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My little papillon mix, Zoey, has the little dog syndrome. I got her when she was 5 months from the San Marcos Shelter. She was also aggressive towards bigger dogs and some human...


I took my dogs here because they were having fear and aggression problems, I went only for the initial evaluation, at which time I was told that I should re-home one of them and t...

Reactive Dog Class 12/7/2009

My little papillon mix, Zoey, has the little dog syndrome. I got her when she was 5 months from the San Marcos Shelter. She was also aggressive towards bigger dogs and some human males. I don't know her story or how she came to be at the shelter, but that did not matter to Cara. It was not important on how your dog developed this behavior, rather it was important to fix it in a healthy positive matter. Zoey started to get worse once we got a boxer puppy. I initially thought if she sees a puppy grow into a big dog she won't be as scared because she will have bonded with it along the way. NOT so true! She was very jealous and would growl and bite at him. Then I knew I had to enroll her in class. With in weeks we could see the difference. We even began using the methods on our puppy which has made a world of difference for him, not because he is aggressive but because he is so hyper. Many people could see the difference in Zoey and most importantly I think she feels calmer and more relaxed. I recommend this class to anyone! Pros: Flexible, Easy to learn, Quick results Cons: Have to be consistant everywhere you go more

Great Class for Happy and Exuberant Dog 10/6/2009

My one-year old dog and I attended a canine good citizen class and we both had a great time as well as learning a lot about good behavior in social settings with other dogs and people. The instructors were able to give individual attention and strategies for the needs of each dog in the class. I was able to use the strategies in many other settings. My dog enjoyed the class, learned good behaviors, and is working on her manners in public and social settings. She is a very friendly dog and people want to always pet her so I had to learn ways to reinforce good dog behaviors and manners in public settings. I would highly recommend Buddy's Chance for whatever training needs your dog may have! Pros: Very knowledgeable instructors and great training techniques more

Effective! Knowledgeable! a MUST for reactive dogs! 10/5/2009

i am a first time dog owner but have loved dogs all my life. i finally rescued an adorable pup at the age of 6wks last year. we went through all the basic training classes and he did great, however we had an ""encounter"" with a friend's dog. even though they still played and were around each other after, it definitely left its mark on milo. he has never been the same, always on guard - protective and very very vocal! our routine of going out to off-leash parks and hanging out in public places came to a halt. i was in another training class when I found out about Buddy's Chance - i quit that class (no refund might i add! - but goes to show how ineffective the class was - especially the trainers if they were not willing to help further with milo's struggles) i met with cara at buddys chance and we discussed issues/struggles milo and i were having, she listened and EXPLAINED! that was a first! after being in several classes, finally someone who not only cared - but explained the steps/approaches we would be taking, taking time to answer questions, might i add very thorough at that as well. milo has made great strides in this class! we have a ways to go, but we are definitely moving forward and it feels great! for any owner who has a dog with fear/aggression or any issue - i would and already have recommended Buddys Chance. training is not a quick process, but dedicate time, love and passion and you can help your dog come over whatever issues he/she is facing! cara has truly made me feel better about where milo and i are, and instead of wasting time/money searching for trainers - i am finally focusing on training and we are making progress! thanks buddys chance! Pros: understanding, experienced - caring! Cons: as a dog owner, you need to be patient & persistent! more

Effective new approach to aggressive dog training 9/17/2009

We had one of our two littermates in the reactive dog training class. After a few of the group classes and sticking with the training routine at home we began to see results. We have seen a definite difference in the way our dog responds to other dogs while out on walks. She is much less apprehensive around other dogs while she is on leash. The trainers were very friendly and seemed to really care about the problems our dogs were having. With the setup of the group classes it's difficult to get individual attention sometimes, but you can't argue with the results. Pros: Unique style, effective training, friendly trainers Cons: Difficult to get one on one attention more

Very helpful reactive dog classes 7/25/2009

The method I learned to control my somewhat aggressive dog at Buddy's Chance has been working very well. We got plenty of individual attention in the group classes, plus the benefit of working with other dogs. When my dog responded to the basic method very quickly, Cara put us in a number of different situations to hone the technique, such as taking him out in public and seeing how he reacted off leash in the training facility. From the initial consult to the final class, she was completely straightforward about what we could expect and always open to questions. The only complaint I had was that since we had to go by the group schedule (which was very flexible, by the way), it sometimes took a while before we could try a new variation on the technique. But now I can take my dog out with confidence and without worry! It takes work, but he is much more manageable on walks and even calmer over all. more

