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Clairmont Auto Repair - 10 Reviews - 1537 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (404) 633-9660

Clairmont Auto Repair

1537 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 633-9660
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Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA
Clairmont Auto Repair - Decatur, GA


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I had an electrical problem which confused seven shopsI became frustrated and contemplating to buy a new car. A friend of mine told me about clairmont auto repair, who fixed a co...


If you want a faulty repair this is the place. Not only did they improperly ""fix"" my car but they broke other stuff and refused to repair what they'd messed up.

The best I have experienced 12/31/2012

I had repairs at Clairmont auto Repair and was very satisfied. Several shops prior could not figure out my electrical problem! I looked in the yellow pages for a shop that could do electrical as advised. I received prompt service and very friendly. Everything was done in a timely fashion as predicted before repairs. I asked the owner afterwards about the prior reviews and was tolld advertising wars. I believe this man because he was very knowledgeable and was able to do repairs that five other shops prior could not figure out. I was also advised that he taught auto mechancis at Devry. I feel very confident using this shop with further repairs. He is definately above the rest!! Pros: Excellent with electrical Cons: not enough like this company more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/10/2012

This guy lost his shop cause he is crazy and smoked pot in his shop as well as smoking crack. He breaks things and says thats the way it came in his shop. He is not to be trusted and will lie to you about the bill. I was in his shop when peple made death threats to him. This guy is noting but bad trouble. THANK GOD HE IS NOT IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD OR LIVES IN OUR CONDOW HE WAS A VERY NASTY PERSON, more

Saved my car!!! 10/22/2011

I had an electrical problem which confused seven shopsI became frustrated and contemplating to buy a new car. A friend of mine told me about clairmont auto repair, who fixed a complex problem to others until I found George. I checked out this new garage and found it true what my friend experienced. I didn't want him to know that the car went to seven others who couldn't figure out this ""Phantom ghost"", as one called my car. After twenty minutes of waiting he told me that it fell within Tfee's and released my car with problem fixed!!! I asked what was wrong and he stated; ""too many amps are used with fuel pump"". He replaced a faulty relay. WHY COULDN'T THE OTHERS FIX IT!!!!! THANK YOU CLAIRMONT AUTO REPAIR AND YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST I'VE ENCOUNTERED. more

Avoid this place! 3/10/2011

If you want a faulty repair this is the place. Not only did they improperly ""fix"" my car but they broke other stuff and refused to repair what they'd messed up. more

Like no experience I've ever had in my life 7/7/2010

This was the worst experience I've ever had with anyone claiming to be a ""professional."" An absolute nightmare where I at different times felt threatened, taken advantage of, and just simply stupid for dropping my car there in the first place. \r \r The first clue should have been when I walked in. The place is not even a garage but an old storefront that essentially looks like it had been abandoned and was housing vagrants. Perhaps that wasn't too far off. All I needed done was a simple reattachment of an old bumper whose bolts had rusted out. I chose Clairmont Auto Repair out of convenience. It was close by. Boy was that a mistake. \r \r After supposedly repairing the bumper, I received a call telling me that my car ""had turned itself on"" and was opning it's own windows and flashing the lights. This ridiculous story was relayed to me by the owner, George Clark, who claimed he had talked to ""someone waiting at the bus stop who had seen everything."" The bus stop is a few hundred feet down the across a busy road; if he ever would have gone to ask about this I'd eat my shoe. \r \r So after I call him back to get to the bottom of the matter, and vaguely infer that maybe it was something he had done in handling it that caused it to malfunction (the car was in perfect working order when I dropped it off), he flipped on me, telling my my accusations and angry tone were ""bullshit"" and promptly hung up on me. HE HUNG UP ON ME. After repeated calls back he told me he was sick and ""didn't need to deal with this today."" I didn't know what else to say. I contacted AAA to remove the car from the premises, and had to reschedule multiple times due to Clark leaving mid-day because he was ""sick"" (notice a theme here?) After finally paying him to put the bumper on (which was done sloppily, but that is no surprise) he had the audacity to try and rattle off his qualifications, and tell me that he could probably fix the electronics himself. It took everything I had to not laugh in his face. Needless to say I didn't take him up on his offer. \r \r After finally bringing the car to a real professional (which I should have done in the first place) he told me the electronics were fried, likely from welding the bumper without grounding if first, and the car was only worth scrapping at this point. So in short, brought it in to reattach a bumper and left with a useless piece of scrap. To best sum it up, I'll leave you with a quote from my AAA tow truck driver who removed the car. ""I come here all the time, and not once have I ever seen a car leave that place that works. Say anything you want about the guy, but bottom line is he's just a really bad person."" Amen Brother. Cons: owner, employees, business practices, auto knowledge more

