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Trevino Dina PhD

7272 Wurzbach Rd # 1504
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 647-7712
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All cases that Dina Trevino is involved in are unpleasant. It is very difficult to discern what actually is going on in a family dynamic - even with top notch education. Not only ...


Dina always favors the bio mom, no matter what the conditions. If you are a man battling for custody- BEWARE No degree of character or parental capacity will ever overcome ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/22/2012

When I went to see the doctor I was in the middle stages of divorcing a narcissist. He beat me, cheated on me and was extremely controlling and abusive. I was suffering from PTSD. She was appointed to evaluate our custody. She and Robin Walton agreed we should have 50/50 with Robin's 5225 schedule for the children. This all happened in 2003 to 2004. In the years that have followed I have been alienated from my children. They both suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome. I saw this coming. They along with my attorney at the time, Carmen Rojo, did not do half the job they should have to protect me and my children. Dina, I suggest you learn about PAS. Dr. Warshack is well known and is affiliated here in San Antonio. He has a DVD out and I suggest you watch it. According to Dr. Warshack, I've been ""Pluto'd."" You didn't listen to me. I saw this coming and you along with Dr. Joan Murphy did nothing. I hope all four of you burn in hell along with Saul Caseb. ""No one cares that he beat you dear."" It's been almost 9 years. I won't forget what you did to me and my children. My God forgive you. I never will.\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/28/2012

Dina Trevino is a beast I was in court yesterday; after breaking my family up and performing her crappy forensic evaluation(which pitted me against my siblings and parents) not only has my relationship with my son been strained, but now my relationship wit my siblings and parents is now non-existent. After she got off the stand giving her ""expert"" testimony (which was not completely factual) she proceeded to offer me her services and counsel me. I did not have any profound mental issues prior to seeing her now I am depressed about my family. She is a self righteous jerk. She actually sues clients that she sees that think they where mistreated. She also brought that up in court and told the judge that I had not smeared her character. She actually had the gall to get off the stand and attempt to offer me her counseling services. It a shame that the Bexar County courthouse uses Dina Trevino as the measure of mental health. She really sucks. After this review I expect to hear from Dina Trevino's lawyer. more

Never Trust your children with this BEAST 2/10/2012

Dina always favors the bio mom, no matter what the conditions. If you are a man battling for custody- BEWARE No degree of character or parental capacity will ever overcome Dina's opinion of the Bio Mom having primary custody. Feminists like Dina allow mothers like Casey Anthony to commit murder. Everyone needs to complain to have her license revoked. Sara more

Worst Doctor Ever. 1/11/2012

Dina Trevino is the most biased, unpleasant woman I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. She is not good at her job either. She lied on the stand at my custody trial and treats me like I'm a nuisance and a bad parent, though she's never spent more than 5 minutes talking to me. I hope no one else ever has to deal with her, when their kids are involved. She doesn't have the best interests of the children at heart, she only cares about getting paid. more

The Best of What Could Be Done 12/8/2011

All cases that Dina Trevino is involved in are unpleasant. It is very difficult to discern what actually is going on in a family dynamic - even with top notch education. Not only can parents be toxic to each other, they can also manipulate their children into delusional states. This being said - how difficult do you think it is to discern who IS actually telling the truth and if the child truly knows what IS actually going on. I'm sorry if you feel you all need to blame this woman for your cases not going the way you'd like them to go. But, as a woman who loves her child (that was alienated from her by her father) more than anything - I realize that stepping away from toxic arguments and the fighting ONLY benefits the children. Maybe that's what people like Dina Trevino are doing - attempting to smooth over things so that the children can move on and the parents will grow up and stop fighting and using their children as bait. I wish you the best Dina Trevino - I know that you are working as hard as you can - doing the best you can - even if others choose not to see it. more

Still attacking her ex-hsuband 11/17/2011

She clearly is still acting out at men through her practice because of her own divorce and custody battle. Each of these reviews and my experience with her too is that of favoring the biological mother despite evidence to the contrary of what is best for the children. In my interaction she was brought into the case after a child study was already completed and recommended that custody be split 50/50. She used ""therapy"" to allow an after the fact attack because bio mom didn't like that split and was trying to ensure she received max child support. All this despite the previous study showing bio mom had Borderline Personality Disorder. Trevino has been disciplined once but other complaints should be filed here more

