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Berkowitz Sharon A Dc

1601 Walnut St 1326
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 563-5510
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Berkowitz Sharon A Dc - Philadelphia, PA


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I give Dr. Berkowitz my highest recommendation. I have never reviewed anything on the internet (restaurant, product, service, etc) but my life has been made so much better through...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 5/15/2013

This tip is from Richard Berkheiser. As a building contractor for over 30 years, I've done my share of heavy lifting. My lower back has given me problems over the years when it gets out of alignment. Many years ago, while working on a residential property, I had such an occurrence. The owner, seeing how much discomfort I was experiencing suggested I call her chiropractor, Dr. Berkowitz. In desperation I drove to her office without an appointment. Dr. Berkowitz was so gracious, she gave up her lunch hour to help me. To my surprise, she didn't rack or crack me, just gentle manipulation to realign my spine. I was able to walk out of her office much easier than I walked in. After a few more visits, my pain was gone. I've been a patient for many years now and Dr. Berkowtiz has always been able to straighten me out, pun intended. Seriously, if you're living with back pain, I'm here to tell you, you don't have to. Give Dr. B. a call. You'll be glad you did. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/24/2013

Dr. Berkowitz has been treating my back for over 10 years. I have a curvature in my spine and I dance. As a result, I have various issues with my back, neck, hips and knees. Sharon always corrects the problem with adjustment to the muscle or spine. She uses Directional Non-Force technique which is wonderful. She is an important part of my medical care team and keeps me dancing. I feel very fortunate to be in her care. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2013

Dr Sharon Berkowitz is a winner.....a more than excellent chiropractor. we live in boston and spend our summers in ventnor. my sister has been going to dr sharon and recommended that i see her because my back was 'crooked' and my neck was very uncomfortable. i went to philadelphia 6-7 times this past summer and have never felt better. each visit with dr sharon improved my back and neck and at the end of the summer i went back to boston feeling terrific. no one in the boston area seems to understand how to fix my body like dr berkowitz! we came to the shore over the holidays and i went to philadelphia to have a session with dr sharon. i can't say enough about her- she is a wonderful healer and a lovely person. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2013

Excellent Chiropractor!! I have been utilizing Dr Berkowitz service for 3 years now & have had extremely satisfiying results. She has expert knowledge of the human body when it comes to releaving pain or resolving other issues! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/12/2012

Extraordinary Chiropractor! Three months ago I was hospitalized with a ruptured L4 disc, unable to walk or stand without extreme pain. However, after just 6 sessions with Dr. Berkowitz I was free of pain, able to walk & stand, and, now, to dance! It is hard even for me to believe what she was able to do, so quickly, with just gentle touches. I have been to many excellent chiropractors in my life but there has been none to compare with Dr. Berkowitz and the remarkable Non-Directional Force Technique she uses. This kind, compassionate, skilled woman has given me back a life I thought I had lost! more

My Highest Recommendation ! 3/30/2012

I give Dr. Berkowitz my highest recommendation. I have never reviewed anything on the internet (restaurant, product, service, etc) but my life has been made so much better through Dr. Berkowitz treatments that I felt the need to recommend her services to others experiencing back pain. About 3 years ago, the episodes of lower back stiffness & pain became more common and more serious to the point where every 4 months or so, I would have to stay in bed for 3 days because of the pain stiffness. I had tried numerous chiropractors - all of whom used heavy force to try to re-align my spine. Occasionally, this technique provided temporary pain relief but nothing ever lasted. Plus, I knew such violent motions on my spine could not be helping. Since I began coming to Dr. Berkowitz about 2 years ago, my life has been changed. I have not experienced a single episode of severe back pain in that time. My initial 2-3 visits re-stabilized my spine and by coming in for a tune-up every 2 months, I've maintained that stability. I cannot say enough about how gentle Dr. B's technique is - you can barely notice she's manipulating anything at all!! I live a very active lifestyle, playing basketball and doing weight training 4-5 times a week. Without Dr. Berkowitz, there is no way I would be able to do that. I can't imagine there is a better chiropractor out there. more

