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817 H & R drive
Raleigh, NC 27610

(919) 395-6225
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After speaking with an obvious person that my motor club outsourced to India for 17 minutes, I finally had the contact number of a local towing company that could tow my car to it...


My roadside assistance company contacted Big Mack's for me on Monday. The tow truck driver was late, which I chose not to make an issue about despite have a class to teach on a c...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/2/2014

Horrible HORRIBLE HORRIBLE service. I have never been so frustrated before in my entire life. This company cares nothing for customer satisfaction. The details of my dealings with them are too much to outline in this post, but I have indicated to my insurance provider to never reach out to them on my behalf for services again. Its hard enough dealing with unexpected servicing, without having to worry about shady and manipulative practices of a towing company too. Whats more is the management saw nothing wrong with the way they do business. Unless you want to be ripped off-stay away from this company more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/6/2013

I had a great experience with this company. On Sept 4 I broke down and wound up stuck on the side of an interstate on-ramp (scary!) with my dog in the car. My roadside assistance company contacted Big Mack - they showed up exactly when they said they would despite me giving pretty vague directions since I was unfamiliar with the area. The two gentlemen who hooked my car up were polite, efficient, and knew exactly where to look for the tow fitting on a MINI (not obvious, and tow drivers from other companies have done it wrong and damaged the car). They also asked me several times if I was SURE my husband was coming and would be there soon, because they didn't want to drive off and leave me alone there with my dog. As it happened, he arrived before they left. I really appreciate everything they did to make a bad situation less bad. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/2/2013

on may 17th i broke down and was towed by big mack, i did not get the name of the driver but i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything he did for this damsel in distress! if this company has people like that working for them , then they truly are winners !!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/29/2013

Very, Very, Very displeased with this towing company. Horrible customer service. Never felt so disrespected. Getting your car towed is already an uneasy experience, but having to deal with Big Mack Towing is even worse. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/27/2013

Sheri Y: I know Jason Scott personally and he has not worked for Big Mack since November. No need to put a bad mark on a company that had nothing to do with the private sale of a car. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/5/2012

Do not trust this company they are dishonest one of the employees Jason Scott bought a car from Clayton and never even made the 1st payment and now they are hiding it instead of being decent and turning the car in more

Terrible LIARS 9/23/2011

My roadside assistance company contacted Big Mack's for me on Monday. The tow truck driver was late, which I chose not to make an issue about despite have a class to teach on a couple of hours later. When he arrived, he jumped my car, backed it out of my parking space and drove it up into his tow truck. He came over and told me that, when he was driving up, he heard something go ""sssss"" and then my brand new, TEN DAY OLD was completely flat and had a gash in the side wall. We both checked to see if there was anything in the parking lot. There was nothing. When we got to my mechanic, the service manager asked me if I knew the guy was changing my tire. I said yes and explained what happened. He suggested that I get something in writing about my tire getting damaged. When the tow truck driver came back in and asked me to sign his log, I asked if there was anything about the damage. He said no all that he had was his tow log. My service advisor overheard and remembers this call. After speaking to my uncle back in NJ--who has several years' worth of towing experience--and asking him what he thought happened, he said it sounded like the guy caught my tire on a ratchet at the bottom of the truck. He said it happens often, and the towing company should pay for my tire. I let my roadside assistance company know about this. They started a claim. I found out today that the tower had the nerve to tell them that I was the one who drove my car (a lie) and ran over something (also a lie), and that I ""mentioned I have bad luck with tires."" Um. I mentioned I'd just bought brand new tires--routine maintenance, nothing regarding ""bad luck""--and that I had JOKINGLY wondered when I bought them how long they'd last because brand new tires are so expensive. If he wants to see whether or not I have ""bad luck"" with tires, though, he is certainly welcome to check my service records for the past 3 years and find out otherwise. An honest driver would have had no need to mention anything regarding ""bad luck"" with tires, especially when that's completely twisting my words. Well done. If my roadside assistance company continues to do business with these crooks, I certainly hope that I never need assistance again! more

Great and fast service 8/5/2011

After speaking with an obvious person that my motor club outsourced to India for 17 minutes, I finally had the contact number of a local towing company that could tow my car to its destination in less than 2 hours. The first place the motor club referred me to would take 2h 10m, I told the guy he needed to find someone else. I had my infant with me and cannot wait that long. I soon got the name of Big Mack and was contacted by Rob (I think). He said they received a service call to tow my car from A to B. Billy showed up just as expected (within 35 minutes), had my car hooked up and on the road in less than 10. Both Big Mack employees were polite, efficient and professional. Thank you so much! more

