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CE Solano D.M.D. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Cesar E Solano, DDS - 11 Reviews - 708 NW Commerce Dr, Lees Summit, MO - Dentists Reviews - Phone (816) 366-8990

CE Solano D.M.D. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Cesar E Solano, DDS

708 NW Commerce Dr (at

Chipman & Commerce

Lees Summit, MO 64086
(816) 366-8990
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CE Solano D.M.D. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Cesar E Solano, DDS - Lees Summit, MO
CE Solano D.M.D. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Cesar E Solano, DDS - Lees Summit, MO


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Dr. Solano has taken the wisdom teeth of both my kids. We had a positive experience each time. I'm confused as to all the negative reports, Dr. Solano is the best in his field. ...


I would first like to say I am a person with a very high threshhold for pain. I had a tooth removed by Mr. Solano; and it ended up getting dry socket. I guess you cannot blame ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/2/2016

I LOVE DR SOLANO!!! he is the best dentist i have ever been to! when my son needed a tooth pulled we were trying to find time to get his tooth pulled. unfortunately my daddy had a stroke, and he was taken to the hospital in Lee Summit. My husband went to Dr Solano's office to see if he could make him an appointment when Dr Solano's nurse seen who it was she told him he got my son right back there!! and he did an EXCELLENT JOB!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN ESPECIALLY he is funny and he is very nice and I love his nurses too!!! he an EXCELLENT JOB on my teeth as well, and my husband!!! Dr Solano make you feel at ease! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2015

NO ONE TOLD ME over the phone at the time that I scheduled my appointment, that if you don't have dental insurance then you are expected to pay the ENTIRE amount of the bill upfront at the time of check in on the day you come in for your surgery. 4 wisdom teeth extracted with sedation, total cost $1,045... due NOW or they won't see me, bye-bye. They refused to bill me for it or let me make payments. The most sympathetic thing the receptionist did was hand me a brochure for a program called ""Care Credit"" saying ""Try calling this number and let me know how it goes"". And by this time it was about 5 minutes until my appointment. I stepped outside and called it, got a confirmation for an approved line of credit that didn't even cover the entire amount. I went back inside and took her the information, and then had to scramble to come up with the remainder of the due amount. What a nerve-wracking nightmare! Not something I expected to have to deal with right before I was supposed to be going back to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled! My nerves were quite frazzled. It was extremely stressful!\r Once they got their money they called me back within minutes. A nurse sat me down in a chair, while another came in and started the IV for the sedation. Who I'm assuming to have been Dr. Solano, came in and peeked at me, and asked ""Are you ready?"" and had me open my mouth to take a brief look at my teeth, then turned out the overhead light and disappeared. That was the only time I saw him during the entire visit. The next thing I remember was waking up to the awful feeling of someone ripping tape off my mouth very quickly, and I blinked a few times and opened my eyes. A nurse was standing nearby with her back turned to me. I asked her a question, I can't recall what it was, and she quickly replied ""You're all done."" They went and got my family from the waiting room to escort me out, and just said ""You can go now"". They had very little to say to me. They never sent me to a ""recovery area"", they didn't even give me ice packs to apply to my face, they never offered a wheelchair. They just handed me some extra gauze, some prescriptions, an instruction sheet, and sent me on my way. Dr. Solano never came back to check on me after the procedure. It was all very fast, I think I was in the dentist chair for a total of twenty minutes. \r I have to say that the experience was quick, impersonal, un-compassionate, and the thing they seemed to be most concerned with was getting all of their money upfront. I did not feel like a patient, I felt like a number. \r I would not go back to this place, and I would not take my children to this place. I would want anyone I love or care about to get much better treatment than I received at this office. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/5/2014

BEWARE! LOOK at all the HORRIBLE reviews on this joker and his three ring circus. \r 1. Went for consultation, front desk very RUDE! Charged $250.00 for X-ray and demanded payment as leaving their office and did not prepare us since our insurance company made a mistake on coverage's.\r 2. Made appointment for surgery and were told they would call and follow up with insurance policy corrected and figures. Called the office the day before our surgery and our surgery was cancelled. Claimed they could not get ahold of us and received a fax signal. Out of six months insurance wait period they called us one time? Yet they have our e-mail address or cell phone number. Not much effort or professional.\r 3. Set another date for surgery, they have our Dental insurance info, has six months to review and prepare. Come to office day of surgery appointment, front desk very RUDE & SHORT. We wait in lobby for 20 minutes and not one thing said to us about figures not covered, or any payment issues. Get called back to surgery and as my thirteen year old daughter is prepping for surgery, ready to get IV sudation I get brought in papers to sign for not holding the company responsible if something goes wrong and am told out of a $2200.00 my insurance is only paying $680.00 and we owed $1520.00 due as we leave.... Not one word said to us while in the lobby or during the six month wait, they had the X-rays we paid for, appointment set up and had our phone numbers and e-mail addresses and six months to tell us.\r Here my daughter is in the chair nervous and scared and here we have a staff member demanding payment before we leave while preparing. I was nice and said we have insurance, you have my card. She kept hounding and hounding to the point I asked if the office was broke? And asked why was this not addressed prior? I had no clue! I suggested then to turn it into the insurance company and what they do not pay we will. She refused to do that, and she did not want our secretary to confirm the following day why such a small amount of it was only being covered.\r What was to be a calm situation turned into a nightmare and most of the staff there is VERY RUDE & HATEFUL to the point I lit into them! Then Dr. Solano came in with a cocky attitude and just suggested we make another appointment. LOOK at his reviews! They are HORRIBLE! So glad we did not go thru with him doing the work. We looked him up and look what we found! \r If you enjoy, RUDE, HATEFUL, incompetence and a Doctor that has a bad attitude, then this it is! ------------------------- READ HIS REVIEWS! ------------------------------- \r more