Pain Relief and Peace of Mind 12/4/2011

I cannot recall who referred me, but THANK YOU!! I have been visiting Dr. Berkowitz for over 2 years for spinal adjustment and relief from intense neck strain due to past injury. Her assessment was extremely thorough and better still and following 2-3 weeks of 2x weekly visits, I ""graduated"" to a monthly visit. Her non-invasive touch and her explanation of the treatment, combined with exercises have made such a difference in how I feel! She has also coached me in matters of overall wellness. I am so pleased to have found a chiropractor whom I trust! more

fan club 11/17/2011

A good friend of mine suggested Dr. B because I was in back pain for many years. she had been in pain as well for other reasons and went to her. She healed us both. I cannot say enough about her gentle practice and noninvasive approach. As a fitness instructor and dancer I am enduring hours of movement and stress on my body. I have arthritis in my spine and feet and she maintains my ability to feel good.I have learned how to care for myself more and incorporate rest and drinking water into my life to imporve the way I feel. My relief continues to keep me coming less frequently. I can also say her bedside manner and half hour appointment is so pleasant, you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, and feeling better . I had been experiencing back pain since I was in my teens as a dancer and then more so since I had children 17 years ago. Seeing many chiropractors, orthopedic dr.s, ER visits, yoga, and many other holistic approaches with no relief. Dr. B is the first person who has been able to help me in over 17 years. I would be the president of her fan club!!! Here's to a pain free life and feeling good!!! Thanks to Dr. B!! more

! Best Chiropractic Care in the Region! 10/24/2011

I send you this letter in response to the excellent care given me at your capable hands. The cycle of pain that I endured for months met its' match with your Directional Non-Force Technique. What still amazes me is that while your treatment was without pain bone-crunching manipulation, the relief was absolute. My skepticism melted with the relaxation of the tendons, nerves and muscles in my neck. The brain-numbing headaches were quickly a thing of the past. I must conclude that your total involvement with the cause of the problem through questioning every negative episode in my life regarding trauma gave you an insight that few doctors experience, simply because they do not take the time to uncover underlying injuries from years past. As I am ready to move on with the program you have suggested to me, I felt it appropriate to thank you on paper for your care. Your humor, your positivism, your knowledge and your talent will not soon be forgotten. Although I live 100 miles from your office, I readily traveled the distance and the frequency of trips in order to experience the rapid recovery provided by your hands. You may certainly use my thank you note as you see fit to help others as you have helped me. Regards D C more

I finally found relief! 1/30/2011

I was very skeptical about chiropractic when I first went to see Dr. Berkowitz, but was in such pain from pregnancy-related back problems that I gave it a try. Going in, I had to walk a half block to catch a cab to her office, a process so painful it brought me to tears. Going out, I was substantially more comfortable. Every visit my pain level dropped, until six or seven visits later when I felt fine. I have seen her for ""maintenance"" ever since, and have steered several friends to her who also ended up finding help when they'd exhausted the traditional MD and physical therapy options. more

Effective treatment 5/12/2010

Dr. Berkowitz's gentle treatment was effective in relieving my shoulder and back pain. I had previously tried orthopedic treatment, including shots, which were not nearly as helpful. I highly recommend her. Pros: gentle and effective more

body saver 3/22/2010

I have went to sharon periodically over the past 10 years. first for my sciatica. i had tried everything ,orthopaedics, physical therapy, nothing worked for years. one shot with Sharon i was fixed and haven't had an issue in years. Recently I went back to her again for a different issue. I am a hairstylist for 17 years. My hands are my life. I started w/ what i thought was carpal tunnel. Sharon didnt think that was the problem,she adjusted my hands arms and feet. I got instant relief. Her technique is genius. I can't figure it out what she does but whatever it is it WORKS. Pros: when all else fails ,she can always fix it more

More Than Just a Chiropractor 3/19/2010

Dr. Berkowitz has brought me back to life! Sounds dramatic I know, but anyone who has ever suffered from chronic pain can understand. \r \r I was recently diagnosed with bulging disc problems and before I saw Dr. Berkowitz I was barely making it through the day with out tears. Even after 2 cortizone shots my professional and social life were suffering along with my pain and I was considering surgery. \r \r Luckily I found Dr. Berkowitz and within a few short months in her care I am happy to say that I am not in pain and my overall well being feels renewed. Her approach is relaxing, gentle and best of all effective. I have never been to a traditional chiropractor but be assured this is not about cracking your bones, DNFT is soft and calming. In addition to her methods I have learned so many quick tips from her about adjusting small things in my life that have helped me tremendously. She is so caring and compassionate and I am sure she can help anyone who needs it. \r \r Thank you Dr. Berkowitz, you saved me.\r \r Pros: immediate releif more

