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Ata Cycles

93 Thoreau St
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Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA
Ata Cycles - Concord, MA


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My experience with ATA cycle has been fantastic. ATA sells high end and custom bicycles. Their typical customer is a hard core bicyclist or triathlete who wants to optimize ...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 4/8/2014

I highly recommend ATA Cycles. I had been riding my carbon road bike for years, and was not able to increase my average speed. I was considering purchasing new wheels, but wasn't sure if that would help. I had purchased bikes and parts from other local bike stores in the past, but I wanted someone to help me figure out what was best for me rather than simply sell me something. \r \r I found ATA online and based on the reviews, bikes and products offered and the FitLab, I decided to go check it out. I met Husam and I explained my situation and told him I was not certain whether I needed new wheels or a new bike. Husam said he wasn't able to answer that question without looking at the bike and how I ride it. It may need adjusting, I may need new wheels, or if the frame does not fit me, I may need a new bike. But I he said he wont sell me a new bike if my current bike frame fits well and the bike can be adjusted. \r \r I made an appointment at the FitLab. It looks like a NASA lab, packed with laser sighting, video equipment, hydraulic machines, computer sensors and sophisticated computer software. Compare that to the last 'bike fitting' you experienced at other stores! In a short time Husam had determined my exact riding specifications and determined that the problem was in the frame (too long for me), and new wheels would be a waste of money. When he set up the lab bike for my specifications, it instantly felt 'right'. It was comfortable and I was able to generate far more power with the same amount of effort.\r \r I did not have a budget for the most costly frames and components in the shop, but I was treated as if I was the most important customer he had. I bought a great bike, and immediately experienced a speed increase (and no it was not just me pedaling harder - I put the same amount of effort into climbing the same hills, but was able to climb much more quickly).\r \r If you are not sure if your current bike or set up is perfect for you, or if you are looking for a new high end bike, do yourself a favor and make an appointment at the FitLab. You won't regret it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/29/2014

I recently bought a bike from ATA and can thoroughly recommend the experience.\r \r Originally I was looking for an experienced bike fitter as last year I had minor surgery on one of my knees and was keen to set up my current bike in the best configuration possible.\r \r Living outside the area I did some web research, rang ATA and was impressed with their detailed approach. The bike fit progressed well it was amazing to see the substantial roll call of equipment Hasam has invested in and his passion in bike fitting and injury prevention.\r \r I have to admit I was initially disappointed with Hasam's verdict “don’t ride your bike again, you are only one good ride away from hurting yourself”. Although if I am honest the bike was mainly purchased based on price and never really felt right.\r \r We discussed various options for a replacement and after some 3.5 hrs I left somewhat conflicted. Hasam’s advice seemed heartfelt but I worried it could be somewhat self serving, after all I only visited for a bike fit not a new bike.\r \r The next day I rang ATA to discuss the bike further and my fears that as the bike I had chosen was a complex custom build I was looking at making a significant purchase based on “Trust me you will never ride a bike that feels so right as this one and you will not regret it”. Hasam could not have been more patient or understanding and as a result I made the leap of faith.\r \r I have to say that despite my doubts the bike does in fact feel incredible, my first few rides were 45 miles then 125 miles and every mile felt more comfortable than I thought would be possible.\r \r ATA is not like any other bike shop I have visited (and I have frequented many) their approach of putting the bike fit, front and centre and ensuring this drives the selection of the correct bike sets them apart.\r \r If you are looking for a bike that makes you smile every time you wheel it out of the garage visit the team at ATA.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/1/2013

Five stars for ATA Cycle! I have been a customer of this bike shop for about 15 years and have referred several of my friends to ATA as well.\r \r I started 15 years ago on a hybrid and over the years upgraded to a road bike and ultimately a full carbon set. I fell in love with the sport largely due to ATA Cycle. \r \r I just upgraded again to a new Cervelo RCA frame, which you can only get at ATA. What a machine! They have this frame in one of the store windows and it won't be there long as this frame is very, very special.\r \r If you are thinking of buying your first bike or upgrading to the next level, ATA is the only choice. There is no hard sell at this place, rather a keen interest to learn what you are looking for and then aid in the selection process.\r \r Finally, fitting is the key to enjoying many hours on your bike, so you need to get it right to avoid aches and pains. ATA has the finest fitting technology in the U.S.\r \r I don't normally write reviews, but this is the one exception, and rightfully so. A perfect choice to get started on your next ride. Good luck! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2013

