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772 S Van Ness Ave Apt 1 (at Pierce Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 663-6173
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Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA
Bodyfi - San Francisco, CA



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I've been working with Lauren doing bodyFi PT (personal training) for several months now and she is fabulous. I am a working mom hitting 40 and waaay out of shape. Lauren listen...


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bodyFi has it all 10/21/2010

I've been working with Lauren doing bodyFi PT (personal training) for several months now and she is fabulous. I am a working mom hitting 40 and waaay out of shape. Lauren listened to what was important to me (not be tied to gym only workout) and whipped me into better shape. I just started going to her bodyFi Bootcamps at the Marina Green and love it. Two best things about bodyF: They do these 30 minute intense bootcamps and/or training sessions that don't waste your time with things like running. It's hard core, one thing to the next, and it is a full workout in half the time. Love it. Second best thing is that the whole team is great, so as a working mom with a nutty schedule, I was able to work with others if needed. I worked out with John, Daniela and Jameela each at some point and each one was fabulous. No more working around your one trainer's tight schedule and/or if they get sick since they have a team. AND, really great pricing for working out at home, the gym or outdoors, so even more flexibility. bodyFi is really the best of all worlds.\r \r more

I lost 12 pounds and 13.5 inches in 2 months with BodyFi 9/11/2010

BodyFi has helped me get into shape after trying and failing at a number of other things. Their High Intensity Bootcamp is challenging but because it's only 30 minutes, it's totally doable. And it's outside, which I like so much better than being in a gym. I lost 12 lbs & 13.5 inches in BodyFi's Biggest Winner Challenge. The contest created a fun atmosphere. Aemar is a great drill sergeant and manages to make the workouts really fun. I've also done a few private sessions to turn it up a notch. I especially recommend trying those if you can afford it because John (or whomever you work with) really zeros in on your weak areas and helps you strengthen them. more

Excellent for Mind Body and Spirit! 8/10/2010

When I first got signed up for Bodyfi I didn't know what to expect, but after about 4 months, 20 lbs and a whole lot of strength and confidence, I am proud to say that Bodyfi has been outstanding. John and Aemar really get the concept of getting people excited about exercise and overall health. I started out doing bootcamps, which can be at the group locations, or they will customize one for you. After about 6 weeks of bootcamp, I was feeling better and found myself looking for more. I started doing personal training with both John and Aemar and while I often found myself out of breath and struggling to finish, I also noticed big gains in my overall strength and was watching the lbs shed off! I joined their Biggest Winner Challenge, which was a fund raiser compatetition for St. Jude's Hospital and also a real challenge of fitness to see how many gains you could make with body fat, weight loss and inches lossed in the right areas and gained in others. After 2 months, I had lost 20 lbs and am doing things I never thought I would be able to do. I ended up winning the competition and feel so awesome about my acheivments. My clothes are all loose and some need to be replaced. I feel so much better about myself from a fitness stand point, but also an overall well being standpoint. John really helped me with my junk food habits and suggested all sorts of excellent alternatives. Have you ever had Pop Chips??? So good and so much better for you. I would highly recommend these guys, if you're willing to give them your time and effort, you will be gauranteed results! more

Great Personal Training! 6/15/2010

At 61 and 60, it wasn't easy to find the right folks to provide personal training - and they come to our condo to boot! All of the trainers are just great and they customize the training to meet our needs. Value adds are nutrition, health and well being coaching, and programs we can do between sessions. Highly recommended! Pros: Knownledgable & Flexible Cons: Can't think of any! more

I love BodyFi 5/13/2010

When I took advantage of BodyFi groupon deal back in January I had no intention of sticking with it for the long haul. My plan was to try bootcamp just to kickstart my activity level and then hit the gym on my own. Well that's totally changed! I've been working out with Aemar ever since. In fact, I even did a Personal Training session with Aemar where he came to my apt and gave me a workout plan that I can do at home. I've lost 32 lbs in 3 1/2 months! I'm noticing muscles on my body that I've not seen before!\r \r Aemar is a wonderful trainer. He varies the workouts so you won't get bored. He pushes and encourages you without being a Drill Seargent. (""You are strong! Yes, you can!"") He'll help you work with your old injuries....he always has alternatives for me and my bad shoulder. And he makes it fun!\r \r Joining Aemar's class at BodyFi has been one of the best things I've done for myself in years. no joke. Try them out!\r Pros: weight loss, muscle gain, more