Should have Googled her before we hired her 11/16/2011

We wish we would have known this before we utilized her for our custody battle.\r I have a blended family where the mother of my ""step""children is extremely manipulative, vengeful and selfish.\r She spent a total of maybe an hour with them during her ""evaluation"" period. That's including the sessions with my husband and their mother. She some how had ""sufficient"" information to base an assessment on where the children should reside. She immediately felt that my son should live with his mother, while my daughter should remain with us. Even though she diagnosed their mother as a neurotic depressive, she still recommended for my son to live with her. \r She added an abundance of useless information in her report that had absolutely nothing to do with what she was hired to do. She also seemed to base her recommendation on a bunch of hear-say without validating any of it. Like many of the others, she kept close contact with the mother's lawyers. Even though the mother ignored Trevino's calls and did not want to keep the appointments that were set, she conveniently kept that from the report-along with other pertinent information that was discussed and clarified about the mother. \r We spent an incredible amount of money on a ""doctor"" that seems to have forgotten what her job truly entails. I will NEVER reccommend her to anyone. She not only is unproffessional, she took her Mother to both home visits, she does not listen to all of the information that is handed to her from both sides.\r I find it hard to believe that she is still allowed to practice with so many unhappy families. \r The good thing is that we kept our children together in the same house....with me and my husband. She has no idea what kind of damage she may have caused due to her own selfish/biased agenda. more

Dina Trevino destroys families....Please HELP! 9/10/2011

Dina Trevino was extremely rude and behaved like a tyrant throughout our experience. She not only threatened me, but she ordered immediate visitation with my daughter's unstable and troubled mother. This resulted in the mother of my teenage daughter showing her a Satanic Bible and giving up her rights as a mother a few months later. Both my wife and I strongly believe Dina is not only acting unethically but is a danger to the welfare of innocent children. She does not counsel or help families; instead she belittles and destroys families. Please help! more

Please help 9/9/2011

I am asking anyone who has had a horrible experience with Dina Trevino to please contact me. She has been unbelievably biased and awful throughout this whole experience. Assigned by the court to be my son's therapist, she has only spoken to him alone for 5 minutes, and calls him a liar if he says anything negative about his mother despite years of abuse that have been well documented by CPS, case studies, and court documents. She is pushing for regular visitation with his mother even though she is already threatening to hurt him again the minute she gets him alone again. This woman needs to be stopped, and cannot continue to determine the welfare of children any longer! Please contact me. If enough of us get together, maybe we can stop her!!! more

Years and Years of Unethical Conduct 3/25/2011

Dina Trevino has been practicing with the same ethics for many years. Grievances have been filed and her hand has been slapped, but no one will banish this behavior because this is a protected medical community and she acts as an officer of the court. \r \r 10 years have passed and thousands of dollars wasted; but more importantly, children have suffered because she is incapable of performing her role in securing the ""best situation"" for our children. Money, Politics, and Friends seem to rank above the children she is assigned to protect. \r \r In my case, she inaccurately reported the psych evaluation testing; reporting that I suffered from a mental illness that was not identified by the testing (ironically the test was ""lost"" when requested in discovery). 4 years later the truth was uncovered but the extent of the damage had taken its toll; mentally and financially. \r \r Ultimately the parent chosen to be the primary parent by Trevino rejected the children by kicking them out of his home at ages 15 and 16. We are not talking about children with issues; instead the children were/are the ideal - graduating in the top 5% of their graduating classes, 4 year lettermen in at least 1 sport, highly recommended employees throughout HS, and now solid college students with amazing potential. \r \r The selected parent... well he went on to have a new set of children (birth dates correlate with the older children being kicked out of his home). The children in question have received no financial assistance, no emotional connections, and no acknowledgement of birthdays or holidays. \r \r But... on the positive note... We all survived the abusive mess Trevino assisted in propogating. The children are now in college and the oldest is on his way to intern with Google for the summer. I don't know the long term repercussions emotionally, but we have and will continue to be a strong family no matter the odds. \r more