ATA Cycle is a beautiful showroom of exquisite, professional racing bikes. While I am by no means a professional cyclist, Husam treated me like I was really worth his time. He listened very carefully to my needs, interests, and budget (would that I could buy the top-of the line, lightest carbon!) and he custom built a superb BMC Team Machine SR01 with Ultegra for me. \r \r His staff are down-to-earth, friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. Most importantly everyone at ATA cycles is passionate about the craft of using quality components that make the bike and truly fit the rider. \r \r Husam has a big smile, a great heart, and he loves to tell you what's best for you! Trust him! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/30/2013

A triathlete for over 20 years on and off and now training for an Ironman in my fifties I wanted and needed a bike that was efficient for the commitment of hours of training. I was riding on a custom built GURU Aero -Ti for 3 years. Last fall I sought out a bike shop that could educate me, have the expertise to guide me and most importantly have the confidence in. I scoured the web and blogs. I didn't care how far I had to drive. The shop and the fitter had to have the credentials. \r Repeatedly. I found remarks and praise for the ATA bike. Husam was regaled for fit and service. So I drove an hour plus to a sales tax state and meet with Husam,\r As a rowing coach I respect every centimeter of cause and effect when adjustments are made to improve performance. The physics involved in the application of fit has to be perfect or energy is wasted. With all the hours put into training I want to have confidence I'm moving the bike as efficiently and effectively as I can. The fit of a bike is more important than the bike. But fit + bke together = SPEED\r My Cervelo P5 frame with components that I'm upgrading each month makes me smile.Finally, the bike that fits and is so FAST- at times I think the computer is wrong!\r Oh the third component, Service. Every concern is heard and we brainstorm a solution. Although,I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the shoes,pedals and service I have been given I appreciate most the belief that Husam has in me! Each time I leave feeling guilty- did I take up to much time?-. Did I say THANK YOU enough?\r \r Thank you,\r Leigh\r more

Still the Best 5/25/2013

I'm on my second Ata build up. I upgraded to electronic drive on my first bike and then decided to put the new components on a frame designed for them and return the older bike to a mechanical drive. Husam did a thorough reevaluation of my riding position and tweaked a few things. He also suggested a frame that might be better suited to my weight and proportions. On my first ride I was alongside an experienced racing cyclist who took a look and said 'Nice bike, where did you get it?' When I said 'Ata', he smiled and said 'I should have known. Premium bikes, premium service'. I want to thank Husam and his entire staff who built this stunning BMC and made to every change in the bike I requested. I followed Husam's recommendations and they fulfilled all of my expectations. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/23/2013

My wife & I were looking for particular relatively high end bikes when we were visiting Boston seven years ago. We had located a bike store in the outskirts of Cambridge through the yellow pages and decided to take the train there. When we got off near a bustling shopping center we we essentially lost. Then I spotted a young man who was wearing a bike helmut and walking his bike. I asked him if he knew the shop. He said yeah. It was a bit behind that shopping area. Then he quipped that there was a closer store that had better customer service and good selections. Changing course, we walked two short blocks to that shop ATAcycle which was located in Cambridge. \r \r Husam, the owner, greeted us at the door, patiently gave us his undivided attention and educated us in how to choose a bicycle: the most important element is the fit. Just like clothing and shoes you wouldn't purchase it if it did not fit. And yes, ""The Fit is it!"". Husam's knowledge of everything bicycle - from wheel building to selecting a bike frame that most optimally fits your partuclar anatomy: torso length, leg length, arm length, most comfortable and efficient peddeling including individual angles in motion, for example hip flexion.\r \r Husam, a former pro racer and engineer, not only has a plethora of experience, but has in fact designed and developed the lastest high tech mechanical, computer-based and laser\r technology to generate and choose perfect fitting bike frames. Guaranteed.\r \r We have been comfortably riding and enjoying our four bikes, two road bikes and two mountain bikes for almost 10 years now. \r \r ATA cycle is now located at 93 Thoreau St in Concord MA. \r \r As a multitude of bikers from all over the the USA and Europe know from their personal experience Husam's ATA cycle Pro Shop is uniquely superb at fitting for bikers of all ages and unending customer support and satifiaction. \r \r As a New Yorker with a good dose New England and european cycling experience. I can safely say Husam's ATA cycle is THE BEST! It's Insanely Great!\r \r Jack Mayer more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

