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Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy

3700 Six Forks Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 787-8883
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Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC
Chiropractic Partners Dr. Gregory Baldy - Raleigh, NC


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For 2 years, I had pain that even Johns Hopkins surgeons couldn't cure. Dr. Baldy is the only doctor I've seen who has been able to help me. He has relieved my pain more than an...


I highly recommend choosing another chiropractic office. The individuals running this office are rude, clearly uneducated, and completely obtuse. Not only was the customer service...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2013

Over the years, my husband and I have seen chiropractors for various reasons: injuries, migraines, sports related activities, etc. In 2012, I began experiencing severe back pain in the last trimester of my pregnancy with our first child. My obstetrician evaluated my condition and recommended a trip to Dr. Baldy for chiropractic therapy. I visited Dr. Baldy, Meredith, April, and Melissa (known in our house as Dr. Baldy and the ladies) two to three times a week for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. They were genuinely concerned for me and the well-being of our baby. They were always smiling and happy to see me and every other patient that came through the door. I continue to visit Dr. Baldy and the ladies on a regular basis to stay tuned up.\r Dr. Baldy and the ladies provided great care for my wife and unborn child. I was grateful for the relief they were able to provide during a critical time in our lives. Shortly after the birth our child, I experienced an episode of acute back discomfort related to strenuous exercise and a weak core. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Baldy to be evaluated. I was very impressed with the level of service I received from the entire team at Chiropractic Partners. I underwent a comprehensive evaluation that revealed both acute and chronic issues. They developed several options for a treatment plan. I always felt that I was an integral part of the decision making process and never felt pressured.\r Dr. Baldy and I evaluated my treatment options and I choose an aggressive course of action including orthotics, spinal manipulation, roller table therapy, electrical stimulation and exercises. My acute therapy was very successful and I continue to schedule regular visits for routine maintenance and as well as the acute issues that arise. Additionally, my wife and I have added regular massage therapy visits to our regimens for a healthier lifestyle and we have been amazed by the impact.\r Dr. Baldy and the ladies have helped to improve the quality of our busy and active lives. Each member of the team brings a special set of skills to the office. They maximize my office appointments and minimize my wait times while providing outstanding care to their patients, a high level of quality service and a smile that will brighten your day! \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/6/2013

Just had an astounding revelation. Over the past year I have suffered with severe allergy issues. I was absolutely miserable. Not having insurance I did the best I could to be able to breathe and rest at night. I purchased an air purification machine, humidifier, and plenty of Benedryll. They all seemed to help somewhat, but I was exhausted daily from not resting at night and the benedryll making me drowsy. I came to Dr Baldy a few months ago for adjustments on my lower back. As time passed I wasnt taking anything for my allergies anymore. I had more energy and was became more active never thinking about what happened until my roommate asked me a month ago what had I done to eliminate my allergies as theirs was becoming worse. At that time it clicked, the only thing I was doing differently was getting regular adjustments. As I thought about it my symptoms dissipated before spring was over and the pollen was in full force. Wow. Not only did the adjustments take away my back pain, but allergies too. Thanks to Dr Baldy and his staff for helping my life be more productive and restful.\r \r Susan Womack more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2012

The absolute best around! I am so grateful to Dr. Baldy and his staff. I had severe low back pain when I woke up one morning. I went in to see Dr. Baldy and he examined me and said the pain was coming from my SI joint. It's all Greek to me, but he and his staff took such good care of me. He did a few adjustments and some therapies with me. I was feeling like myself again within a few visits! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/18/2012

I had severe pain from hip bursitis. Dr. Baldy and his staff had me back in shape in about 4 weeks. They are the best! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2012

I've known Dr. Baldy for almost 20 years. But became a patient when I was 18 and was injured in a boating accident. He worked so hard to meet my needs since I needed treatment, but was leaving for college in a matter of days. He did WONDERS, my migraines were resolved. Over the years I have returned for various readjustments and injuries. Most recently I had a nasty fall from being kicked by a horse, it has left my pelvis very painful. Dr. Baldy has once again done wonders. His staff is also among the best. They are caring and willing to really work to help the practice's patients. It is nice to be greeted by name every time you walk in, and feel like no matter what you need the staff will handle it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2012

My family and I have been coming to Dr Baldy for chiropractic care for many years now and what a difference it has made. I only wish I'd come sooner! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/10/2012