Compassionate, gentle and effective care 3/18/2010

Dr. Berkowitz has helped me cope with chronic pain issues in a safe and responsive environment. My only regret is that I waited so long to make an appointment! I recommend her without reservation. more

Excellent Chiropractor 12/22/2009

Dr. Berkowitz is an excellent Chiropractor. In my opinion, Directional Non-Force Technique is the best type of Chiropractic. You are comfortable, relaxed. There is only gentle tapping and touching. She makes you feel good when you're done. And the results are excellent. I recommend Dr. Berkowitz to anyone who needs chiropractic. Pros: Gentle, Caring more

Great Chiropractor for Families 5/31/2009

I've been seeing Dr. Berkowitz for many years and really rely on her to help me stay healthy and pain free which is important in that I own my own business and need to do a lot of lifting. But I'm also the mother of two young children, both of whom have benefited greatly from her abilities. Several years ago, my older son suffered from intermittent leg aches. The podiatrist told me that he had flat feet and prescribed orthotics, which helped, but certainly didn't solve the problem. After a few sessions with Dr. Berkowitz, my son's leg aches went away completely, and he only occassionally has any remaining problems. He no longer uses the orthotics. About a year ago, after a series of head colds, my younger son was experiencing hearing loss due to fluid in his ear canal. He saw specialists and they had nothing to suggest except that the problem should improve during the summer, when cold season was over. His hearing did improve during the summer, but then, in the fall, after his first head cold, his hearing loss reoccurred. Dr. Berkowitz suggested I bring him to her for a quick session (she squeezed him in between patients!) and his hearing was normal the next day! He's had no problems for the rest of this winter, despite several head colds. I take my kids to Dr. Berkowitz every once in a while for adjustments and they have no problems with it. The technique is so gentle. They actually look forward to visits because they love playing with toys she has available in a little basket in the waiting room. Needless to say, I highly recommend her as a chiropractor and all-around natural health practitioner. Pros: Great for kids more

TRUST 4/6/2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Berkowitz for many years. DNFT works for me. Sharon has guided me though many physical and emotional stresses from general chiropractic ""tune ups"" to specific problems or injuries. She is an excellent chiropractor and a wonderful person. Most importantly for me.....I TRUST HER! And recommend her highly. Pros: effective chiropractic treatment more

A Stand Alone Chiroprator in Philadelphia 12/17/2008

Dr Berkowitz is a stand alone Chiropractor in Philadelphia. Her technique (Directional Non Force) is NOT the usual ""back cracking"" Chiropractic. It's a a gentle technique that is a catalyst for putting the spine and body in alignment. She gets people better faster than traditional Chiropractic. While she has regular patients who come for maintenance, her goal is to get you better in a hand full of treatments. This is also very unique in the Chiropractic World. She also spends much more time with her patients than traditional Chiropractors. Her demeanor is also extremely compassionate and you know you're in the presence of a person who takes takes her Art seriously.\r \r In my first visit, I even experienced a slight change in my tinnitus which I didn't think was possible since I've had it for 20 years. I found myself walking better and felt more grounded. \r \r If you have tried Chiropractic in the past but found the treatments too harsh, too quick and too many, you owe it to give Dr Berkowitz a call. more

Effective and gentle chiropractic care 7/19/2008

Dr Berkowitz has been my chiropracter for a number of years. I first went to her for back and shoulder problems. I was surprised that the direct non-force technique did not immediately crink my shoulder back into place, but the next day as I was reaching to answer the phone I felt all of the bones across my back ripple themselves back into place! I have continued to see Dr Berkowitz monthly, and she has addressed problems such as my knees being out of alignment after slipping during a business trip (and being cramped in the plane), my tense jaw after major dental work, and strengthening and aligning my lower arm after I broke it visiting my sons in Arizona. Pros: convenient location is downtown, appointment times mesh with work schedule Cons: can't think of any more

Skilllful, knowledgeable and compassionate chiropractic care 7/7/2008

Dr. Berkowitz is a skilled and very knowledgeable chiropractor in Center City Philadelphia. Her technique offers tremendous pain relief without the drastic manipulations of traditional chiropractic practice. Dr. Berkowitz is also a chiropractor who appreciates meditation, awareness, and spirituality, and she brings these practices to her work. She also offers patients a wellness program of monthly sessions which can prevent problem relapse and avoid a great deal of pain and suffering. I very highly recommend Dr. Berkowitz. more
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