Best Personal Trainers and Workout Program 5/11/2010

Wonderful results. I don't think I've ever looked better in my life. I've gotten so many compliments on my new physique since I started training with bodyFi. So far I've lost 2 dress sizes and many inches off my waist, arms, and thighs. I've been getting personal training sessions twice a week with John & Daniella and bootcamp classes with Aemar & Lauren 2-3 times a week. John really is the best personal trainer out there. He's great at getting me motivated and gives sound nutritional advice. The bootcamp classes are very effective. The classes are only 1/2 hour, but you get a great full body workout. I've tried the High Intensity and Fusion classes. They are very different workouts but I like the variety that you get from each class. I love all the trainers and thank you so much for getting me in the best shape of my life! I forgot to mention the downside. I kept having to go shopping for new clothes because everything I had started falling off me after one month of training. more

bootcamp! 5/9/2010

I had the opportunity to work out with each of the bodyfi trianers and had a wonderful experience! Working out at the gym or by myself is not my thing, so I gave bootcamp a try. I saw results right away and met a lot of great people along the way. The bodyfi team not only provided some solid and satisfying workouts, but they are also provided individual attention and great customer service. The workouts varied each day, which made the time go by quickly. Thanks for the great experience and I look forward to starting up again!! Pros: Quick work out and gets the job done Cons: You have to miss happy hour if you workout at 6pm...? more

Personal Training has changed my view on fitness 4/22/2010

John and Aemar have been the single biggest fitness success program I've experienced. Period. Just before saying to myself, ""maybe this is just how I'm suppose to look,"" I decided to hire a trainer to see if the personal attention would provide any differing results.\r I have never been more satisfied with any fitness program. There, I said it again.\r I've been having John and Aemar train me three times a week since last November in one-hour sessions in my building's fitness center and the results have been beyond what I could have hoped for. The hour is never the same, so I'm always doing something new.\r There styles are different, but they will always challenge you, coach you and most importantly to me, motivate you to push yourself past what you thought you'd be able to do. \r So, if you've been thinking about it, DO IT. Hire a trainer and hire good ones like John and Aemar. Pros: Personalized fitness program designed around you more

Love BodyFi! 4/15/2010

I've been doing BodyFi's High Intensity Bootcamp four times a week for a month now. The workouts are tough but not overwhelming. I've seen results in such a short period of time it makes it totally worth the effort. Class times and locations are broad and convenient, scheduling is easy and the instructors (Aemar, Lauren, Daniella and John) are motivating and fun. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone! Pros: Motivating, High Energy, Quick, Convenient more

BodyFi will kick your ass and you will like it 4/12/2010

Wow.\r \r Coming from someone who used to think getting a work-out meant chasing down a taxi in a pair of five inch heels, I can honestly say BodyFi is an accessible, results-inducing, and fun program that will work for everyone. I never thought that anything other than the promise of a $5 manhattan could get me out of the office at 5 pm, but now I find myself actually looking forward to the high-energy, fast-paced, 30-minute program.\r \r Thanks to Aemar, Lauren, Daniella, & John, I feel better, I sleep better, I have more energy, I find myself drawn to healthier foods, and my clothes fit better! The trainers are incredibly accomodating and continually ask for feedback so they can improve the schedule and routine for the clients. Knowing that are morning, mid-day, afternoon & weekend options helps me plan my sessions around social and professional comittments so that I don't have to miss a workout.\r \r I would recommend this to anyone! Pros: In, Out, Looking Good more

Great place to get the bootay in shape 3/1/2010

I've been going to BodyFi's 30 minutes boot camps at the Embarcadero since the beginning of November. At first I was going three times per week, but for about a month now I've been attending five times per week. The results are beyond amazing! I cannot express how thankful I am to Aemar for the changes I've seen in my muscle tone, body fat percentage and overall appearance. He continually challenges my body - the workouts are never the same. The scenery is great, the location and times are convenient. I really can't rave enough about BodyFi. I've also done a BodyGem nutrition consultation with John - very informative, and even though the session was months ago, I still email him frequently with nutrition related questions and he quickly responds, frequently just a few minutes later. In addition, Lauren is an awesome trainer, with a bubbly personality and a great body - look at her keeps you motivated! Thank you thank you thank you thank you, BodyFi! I heart you so. Pros: Best boot camp ever! Cons: None! more

Best 30 minute workout ever! 2/27/2010

I have been attending the bodyfi Dolores Park Bootcamp since the beginning of the year. Aemar is a great instructor and makes working out fun. He is very positive and gives excellent feedback in real time so you can make improvements. It's a wonderful 30 minute workout that I do before work and feel great the rest of the day. I've also signed up for the metabolism test with John and it really helped me know what my daily intake should be. This is the best 30 minute workout ever!! Pros: Best trainers more

Fantastic Personal Training! 12/23/2009

THANK YOU to John at bodyFi! Two months ago, I was a demoralized couch potato. Several years of a basically sedentary lifestyle and a not-so-healthy relationship with rich foods had pushed the numbers on the scale to places I'd never seen before. My clothes didn't fit, and I didn't understand why I kept gaining more and more weight. I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and angry with myself. I needed serious help, and when I called John Nguyen, I got it. I've been working out with John 3x a week (one day a week at bodyFi's tidy Van Ness studio, and two days in my home), and two months later my body looks and feels completely different. I have a waist again! With John's guidance and sane nutritional advice, I've dropped over 12 pounds and 8 inches...during the holidays, I might add. John is a knowledgeable, dedicated professional. He's particularly great at knowing just how far to push me to keep the workouts challenging, without feeling like torture...I always finish a session feeling strong and proud of myself. I've felt so encouraged by my progress and how I feel that I actually ENJOY exercising and look for opportunities (hiking, yoga, etc.) on my own. I'm so grateful for this change in my's been worth every penny and every minute! more

