manager later that day--he flat out lied to me. When I said I had confirmed my arrival time earlier, he said that he was the one who had talked to me that morning, and I had stated the wrong time. That morning ""he"" had a woman's voice....Bottom line, this is a shady company, with terrible management and staff; when you screw up, it is NOT the customer's fault, contrary to the words of the manager on several occasions. Lest we not forget, they also charged my credit card the wrong amount. Par for the course at this point. more

Doesn't even deserve 1 star 10/5/2011

JosephH took the words right out of my mouth... This company is not reliable. They do not show up to pick you up, they are over-priced, and have absolutely no sense of business or customer service. They tell you to keep waiting and when you call to tell them you are not interested in their service, which they did not provide in the first place, they tell you too bad, so sad, you will be charged anyway. Owner is RUDE and unapologetic for lack of service. Waited 40 minutes for them, called three times to cancel each time being told the shuttle would be there in ONE MINUTE -- finally we left but ended up with a charge. We travel all over the world and this is the absolute worse company we have ever dealt with. SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY and AVOID this FRAUD of a company. more

Case study -- worst case, that is. 4/22/2011

If you use these folks, be sure to use a credit card with a strong stance on supporting disputed charges. It is the only way you will get any satisfaction after the Shuttle fails to provide any service. If you want your friends and family left waiting at the airport for an hour and a half, this is the shuttle service for you. If you enjoy being called a liar, this is the shuttle service for you. If you crave poor service and A bad attitude, THIS IS THE SHUTTLE FOR YOU! more

Worked out perfect for me 3/15/2011

I was a little apprehensive to use CBS with the negative reviews i have seen lately but figured I would give them a shot anyways. I had booked back in october for round trip shuttle from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral for a cruise. The booking process was fast and easy. The employees were very responsive to all questions and got back to me promptly. When I arrived at the airport I called them just to make sure they knew I was there and to have a shuttle there. They were very nice and stated they would be there within 25 minutes, which was right at my scheduled pick up time. There was another group of 5 or so that boarded our shuttle. They took us directly to our cruise ( i was worried they would make 100 stops along the way at hotels). On the way back we exited the port and there was a stand waiting on people. There was a large group of about 30 people waiting for the transport, so they had a large bus come so everyone could board. Did not take long at all and was before my original schedualed pick up time. Brought us right to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I would reccommend purely based on my experience, not sure how valid the other reviews are or not, but i had a much different experience. more

Do Not Use! Waited 40 minutes @ port & hung up on 2x 2/13/2011

I wish I had read these reviews before I booked, but I used them 3 years ago and had a wonderful experience so I didn't think they would of gone down hill so quickly. We were a group of 11 going to the port and waited 30 minutes past our scheduled pick up time, even though we were the only ones on our shuttle. This should of been enough to set off bells and whistles, but the driver Al assured us that if we booked the return trip they are waiting in the port area and arrive within 10 minutes. We had already paid him for one way so he pulled over and collected the return fare for 9 of us (some were getting a rental car for the return). He gave us a one way receipt for 9 for the return trip. The day we arrived back in port I called Cocoa Beach Shuttle as soon as we left customs and let them know we were waiting. After 15 minutes I called again and the receptionist (found out later her name was Billie) was very rude, refused to give me her name or the manager's name, and proceeded to hang up on me. I tried to call back, as did another couple that were waiting on them, and no one answered the phone. Finally Billie answered the phone and as soon as she heard my voice, hung up on me. The shuttle arrived 40 minutes after we had first called them, then the driver (did not get his name but looked like Elvis) tried to say that our receipt was for one way and that we did not pay for roundtrip. As the 9 of us explained what had happend and that we had 11 on the original trip and their records should show that, he called Billie (amazing that she managed to answer him on the first ring) and asked if he should call the sheriff. She told him no, but he also refused to give us the manager's name and said he only knew Billie's name. Class act operation. Please cancel if you have reservations. I ended up using the Melborne Airpot shuttle to get from the hotel to the airport and they were cheaper and friendlier. I wish I had used the hotel shuttle to the port but as I said we had used the Cocoa Beach Shuttle in the past and had been very pleased. I plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau because of their shady practices. I only wish I had read these reviews first. Our group plans to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else and post our reviews on every available site. more

No show and won't refund $$$$ 2/10/2011

Don't use this company!!!!!! They charged me extra because of getting off of the plane and then didn't show up the next morning to take me to the ship. Now, they won't give a refund since they didn't show up!!! They're giving me a voucher for future use. Are you kidding me??!?!? I'm never using them again. Use BeachLine instead. Fast and friendly. Stay away from Cocoa Beach Shuttle.... they'll steal you're hard earned money!!!! more

