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Municipal Services Bureau - 22 Reviews - 6505 Airport Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (512) 371-9995

Municipal Services Bureau

6505 Airport Blvd Ste 100
Austin, TX 78754
(512) 371-9995
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i had a vehicle stolen in 2007. i reported the car stolen 3 different times, cause the cops can't seem to find my reports. my car was seen on the toll road at least 27 times durin...


Don't be taken in by their ""surcharges"" on court warrants. Settle directly with the court and don't give these people a dime. It is sad that the DPS and other Texas courts (as...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/16/2013

I have a surplus with TXTAG, but charged over $500.00 in fines and late fees. Somehow, MSB now wishes to collect over $100.00 dollars in fees/fines, due to my not knowing that TXTAG doesn't always pay MSB if you have more than one account with them......\r I just want to pay my bills without spending HOURS on the phone. \r \r Jeff at MSB should get another job.\r \r I ready to spend hours trying to get this system fixed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2013

Absolutely horrendous! I just received a call saying that I owe over $67 for a toll back in June. I have not received one letter, notice, or anything at all stating that I owe any money at all. They told me the original toll was for $3 and some change. They insist they have sent letters to my house but I have not received anything at all.\r \r Has anyone had any luck getting charges dropped from these bastards? I am more than happy to pay the amount that I owe for using the toll, but I refuse to pay over 20 times that amount in ""Late Fees"". more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/18/2012

The only way to correct these gun slinging, Sur-charging, double jeopardy ,abusive dictators is???? per-haps a active militia group !!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/20/2012

MSB charges a minimum late fee of $15.00 no matter how small the toll. They are separate from TXTAG. Few know about them, even Texas officials. They handle 183a. I don't know about 183. I was told this by Texas Tollways after a nasty collector called me about tolls I had paid. Turns out I overpaid Texas Tolls not realizing that there were two collectors. When I asked to have the fee waived after explaining the situation, I was told they were only allowed to waive $10.00, if I paid by phone. My toll was $1.07. This means they would have collected 500%. I called the Texas Attorney General's Office who referred me to the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioners. They didn't know this was happening. They told me that the maximum allowed was 18% if there was a written request (bill) or 6% if it was a verbal request. So MSB is clearly breaking the law. I called Deena Rush at TXDOT to inquire about this. She has never returned either of my two phone calls. Her name was given to me by the CSR at the Attorney General's office. I told her at the time that TXDOT wouldn't cooperate b/c they have a vested interest in protecting their own butts. TXTAG told me they field calls like mine all day. Write to KXAN and KVUE investigators, Deena Rush, and the Attorney General's office. Let's get this going. There is even the possibilitiy of a Class Action lawsuit here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/17/2012

This company has rude representatives who do not follow the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). The male that I spoke to refused to send me a validation of debt showing what I owed and to whom. I reported them to the FTC. more

usury. if there is a class action lawsuit please tell me 4/2/2012

I received a bill from an address I havent lived at in 4 years this month. I had all of my tolls fixed 2 years ago as well as my address changed. APPARENTLY the toll company and MSB are different entities? I went around today and took pictures of all their signs. NONE of them at all mention that the toll road is handled by two different companies. NOWHERE. as a result I now owe(?) $127.00 for going thru 2 tolls. I cannot believe it. I went theu hell to get all my tolls straightened out and now this???? I hope there is a lawsuit. this is exactly what is going on in this country, mortgage companies and everyone else are just charging whatever they want for fees. Why isnt this illegal? more

Toll roads are taxation without representation 3/5/2012

You guys are missing the point. Toll roads are a abomination. They are taxation without representation. This why they can get away with whatever they think they can. You are being TAXED by a for PROFIT business. You should have made you voices heard the minute they make these already paid for by tax dollars roads in taxation without representation roads. Call them what they are! more

Im screwed 11/28/2011

I have toll violations with txt tag and I will forever be in debt with stupid nco financial! their debt collection agency! they called stating i have an outstanding bill of 10 thousand dollars!! how does a 60 cent bill turn to 25.90 a pc!! i do believer msb nco financial and tx tag are all a bunch of crooked ppl and organization! I dont have that car anymore and thought everthing was good after i sold it. But i forgot to take off my old tx tag sticker -_- how freaking ridiculous!! now i dont know what to do!! sell my sould or go to jail more




Totally doesn't even deserve the one star. WHYYYYY would TX let these people run anything? There systems are not effcient. They are rude, and literally feel entitled to way too much. more

bunch of crooks 7/18/2011

i had a vehicle stolen in 2007. i reported the car stolen 3 different times, cause the cops can't seem to find my reports. my car was seen on the toll road at least 27 times during the time period. i have over $1500 in outstanding toll tickets. they want a police report, but the cops can't find one, so i can't give them one. then my car was finally in an accident at the end of 2008, i got the tickets mailed to me for no tags,no inspection sticker, no proof of drivers license,no insurance. well since i didn't live at the address where my car was registered i didn't even know about any of this cause i wasn't driving, so i missed the court date and got a failure to appear ticket on top of that. then i got a default judgement against me for not showing up to court and also got sued by the other party involved in the accident . now i have close to $1,000 in surcharges i have to pay and the suspended my driver's license over this and i lost my job cause i live in the middle of nowhere and can't get to work. but they keep calling and harrassing me about money i owe them....what a bunch of crooks more