Love it. 7/1/2009

I've been hesitant to review Buddy's Chance because it's small, and I'd like to keep it that way. This is my first review of anything, and my fear of Buddy's growing into an enormous ""pay us to pet your dog by the minute"" esque company is trumped only by the obligation I feel to add a positive review due to the exemplary experience I've had with Cara and Brittany. Initially, I consulted Buddy's Chance for a Board and Train, before I went out of state for a couple of weeks, and saw no other choice but to board my pup or put all 55 pounds of her into cargo for a 12 hour flight. It was the first time I had to board her, and her congenital deafness, on top of my overprotectiveness, sic., made the process of finding a suitable boarding facility arduous. After breezing through the ""dollar a day to feed your own dog food"" (I mean really? How about the dogs with food allergies? Or the fact you have to acclimate a dog to new foods (especially low grade Wal-Mart kibble) which means buying a bag of the junk first simply to mix in portions so your dog won't spend the whole time in boarding with diarrhoea, versus, pay a dollar a day - off track, however, I've been disgusted with that policy since reading it on another facility's website, and felt the need to complain to someone, thanks!). Back to Buddy's Chance, the boarding policies I read online were up to par, and I contacted Cara for referrals from clients who had utilized Buddy's Chance Board-and-Train. When we spoke on the phone, Cara was great; her wedding was a mere month a way, but she nonetheless made the time to provide me with the contact information from previous clients. Great referrals from said clients, so I proceeded. The 2 week Board and Train was great, and remember, my dog is deaf, so her training requires a bit more thought and effort than does that of hearing dogs. In truth, I was more concerned about my dog receiving adequate attention while I was away, than with training, and I didn't' mind coughing up the additional dough to ensure she wasn't shoved into a crate and ignored for two weeks. I hypothesized that with the Board-and-Train package, she would be guaranteed attention and play time. In the end, her training had tremendous results and I was very pleased with the whole experience. Since then, I've used Buddy's Chance for boarding while on summer vacation and weekend trips that my pup could not attend (i.e. I'm still waiting on Companion Airlines to get going, there's no way in hell I'd stick my mutt in cargo). Buddy's Chance specializes (from what I've gathered via the website) in training, aggression and the like, however, it's the only place I'll take my pup for boarding, and; if you stumble upon this review Cara, I'll gladly pay higher boarding fees if you'll keep expansion of Buddy's Chance, LLC. to a minimum. Pros: small, prix fixe boarding, no fee to feed your own food Cons: Pick-up/Drop-off hours coincide with rush hour more

Buddy's helped train us to deal with our reactive dog. 2/23/2009

Our dog was impossible to take on a walk. She would whine, pull, bark and react to everything. After a few weeks of the reactive dog class we were able to take her on a walk around the block and now, 6 weeks in, we can actually walk her at the same time as we walk with our baby in the stroller. The reactive dog classes are small and really targeted to what we needed and I am truly pleased with the results. more

A Second Chance for dogs with Issues 2/18/2009

Buddy's Chance has done wonders for our reactive dog. Before we started training, he would go nuts at the sight of another dog. He would bark, rear up on his hind legs, and try to break free of the leash. Walking him was a nerve-wracking and tiresome endeavor.\r \r After only 3 to 4 weeks, we started to see amazing results. The trainers are knowledgeable and caring. They dealt with our dog's unique issues and personality. I was amazed at how well they could ""read"" my dog. He has learned more appropriate ways to alert us of the presence of another dog.\r \r The current facilities are the down side. They are unimpressive to put it mildly. If you can get over the location and aesthetics, the training is great. more

Extremely ethical, skilled, and positive trainer and facility. Recommend very highly! 12/14/2008

We ran into some aggression problems between our dog and baby, and were pointed toward Cara at Buddy's Chance. She took lots of time to talk with us about the issues, long before any commitment to training was made, which showed a generosity with her time that has marked our every interaction with her. Cara worked with our family and our dog, using exclusively positive training methods, and was very open about the potential outcomes. Her techniques were very successful, but in the end we needed to find a new home for our dog (our choice and decision). Cara helped us do so, and went far and above the call of duty to help us with a successful outcome (which we found!!!!). We were uniformly impressed by Cara's skill, training, and natural ability with our dog and the other dogs we encountered with her. She holds herself and her profession to the highest ethical standards, she is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge, and she is a warm and compassionate person who communicates well with both people and dogs. In conclusion, we think extremely highly of Cara and Buddy's Chance, and we give her the highest possible recommendation. Pros: Skill, communication, kindness, natural ability with dogs. more

Flexible training methods customized to your dog. Very helpful. 6/14/2008

Our dog has some aggression issues with other dogs on leash off leash, even on TV sometimes. With the help of Cara and we learned tricks to help keep our pal more on track. He has been able to get closer to other dogs but still be tuned in to me with the help of a key phrase and treats of course. Although he's got a ways to go and may not be able to run free with other animals in a dog park, Buddy's Chance has been a great experience for us both. more