Dr. Baldy and his staff are the absolute best! I'm so glad I found them. I get chronic migraines and chiropractic is the only thing that has truly helped over the years. I went to see Dr. Baldy and his staff was so friendly. I had a migraine and they let me sit in a dark area with an ice pack while I waited to see him. They can always fit me in very quickly if I call for a same day appointment. As long as I'm in the Raleigh area, I'll never go to another chiropractor! more

Amazing Chiropractor 3/1/2012

For 2 years, I had pain that even Johns Hopkins surgeons couldn't cure. Dr. Baldy is the only doctor I've seen who has been able to help me. He has relieved my pain more than any doctor I've seen in 3 different states. Dr. Baldy is also a wonderful person. more

Great Chiropractor and Staff! 9/21/2011

After years of experiencing chronic lower back pain I started seeing Dr. Baldy in the Spring of 2011. As a result of his treatment, the pain has been almost non-existent and I have been more active in the last several months than I had been in years! Dr. Baldy was very collaborative when assessing the situation and determining a plan to deal with the issues. He is very smart, optimistic and personable. I would recommend him to anyone. Dr. Baldy also has a first rate staff and his office is in a great location. more

Dr. Baldy is fantastic! 4/4/2011

This was my first time seeing a Chiropractor. I had severe lower back and sciatic nerve pain. I could not sleep without being medicated. After my first visit and adjustment with Dr. Baldy, my pain diminished greatly and I have been sleeping with no medication! Dr. Baldy has helped me tremendously with a treatment plan and adjustments. Also my husband, who dislikes very much going to physicians, suffers migraines and neck pain has been seeing Dr. Baldy as well and LOVES him! He is sleepy much better at night and his migraines have eased off. Dr. Baldy and his staff are wonderful in every way! I would highly recommend! more

Dr Baldy, Chiropractic, A good option for pain management 11/8/2010

A few weeks ago my wife had a car accident, she had some pain on her left arm so the insurance company send us to see Dr Baldy, as it happens He notice my neck troubles, I had cancer, a brain tumor back on 2000 had surgery, then chemo, and even Radiation therapy, as part of the surgery they fused some of my cervical vertebras, also in order to help support my head install 2 metal rod from the base of the skull to the cervicals. A cronic pain ensue... for then next 10 years several Doctors, pain clinic, Oncologist, etc were consulted, first was Vicodin, then Ocycotin, for the last year I have been taking Morphin to deal wiht the pain. more

Raleigh's BEST Chiropractor. Thank you Dr.Baldy! 11/1/2010

I have only been seeing Dr.Baldy for a few months now....but my health is so much better. I was referred to several doctors in the area for headaches that I have had for years and could never find the cause. I have a friend who sees Dr.Baldy and suggested I see him to try and find the cause....which he did. Dr.Baldy and his staff have helped me to not only feel better, but FINALLY get rid of my headaches. Dr.Baldy immediately found what was causing these headaches, and began the process in correcting the problem. I am VERY THANKFUL for Dr.Baldy and his staff. They have been there with me every step of the way the past few months. I now sleep better, feel better, and have no more headaches! I will be recommending them to everyone I know!! more

Without a doubt the most compassionate chiropractor 9/10/2010

Clearly the individual who wrote the one-star review was not reviewing Dr. Baldy or his staff. I've never heard Dr. Baldy bark at anyone. That is not his style. The ladies in the office and Dr. Baldy treat everyone with so much respect and in a very friendly manner. Dr. Baldy listens to me every time I'm there and the treatments are in accordance with my needs. Back, neck and other issues that have been going on for a long time don't get fixed over night, but I know I'm making steady improvement and that Dr. Baldy and his staff have my best interests at heart. more

I highly recommend Dr. Baldy 8/31/2010

I started seeing Dr. Baldy about 20 years ago, shortly after I moved to the Triangle area from Michigan. I had experienced some acute lower back pain while I was living in Michigan and had been well taken care of by a chiropractor there, but when I moved to Raleigh, I didn?t know anyone, and was unsure where to go for chiropractic care. So, I flipped through the Yellow Pages, saw a friendly face there, and called Dr. Baldy?s office. Now, I have friends for life in Dr. Baldy and his extended family at the office, and I have great chiropractic care that keeps me feeling healthy and helps me get through some of the obstacles life will often throw at me. Plus, every now and then, I get to enjoy the pleasure of Dr. Baldy?s company on the golf course! (and, no, it?s not because I need an adjustment on the golf course -- only an adjustment to my golf swing!) more

