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Beyond Bespoke Tailors - 20 Reviews - 45 West 46th Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY - Shopping Reviews - Phone 1 (212) 918-1966

Beyond Bespoke Tailors

45 West 46th Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10036
1 (212) 918-1966
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I have been to Beyond Bespoke before and have always given them the highest recommendation. The people at Beyond Bespoke are truly "top notch" tailors who applies their skills to ...


Bad attitude, terrible communication, unbelievably poor customer service and most importantly, they are terrible at what they do. We rented a Tuxedo and it was a complete and utt...

STAY AWAY!!!!! 7/4/2009

GarinT Provided by Partner
Bad attitude, terrible communication, unbelievably poor customer service and most importantly, they are terrible at what they do. We rented a Tuxedo and it was a complete and utter disaster in every respect. Stay away from this business, you will have a terrible experinece. Pros: Absolutely none Cons: Every possible aspect of tuxedo rental more

Another Terrible Experience NOT recommended 6/8/2009

nixon1320 Provided by Partner
I had a terrible experience with this clothing company. the promised suits and did not deliver anything at all. no answers or replies to any of my phone calls. I made the mistake of paying upfront, now i am out of a lot of money. I see many negative reviews lately, i just wish i had seen them before i paid. now i don't know what to do please don't make the same mistake i did Pros: nothing Cons: suits, tailoring, customer service more

Stay AWAY from this dishonest company 5/30/2009

JD76 Provided by Partner
I went to this tailor on March 11, 2009 to get fitted for a custom suit. I was told the suit would be ready at the end of April. I gave him (JT) a $600 deposit for a $1200 suit. I had quite a few engagements to attend in May where I would want to wear a new suit. The suit never came and from then on - the lies and deceit started. He would make an appointment with me to come in the next day to try on my suit. The next morning I would get a call saying it hasnt come in and he needs an extra day or 2. After a couple of days of waiting and then contacting him, he'll respond with another date. The day of he'll call with another excuse... see the pattern? Its a carrot and stick operation. I finally told him I dont want to hear from him until the suit is IN his office, in front of him - then call me and ill come down. So much of my time was wasted already. He will just string you along and not be mindful of the troubles you go through in order to schedule him feeding you lies. After much complaining and yelling - he offered me 2 suits for the price of one! Great deal price wise BUT if he cant deliver one suit, how will he deliver 2? Its just another lie in a string of lies to hopefully keep the customer waiting. Fast forward to today. I was supposed to go in at 3pm on this beautiful Sunday for my supposed beautiful suit. But guess what? I got a call at 12:30 stating the suit isnt ready... bet you could have never guessed that! I sternly asked for my refund but im wary that will also be a cat andmouse game... Whats worse is - my wedding engagement is 2 weeks away and this was going to be my suit for the occasion. I have no suit now and im scrambling before my semi-big day. I urge you to stay away from JT and his company Beyond Bespoke. He's dishonest. He will string you along and waste your precious time. You are paying for service and service is what they are lacking. Take your hard earned money elsewhere and save yourself the unwanted stress. I googled him and learned there are many customers who have been subjected to poor customer service and have been waiting for a refund. Some sadly didnt give a deposit but paid the full amount in advance - thousands of dollars, and yet to see their refund. Its sounds criminal and the Business authorities will be called. I hope I and the many others who have been lied to get their money back - we wont get our time back but at this point - I just want my money back and move on. I urge you to take your business elsewhere. Cons: Unprofessional, Lying more

