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Barb Levenson Dog Training Center - 65 Reviews - 140 Pennsylvania Ave, Oakmont, PA - Animals & Pets Reviews - Phone (412) 795-9642

Barb Levenson Dog Training Center

140 Pennsylvania Ave
Oakmont, PA 15139
(412) 795-9642

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Barb Levenson Dog Training Center - Oakmont, PA
Barb Levenson Dog Training Center - Oakmont, PA
Barb Levenson Dog Training Center - Oakmont, PA
Barb Levenson Dog Training Center - Oakmont, PA
Barb Levenson Dog Training Center - Oakmont, PA


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Two years ago, I brought a puppy to one of Barb's puppy classes, was very put off, and questioned what she was teaching. I pulled the puppy from the class, but the more I learned...


While the training methods presented in class may be effective she is not teaching anything you cannot learn from another qualified trainer, in a more positive and pleasant fashio...

Not a nice person. 4/16/2017

be careful when choosing her. She was mean and demeaning to a person I know. more

A+ 2/19/2017

Two years ago, I brought a puppy to one of Barb's puppy classes, was very put off, and questioned what she was teaching. I pulled the puppy from the class, but the more I learned elsewhere... I couldn't get Barb out of my mind. I decided to go back with our newest puppy, and I'm sure glad I did. Here's the deal. Barb will push you. She won't accept excuses. She knows when you aren't doing the homework, and will call you out on it. There's no denying she's a tough cookie. Every single thing she does is to better your relationship with your dog, and to set your dog up to succeed. If you disagree with her, or want to know why she recommends something, ASK. I've set up a number of private consultations just so I could learn more. Do this! There's only so much time in class... I am very happy to fully recommend Barb, with the caveat that if you go, be prepared to work... it's all for your dog. If you want to teach your dog to sit, there are plenty of videos you can watch. If you want to learn how to train your dog, and how to have a better relationship with your dog, go to Barb. more

Learned nothing! 12/8/2015

All I can say is after one class I never wanted to go back. The negative reviews speak volumes and I agree with all of them. I wish I would have heeded these reviews. I am out $150 plus the ridiculous starter kit fee of $45 which won't be used. She is a not nice and will criticize you and where you got your dog. Do not fall for it. I am out a lot of money for absolutely nothing in return. more

Mean and Nasty Woman! 11/10/2014

Barb Levenson is a very nasty, condescending and mean lady! I have trained numerous dogs in different categories and have never felt so belittled in my life. She looks at anyone needing help in class with complete disdain and disgust, and does not offer solutions to problems, only evil looks and high pressure sales. She will shame and intimidate you in front of the whole class, tell you your healthy dog is overweight and that you are a lazy owner. If a dog/owner does not get something right first time she will point you out in front of everyone and make you feel a complete idiot with no praises when you get something right. If you already have some handling skills you will not be allowed to use them and will need to start from scratch with her commands/signals which confuses a dog more. Dogs are not allowed to socialize, greet or even look at each other, if they do she says they are ready to attack, just because her dog got into a big fight recently and are both mean. There was absolutely nothing positive about the training, she didn’t learn the names of the people or the dogs or find out what owners hoped to achieve, or introduce herself to the dogs to put them at ease, even at the meet and greet. Her own dogs follow her continuously as they are always kept hungry and will do anything for food. Telling owners to put their dog in ‘puppy management’ by pulling its head to the ground and standing on the leash does not teach anything but fear in your pup. Avoid the garbage can outside, covered in maggots. With a completely discourteous and unprofessional manner I would recommend that the public and all dogs stay well away from her – there are hundreds of bad reviews online which I wish I’d seen before I signed up. At her age and lack of mobility she should consider retiring and making the dog training world a happier place for people and pups – it’s supposed to be fun spending time with your fur babies, not something you absolutely dread every week and makes your poor doggy a nervous wreck! more

Will not return 1/1/2013

Did not pay to be belittled and conned into spending a huge amount of money. You can get better training elsewhere and feel good about it, this is not it. more

She knows her stuff but can be hard to take 10/9/2012

Yes she is unfriendly but she will teach you how to train your dog. She is not there to be your friend she is there to show you how best interact with your dog. I took my Weimaraner puppy to her 15 years ago and we did well. Yes she thinks that all owners should spend as much time working with their dogs as she does with hers which is impossible if you have a full time job but I did learn how to discourage certain behaviors and in the end had a well behaved puppy that turned into a large 112 lb dog that I could walk while pushing a stroller. If your feelings are easily hurt or you can't take criticism then find someone else. BUT she does acknowledge hard work also. more

