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Cleveland County Family YMCA - 40 Reviews - 1801 Halley Ave, Norman, OK - Fitness Reviews - Phone (405) 364-9200

Cleveland County Family YMCA

1801 Halley Ave
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 364-9200
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We have a YMCA here in Norman, I love this place. It's is a really great place for the kids to hang out and for you to work out. I used to go all the time. They have a weight room...


This Y wouldn't accept my Silver Sneakers Senior Card like all the other Y's do in the metro area. When I talked to the director a Mr. Paslay I was told by him that he decided not...

Seniors Avoid 7/15/2017

This Y wouldn't accept my Silver Sneakers Senior Card like all the other Y's do in the metro area. When I talked to the director a Mr. Paslay I was told by him that he decided not to accept that card because he is in control of the place and that insurance companies don't dictate to him what he can and cannot do. I was surprised the way he talked to me. He told me to go to any other Y that will accept the card but if I wanted to use the facility I would have to pay up like any body else and that seniors expect to much because of their age group. He then told me to leave. I went to one of the other Y's at Earlywine in Moore. I told them what happen. They told me that they heard a lot of complaints and the Cleveland County Ymca is not affiliated with any other YMCA in the state. Earlywine also told me that I was welcome anytime and that all others will accept the insurance card. more

Community members are not allowed 7/3/2017

We are the resident of Cleveland county for nearly 40 years. The other day I called to find out for recreational swimming for my family (we are willing to pay the community member fee). But the staff who answered said they are not allowing community members to attend the recreational swimming. Very bad. more


The customer service at this YMCA is appalling and it comes from the top down (Joe Palsey). The After School Children's program is absolutely horrible. They do not watch the children, the director (Rondel Youngblood) is completely obnoxious and there are children there who are constantly in trouble and harassing and assaulting other children, yet if you complain, they begin to harass you and your children. It is an unsafe environment for children. It is also not well kept. The pool is often not available and the facility is run down and not kept very clean. I highly recommend avoiding this YMCA. more

Disappointed 4/12/2017

Same events happened to us if we were to rate the place as excellent on facebook. more

Poor Management, Unprofessional, Dishonest ! 4/8/2017

When our family looked into membership at this particular YMCA the manager of the place Mr. Pasley offered us unbelievable membership perks if each of us were to rate the place excellent on Facebook page. When I told him that we would consider writing a review only after we honestly been a member for a while he got very snippy with us and we decided this wouldn't be the place for us. We do not do business like that more

Horrible Management 3/18/2017

I've been a member of this YMCA for ten years and have even worked there. The gym is great. You're able to use equipment of your choice even at peak hours. The track and gyms are awesome too. Avoid the pool, though. I've never been in such a chemicalized body of water; there's no way it's safe. They even put chemicals in while people are swimming. I have never before encountered such managerial incompetence. The director, Joe, is ostensibly sexist, and is not afraid to let his convictions froth at his mouth like a dog. Other key managers of the facility are equally as unintelligible and disimpassioned more

Very Dirty 5/25/2016

I will never go back to this one. Stepped in fecal matter one day at the shallow end of the pool. Instead of Mr. Joe the director of that place listening to what I experienced, I was treated quite rudely, and mocked by him. I promptly withdrew my family membership at the YMCA Norman. more


Most of the individual lifeguards in the aquatic center are very nice and customer friendly. The swim coaches are also very friendly and helpful. However, the Aquatic center director and administration are NOT customer friendly!! They are certainly NOT parent friendly. While I was on the deck (not in the water) watching my daughter swim, a man in street clothes and dress shoes came up to me and RUDELY told me I had to put on a swim suit or GET OUT. Although I was not going to be swimming or getting in the water, I did have on swim shorts (made of swim suit material) and a light-weight short-sleeved shirt. However, he argued with me about my shorts and refused to believe it was a swimsuit! I was just watching my daughter swim and practice. I have a skin condition on my wearing a swim suit top is not comfortable for me. When I told him I was just there to watch my daughter swim for 15 or 20 minutes, he didn't care. How rude and petty !!! Seriously! What difference does it make if you have on a short sleeved shirt or a swim top if you are just there to watch your child? It is really hard to see your child through the foggy windows. more


I was in Norman the other day and decided to visit this YMCA but to my surprise they refused to take my insurance card that is honored at all the other metro YMCA's. The director of that branch a Mr. Paslay told me that seniors want to many handouts and that he is under no obligation to honor it. He advised me to go to one of the other Y's in the area for that free service otherwise I would need to pay before I can use his facility. This place is not senior friendly. more