Great experience getting my first comprehensive bike fit! I've been riding seriously since college (cat 2), but never gotten a full fitting because I'd been pretty comfortable just going by feel and some of the ""rule-of-thumb"" measures. Still, I'd always wanted to get a detailed bike fit, put numbers on paper, and get some professional feedback on how efficient (or inefficient) my position was. When I came across the FitLab I knew it was time. The biggest draw for me initially was to take advantage of the wealth of technologies (I call them toys) being employed at the FitLab. You're simply not going to find these gadgets at your local Specialized concept store. I'm data guy, which by definition means I don't buy into something unless they can prove it with some numbers. The FitLab can get you into a comfortable/efficient/and powerful position on the bike and give you the numbers to back it up. All the ""toys"" and Husam's fitting expertise make this possible.\r \r Working with Husam and his team was as close to being a pro-cyclist as I'll ever get. I highly recommend checking out ATA cycles if you're serious about understanding the relationship between yourself and your bike!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/28/2012

A Fit Like No Others. \r \r I can't say enough wonderful things about Husam and Ata cycles fit lab. While out on a ride one day, I stumbled into Ata to get out of the rain. While in there, Husam graciously gave me a tour of the shop and the amazing fitting lab. He took a look at the bike I was riding and told me I could be faster and more powerful if my position was different. \r Not to mention alleviate the pain I was having in my lower back.\r \r Beginning my first season as an elite cyclocross racer, I decided to take him up on his offer.\r \r After the first fitting, I found myself to feel instantly better. I felt stronger and certainly more powerful. I have had a wonderful season thus far and feel it will only get better from here. \r \r Husam and the entire Ata gang are welcoming and helpful from the start. They make you feel right at home. \r The fit lab is state of the art and this, combinbed with Husam's knowledge of positioning and power output as it relates to cycling, make this a bike fit like no others.\r \r I am grateful for my chance meeting with Husam and reccommend him highly. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/30/2012

I’m in love with my new bike! After years of riding with increasing seriousness and many miles on my bike, it was time to upgrade. My old bike was a decent Litespeed, very light and responsive and I was pleased with my comfort and performance. I visited my usual bike shop and several others to see what was available. On a vacation in Oregon I rented a Specialized Roubais and experienced carbon for the first time. When I went to ATA it was clear to me that I was in a very unusual shop. No such thing as picking out a bike, taking it for a short ride and getting it to fit you. No, first pay for the fit, then, based on that, choose the bike. I sat with this idea for a while before deciding that it made the most sense. Hasam, the owner did the fit, measuring every part of my body (except one), evaluating my flexibility, making a video of my pedaling, questioning me about my riding, and so on for over an hour and a half. He uses an adjustable fit bike to find the precise fit based on his many measurements. After all that and more, we looked at frames. After the frame decision they build the bike with the components of your choice. Hasam claimed that I would ride faster and longer with more comfort than ever. I kind of believed him on the comfort issue but wasn’t sure about the speed issue. Either the new bike computer is rigged or I’m riding considerably faster on every ride and that makes me very happy. As I said, I’m in love with my bike, a Museeuw. If you’re just looking for bike at a price you can brag about, this isn’t the shop for you. If you’re serious about riding and care about improving, ATA is the place to get the best pro bike fit and purchase a bike to fall in love with. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/29/2012