don't pay for frustration 5/25/2009

mattGloss564 Provided by Partner
These two guys take a bunch of my clothes to be altered and then ask for money upfront, which I thought was strange for a tailoring service. I paid part of the total and 3 weeks later, instead of 1 or 2 weeks, I get back a few items from them. The rest of the items were supposedly "finished, just need to be delivered." The service is fine until they get your money, then you have to dog them just to get things back, finished or unfinished. I found a number of my things were unfinished even after 6 or more weeks, so I took them back to be done elsewhere. Basically, they're just using these tailor shops in the lower east side and taking a cut of the cost. If I wanted that kind of service, I could just take them to those tailors myself and not pay for the aggravation. Contacting the tailor is ridiculously difficult, messages and phone calls go unanswered. Even if you want to just leave a message, the voicemail says their mailbox is full and can't receive any more messages. Nothing like being at the mercy of someone you can't call and can't meet because he's never "in the office", if they even have a real office... I thought I was the only person who was experiencing lame service, so I was trying to be patient. But when I checked back here, I got so mad to find bad review after bad review. All those "5-star reviews", who the heck wrote those? So shady. These 1-star reviews weren't here when I was looking into their work reputation some months ago. If they were, I definitely would have kept on moving. That's my suggestion, just pass this one up and save yourself the frustration. Cons: lame service more

beware 5/17/2009

textilegrl Provided by Partner
Please beware that this is not an actual company. It is a scam where they will take your money, promise a product, and disappear with your money after dragging you along for a ride- whilst you question why this is happening and how you (as a well educated successful person) could have fallen for it. They are pros. they have done this before under the name Bermini- it's their modus operandi. Pros: none Cons: everything more

Not recommended! Dishonest experience!! 5/14/2009

Lili10021 Provided by Partner
the owners an operators of this business were very dishonest in my personal experience with them. i ordered two suits that supposed to be delivered in 6 weeks, it is now 18 weeks and i have no suits! at 8 weeks i got the "best tailor is on it," then at 10 weeks i got " there has been an accident and the tailor was involved in a taxi accident." Since 10 weeks i cannot get a hold of anybody! They are not answering my calls or returning my messages and now its 18 weeks! I feel like a fool for paying upfront. Also, it seemed odd that they did not have a storefront, but rather you have to meet them in strange vacant offices, and once "Jim" or "JT" had me meet him in a hotel lobby. I should have researched first. Now i am working through my credit card company for compensation. Pros: None Cons: Extremely difficult experience more

Nightmarish experience 4/30/2009

RubyTwoShoes Provided by Partner
This place is an organizational nightmare. They have three different offices that they shuffle between, as well as their workshop, but I don't know if this is a cause or effect of the confusion. The actual tailoring they do is perfectly fine (they made a tiny mistake on one thing but were able to fix it), but trying to get your stuff back is unacceptably complicated. I brought them three garments and the first two were completed with some but not much difficulty. When we discovered the little mistake on my dress I asked if they could call me when it was done. My guy (I think his name was JT) acted like this was a really novel request but said okay. Of course he never called so eventually I called him on a Tuesday and asked if I could get the dress on Thursday. He said sure, any time, so I came on Thursday and he didn't have it. I told him I'd come again the next day (I don't live in the neighborhood), and when I came back he said the delivery guy was on his way with it and he'd be there in two minutes. He came back ten minutes later and said the guy wouldn't be there for an hour so he would deliver the dress to my house the next day. I said it needed to be in the morning and he said he'd call in a few hours to confirm. Several hours later I called him, and he said I'd have the dress by 11 the next morning. At 11 the next morning he called me and said he'd lost my address, and I said it was too late, I needed to leave the house. I was back in the neighborhood the next Friday and called asking when he would have it, and he said to come at 1:30. At 1:30 he wasn't even in the office. Two more customers were waiting for him, and at about 2:15 he finally rolled in. I got my dress and got the hell out of here. I don't understand how this place could have so many positive reviews. One of the customers who was waiting with me the last time I went tried to warn me about them, saying that "you have to manage them really aggressively," and I said I knew all too well. And of course when JT showed up he didn't even have that guy's suit! They're always very apologetic when they mess up but there's just something dishonest about them. Like they're just telling you what you want to hear -- your dress is here waiting for you, come in at 1:30, we'll bring it by 11 -- and then have no intention of actually following through. They are on the pricey side, and it's just not fair to make their customers work so hard. I wanted to give them no stars at all but their workmanship is fine so I'll give them the one. Pros: Good workmanship Cons: Horrible service more