RE: Worst Ever! 1/21/2011

I must have the same insurance company as Tinas Treats because a similar situation just happened to me. I needed my truck towed to a repair shop and Big Mack gave me an ETA of 12:15. After an HOUR AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES, I called my insurance company and asked them to send somebody else. Wouldn't you know it, Big Mack showed up about 15 minutes later. I told the guy he was a little late and another towing company is on the way. He actually appeared ticked off at me for wasting his time! Don't call these jokers unless you have SEVERAL HOURS to wait for them!!! more

Best Towing Service - Hands Down! 1/13/2011

Shawn with Big Mack Towing is THE BEST! Skillful, kind, AND friendly. He watched out for me when I almost stepped into traffic, and he asked me if I had a safe way home before he drove off. Most towers have the technical expertise to get the job done, but few have the people skills to almost make you feel good about having to have your car towed. My hat is off to Shawn and Big Mack Towing - I was having a bad evening but I had a smile on my face at the end! more

the only company I will ever use 4/6/2010

I was driving late night during the winter in my honda when all of the sudden i hit a patch of ice that sent me sailing into a ditch, in the middle of nowhere near wendell. I called my USAA insurance and they told me it would be 45 minutes before a truck could make it to me. I was angry that I would be sitting in the cold for almost an hour but a truck arrived 20 minutes after I made the call! The drivers name was Tom, he was very kind despite the fact he was brought out at 3 am. He was able to winch my car out with ease, I was very surprised. Tom also gave me a ride to my house even though it was 5 miles past the shop he took my car to. I've referred Big Mack's Towing to my friends and have heard nothing but good news from them, they are honestly the only company I wil use in the wake county area. Pros: quick service more


I really don't want to give a star at ALL! I have road side assistance with my insurance, and the past two times I used Big Mack Towing.....WORST EVER! And yesterday My SUV needed to be towed to North Raleigh. We called in service at 5pm. We had an ETA of an hour and fifteen minutes,,,so I headed to the location of where my SUV was at at about 6:15.....and waiting......and waiting(not the first time with the co.) and STILL waiting. I made a call to the dispatcher and she said they would be there in about 20 minutes...I understood traffic. So I waited AGAIN another 40 minutes go by and I received a call from my insurance(automated system)...They got on the line, and made a call to the dispatcher, and she advised them she was about to call me and tell me they had to send another tow truck out, yea like I was ever going to get that call. I told my insurance I was going home, when they got near, they could call me, so I did not have to sit in the cold weather. Now we are looking at after 7:45 and now the car is getting towed. Here is my problem, my husband called our mechanic this afternoon, to see the status of our car, and he said he waited until 3AM for them to deliver the car. The car was not bought to him, and they dropped my ONLY key in a wrong box....WHO'S MAILBOX IS IT? I don't know, and so there goes closely....they may end up dropping your ONLY key elsewhere...The owner of this company called me and said it is not his fault I only have one key to the car. The only thing he could have done for me was pop my CAR lock and tow the car in the shop...Problem is, my mechanic NEEDS THE KEY! TALK ABOUT SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Pros: N/A Cons: THEY PUT MY KEYS IN THE WRONG DROP BOX! more

Great Service 9/2/2008

I ended up with a blown out tire at 2am somewhere vaguely close to Glenwood and in a rather seedy-looking neighborhood where I was constantly being eyeballed. I saw two police officers nearby but now I question if they really were police since I saw no car and they didn't at like they gave a damn if I was a young female stranded in crackhead land. Anyway, I called my BMW Service number, found out my coverage had expired but they could still call a tow truck for me (I couldn't put the spare on - nor would *I* have done so, considering the neighborhood - but no one could since the spare was already in use) so they sent a driver from Big Mack Towing. The ETA I was given was 55 minutes but the driver arrived much sooner. He was nice and courteous and got right to work, had me get in the truck to keep warm since it was cool out, drove well and was polite. I figured I'd end up with someone horrible to top off my crappy night but it went as well as a tow can be expected. He even found a large bump in *another* tire that he said could easily lead to a blowout only this was a front tire and that would've been baaaaaad. I never hope to need another tow but if I do, those guys will be the first ones I call. more
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