Can't believe Texas Government contracts these people! 4/26/2011

This is the most rediculous company I have ever dealt with. I had a $1.60 toll that I am being charged $60 worth of late fees over (when I have a toll tag)! Going straight to the BBB about this group. If you get billed by them - FIGHT IT! more

OMG 10/18/2010

REALLY? I have a 3.00 toll fee charge from 1 day on the toll...I call TexTag about the bill and they say I owe them nothing and everything on my account is fine and up to date....They auto draft me by the way. I call this MSB BS who I have never heard of and just want to pay the 3.00 dollars and be done with it....No, you owe 60 in fees because we sent you a warning? What? But I pay Tex Tag every month? Who are you and why am I paying you? more

Most Inept Organization EVER!! 10/13/2010

Someone should inform the state of Texas about the deplorable business practices of this place. I have provided them with every piece of information that they have ever requested for the toll tags associated with my car and my daughters. Neither car has ever been without a TxTAG. In fact since it's inception our billing has been automatically debited from my checking. Not once have I ever had any issues with TxTag and yet these people continue to make these annoying phone calls. I believe a class action lawsuit could be in order given the number of issues I heard and read about Municipal Services Bureau. Even their name sounds like a con. more

Deplorable Business Practices 8/17/2010

If a no-star review was available, I'd give it. The way these people do business is criminal. I paid a bill online, and thought that was that. Then, I continued to get bills for the one ""toll violation"" and I thought it was just a mistake on their part, that they had sent the bills before the payment had processed or something. So, I tried to log on using the Reference Number (they use one number for one violation), and it said I had no existing bills for that number. So, I went about my business thinking the bills were a mistake, since I'd paid. I continued to receive them sporadically (one month, nothing; the next month 3 bills). Finally, I called. The young lady on the phone informed me that originally, I had only paid ""Part of my bill"". To which I responded, ""I paid what the online account, and the paper bill said was due."" And she said, ""Yes, our system hadn't updated, and you owed more."" And I said, ""I tried to log on again, and it told me that I had no charges on that Reference Number."" And she said, ""Yes. Our system only allows you to make one payment online or over the phone."" Long story short, because THEIR system had not updated and because THEIR system won't let you see your bill a second time, I ended up racking up more than $60 in late charges and no matter how many calls I made, or strongly-worded letters I wrote, they refused to knock off the late charges because of THEIR F-ING SYSTEM MISTAKE!!! I am writing more letters to the Cen. Tex. Regional Mobility Authority and TXDOT to thouroughly express my frustration. I made sure to take down the date and time of my phone call, and the name of the customer service representative who insisted that I had no other charges for that license plate, just in case. From here on out, my husband and I are avoiding the 183 tollway at all costs so that we never have to deal with these crooks again. more

People Please 2/8/2010

These guys are tricky. I actually did live in Austin once, but I know I do not owe the Austin Municipal Court any money. Even if I did, they would NOT use a collection agency. The court can and will file a warrant if you owe them money. They are the government- they collect their own debts. Anyways, just send any debt collector the following letter, replacing applicable info, of course. Use the law. Cons: Crooks, plain and simple more

Hey former employee fhuck you 1/27/2010

You deserve to rot in hell for what you did at MSB more

These people are immoral criminals 12/10/2009

Everyone who works for this company should be arrested and put in prison for life. I don?t even live in Texas, never been there, yet they have been harassing me and my family for over a year. Call 5 days a week day and night looking for someone I?ve never heard of. Pros: worst scumbags on earth Cons: worst scumbags on earth more

Rip-off 11/19/2009

Like many of you, I kept getting bills for toll road charges. I wasn't really keeping track of what I paid, and when I finally realized that I had actually paid some bills on the 1st notice, and then paid them again on the 2nd notice (complete with the outrageous $15 non-payment fee), I contacted them to try to get everything straightened out. I have e-mailed, faxed, called, written letters, etc. I have sent detailed bank records of all bills sent and payments made. When I went back and checked everything I had from them, I realized I had overpaid $47. But guess what - they still can't figure that out, and keep sending me non-payment notices. They must be ripping people off like crazy. I just hope they take me to court - because surely no on can be as stupid or incompetent as these people. My plan is to contact the Attorney General's office - they definitely need to be audited. Cons: Ignorant, incompetent more

Incompetent 9/9/2009

I have been working with them for over 10 days. I asked them to prove to me that they sent me a statement. Funny I received the statement with the 15$ late fee for 2$ in tolls but did not receive the original invoice. more
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