Kudo's for Baldy Chiropractic 3/31/2010

I had lived most of my late 20s and early 30s with severe back pain but until seeing Dr. Baldy I did not know what was causing it or how to deal with it. Most doctors I saw just prescribed a high dose of anti-inflammatory drugs and told me to rest and sleep on a hard surface for a week. When I had a significant flare up in September 2004, my friend Danielle Quinn recommended Dr. Baldy as she had seen several of her coworkers benefit from his care. I went into my first appointment with Dr. Baldy not knowing what to expect. I just knew I wanted to fix it fast. However, I have to admit that I had some apprehension over the practice of chiropractic care. I was not sure exactly what it was and had some negative impressions of the field. Dr. Baldy took time to explain how chiropractic care worked and put my fears to rest. He also explained that it would not be a quick fix. After explaining that he felt he could help me manage the condition and develop a long term care routine that would allow me to live pain free I felt it was worth trying. The staff at Dr. Baldy?s office was always concerned about my progress and full of helpful advice. They always fit me in when I needed to accommodate my work schedule or my pain level. Plus Dr. Baldy and his team always took time to explain to me the ?why? behind everything they did. I gained a new appreciation of the practice of chiropractic care and what it means to treat the whole body. Thanks to a regular regimen of chiropractic care, I am able to lead a fully active life. I have trained and participated in both a 40 mile and a 60 mile walk for charity since being under Dr. Baldy?s care. I have also been able to travel when in the past; any travel could lead to another flare up and bout with severe pain. I have recommended chiropractic care, and specifically Dr. Baldy, to everyone I know. In fact, I have friends and family members who see Dr. Baldy today. I heartily encourage anyone who has not been able to find relief from chronic conditions to look into chiropractic care. It can truly be a life saver! Pros: Knowledgeable, friendly, professional and always there to he Cons: n/a more

Best Chiropracticor in the Triangle 3/24/2010

When first starting to look for a Chiropractor, I heard rumors of this great chiropractic center by north hills mall. After doing some research I found Baldy Chiropractics. Pros: Great location, friendly staff, fantastic results more

Treat Child Ear Infections 2/24/2010


Dr. Baldy has the best bedside manor... 12/1/2009

I first visited Dr. Baldy in February due to chronic stiffness on the left side of my neck. I had earlier gone to Urgent Care where I was prescribed a much needed muscle relaxer to alleviate the constant pain. I decided to take a friend up on visiting Dr. Baldy to see if he could help me. After following an aggressive but safe treatment plan, I am delighted to say that I can touch my left ear to my left shoulder. In moving traffic I can turn my head left without turning my entire body to see about traffic. I am committed to a maintenance plan that keeps the stiffness from returning to the left side of my neck. Cons: n/a more

Relief At Last 9/11/2009

As a aircraft crewmember overall good health is essential to my profession. A slow deterioration in my ability to have normal neck movement day and night included continuous pain to the extreme. My primary doctor M.D. recommended Dr. Greg Baldy as a, ""First Step"" towards relief. I visited Dr. Baldy with some degree of caution, primarily due to the, ""Fear Of The Unknown"". Dr. Baldy's approach was cautious, and along with Xray support was able to return my neck movement to normal with complete pain relief. Dr. Baldy's staff encourage an informative, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a result that has changed my previous reluctance to seek chiropractic assistance as a, ""First Step"" towards ANY neck and back related discomfort. Steve J. Humphries Pros: Professional Offices more

Great, Healthy Chiropractor for People of All Ages 8/19/2009

I am an avid tennis player I practice about 25 hours a week and travel all over the country to play in tournaments. In April of 2008 I was in a match in a tournament and my mid back was killing me! My mom brought me into see Dr. Badly and almost immediately the pain was gone after just a few adjustments. It is important to go regularly because if you don't the pain keeps coming back due to the spine gettin out of line. Dr. Baldy also helped me with a shoulder injury i recently suffered. Thanks to Dr. Baldy I am now a national champion and can play pain free! Pros: easily accessible, great staff, quick service, health help more
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