I'm a cat 1 cyclist and have been competing now 20 years. Over the past two seasons I have developed some repetitive injuries and have had difficulty finding a comfortable, powerful and efficient position on the bike. Any of my efforts to get comfortable on the bike and feel as if I'm sitting square on the saddle only has seemed to transmit strain to some other part of my body. I heard about the ATA Fitlab and had the opportunity to get a fit done by Hussam. Hussam’s knowledge and education around the fitting process was incredible to say the least. Hussam was able to get me sitting squarely on the saddle again and has put me into a position where I am pedaling w/power and ease that has been missing for some time! I would highly recommend ATA cycles more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/27/2012

I am new to triathlons, and my original intent was to buy a decent road bike that I could use for both racing and recreation. The concern was that I'd be shelling out a lot of money on a time trial bike when I didn't even know if I would stick with competing in triathlons. But when I learned about ATA Cycle and their fitting process, I realized that this was not your average bike shop... Not even close. Having access to such expertise in bike fitting definitely alleviated some of the concerns of investing in a time trial bike.\r \r The owner, Husam Sahin, was very nice to work with. It's clear he is very passionate about his work, which is making every rider as comfortable and efficient as possible. Although he has some very high-end inventory in his shop, he never pressures you to buy something you don't need or can't afford. I ended up with a time trial bike right at my budget, and it has been such a joy to ride. For those of you looking to get a new bike, definitely take the time to get fitted, regardless of what type of bike you're in the market for. If you already have a bike, have Husam take a look at your current fit. Most likely he'll be able to make a few tweaks that make you more comfortable and efficient. Highly recommended. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/7/2012

I was a little taken with the fitting process at ATA...and being a writer felt compelled to write an article about it. I posted a portion of it here (due to citysearch's word-count limit) and it is on my blog in its entirety at :\r \r Farewell, Maverick? \r It seemed silly to schedule a bike fitting at Husam Sahin’s boutique shop in Concord, Mass. After all, I already possessed the perfect bike— a 54 cm Cannondale SIX. The SIX streaks across the frame as if the bike smeared it by sprinting away from the assembly line while still wet. Mostly pure white, it’s got delicious racy-red highlights—just like me.\r \r My Cannondale has a name—“Maverick,” after Tom Cruise’s “need for speed” character in the Eighties blockbuster Top Gun—and a track record. Mav and I typically average 20?21 MPH in races and often earn one of the day’s top female bike splits. We came within seconds of breaking the bike-course record in our second triathlon ever; in his saddle I was called an “effing speed demon” by a male racer as I effortlessly sprinted past during my first-ever Olympic-distance race.\r \r I thought it would be pretty tough for Sahin’s shop, Ata (pronounced A-T-A) Cycle, to improve on this dangerous duo. Still, a triathlete-friend swore by this accomplished-cyclist-turned-master-fitter who emigrated from Turkey 20 years ago; he called Sahin a “wizard” and said he could increase a cyclist’s wattage with a simple swap of a crank arm. Plus, I knew that none other than Jarrod Shoemaker had once dubbed Sahin his “go-to bike fitter”. Jarrod is a triathlete with whom I share a coach (the Marlborough, Mass.-based Tim Crowley) but little else. I am a two-season F 40-44 age-grouper known to erroneously execute 400s when my training plan calls for 200s simply because I still fumble my way around the track; at 29, Jarrod has graced Wheaties cereal boxes and raced in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.\r \r If this wizard, Sahin, could woo both my friend and Jarrod, then certainly I should give him and his FitLab a try. In full cycling regalia and with Maverick in tow as instructed, I followed my GPS system to his Emerald Palace in downtown Concord on an overcast Tuesday a few days short of fall.\r \r Unlike Dorothy and her ragtag heart/brain/courage?craving friends, I harbored no crazy big wish.\r On second thought, maybe I did; it was gnawing at me that despite a winter’s worth of Kinetic trainer?induced suffering, my speed hadn’t improved much year over year. While I was quite good on the bike—better than most chicks, even—there remained a handful of women who rode at a level so far beyond mine that it seemed unlikely I’d ever get to bark “on your left!” at one of them. Case in point: At the 2011 Age Group National Championships on Aug. 20, I averaged 20.2 mph on the bike split. Coach Tim called this “very good” and pointed out I was “only” seven minutes behind him on that split. (Trust me, “very good” qualifies as high praise from my coach; in comparison, my swim earned a “solid” and my run a “good”.) But an impressive nine F 40?44 speedsters streaked through the streets of Burlington, Vt, at 22-plus mph that very same day after completing that very same swim. Granted, only eight of them were mere mortals; one was Susie Williams, the only American triathlete to bring home hardware from the Olympics, a bronze in Athens, 2004.\r \r How did those eight do it? More importantly, how could I?\r \r I didn’t expect The Wizard to be able to help me find the answers. From him I expected little more than a nip and tuck to my perfect ride. Maybe a new crank arm.\r \r So I was shocked when the slender-framed Turk in black Danskos that looked to be a size or two smaller than mine delivered his news. (to read on go to ) more