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/20/2009

NYC8070 Provided by Partner
This weisel named JT picked up 4 suits on Feb 3, 2009. I recieved 2 of my suits back within a week. However the other 2 were being worked on by their "best tailor". The guy disappeared and I never heard from him until I finally tracked him down in April. He told me he was going to deliver my clothing then I got the popular family emerency response. He said the following: "You caught me last week with two deaths in my family. An uncle on his deathbed from cancer and a relative who died on the plane and the plane had an emergency landing. I have proof of both instances." I asked them to return my clothing and he said he was going to turn me over to the company lawyer because I was too demanding. This guy is a real creep and he continually asked me for money before the work was done so that he could pay the tailors. The guy was clearly broke and when they returned the 3rd suit, they did not even make any of the alterations. I am sure the positive reviews were made by them as it seems no one else has anything nice to say about them. Pros: None Cons: Have held my clothing for 3months more

Extremely Unprofessional 4/13/2009

jmstarkley Provided by Partner
I have no idea how else to describe this outfit. First, the other glowing reviews on this site are BS. No place can have this many great reviews without a single negative review. It's just not possible. These guys essentially work out of short-term office rentals (which is fine) but it makes them difficult to get hold of when you want your stuff back. If you use them, be sure to expect unreturned phone calls and emails. They miss deadline after deadline, completely disregarding any promises for when your items will be done. When they miss a deadline, they always have an excuse, such as "I wanted to make sure your item was altered by our best seamstress, and she was out of town until yesterday." Or, "We had a family emergency." I thought it was a fluke the first time, but the second time it can't be. The first time, my suit was supposed to be done in three days, but they didn't have it ready until a week after that (which caused me to miss the reason I needed it altered in the first place). The second time, my slacks were supposed to be done in two days (a simple hem job), and they didn't return my phone calls for a full week to let me know when I could pick them up. I understand that things come up for people, but it's unacceptable when things come up every time. The quality of their work seems fine, but I'll never use these people again. more

Top Notch Tailors 4/12/2009

msloan78 Provided by Partner
I have been to Beyond Bespoke before and have always given them the highest recommendation. The people at Beyond Bespoke are truly "top notch" tailors who applies their skills to all my classic clothing as well as my more trendy items. They have a great eye for fashion and always knows what is current. No job is too small or too challenging. Their turnaround time varies depending on the work involved but sometimes they do need a little more time then they anticipated due to the work involved. Overall, they're all gracious and professional. Pros: perfect fit, highly recommended Cons: sometimes needs more time then anticipated more

Always Beyond Satisfied 1/26/2009

michellepanelli Provided by Partner
I have been a Beyond Bespoke customer for a while, and have never once been let down. Nick knows his customers by name, and always provides reasonably timely service. I have found that if on occasion you allow him more time on certain items (when you are not in a rush), he will always do his best to please you for those times you are "desperate to wear these jeans to a party tonight!" or "have to wear this bridesmaid dress tomorrow!". As far as quality of tailoring, I have never been disappointed in their work, and trust me I am very fussy. When it comes down to it, they do not need these reviews, because they have kept their business thriving for years on customer satisfaction and word of mouth alone. Pros: very reliable, great with timing, highly skilled tailoring more

Best Tailors for the Man on the go 12/13/2008

PJMartinez Provided by Partner
I've recently became a client of Beyond Bespoke and couldn't be more happy with the service I recieved. I have an extremely hectic schedule because I'm always on call. However, Beyond Bespoke was able to work around my schedule. I went to their office on Park Avenue and had a few garments tailored. With my schedule being so hectic, they even delivered my garments to my apartment and made my day so much easier. The service and tailoring was incredible and very much appreciated, I highly recommend Beyond Bespoke for any future alteration. Pros: helpful and speedy service as well as terrific tailoring more


Jarhead0600 Provided by Partner
Before joining the Army, I had the best wardrobe from jeans to shirts and suits to blazers. Now that I'm home, I relized almost my entire wardrobe was too tight on me. After doing some research, Beyond Bespoke was the place to go. They were able to let the fabric out and customize all my garments to my body. Every garment I had tailored looks as if I had it custom made. Therefore, I highly recommend Bespoke Bespoke for any alterations as well as custom suits because I'm on my second fitting for my custom suit and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality and craftmanship of the suit. Pros: very experienced tailors and great service more