Horrible Trainer, Horrible experience 6/13/2012

Aside from the fact that the woman is a thief and a tax cheat, she is a horrible person, no people skills, horribly disorganized and generally unpleasant. You should never give this woman a dime. Any problem you have with your dog, can be fixed by buying something from her store, but there is no sales tax, cause she defrauds the state. more

You can find a better trainer 5/11/2012

Barb is good with her dogs and agility, but not as much with her customers. She is rude and disorganized. She emails the homework late, berates people, and prefers to sell products to solve problems. She is also disorganized with scheduling classes, with her preference being agility trials and dog shows. If you are a novice dog owner or having a serious issue, I would suggest finding another trainer. more

A rose by any other name... 12/5/2011

I was very sad to see BLDTC's sorry attempt to hide unfavorable comments by creating a new listing. Truth is truth and you can't hide from it. I attended classes at Barb Levenson Dog Training Center: Puppy Kindergarten, Basic, CGC, Rally Obedience and Agility. Under Barb's instruction (and with A LOT of PERSONAL work) I learned a great deal about dog training and will continue to do so. BE honest! Barb's training methods borrow heavily from the best trainers out there, Susan Garrett, Susan Salo and Silvia Trkman to name a few. Her facilities are spacious, but also freezing in winter, sweltering in summer and VERY dirty. The floor Iis padded for agility, but the equipment is always out leaving very little room for other classes. Her classes are THE MOST expensive in the area, yet do not include use of the facility for practice. Finally, Barb DOES engage in high-pressure sales for the next level of instruction or continuing classes. She will try to shame and intimidate if you decline. While it is true "you get what you put in to dog training like anything else in life. If you do not work your dog it is going to be obvious in class", to call any student "lazy" is UNPROFESSIONAL. I have witnessed paying students belittled, scolded, insulted and dismissed, all under the guise of "looking out for the dog." I work very hard with my dog so it is unfair to conclude "folks that are complaining are the ones that need to practice more training." Barb does know how to train dogs, she's just horrible with humans. Unfortunately it is the humans who pay for classes. Truthfully, many clients are casual students and NOT the responsible pet owners they could be. However, they PAID for and SHOWED UP for classes. At the very least, that should earn them COURTESY, not CONTEMPT. Barb may have been in business for over 25 years, but how many clients has she lost and how many future students will she lose to unprofessional conduct and/or personality conflict. In the end, how is that good for the dogs Barb claims to care so much about? more

Your dog is this and this and this, so NO! 8/16/2011

I was looking for a new facility to do Agility in. When I called she was pretty nice, although completely bashing and criticizing the other facility, saying they use harsh mannerisms etc. So I finally made an apt to see one of her agility classes. To start, the place for filthy! I walked out with chigger and mosquito bites, there was dog hair ALL over the place, and it was WAY hotter inside the building than outside. The class went well, and she even ran her overly eager and hyper dog. The problem didn't begin until she started asking about MY dog. I told her my dog is unaltered and 2 years old. She immediately switched and started accusing my husband and I of being bad pet owners for not neutering our dog and his testosterone is causing ALL of the problems. My husband and I went through a traumatic experience where we lost our first dog when she got spayed, and when we happen to find our second dog, we are hesitant to take the plunge again. We aren't breeding the dog and he is certainly running like a mad dog. Not to neglet to mention, he is CGC and Tdi certified and we volunteer in a Hospital with other dogs! But Barb said my dog has aggression and territorial behavior and she NEVER even saw a picture of my dog! She said she would have to tell my dog to leave her class because he would upset her unspayed female dog, who will come to her classes INHEAT! My husband and I don't critisize anyone for what they wish to do with their dog, but if you claim that You can fix any issue with positive training, WHY can't you work with me and my unaltered dog?? The Icing on the cake was this: Barb said " I know that teaching behaviors using positive reinforcement is that our obedience class is for, but I can't work with your unaltered dog"...ironic right?? It isn't like our dog is attacking other dogs...we want to work on his attention to us and not just run in circles... Btw...we have a small white dog... So Unaltered...NO WAY for Barb...sad... Then she told us to come back when he is thanks! more