HORRIBLE experience!!! 2/1/2011

I hate to even give this company ONE star, because they deserve NO stars at all. We had a HORRIBLE experience with this company this past week. There were 8 of us travelling together to take a cruise. I chose this company because of the low price. Now I know why the price is so low. In summary......they kept us waiting for an hour & 20 minutes, we almost didn't make it onto the cruise ship in time, they crammed about 15 people and all of our luggage into a 10 passenger van, and they had the nerve to be rude to me when I called them to complain about the experience. I will NEVER use this company again!!!!! more

Do NOT Recommend. 12/5/2010

As a referral from a family member, we didn't have any reason not to call the Cocoa Beach Shuttle Service. We called 3 days prior to the day we needed service, and everything was booked and ready to go, with an arrival time of 12:15 to take us to Port Canaveral. Staying in one of a billion condos on A1A, we stood outside so we were able to flag them down. 12:15 came and went. At 12:30 we called to find out where the shuttle was, and it appeared that they either forgot about us totally or were just completely inept and tried to cover it up, asking us for the exact same information we gave when we booked the service in the first place. We were told the driver would be there in 10 minutes. Guess what? 10 minutes came and went too. We were starting to get a little nervous because we had only a short time until we were supposed to board our ship. After another 20 minutes we called back to find out that the driver was ""stuck in traffic near an arts festival"" and would be there in 5 minutes. For the third time I was given the ""just a few more minutes"" speech. FINALLY the driver showed up. He was extremely nice, and we were relieved for the moment to be on our way. They asked us if we wanted to pay up front for service a week later from Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport, which we declined because we were told the shuttles ran 'quite frequently' from the port. Fine, thank you for the ride. We were off the ship one week later at 9:30am. At first our plan was to take the shuttle to Cocoa Beach because we had very late flights and some time to kill. As it turned out, the shuttles that 'ran quite frequently' was NOT a true statement. We watched group after group leave with ease on other shuttle services. After 3500 people were spirited away to their final destinations, the only people waiting for shuttles now were Cocoa Beach Shuttle customers, the rest of whom paid ahead of time for service and had no other choice than to wait for them to show. We were constantly told AGAIN by the representative, ""just talked to the driver, only a few more minutes"" Interestingly enough, one of the drivers was ""caught in parade traffic"". Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't arts festivals and parades planned ahead of time, and shouldn't a shuttle service be aware of these events so as to re-route themselves AROUND the traffic? Or was this just another excuse for lateness, like the arts festival a week before? Also we saw several Cocoa Beach shuttles come in, drop people off, and then leave. Why???? Not ONE of them could have taken us to the airport? There were only 4 of us in our group. Finally after almost 2 hours of standing, we went to the TravelLynx representative and asked if she could please have someone take us to the airport (we had obviously missed our opportunity to hang out at Cocoa Beach and sight-see a bit before our flights). We were loaded up THAT INSTANT and on our way. Our bad decision for not doing that two hours before! I would not recommend this service to anyone. They were completely unreliable, and it was insulting that they kept saying 'a few more minutes' as if we were children who needed to be placated. All in all we waited over 3 hours for service. NOT acceptable! more

Not Pleased 3/12/2010

I booked a shuttle with this company for a group of 12. We were going to Port Canaveral for a cruise on Freedom of the Seas. I was told by the individual I booked with that we would receive a private shuttle ""we will send a large cargo van with a trailer on the back for your luggage."" We were picked up at Embassy Suites in a very nice shuttle bus (quite large). I was surprised by this but pleased. Instead of heading to the Port, the driver went to the airport and picked up more passengers. I was taken back by this action. I thought we had a private shuttle. Then on the way back, we were picked up by the promised cargo van. Yet, 2 other passengers boarded with us. I asked the man who appeared to be coordinating the drivers about my ""private shuttle"". He said, ""Let me look at your receipt. It doesn't say private shuttle."" I said, ""No, the driver gave me this. That is why I am asking you."" Needless to say, we went round and round, with nothing really being said. He told me to stop smiling while I complained. Sorry but I was taught it is easier to catch flies with honey. I don't want to be a jerk to get my way. I never received an apology or anything. I also received no discount for not having a private shuttle. (I had paid all ready). So, I do not recommend this company. Pros: Nice vehicles Cons: Not customer-oriented more