The Perfect Wedding Dress 12/10/2008

McKenzieRose Provided by Partner
Coming into Beyond Bespoke, I was already a nervous wreck because I had dealt with a previous tailor for my wedding dress alteration, which they ruined. Nick and his staff knew the right words to say to ensure me that they would have my wedding dress looking better than ever for my big day. After a couple of fittings, my dress was perfect and I couldn't be more grateful. I highly recommend Beyond Bespoke, I even sent my little niece there because she my flower girl. more

Fanastic Workmanship 12/10/2008

mbarkin99 Provided by Partner
I highly recommend Beyond Bespoke on their fanastic workmanship. Several of my suits were altered by Beyond Bespoke and I was extremely impressed. I felt as if I had a whole new wardrobe that was catered to me. Pros: fast service, friendly staff and great workmanship more

Very happy with service and tailoring 11/16/2008

sharonwood Provided by Partner
I have been in New York for over 20 years and have yet to find a tailor as exceptional as Beyond Bespoke. These guys know how to treat their clients, and came to know me by a first name basis after the first visit and remembered everything. They went over every detail on my dress alterations, and the custom suit I had purchased for my husband for his birthday. They wouldn't quit until our clothes were better than perfect. Nick and his associates do everything they can to make sure you look and feel your best while still making the shopping experience enjoyable. Beyond Bespoke is the place to go. Pros: Good Service, Good Clothes Cons: Hard to get through security in their lobby. more

Great tailors all around 11/13/2008

dominicbedo Provided by Partner
I do not enjoy clothes shopping and thank heavens I found Beyond Bespoke. I haven't stepped in a clothing store since. Nick traveled to me to to my office in Greenwich, CT to hand tailor my suits, shirts and slacks. The service is excellent and the clothes are fantastic. more

Money well spent 10/2/2008

sanders81868 Provided by Partner
After searching for the right tailor with great quality and customer service to help pick out a custom suit, the search was finally over when i found one of the best with Beyond Bespoke. I dealt with Nick and his measurements were right on point. He really had the knowledge of what he was doing to make feel very confident in him. He didnt give me the run around and gave me exactly what I needed. What I wanted is what I got. He made it very convenient for me and came to my office. I got my suit within 6 weeks and after seeing the fit I didn't mind the wait at all. I look forward to to having a few more suits made by Beyond Bespoke. more

A pleased perfectionist! 9/29/2008

mikehampton61 Provided by Partner
I am a perfectionist when it comes to looking good. It took me years to finally find the perfect tailor because I am hard to please. A couple of months ago I was having difficulty finding the perfect suit for my friends wedding. So I finally found one that I loved at Saks except that it was two sizes too big. A friend of mine recomended I go see Nick at Beyond Bespoke. Not only did my suit come to look exactly the way i pictured it in my mind but the service was wonderful. more

Pleased Perfectionist by Michael H. at InsiderPages 9/29/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
I am a perfectionist when it comes to looking good. It took me years to finally find the perfect tailor because I am hard to please. A couple of months ago I was having difficulty finding the perfect suit for my friends wedding. So I finally found one that I loved at Saks except that it was two sizes too big. A friend of mine recomended I go see Nick at Beyond Bespoke. Not only did my suit come to look exactly the way i pictured it in my mind but the service was wonderful. more
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  • We offer fully- and partially-bespoke suits, shirts, trousers, blazers, topcoats and tuxedos crafted in either the English or Italian styles. The quality of every bespoke garment is guaranteed for 10 years. And the cost includes a year of alterations. We can re-size, re-style and mend every garment and accessory in a mans wardrobe, from belts and jeans to dress shirts and suits.

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    monday: 10:00AM-07:00PM, tuesday: 10:00AM-07:00PM, wednesday: 10:00AM-07:00PM, thursday: 10:00AM-07:00PM, friday: 10:00AM-07:00PM, saturday: 10:00AM-04:00PM
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