Very knowledgable, Knows His stuff 6/22/2010

Took my van to have the brakes checked, was very dissatisfied with Gemini where the brakes were done previously. George replaced the front pads, turned the rotors and had the job completed in 3 hours for a very reasonable price. He did a great job and I would highly recommend this shop for all your car's, electrical, electronic, or mechanical problems. My experience, they fix it right and guarantee all work... Thanks, George Pros: George is very capable, and good mechanic Cons: No Airconditioning more

NO STAR at all 5/6/2010

IF I COULD CHOOS NO STARS I WOULD!!!!!\r This experience was a nightmare.\r I took my car to him with a problem, he said once this specific part of the car is fixed there no longer will be a problem. I paid him in cash $$$. He promised the car would work and I could drive it out of state. \r It didn't drive for 8 miles let alone out of state. I took it back, he said something else needs fixing. I paid him $$ in cash again. That didn't solve the problem.\r I went back to get the second money of $$, but he hid from me by turning off the lights, not answering my phone calls, and in person he would say he doesnt have cash right then, come back tomorrow, come back next day.\r So for the last time he called me after I waited for him to test drive a car for 1 hour, and cursed me out saying I had no business to talk (since when is freedom of speech against the law) to his coworker. And he threatened me while saying I owed him money.\r \r Go to google and type Better Business Buraeu and file a complaint without any fees for you. \r \r plase DON'T let your FRIENDS and FAMILY to fall in the TRAP of GEORGE CLARK Cons: shady, greedy, stingy, scary person to deal with more

Pretty Good, Inexpensive 3/19/2010

I drive a Chevy Malibu, and rather than have the dealer stiff me one more time I took my car in to a local place even though it looks as though theres no place to park. Clairmont AR is located near Emory and the VA hospital and owns a large stock of vintage cars, some for sale and some not. My problem was the turn signals had stopped working--honestly I just pulled in to the first place I saw because it was unsafe to drive on the road. the mechanic noticed I needed a new fog light and offered to paint the front bumper for under 100 dollars. I have no idea what they did to get the turn signals working again but they did a great job my car was rushed out the door because the mechanic said they had only one lift but he hadn't set the other one up yet! I did feel like a valued customer because he kept me informed by phone of the status for the next few days while they worked on it...he even offered to come and pick me up at my house when the work was done. I'm giving it 5 stars because theres not alot of places that would do that especially now with business down the way it is. the shop you will have trouble finding parking..there is a drycleaners nearby but it's very crowded...i still felt like they did a great job and i got a new bumper on top of it! thanks Pros: Felt as though they cared about my car Cons: Only 1 lift out back, parking more

Professional Service, Quick Turnaround 3/9/2010

I came to Clairmont Auto after my car had blown a head gasket on the road. I had already taken it to Vol Repairs and even the Jim Ellis dealership--the AAA guy recommended Clairmont as an alternative to putting in a new $5500 engine. The owner told me he'd be able to get the engine rebuilt for way less. He even charged me wholesale prices on the parts because he felt bad that I had paid these other dealerships so much. While the shop has a rustic, 1980s feel, and seems to need some cleaning, the mechanics really know what they're doing there and do an excellent job balancing business with taking the time to do an excellent service. My car was in an out in about a week and a half, way less time than it usually takes to do an engine rebuild, and has been running great. I would definitely take my car back to Clairmont for routine maintenance, because places like this is what keeps small businesses thriving in Atlanta, and keeps the prices fair and competitive--I couldn't believe how much the dealer was marking up their parts and labor on a ten year old machine--I really appreciated Clairmont for bringing my car back to life and giving me a great price to boot. Pros: Knowledgeable mechanics, quick turnaround Cons: Shop a bit messy more