What other bike shops wish they could be 7/2/2012

ATA comes through - again. Brought my bike in a week ago for what I thought was a routine headset repair, only to find out that there was a fatal, unrepairable break inside the head tube. After five years and 25,000 miles on my bike, I unhappily had to give it up and purchase a new frame. Coincidentally it was almost to the day five years ago, following a crash, that I had to do the same thing - buying the frame I was now very attached to.\r \r Both times Husam (ATA's owner) knew the right new frame for me, and his team got the components off the old bike and on the new frame quickly, and had the fit perfectly dialed in when I came to pick up the new bike.\r \r My first ride was awesome (just like it was 5 years ago) and I couldn't be more pleased. ATA sets a high standard of personal service and attention that is just not matched anywhere. Pros: Fitting, attentive service Cons: You will go over your budget (but it's worth it) more

My experience with ATA cycle has been 6/3/2012

My experience with ATA cycle has been fantastic. ATA sells high end and custom bicycles. Their typical customer is a hard core bicyclist or triathlete who wants to optimize power and performance. I am in a very different category. When I was in my teens and 20s I was an avid cyclist, but I had to completely stop because of a combination of injuries including knee problems, shoulder problems, and rebuilt wrist which will be injured if overloaded. By age 32 I had completely stopped cycling, and I did not ride again for around 20 years. Last year I decided to try again, and was advised by my doctor (who is a cyclist) to go to ATA. Husam did a complete fitting, using his bicycle ""simulator"" (a stationary bike whose frame geometry can be altered on the fly) and built me the perfect bike -- a carbon fiber road frame with thin clincher wheels to minimize vibration transmission to my wrist and shoulders, with mountain bike style bars, bar extenders to let me ride with a hand position similar to riding on the brakes of road bars, and an unbelievably adjustable stem which allows me to ride in an upright position now, and will later let me make the bike more aerodynamic by lowering the bars and extending them forward as I get into condition to allow this. The fit is amazing, and despite riding in an upright position that maximizes air resistance I am faster now on this bike than I was when I was in optimal shape in my 20s. Because of this bike, I was able to ride all last summer and now this spring for the first time in 20 years. By evaluating my multiple orthopedic issues and then fitting me expertly, Husam has given me back my favorite sport. I wholeheartedly recommend ATA cycle to anyone who needs an optimal fit to compensate for injuries, or to make their riding as comfortable, efficient, and fast as possible. more

This shop is SUPERB!!! They really 6/1/2012

This shop is SUPERB!!! They really make you feel like a professional athlete! I went in looking for a triathlon bike and left there more than satisfied. The owner himself (who has fit Olympic triathletes) fit me for a bike!! I couldn't believe it! He took all my measurements and made sure that I was getting the right size bike. After I chose which bike I wanted, he sized me again on the bike to make sure I was in optimal position. He made adjustments here and there; he really made me feel like a pro, and I'm just your average guy! Husam Sahin, the owner, is one of the nicest and most humble people I have ever met. He wants to make sure you are 100% satisfied and wants to make sure the bike is right for you. I walked in and felt like I was a number 1. Its great that they treat everyone like they are number 1. They have a huge selection of bikes and gear. Everything you need is in this shop! Its a great place with friendly staff. This is my bike shop that I will be going to forever! more