I'm a Believer 6/11/2008

In January we adopted Chaco, a ~1.5-year-old chocolate lab, from Austin Rescue (AR). We saw him on AR?s website the day he was adopted by another family, but he was soon returned. When we brought him into our home, we understood why. Chaco had developed bad habits prior to being rescued, and was nearly unmanageable. He couldn?t hold eye contact for more than a nano-second, jumped on everyone, was aggressive to other dogs, pulled us off-balance on the leash, and so forth. It?s not fun wrestling with a 75-lb pooch! As a ?cat person?, I was very unhappy and didn?t want to keep him, but agreed to give him one more chance if we could find a good trainer. We located Buddy?s Chance and discussed Chaco with Cara--this was ?it? for me . . . after four months of ?crazy dog?, I was soooo ready for Chaco to find a new home I referred to Cara?s place as ?Chaco?s Last Chance?. We knew he was a hard case, so signed him up for two weeks ?basic training? plus boarding. Cara called after a week and was very honest, informing us that Chaco was quite a challenge (believe me, we knew!), and that she?d like to keep him a bit longer, giving us a break on the expense. We said yes, and when we eventually picked him up he was a totally changed dog! Yes, you have to do a little homework to learn the methods yourself and reinforce her training once you?re home, but it?s simple and worth it! Nearly every day we look at Chaco in amazement and comment on the difference Cara made in him. He?s happy, comes when called 98% of the time (hey, it?s a little hard for him to leave a deer that?s hanging out on the other side of the fence), makes eye contact, lies down at our feet while we?re eating dinner (as opposed to trying to pull food off the counter), etc., etc. I was absolutely convinced this dog was unsalvageable--Cara proved me wrong. Buddy?s Chance has enabled Chaco to become a member of our household--so, we want to give a Big Thank You to Cara, Buddy?s Chance, and all her trainers. Pros: Friendly, approachable, unperturbed by a bouncing big dog! Cons: Distance from Wimberley more

Helpful for Paralyzingly Shy Dog 6/3/2008

I saw improvement in my extremely shy adult dog during the 6-week Shy Dog course. At the Petsmart standard training class I previously had her in, she shook the entire time and was vacuum-sealed flat on the floor. At Buddy's Chance in an environment with other shy dogs and their owners following certain rules, she did become more at ease over the weeks. I got useful tips for helping her to become more at ease with people and other dogs. In addition, instruction on reading the dog's body language was very helpful. Cara and Susan were always willing to answer questions. I have appreciated that Cara has continued to have a special Shy Dog group, and I anticipate that will also be helpful in making my extremely shy dog more comfortable. more

I wouldn't recommend. 5/31/2008

I bought the 200 dollar package. I only went to a few classes, which were held by two different trainers. I do not know either of the trainers names; despite being in classes with only 1-2 other people, the trainers never made an effort to introduce themselves to me, nor ask for my name. \r \r I felt like they treated me like an idiot the entire time. I was told I should not have taken my dog to one of the intermediate classes because he did not take the beginner class. When I explained that the website said if he knew the command, I should skip the beginners class, the trainer said, ""I'm not familiar with the what the website says."" WTF???\r \r One of the trainers told me to stop acting like I was ""Mr. Cool"" because I had my hand in my pocket while practicing a command on a plastic chair.\r \r The trainer also referred to my dog as ""she"" and ""her"" the entire time, even though the dog has a wiener and a masculine name, which was quite disturbing. Maybe if the trainer would have taken 1 minute to do an introduction, she would have known my dog was not a girl?\r \r The first night that I attended class, the trainer set out one water bowl for 4-5 dogs, then a fight broke out over the water, which was the obvious outcome. \r \r This training is very basic positive reinforcement using treats. Save yourself the money and buy a training book or dvd. It has the same information for much less.\r \r Overall, the trainers may have dog skills, but have zero people skills. I feel like my money was wasted, and with the trainers attitudes, I have no desire to go back to this facility. There are also dogs in cages all over this place, and it's kind of sad and seems inhumane. Cons: Very poor treatment of customers. more

Great help with dog aggression 5/23/2008

Until I started the reactive dog classes walking my 2 year old bull-terrier was an extremely stressful situation for both myself and my dog. Just the sight of another dog 50 ft away would send her lunging and growling. Now thanks to Cara and her classes walks are much more managable and enjoyable. more

great for fearful dogs 5/20/2008

Cara and her staff at Buddy's Chance have been extremely helpful in providing a safe and nurturing environment for my scared little Basenji mix to come out of her shell. I adopted Tess a year ago from a local rescue group. She is very sweet, loving and playful at home, but terrified of new experiences and people she doesn't know. We took part in the 6 week class for shy dogs and came out of it with some good tools to help improve social skills and handle common situtations. It was wonderful to be in a class with other shy dogs and their owners where no pressure was put on scared little doggies to ""perform."" Instead they were allowed to interact with us at their comfort level and build up trust. I'm looking forward to the shy dog group meetings over the summer!\r more