The Best Oral Surgeon!!! 5/10/2013

Dr. Solano has taken the wisdom teeth of both my kids. We had a positive experience each time. I'm confused as to all the negative reports, Dr. Solano is the best in his field. If you want the procedure done right, see him! If he appears rushed to you, as so many people complain, it's probably because he has THAT many patients! He can't read your mind...if you want to speak with him before or after, he will oblige and I know he will, because I have asked to speak to him. He's busy and you are paying him for the service that he is trained to do. If you are unhappy because he didn't spend "quality" time with you, then speak up....while you are there. more

Awesome Oral Surgeon 1/21/2013

I saw Dr Solano less than 30 minutes ago and I am already writing a glowing recommendation for this man. He answered every question I asked him, took the time to address every concern I had. He knows what he is doing after 20 yrs or so. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know. People say he is fast and doesn't spend enough time talking,well guess what,he's busy like any other business and I'm not wanting to sit around and converse. I want in and out with the best possible work he can do.\r We were talking about Disneyland then the next thing I know I was done. 10 minutes later I was in the car on my way home. This man is the only oral surgeon I will ever use. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/2/2012

Are you kidding me?! How could anyone give this guy a good review? I ONLY WISH I would have done my homework on this so called oral surgeon before I took my daughter there to have her impacted wisdom teeth removed. My daughter literally was in there 10 minutes and I'm horrified to think what she went through while she was out under general anesthesia! When they called me back, I knew immediately something was wrong! Not wanting to scare her, I let them wheel my child out to the car where my husband was waiting. She looked like a stroke victim! I went back in the office and found this so called Dr. and said you have done something to my daughter. She could not close her eye, or smile. He came out to the car and stated it was probably from the general anesthesia. Then after he saw her, he stated it was facial palsy from the change in temp from the office to the car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? She was like that while she was sitting in his chair!! So, he never checked on her after he YANKED her teeth out. The so called nurses didn't catch it either. SEROUSLY??? Dr. Salono runs those children through there like cattle and that's the only way I know how to describe it. I will also find every review page and WARN people to stay away from this guy. And EVERYONE should REPORT this guy to the state boards. Dr. Solano, you should be ashamed of the way you treat your patients.'s pretty obvious when I mentioned your name to friends and family...they were horrified I took her to your drive through ""office."" more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/10/2012

Terrible experience! I've had two implants done with Solano. I needed three implants, but he said I had no room for one of them, but when I came back for a check up, an assistant was asking me when I would get my third implant done. It was ridiculous. When I got the two implants done, I woke up with a bloody mouth and I never saw Solano, I only saw his assistants. After a few months, I went back to get my implants exposed, which they typically cut part of the gums to show the titanium screw. He numbed the area, which hurt and he seemed very careless about it, then left for half an hour talking, loudly, to his other patients. By the time he came back around to me, the numbing was slowly waring off. While cutting my gums, I was in pain and my mouth was aching. I will never go back to him ever again. He told me that I NEEDED jaw surgery, and would grill me about when I was going to get it done. I got a second opinion and was told it's not necessary. When I informed Solano I was not getting the $14,000 surgery that insurance doesn't cover, he was very rude about it. more

This man ruined my life! I will find 5/22/2012

This man ruined my life! I will find every rating site I can to tell my story. Because when he did a regular extraction, I told him days later it was numb and painful. He insisted I get in and get the really bad wisdom tooth out as well as some jaw bone (my good DDS agreed on that) - However, this man put me under deep sedation and yanked my neck so hard and quick - I had to have brain surgery! I have a forever chronic condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia - Nicknamed ""Suicide Disease"" - worst pain known to man. I lost a year of my life on meds and could not work. I had to quit my job and fly out of state to an excellent neurosurgeon. I'm 80% better - but that is not guaranteed forever. You can also get this from being in a carwreck with whiplash - the worst part is that narcotics do not work on this pain and I cannot sue him. The last person that tried, he made her look like she was psycho/looney. It's sad and he probably sleeps on his pillows of gold with a clear concious. more