Worst Shuttle Service Ever! Stay Away! 7/21/2009

I travel for a living and needless to say, this was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had. I was part of a large family group with approximately 21 of us using Cocoa Beach Shuttle. We booked Cocoa Beach Shuttle to pick us up from the airport, take us to our hotel the day before the cruise, pick us up and take us to the cruise ship the next morning, and finally pick us up on return and take us back to the airport. We were asked to pay to entire bill upfront which in itself I thought was a little odd. Everything went fine until we returned from the cruise. We disembarked, went to our assigned station for pickup and noone is there to greet us. We make several calls to Cocoa Beach and they ensure us that someone is on the way. 2 hours later we are still waiting and worrying about making our flights. To make matters worse, we see several Cocoa Beach shuttle vans passing by EMPTY!! But even thats not the worst part. When one van finally comes, he takes 2 caucasian couples ahead of us and tells us to wait for the next shuttle. What audacity! All of us are on the list to be picked up but he makes a decision to take only the white folks? Granted he could not have gotten all of us in that one van but we had spoken to the other couples there and they were willing to let us go ahead since we had earlier flights. At least some of us could have made our flights! Another 30 minutes goes by and another Cocoa Beach shuttle shows up. He pulls into the parking space. We start to gather our luggage to board. He promptly backs up and takes off!! We are fuming at this point because there is no way that we will make our flights. We immediately get on the phone and call the office. They assure us that someone is coming. 30 minutes later, the same van shows up. This time he gets out and starts looking for some mysterious ""Thompson"" couple. He still refuses to let us board. This goes on and on for another 15-20 minutes when he realizes that this phantom couple he is so interested in picking up isnt there and that we were not going to let him drive off again without taking us. At this point, we begin to load our luggage. Yes, thats correct, we had to load our own luggage as he stood by and watched. We finally make it to the airport 30 minutes before our flight. Half of our crew were able to make their flight because there was a mechanical delay on one of the flights. The other half had to rebook on later flights. Needless to say I will NEVER use this service again and I do not usually use the race card but it sure is funny how we were treated compared to the ""others"". In this day and age, it just makes one wonder how much progress we have really made. To the driver; Mike, thanks for keeping things real and reminding all of us that there are still narrow minded idiots in this world! Pros: Inexpensive Cons: No Customer Service skills!!!! more


Our family ( 14 ), recently used Cocoa Beach Shuttle, from Orlando airport to hotel in Cocoa Beach,then the next day to the cruise dock, and the following Sunday from the ship to hotel for a couple of hours and then back to Orlando. On each of the trips the drivers were prompt, extreamly friendly, and the vans were clean and comfortable. I did alot of checking before deciding on Cocoa Beach Shuttle, and I could not have been more pleased. They are great, and went above and beyound to make our trip one of our best. Pros: ON TIME, PLEASENT Cons: DID NOT FIND ANY more

very flexible and good price 8/24/2008

My husband and I are snow birds from up north and travel back and forth from the airport at least 5 or 6 times each year. A friend recommended them and for the past 4 years they are the only shuttle company we use. I felt compeled to write this because we think very highly of the office staff and the drivers. They are a large company with many, many drivers and vans and only once out of maybe 20 plus trips was a driver not up to par. Even then he was not mean or bad just not as good as we got use to with Cocoa Beach Shuttle. I am sure not every trip can be perfect for every one , but living here in Cocoa Beach, we see their vans all the time and alot of people we know have been using them and will continue to do so. A couple years back my daughter and her family was left stranded at the airport by some company called Travel Links and she called me and I gave her Cocoa Beach Shuttles phone number and they went and got her. Well, anyways we will only use them Pros: very nice people , never a problem, low price more


I just returned from my cruise 5days ago and I used Cocoa Beach Shuttle, needless to say it was terrible. Pros: DEFINETLY NO PROS Cons: EVERYTHING more

Who needs seatbelts anyway? 6/24/2008

I would strongly recommend against using the Cocoa Beach Shuttle. Recently I had an unfortunate trip from Port Canaveral to the Orlando airport. Our driver was pleasant but our 10-person van was full with passengers and luggage and had a flat tire on the way to the airport. She radioed for another vehicle to be sent and one came after about 20 minutes. Unfortunately that was a 9-passenger van. We all hurridly off- loaded our own bags and crammed them in the replacement van. My family of 4 was forced to sit in a 3-person bench and therefore could not employ the 3 seatbelts. We did make our flight but likely would not have if forced to wait for a third van to arrive. When I called the manager the next day to see what could be done about our situation he basically said ""tough luck"" and ""no refund"". Pros: air conditioning Cons: poorly run management. see other reviews for this company more

