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C Ccrs Clean Credit Report Svc - 16 Reviews - 1001 NE 125th St, Miami, FL - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (305) 891-7409

C Ccrs Clean Credit Report Svc

1001 NE 125th St
Miami, FL 33161
(305) 891-7409
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All reviews seem negative


I sent these savages 2 payments of 204. Wat im noticing r all these different prices were paying for the same services. I was trying to call the number because me and my fiance we...

You know im mad right?! 7/30/2009

I sent these savages 2 payments of 204. Wat im noticing r all these different prices were paying for the same services. I was trying to call the number because me and my fiance were looking over our credit and i was like wait a minute, i never heard anything back from them. And i get online for the number and find this link after discovering the number had changed! Aint that nothing?! Im boycotting russ parr until he shows some concern in this matter! Spread the word more

CCR Rip OFF 5/12/2009

They took $439.00 and did absolutely nothing!my credit report is a bad as ever. these morons claimed that they could fix my do I get my money back? Cons: Did not keep their promises more

I need my money back 4/22/2009

I trust this to clean my credit but you take my money. Do know that I have two kids to care off. The campany side to sing the information they send me in mail and after I have to fax the information to clean credit report service. There phone is not working and the fax not working. more

I thought it was just me 3/21/2009

WooooW! I thought it was just me! Since everyone is going bankrupt in this poor country of ours, I just assumed what happened! So, my question to all of you in the same boat as me...what do we do now? How do we get out money back? CCRS is full of mess and they also took $436.00 of mine and I want it back! Not in installments like they took mine, but all at once! If anyone comes across a lawyer they have contacted please keep me posted! Pros: It came from The Russ Parr Show Cons: No Results more

Bad Company 3/21/2009

The company never delivered completely. I wasted $405.00, somethings were removed from my credit report but i could never reach anybody when I had questions now I have to start all over I'll be contacting the Russ Parr show and letting him know about this. Pros: Good Talk Game Cons: SCAM more

CCRS WAS FAKE 2/20/2009

My sister & I signed up with this company back in the summer of 2008, they did take 6 items off our credit(sounds crazy how 6 items were deleted from our credit, & that was for the both of us) but anyway- late Dec 08, my sister had wrote a letter to the company to let them know she was not happy for the service, and they got her for $408.95, i did the same.....3 wks later my sister letter came back saying the COMPANY HAD CLOSED DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then this pass friday, i was listening to the Russ Parr show, and he picked up the wr ong line, and this lady said I would like to speak with you regarding CCRS...It sound like he was caught off guard with that call, and told the caller to hold on, because the government had closed them down, and there giving people restitution, but he never said anything about it anymore...I had sent Russ Parr an email as well, and never heard anything..... Pros: they took your money-pros for them Cons: everyone was suckered-cons for us more

Clean This Joke 1/23/2009

WOW!!!!!\r This darn company is a scam if I would have known this I would have never gave tham my $408.95 yeah they got me told me they could fix my credit and in about 45 days I will start to see the results what damn results my credit still looks the same like nothing just like that company nothing well I no better now I can do this myself and get the results I need and want to all the veiwers don't use (CLEAN CREDIT REPORT SERVICE) they are scammers! Pros: They talked a good game Cons: They talked a good game more

Company Scandalous 1/21/2009

To everybody who is thinking about using this company. Please lend me your ears.... I have been trying to make contact with this company since they have taken my funds of $450.00. Please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE SCANDALOUS. It is a shame how many people advertise to scam for money. I heard about this company over the radio when it should have been a ratio of how many people were getting scammed out of $450.00. If anyone know of lawyers asking about this case to get you your money back, please contact me. This company has phone numbers that's out of order and the phone directory do not have information on these people. You will not find this out until they have taken your funds. There is no telling what's next concerning these people. Please be aware of a scandalous disease such as this. You just might be their next target. more



CCRS is a JOKE!!! 1/5/2009

I have had it up to my ears with companies like this. Excuse me readers but I'm angry and upset and hurt. Like most people in the world today I have hopes and dreams of getting myself out of the mess hole I dug for myself. Experience has shown me that businesses like Clean Credit Reporting Services are all scammers!!! I only went with this company after being screwed out of money in hopes of buying a home 2 years ago. I went through a lady named Leslie Payne and had to seek legal action towards her and Mercedes Homes. I went after the builders because they endorsed this ""credit repair"" scammer in order to temporarily ""repair"" credit just long enough to get them approved to get a home loan. Then I hear Rickey Smiley with the radio station 97.9 The Beat doing commercials for Clean Credit Report Services and giving his (Rickey Smiley) own personal testimony. I paid $450.00 for nothing. I got a DVD packet, the initial letters of dispute and then I was emailed. Now when I call (305-891-7409, 1-866-503-5450), the number doesn't work (stays busy). Nor does the fax (305-891-4808)and the bastards aren't responding to emails either. I too will be reporting the thieves to the Better Buisness Bureau and sending a message to Rickey Smiley to request he do a full research on the companies he advertises and endorse with his own personal experience. I refuse to believe that he even used this company. more