A great place for dogs with fear or aggression problems 5/17/2008

Our dog Kahlua was obnoxious and traumatized by other dogs. On a walk she would yank your arm off. Getting close to another dog would result in an explosion of barking, snarling and lunging. She would even nip me when I wasn't paying enough attention to her. I tried everything I could think of to make her behave but nothing worked. We would dread taking her out of the house.\r

\r Finally a friend recommended Buddy's Chance. My wife and I met with Cara and introduced her to Kahlua. We scheduled some classes and left with a bunch of homework. Frankly we were very skeptical that we would see any change in behavior with our dog, but the results have been amazing!\r

\r Kahlua never nips me anymore. We can control her easily on walks and even handle the occasional off-leash dog. All of this through positive reinforcement - no choke collars, no shouting. She enjoys her training at home and loves going to Buddy's Chance for classes. Her improvement has made our daily lives much more calm and peaceful. \r

\r The best part is, walks have now become an activity that everyone enjoys :-) Pros: Friendly trainers who obviously love dogs more

Not a place for dogs with fear or aggression problems 5/14/2008

I took my dogs here because they were having fear and aggression problems, I went only for the initial evaluation, at which time I was told that I should re-home one of them and that they would probably never be at a point they could be around other dogs or people without being a threat, at one point I was asked to put them in the car because they were being nosiey . I left there $150 poorer and no answers and still aggressive dogs. I am sure that they would be great for dogs who do not have these problems and just need training, but this is not the place for behavior issues.\r \r My vet did recommend a great training place and they have begun their journey to being great, happy dogs. more

Great fix for boxer with false bravado 1/22/2008

I initially didn't want to write a review because Buddy's Chance has been a little secret gem that not many people know about, but they have taken such great care of us I felt the need to oblige. \r \r After trying 2 other trainers we met with Cara to help with our 3yr old male boxer. He is an extremely loving and loyal dog but had a tendency to become very afraid when people came over to our house. That fear would sometimes turn to ""false bravado"" and although he never attacked anyone he surely acted tough (only to run to our closet and hide if someone called his bluff). He also showed a consistent fear of little children, his natural reaction would be to bark at them so they would ""go away"". With the arrival of our first baby months away (and the anticipation of a continous flow of visitors) we came to Cara for help.\r \r Cara sat with us for over an hour asking detailed questions about him and only after going over those with us and explaining her methods did she ask to be introduced to him. Her suggestions have helped tremendously. Not only have a found a way to set him up for success when guests come over - but he is absolutely wonderful with out 8 month old baby AND not only is he not scared of him, he is his best buddy (or at least attempts to be). \r \r As for the doggy day care....I cannot explain how great this has been for him. Not only does he get to play with other dogs, but he is in an environment where he is stimulated (classes are limited) and given breaks and naps. Throw in a friendly and knowledgeable staff and you have the prefect set up for your pet. more

Great trainer for unruly dog! 1/18/2008

Cara has been a life-saver for me and my unruly rescued rhodesian ridgeback/laborador mix (Rusty). I couldn't get near him with a leash without him going crazy, jumping around and whining because he was so excited to go for his walk. A couple of times he injured me and knocked over my geriatric springer spaniel. He also snapped at our veterinarian when she stuck him with a vaccination. She strongly suggestion I get him some training. I turned to Cara in desperation after meeting her on another local dog group. Rusty and I did a private consult with Cara where she watched us interact and listened carefully to my concerns. She then made suggestions for our situation and followed up with an email of the suggestions in written form. She also conferred with our veterinarian. Within a month of following Cara's suggestions, I had a dog who sits politely and waits for his harness and leash. He is still excitable, but is truly a different dog than the one with which I first walked into Buddy's Chance. We are now starting the Shy Dogs class and I can't wait! more

Cara's own dog is aggressive. How does that work? 11/6/2007

The Austin Boxer Meet-Up group was held at her ""facility"" and she had her own dog in a large crate with a covering over it. She said her dog is dog aggressive but that she hasn't had the time to fix it.\r \r ?\r \r I do not believe she has enough experience as a dog trainer seeing as she just got her (if she did) training close to 1 year ago. \r \r Maybe after some more ""field"" experience she will be a great trainer. As of now i'd go elsewhere. Pros: Nice person Cons: Inexperience more
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