Fast food drive thru of oral surgeons 4/30/2012

Fast food drive thru of oral surgeons is a perfect way to describe Solano! He is rude and does not listen if you have a problem. Makes you feel like a bother. Told me if the pain continued to go to a pain center and a nuerologist!?!? He's the one who did the work! I actually started crying in the chair over the fact that he said a pulled tooth can hurt like I was for up to 6 months.... more

Worst Experience Ever!!! 4/24/2012

I went into have a tooth pulled and it was the worst experience ever!! He wasn't polite, gave me a shot without numbing my gums..came back in and said raise your mouth he put this thing on and pressed so hard I thought he was going to knock my front teeth out and he yacked my back tooth 3x's and put done utensil he was using and walked out. No goodbye or what to do for pain, never offered anything...his assistant gave me a paper and that was it. I felt raped. I've been to plenty dentist and oral surgeons in my life and NEVER have I ever experienced such for a so called oral surgeon. He needs to be reported for his burtality. Its all about the money and not the patients. Not to mention I noticed I still have a piece of tooth in my mouth so I have to go my dentist to have it removed because I would NEVER step foot back in that place. They all where like robots. more

Worst Experience I have had 2/21/2012

I have NEVER been the type to get on and write any kind of review. But this was by far, the worst experience I have had with any doctor. I am a college student who is studying vocal performance, so my life is singing. I have had jaw problems for 3 years (before I ever started singing). I experience clicking and a lot of pain, especially in the morning when I wake up. Today I went to meet with him with the hope that I could get a mouth guard to sleep with at night. Well instead, I waited in the waiting room for 45minutes and met with the doctor for only 5 minutes. He was extremely impersonal and told me that I needed to stop singing for 4 weeks to see if that helped. He acted as if my career choice was impractical and that I should no longer pursue it. He also told me that TMJ is like diabetes, not very treatable. It was very disappointing and I will not be going back to him. He did not offer any real help and did not seem to care about the pain that I am experiencing. The only thing I can say good about today, was the office staff was all very nice. I do highly advise going to Dr. Sroor in Lee's Summit. I called them today after my appointment with Dr. Solano, and a woman at his office spent 20 minutes on the phone with me and giving me great advise. I have an appointment with them this week to get a mouth guard. more

Terrible Experience 10/7/2011

I would first like to say I am a person with a very high threshhold for pain. I had a tooth removed by Mr. Solano; and it ended up getting dry socket. I guess you cannot blame the dentist for this happening. However, it only occurs in 5% of cases. Solano treated me like I was not a patient; but a machine he was doing work on. He was rough. He gave me a painful shot; and I get these all the time at my regular dentist w/o intense pain. It seems his office is a hurried place. I have recently been to a superb oral surgeon ( Steven Prostevich). He took the time to talk to me about what would happen in a consultation to prep me. He was awesome. And my remaining wisdom teeth healed very nicely w/o pain. I don't care so much about personal talk; but at least treat me as if you care. more

Bad experience 9/21/2011

They got me in immediately to get 1 wisdom tooth removed that was partially impacted. They did an x-ray and got me back in the chair within 30 min. He came in and I didn't even see his face. He told me to open up. He said oh painfull. And grabbed my cheek and pulled it outward and jammed the needle in and then another, I asked for him to give me a second because it was painful the way he was doing it and he said sure and while he was saying sure he jammed it in again. I winced in pain and he slapped me across the face. He left the room and came back in a moment later and started pulling while I was crying. I told him it hurt because it wasn't numb yet and he told me no that I was just scared. I cried while I was in, I cried while I was walking out....and I cried the whole 30 minutes back home to north kc. As soon as I got home I called my regular dentist which got me in immediately and numbed me. I felt like I had been abused and am literally traumatized from the experience. I have never written a review about anyone before. And I do realize he has a big business...but it was uncalled for. I can not even believe to this very second that I got treated that way. more

Super nice Dr 9/3/2010

Dr Solano is a very friendly dentist. I was being treated for TMJ and he spent a lot of time listening to me and giving good advice about my jaw pain and clicking. I already feel better! If you need TMJ treatment, I would definitely go to him. The office staff was very nice and professional and helped with my insurance issues. more

Dr. Solano is the ONLY Oral Surgeon you should trust 2/5/2010

Both of my children have had their wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Solano and for anyone who has a negative comment about him, needs to understand this man is busy and he has a busy office. If he doesn't have time to ""chat"" with you do not take it personally. We have always had a quick but professional experience in his office and his staff has always been more than accommodating each time. I would recommend Dr. Solano to anyone in need of his service. Pros: Quick and Pleasant more

Best Oral Surgeon I've Seen 1/19/2008

On 01/17/2008 I saw Dr Solano for the first time. I was extremely anxious about seeing a new oral surgeon. I was pleasantly surprised at how charming, witty, and talented he was. My experience was exceptional, and both he and his staff were friendly and professional. I haven't had any trouble with the excision site and other than the stitches being a bit sore, I'm great! A big THANK YOU to Dr Solano!!!! I only wisk he did standard dental proceedures because I'd switch dentists in a heart beat! Pros: He's fast and extremely competent Cons: He ask's for payment at the time of service, as does many other dentists. more
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