WOW 1/3/2009

CCRS is a scam. They take money from you to do the same thing you can do on your own. ACTUALLY everything you do you're doing it yourself, they just make it seem like they are helping you. \r \r My aunt signed up for this service in January 2008. Now I'm not going to lie- her credit is now cleaned-up. She went from a 423 score to a 785 score. Took her almost a year, but she just bought her a house and she couldn't even buy a stamp on sale. \r \r But after she sat down and told me the process she went though it appeared that SHE was doing the majority of the work. She requested her own credit reports, she told them what she wanted remove, she wrote her own letters, all CCRS did was push the paperwork. They mailed the credit bureau's the same exact information she sent to them. She could have done this herself and saved her some money. She is suppose to be showing me all the paperwork she sent out which was tons and she states that she still has been in contact with them til this day because she keeps having them take off any inquires that are on her credit, she claims they told her they would continue to help her even now since they (really she did all the work) finished helping her. \r \r So really you are better off doing it YOURSELF. Pros: None that I can see Cons: You doing the work yourself anyway so why bother with them more

The worst most unknowlegeble, incompetent people I have ever came across in my entire life!! 1/2/2009

DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT EVER! Use this place. It's filled with a bunch of illiterate parolees and hood garbage who will probably take your info and use it in a scam rather than help you. I made the mistake because I heard the advertisement on 99 Jamz and signed up. One of the worst mistakes I've made in my entire life. This place is a joke! Don't make the same mistake I have. Trust me its not worth it! Use any other service, I dont care who but don't be stupid and go with these people. I just wasted $400 bucks and so did a good friend of mine. 99 Jamz should be sued for letting this filth advertise for them on the radio. Seriously Pros: There are non Cons: dont do it!!! more


Like all the others i to were scammed until a friend enlightened me on the situation no one can promise to erase debt unless its illegal.You can clean your credit the same way\r they intendedbto and thats calling all of your creditors and settling with them that will save you time and money.I dealt with ccrs july 07 didnt here anything from them jan 08 i stared contacting my creditors nov 08 i was approved for an s500 lease with 1500 down, before i couldnt get approved for huffy.Bottom line is you got yourself in it you can get yourself out Pros: you were conned Cons: they were pros more

Horrible!!!! 12/28/2008

I too enlisted in this scam. I paid for my husband and myself for what was reported as a great service. I heard the advertisement on the Russ Parr Morning Show that this was a great company to work with. One of the staff members on the show stated that her sister used the services and that the company helped her out a great deal. I have not heard from this company since they withdrew my payments and the numbers that I was given does not work. This company is terrible and I will contact the Russ Parr Morning Show, the Business Bureau and the states Attornney General in reference to this scam. Pros: In contact before monies were received Cons: In contact before monies were received more

Think again before using this agency..... 12/15/2008

To the people out there having credit problems. I came to his agency thinking they would do all that they promise and said to me about fixing my credit, was i wrong or what. I forked out a total of $895.00 of my hard erned money to fix my credit with this agency (CLEAN CREDIT REPORT SERVICES)(1001 N.E. 125 Street 201, North Miami, FL 33161) and havent heard a word from them since. I did three enstallments to get to the total of $895.00 and after they got the last enstallment its like the number is wrong and they dont want to contact me themself. (I started with this agency in AUGUST and they took the last enstallment in OCTOBER) Ive had my credit pulled since I gave all this money out and its all the same, nothen has been done to fix anything on my credit. report. I also have not been contacted by my assigned rep, and cant contact them. As the laws are written in the United States, this is robbery and frod.My next step is to report this company to the Better Business Bereau. Pros: Initially very good contact before money was received Cons: After Enstallments were received, couldnt contact them and noone has contacted me. more

CCRS-Clean Credit Report Services 12/15/2008

In reference to Clean Credit Report Services- I enlisted into this agency because at the time I am trying to clean my credit up, I heard on the radio by a very popular station and DJ the promotion for this company. They HIGHLY recommended it. I decided to call and seek assistants from them appearing to be a replica company for cleaning up my credit. I paid out $400 in order to start this process in November 2008. I so far have not been contacted or have been able to reach this company. The numbers that were provided are either disconnected or no longer belongs to them. I also have not been contacted by my assigned rep. My next step is to report this company to the Better Business Bereau. Pros: Initially very good contact before money was received Cons: After money was received, no more contact or able to be contacted more
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