Best Bootcamp Opportunity Awaits you! 12/14/2009

LOVE IT! This is an extremely organized and beneficial program. The trainers are easily accessible and willing to accommodate schedules and needs. The small number of clients ensures that you have personal interaction helping to get your desired results! I had just run a marathon before joining the bootcamp and was unsure that I would be able to get a strong workout in only 30 minutes. They have proved me wrong. I am seeing better, stronger results than my marathon training! Not to mention, they keep things rotating and changing so that you never feel bored with the workout. They are also very encouraging and supportive during the session when you are in burn-out mode :) Both John and Aemar are extremely dedicated to each client- offering them personalized routines, advice, and support. They care more about your healthy lifestyle than any business objective of their own interest. I'm extremely grateful to both and have recommended them to all my friends. It is a great investment of time, money, and of course- love the RESULTS! :) more

Triple AAA Trainer Aemar 12/3/2009

Aemar is the best personal trainer I have ever had. He is a very good motivator and makes you want to work harder. You should try him...he's excellent! Pros: Extremely good motivator more

Excelent Personal Trainer 12/1/2009

Amear is the best! Always makes me work hard and motivates me well. Pros: Profesional Staff more

Top Notch Trainer 11/23/2009

Aemar was my personal trainer for almost a year. He is phenomenal at what he does, truely one of a kind. I just found out that he is working in San Francisco now. If you live in the bay area... go see him! He's GREAT! I'm starting to get soft myself... may need to relocate. Pros: Qualified Professionals Cons: Not in Seattle ;) more

Best Personal Trainer!! 10/15/2009

John is the best personal trainer! I’m a Cal student, and I always wanted to try personal training…I found John after doing a lot of research, and I’m so glad I did! In the month that I’ve trained with him, I lost over 6 pounds in a healthy way. He helps you build muscle while losing body fat, which is what’s really important. It’s worth the short walk from the SF bart station. He’s also very helpful with nutrition and will help you find a plan that works. Best of all, John is really caring and kind. His expertise and support will help you reach your goals. The workouts are effective in engaging every muscle in your body and you can really feel that it’s working! I also started doing bootcamp with Amar, who’s also part of bodyfi and I’m having a blast. I really recommend bodyfi…you have nothing to lose except body fat ? more

Best In Home Personal Trainer that delivers results! 7/9/2009

I never really worked out before I met John, and even the idea of having a personal trainer sounded strange to me. Since about a year I am trying to gain weight and muscles - I have to say that I tried almost everything without much success. My fiancé then introduced me to John and said that I should try to work out with him - I thought why not try it. John's personal training sessions are fun, but very effective. I first started out doing two workouts a week and soon increased it to about four sessions each week. The fact that John is constantly changing and adjusting the personal training techniques in regard to my improvements really keeps the workouts challenging. I am proud to say that I have gained about 13 pounds in structured muscles since I started working out with John. Now, this might not seem like a lot for someone of large posture; however, I think I can be proud of our achievements considering that I am only 135 pounds. John is the best personal trainer and I would recommend him to anyone. My fiancé just started working out with him - trying to lose weight. I can only say that her weight is dropping exactly at the places where she wants it to drop. Pros: Creative, Highly Effective, Dynamic Workouts, Results Driven more

He will pump you up! 12/10/2007

I've never told John this, but I was once a personal trainer myself, not a terribly good one. 15 years later I was becoming soft and round and fed up. John helped me to kick my sedentary ways to the curb with all kinds of impersonal data, advice and the ability to tailor his approach to my abilities and personality. He understands when to push me and when to lay off and he listens; I walk home feeling a good tired in every nook and cranny of my body and have developed amazing core and chest strength. This wasn't grim work so much as a fun and disciplined commitment, with John expertly and perceptively tweaking my workouts all the time. I'm pretty close to being in the best shape of my life, thanks to his insights, inventive exercises and his focused and consistent work outs. I've encouraged all my friends to try him out - the first session's free, so you've got nothing to lose! more
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  • Our personal trainers are fun to work with and highly qualified, but most importantly they are experienced. Our trainers can work with you in your home, in your office, at one of our personal training studios, or at any outdoor space you choose. We will customize a personal training program that will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Since nutrition is key to your success, we evaluate your nutritional intake and then help you with your meal planning. If you want to lose bodyfat or to increase lean muscle mass, our personal trainers have the knowledge to help you achieve results. We use a variety of training tools including: Stability Balls, Medicine Balls, Core Balls, Free Weights, Resistance Bands, Agility Ladders, and new training techniques by TRX, BOSU, and BOSU Dynamic Stability Trainer! We also have bootcamps, and personalized nutrition counseling!


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