Is Barb good with dogs? 7/16/2011

For the folks who feel Barb Levenson is "good with dogs" I would query you to uncover how many of her dogs she has euthanized so she can get another puppy. Barb's dogs live in crates 24/ 7 . If you really want to see how "good she is with dogs" watch her compete her dogs. They can't wait to run away from her. Good advertisement for her "Really Reliable Recall" seminars. more

Very Good Training 6/30/2011

I agree with the other two reviews. Very good training and advice on building good relationships, but if you are looking for a trainer that cares about you or the dogs this is not the warm and fuzzy place to be. Owner of facility tends to be very unpleasant towards the owners. more

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Knowledgeable 6/30/2011

The trainers are very knowledgeable and will teach you a lot about how to understand and effectively train your dog! There are a variety of classes that are offered. more

Great Experience 6/30/2011

I have put 2 different dogs through Barb Levenson Dog Training Center within a 8 year span. I have had a great experience and outcome in both situations. The classes are the perfect size, in which you get individualized attention within a group setting. Barb tailors each class, within the lesson plan, to that particular classes needs and questions. She has ample time and patience for each handler/dog. She really assisted me and my dogs to gain the best relationship possible. I have gotten and still get many compliments about my previous and current dogs discipline and behavior. I owe all this to Barb and her positive reward based training. Her vast knowledge and love of dogs is an example to follow for all trainers. It’s not just a job/business to her, it’s a passion. I believe there isn’t a dog or owner out there that couldn’t benefit from a trainer with such commitment and understanding. I know my dogs and I have benefited greatly. more

Learned So Much!! 6/23/2011

Barb Levenson Dog Training Center. I have taken my dog to this training center starting as a puppy and have learned so much. The classes are geared to set you and your dog up for success and to build an awesome relationship. Barb has been working with dogs and their owners for a few decades and is a natural at reading a dog. She has continued her own studies and is on the cutting edge in terms of dog behavior and training. The courses offered can take you from puppyhood all the way up through basic classes, canine good citizenship, fun agility, rally-o and formal obedience. I say 4 paws up!!!! more

She is the real deal 6/21/2011

"I have trained dogs with Barb Levenson. off and on for sixteen years. I have trained for competition obedience, agility,scent work, and therapy work. Barb's methods helped me develop the best relationship I've ever had with a dog. She is a consumate problem solver. All you need to supply is an open mind and a willingness to find time to work with your dog. She is always up to date with current research to apply to your training toolbag. She also brings in great seminars that allow you access to other points of view. I have tried other training centers since I currently live over an hour away from Barb, and have found its just worth the extra travel time to remain with her. Her puppy classes are head and shoulders above any I have seen. She is the real deal." more

Get the dog you always wanted 6/16/2011

GET THE DOG YOU ALWAYS WANTED I have been through all of Barbs classes with my dogs: Puppy, Basic Obedience, Advanced Basic/CGC, Beginner Rally, Competition Rally, and agility classes. Her methods are purely positive and constantly being updated with the latest knowlege gleaned from seminars and workshops by the top trainers in the country. Her instructors are very helpful and kind, willing to give extra attention where needed. Her prices are in line with the local market and she offers group classes and private lessons. If you follow her instructions and do your homework, you will be amazed at the progress in your dog. Like anything in life, you reap returns on your investment. Do the work and it shows. more

Our Dog Loves Barb! 6/10/2011

Our Dog Loves Barb! My boyfriend Dave and I have been taking our dog Jack here for years. He has taken quite a few of Barb's classes and now we do monthly private agility lessons with Barb. Our dog loves the environment there so much, he gets excited as soon as he realizes where we are going in the car. She ALWAYS has the dogs best interest in mind. more

Highly recommend 6/9/2011

" i admit that i was skeptical about only using barb's 'positive reinforcement' method for training my GSD puppy as i come from the 'old school' way of dog training... after only 3 weeks i am VERY pleased with the progress me and leo have made! i also have begun to use the methods with my older pit bull. the best thing about barb's methods vs corrections is that the dogs and myself have a lot more fun when training! i recommend this facility to anyone wanting to form a life long and 'positive' bond with their dogs!" more

The Sky is the Limit 6/7/2011

Barb's school is a great place to train your dog of any age. Her positive reinforcement methods have been proven time and again. She teaches you how to train your dog and if you follow the program and practice daily, the sky is the limit. more
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