The only positive review is the owner's own 5/14/2009

The store owner's name is george lee clark - you might recognize that name, as it's the only positive review on this site. If a mechanic pretends he's getting service at his own store, something gone awry. What's worse, just youtube george lee clark for some homophobic spewing. Far from the best mechanic around, this run-down shop is the worst. Many friends of mine have been duped...if you're an emory student, please tell AAA to tow your car elsewhere Pros: 0 more

If I could give less than one star I would. WORST!!! 2/24/2009

This auto repair was the worst experience I've ever had, and believe me I've had some bad auto shop experiences. To start, they promised me my car in 2 days, 2 weeks later after they demanded I come to the shop for the 6th time, I saw the various parts of my car strewn about including sitting on my front seats. I was then told that until I paid the bill (which was 3 times the quote) they wouldn't repair my car. They also demanded that I pay them in cash. Whatever you do, never bring your car here. They are rude, didn't offer a loaner while I was stuck without a car for 2 weeks, and on top of it refused to talk on the phone insisting that i somehow find my way to the shop. I can't emphasize how terrible my experience was. My car is less than two years old, and I thought my days spent at the shop were over after I sold my 1989 Camry two years ago. The dealership was a better deal! and that's saying something. I'm not engaging in ""advertising war games"". This shop is horrible, and the only defense is that other companies are jealous of the reviews. So far, the only good reviews on this site were posted by the shop's owner. Indeed the person who responded to other complaints is the owner of the shop pretending to be a customer. IF that doesn't scream bad business just take a look at their reputation around town as a scam artist. Cons: They were terrible in every way imaginable more

Unprofessional Owner with no sense of customer service!!! 11/25/2008

Near VA Hospital in Decatur,GA. My vehicle had a head gasket repair done by GEORGE.Afterwhich I returned to him due to the vehicle still leaking coolant.GEORGE did not check my vehicle prior to telling me it was ok.I advised him it was still leaking and he stated to change the radiator hose clamp.This was not the correct resolution.The vehicle still leaked coolant because the neck of the radior had been broken.GEORGE failed to mention this to me.GEORGE also failed to mention that he had patched a damaged coolant pipe with a JB WELD ,a temporary fix .The neck of my radiator and the coolant pipe was not the reason for my visit to CLAIRMONT AUTO REPAIR and were not broken prior to arrival at the shop.I was only advised that the head gasket would need to be replaced.GEORGE talked over me loudly everytime I inquired about my vehicle, seemingly in an attempt to intimidate me into not asking more questions.It did not work.I took my vehicle to another shop to find out why it was still leaking after the head gasket job and after the radiator clamp was replaced.I was advised that I needed a new radiator because the neck had been broken.I was then asked if I recently had the head gasket repaired?Annoyed, I answered ""yes"".The radiator was replaced.The next day, I returned with more leakage.I was advised that the coolant leaking from the radiator now needed a new outlet since the radiator was repaired.I was advised that someone placed a sealant ( JB WELD ) on the coolant pipe and it was no longer holding.I was upset because I knew GEORGE'S shop had done this.The tech advised me that both damages to the radiator and the coolant pipe are likely to have been done by the person who repaired the head gasket.I called GEORGE at CLAIRMONT AUTO REPAIR. The tech and I attempted to explain the damages.GEORGE yelled and screamed ( NOT LISTENING ) and said "" What are you accusing me of?""HE did not offer to look at the vehicle.In fact, he told me not to call him again.I have a warranty !! Pros: Location is easy to find Cons: Facility is dirty and unorganized.Staff complains about owner and are reserved about his expertise more
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  • Full Line Automotive Repair including Superior Electronic & Diagnostic Troubleshooting. Certified Technician with an Electronic Degree which is a step above ASE... Rebuild Engines Electrical Diagnostic

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