You get what you pay for 5/21/2008

Cocoa Beach Shuttle does offer a great deal, however service is a total crapshoot. I've had both fantastic, friendly, engaging drivers and really unprofessional ones. Based on the inconsistency with service and wait times, I am definitely going to look into other shuttle options. Pros: inexpensive! 50% chance of exceptionally friendly service! Cons: unpredictable service, long wait or last minute pick-up changes more

Extraordinary service. 4/20/2008

We just got back from our cruise on the Mariner of the Seas. We are a family of 9. Cocoa Beach Shuttle was the best service we have ever had using port canaveral. The office staff couldn't have been more friendly and the drivers are very knowledgeable and professional. We got an email confirmation that told us where to go at the airport and at the port and told us what time we would be picked up. We had to wait a bit at the port but that was our own fault and we knew we would have to wait. Our confirmation read we needed to be off the ship by 10:30 am or they couldn't guarantee the wait. We had breakfast on the ship (we just didn't want to leave the ship) so we waited about 30 minutes. We understood and it was all good. I would use them again anytime I am in there area. Cheers Cocoa Beach Shuttle. THANK YOU! Pros: Email confirmation, directions on where to meet, Office staff and drivers excellent more

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid 2/24/2008

I agree with the other Feb. '08 review. I just got back into Chicago today after a Bahamas cruise. We used Cocoa Beach Shuttle from the hotel to Port Canaveral and that serivce was fine. The driver convinced us to book with them for the trip from the port to the airport. We took his advice and regretted it. When we got off the ship, we waited over an hour for the shuttle, then when it came, it could only take one family and their luggage. We all had reservations, all got off the same cruise ship, so they had to know how many people were waiting (about 14) yet they sent one small van. A driver from another service, saw us when she pulled up, left, came back and shrugged her shoulders when she saw we were still there. She had the grace not to laugh and offered to call Cocoa Beach Shuttle for us to make sure they knew we were there! Finally another shuttle came for the remaning 9 people. My boyfriend and I got on and only one other couple. The driver could not fit the family of 5 that had been waiting. The couple that got on with us needed to go to a hotel in the opposite direction from the airport. Then the driver told us that after he dropped off the hotel coouple, he had to make FOUR more stops before he headed to the airport. We went into apartment complexes and he did not know what buildings the passenger was in. The driver made a couple of turnarounds because he was not sure where he was going. Meanwhile, time is ticking by and we are getting nervous becuase the ample amount of time we had between disembarkation and making our flight is slipping away very quickly. It seems the shuttle service is VERY poorly managed. The driver told us they have 22 vehicles, so there is no way anyone should have had to wait for hours, with a reservation coming from the place where the service knew we all were. It was unbelievable and a very stressful way to end our vacation. So use at your own risk. We all said never again. Pros: Driver was nice. Not all his fault Cons: Can't depend on service more

terrible management and very rude office help 2/19/2008

I prepaid for a private shuttle for 5 to go from the Orlando airport to the cruise terminal at Cape Canaveral the ride there was fine but when we were to be picked up Feb.2nd 2008 it turned into a nightmare. We were there waiting and they weren't there. After a phone call they said it would be 10 minutes but that turned into 1 hr and 10 minutes. Needless to say they were so late we missed our plane and we were on stand by until 9 pm (our original flight was at 12:50) When I spoke with the office I was called a liar and treated terrible. I also have talked to Ron the manager and to this date he will not return my phone calls, All I am asking is to be refunded the return trip, which I think is fair, I should be refunded the whole thing......DON""T TAKE COCOA BEACH SHUTTLE.If you have had a bad experience with them contact the port authority after 3 citations they will be ban from the port. my complaint made 2 more

best rates to the port 7/19/2007

My friend had taken a cruise last year and they used Cocoa Beach Shuttle as it was reccommended by the Hotel. So when we needed a ride to the cuise terminal at the port we called them. Our flight was delayed three different times. We finally landed4 hours after we were suppose to. We were so afraid we missed our ride and would miss our cruise. But, when we got our bags...there they were They had tracked our flight and knew we were coming in late. I can not say enough how we owe it all to the folks at Cocoa Beach Shuttle Thank you so much. Pros: wonderfully helpful more

Don't use Cocoa Beach Shuttle 7/7/2007

My 85 year old mother was left waiting for the Cocoa Beach Shutle at the Orlando airport for an hour. She called the office 3 times and each time she was told they would be there in ""5 minutes"" and the operator was rude to her. They never showed up. She ended up taking a cab. Thanks a lot. Never again. Cons: Rude, unproffessional more
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