Great experience 5/16/2012

I recently purchased a new triathlon bike from Husam. From the very frist time I spoke to Husam and his staff, up to receiving my beautiful new bike, the experience was fantastic. Husam's knowledge and expertise as a fitter put me on the right bike with the right fit. The increase in power was evident immediately. The service after the sale has been nothing less than exceptional. As Husam told me, when you purchase a bike from ATA Cycle, you are not just a customer, but you are family. I highly recommend Husam and his excellent staff of ATA for any of your biking needs. more

Best Service/Product Bike Shop - period! 4/11/2012

ATA is the best personalized honest bike service one could hope for .....period. I am currently a Cat 3/2 road cyclist, but come from a mtb core with more than 15 years racing/riding, (with my share of triathlons and Ironmans). In all those years I've been to hundreds of cycling/tri stores, and many of them with great people and great products, but when ""the rubber hits the road"" and you are investing your life savings in a bike you plan to ride/race on, and are expecting to last for the next couple of years...... you need someone who is reliable, who treats you like his number one client (even if the bike is not the highest priced in the store), who responds fast, who is always there for you, and who gives you the best/honest advice (regarding performance, price, weight, durability), not only the advice with the bigger margin. I recently bought my bike at ATA and I was impressed how Husam (the owner) and the ATA staff personally followed up on the order down to the last detail (since I changed several small parts), and with Husam being outside of the U.S., keeping personal track via email. Since ATA had committed to a date, they expedited the bicycle from Italy just to be on schedule. I recently moved outside the U.S., therefore with a simple email/call, they get it done! In short.... great service no matter where you are and what you are buying. more

An Experience 4/6/2012

I've only gotten into biking in the past two years and I recently decided it was time to upgrade my bike, (my last one was a tank). I heard about ATA from a new co worker and it sounded like a good place to start in terms of getting sized up. Little did I know that I was on my way to getting a bike custom built for my unique frame. As it turns out for my height I have a rather long torso, and my previous bike didn't have a long enough cross bar. Husam sized me up in no time and we began talking about a new bike for me, being a young professional and new to the bike scene I wasn't ready to break the bank, but Husam was very willing to work with me to get me a solid bike at a great price. After getting sized my bike was ready in only a few days, after my test ride I could immediately feel the difference in my stance, the stiffness and weight of my bike. I left like I was flying and today I took my first run from Lowell to Somerville, one I did every day last summer. My best time of the year was about 90 minutes and I was in the best shape I'd been in in a long time. Today, while still in ""winter shape"" I made my first run with my new bike and I shaved over 15 minutes of the run. Not only is my new bike running like a top, but when it comes to honest, caring, and precise service Husam is second to none, even with great price Husam got me, I still spent out of my normal comfort zone for a bike, and after only one ride I am certain it was worth it. Husam knows his stuff and he wants you to get the most out your machine. When it comes to sizing, building, and buying a new bike, I'll never recommend another place. Thank you so much Husam! more

ATA Cycle: A Quality Assessment to Optimize Performance and 3/19/2012

I wanted to get a bike fit for the coming season that included motion capture to ensure I was setup the bike that I've riding for the past 10 years. As an aging multisport enthusiast, I have got more that my fair share of muscle imbalances. Husam showed me to the fit room and explained the FitLab system and his fit bike as well as the motion capture software. Going through all the measurements both on and off my bike, it was very evident that my bike frame was no longer suitable for me: I was too stretched out forward and the saddle was too high for my leg length (simply lowering would not address all the issues.) Husam carefully explained all the ramifications of the current frame and what I could do better with a new frame: better position, more comfort, and more power. He and his team transferred my components to a new frame, providing me with a new ride that offers more comfort and power. In addition, they provided excellent follow-up service to fine tune the bike. Take a spin into Concord for your next ride and see for yourself that ATA is a great shop run by great folks. more
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  • Full-service bike shop has locations in bustling Cambridge and quiet Concord, both carrying models and equipment for all levels, from beginner to pro.

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