Biased -- Please Revoke her License 2/21/2011

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS WOMAN = DINA TREVINO = SHE IS BIASED, MONEY DRIVEN AND VERY UNPROSSIONAL. IT IS ASHAMED THAT SHE IS STILL IN THIS BUSINESS. SHE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT. She is completely biased and works for the attorneys that are her friends. As long as they dine her and pay her to choose the party, she will do it. She has forgotten was she really got her license for and that is to make the right ethical decisions for the families. She failed to complete a thorough investigation. Her report is written as if a high schooled person wrote it. She then sits on the stand and lies in front of the Judge about not knowing the other party, BEST FRIENDS with the attorney, having slumber parties at her house and dining every night. Told the side she was unfairly against. What an embarrassment when she was cross examined.... Hmmm, she tried to take all my rights away with her biased report. She is not to be trusted. She did not interview any of my witnesses and interviewed the fathers. She has caused so much pain in our lives with her poor evaluation. I have faith in GOD and my lord and saviour Jesus Christ and I believe that her day will come. How can she sleep at night knowing that she has hurt so many families.\r \r PLEASE PLEASE do not fall into this.... Please.\r \r more

Tragedy and a Disgrace 11/5/2010

DO NOT USE DINA TREVINO WHAT EVER YOU DO….DO NOT ALLOW her to be assigned to your case. This woman (I will not refer to her as a prof. psychologist) should be banned from performing any and all court ordered family studies. She is completely biased. She picks a side early and then formats the remainder of her study to support that side. She sets up appointments and then cancels them (6 occasions). Extremely unprofessional. She fails to complete a thorough investigation. Please do not allow your case to be assigned to this woman. She is a complete waste of time. She has her niche with the court system, don’t let it happen to you……… more

BIAS. Incompetent. For the sake of children-STOP this woman! 12/30/2009

This woman was trusted to complete an unbias assessment of a custody case and failed unbelievably. \r With the side she chose she wittnessed an hour of them with the child while the other side she spent 15 minutes.\r With the side she chose she contacted 12 of their witnesses while she contacted 5 of the others. \r She reported the side she chose responses to allegations while the other side she only wrote ""denied it.""\r Told the side she was unfairly against, ""Your connection to your child is not what this is about. It's about the (other sides) connection."" Clearly only there to defend one side and not to an equal assessment.\r Reported no reasons to back up her opinion.\r Produced an estremely one sided report going in depth with one side while not the other.\r \r Not only was she remarkable bias, but also shockingly unprofessional.\r She made an appointment with me, I took a day off and drove in from 4 hours away and she was no where to be found. No appology.\r She made another appointment with me (a phone appointment) for 2pm and called me at 6:30 to tell me she'd be calling for the talk at 9. Again, no appology.\r \r Do Not Let Your Children's Life Be in this Persons Hands! more

Terrible person to work with 2/21/2009

Trevino is terrible. She can not remember what was covered in the last meeting and she makes stupid mistakes in judgement. She caused my child to endure a couple of beatings by the mother who Trevino was said was fit to have unsupervised visitation. The big problem is that she has so many friends who are judges in Bexar county that support her opinion. I figure its all about money, they are all sending suckers who are actually concerned about our children to doctors, lawyers and judges who are all working to grab as much money as they can from the concerned parent. THEY ALL START OFF WITH , in the best interest of the child we need to do this and that and its always about thousands of dollars being paid into this scam. more

BIASED 6/9/2008

This PhD, should have her license revoked. She is a paid therapist who will say anything that the almighty dollar will pay for, despite the information being incorrect. Tore a family apart with her being biased and not using professional counseling skills. DO NOT USE HER IF IT WAS YOUR LAST RESORT. more

horrible experience! 2/15/2008

Please look up the disciplinary actions of this woman before you hire her.She has made some serious errors in judgement, she testifies at ARD meetings saying a child is fine, then that same fine girl winds up killing two children this year. She ignored volumes of evidence that the girl needed help. She is dangerous in how neglectful she is. She has testified on behalf of accused child molesters. Look up her record and be very careful! Cons: Very unprofessional, very biased more
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