DON'T GO HERE! 10/8/2015

Some staff were very rude. We followed some other people into a wrong entrance and was greeted by a rude staff member yelling at my husband so we walked out and went around to the front where we meet the CEO who was just as rude,so as my husband and him went up to his office while his staff was out at front desk talking nasty in front of my children I told my husband about this and when we went back to talk with Joe Paslay he told us that he doesn't want to hear anymore about the way he runs the place and dares me to question his ability to manage. He told us to get the h-- out and find another place to exercise. We left and we will never be back to this one because of the way we were treated. more

POOR 9/18/2015

This is the dirtiest YMCA that I have ever been in. The pool area is filthy. There were children under 10 that were running around in the Men's locker rooms! Where is the supervision? more

Don't Trust Them To Look After Your Kids 3/22/2015

I put my child in this program and returned early one day only to find him roaming around the building unsupervised. I don't trust the quality of childcare at this YMCA. When I complained to the director I was treated in a very harsh and arrogant manner by him. more

Don't Recommend 11/8/2013

I have not been to this one for over a year. I did not renew my membership on account of how the place was kept and the way it was ran. The place was very dirty with bugs in the lockers, flies on the walls of both the locker room and pool. They did have a janitor that came in but Bill would sit and watch television and cleaned very little. The pool was closed many of times because of feces spotted in the water. It's a shame that such a facility once a standard for all has degraded over the years more

Not Going Back 10/27/2013

I was there not long ago. considering a monthly membership but decided against this one. The day I was there they had to close the pool because feces was floating in the water. The hot tub was very dirty that had a slimy feel when you would exit from it. They were out of clean towels in the locker rooms and members were standing around wet waiting for them. One of the toilets was clogged and was overflowing with the overwhelming smell of filth in the men's locker room. I had a chance to talk with some members. Some were not happy. This place wasn't for me more


We relinquished our membership several months ago because we did not approve the way some members were being treated by the director of the place nor the cleanliness of the facility. I am amazed that the same management team is in charge of this one. The aquatics director was fired over the summer by the director for his criticism of the director of the place.YMCA's are a great organization however this one is the exception. I cannot in good faith recommend more

Never Going Back There Again! 9/15/2013

Took my membership elsewhere. Pool has globs of hair floating to the surface from the bottom which you can see all the filth. Mold growing on walls. Bathroom and locker rooms smell awful and have mold growing on floors and walls. Took my kids out of this place. I put in comment card and was never answered back. When I took it to the front desk they told me Mr. Paslay who is the director doesn't like members comments on how he should run things and that was that. That was that with my membership at this particular Y . NOT RECOMMENDED. Calling the central office in OKC they told me none of the YMCA's in the are affiliated with the one in Norman more

Won't Return Bad Experience 7/10/2013

This place is THE worst YMCA that I have been in. I have been on job related duties here in the area for over a year now. My experience has not been good. The place could be a lot cleaner. The pool has globs of hair and skin popping to the surface that swimmers get entangled in while swimming.The pool tiles have mold growing into them around the pool area. The locker room is filthy. I have seen head lice in some of the lockers. You tell the front desk, they tell you that you need to put in a comment card in. You do and no one ever gets back to you. You then ask to talk to the director someone named Paslay who tells you he doesn't want to hear from you and is rude. You learn that some members and staff alike tell you he is a bully and don't like to deal with him because they value their jobs. I have found better choices that are in the neighborhood. I have ran into members who I seen at the YMCA nd they are happy they are no longer at that one. more

BAD 7/7/2013

I would never refer any of my family and friends to go here. If I had know how terrible they were I never would have gone. Every time I've called and left a message, I've never heard back. It's extremely annoying. The staff here is so rude and unfriendly! I felt absolutely invisible! I would advise everyone I know to avoid this place! I refuse to step foot back in there. Every time they left the room, the staff would immediately begin complaining about how much they disliked working there. It made me nervous, and I didn't go back more

Will Not Be Going Back. Bad Experience. 7/4/2013

The hot tube was very dirty, The locker room and pool was not much better. Some members seemed to avoid the use of the hot tub because I was told some caught infections from going in there. I dismissed that and went in. When I got out I noticed a slim and smelly odor on my skin. I immediately hit the shower only to find out that day they only had cold water. When I attempted to bring this to the their attention. I was treated very rudely by the top person. While other YMCA's in the OKC are are very much satisfactory, I cannot say the same about this one. I will never be going back again. Not recommended more

Shameful, Poor Management. 6/21/2013

This place is mismanaged. I experience and have seen the way the director of the place has shown favoritism and has treated some of its members that have since not been back. When you complain it doesn't go anywhere. The director himself said he does what he wants and has no one to answer for. On account of the way this place is ran, and the total lack of accountability that the leadership has exhibited, I since have took myself and family to better places. more
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