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Art Dominguez Image Consultant - 32 Reviews - 731 Munras Ave. Suite D, Monterey, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (831) 818-0821
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Art Dominguez Image Consultant

731 Munras Ave. Suite D
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 818-0821
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Art Dominguez Image Consultant - Monterey, CA


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Really? Absolutely...I am delighted to write a review for Art. He is consistently fabulous and when he's created his masterpiece, people stop me in grocery stores, on the sidewa...


Be warned!!! this man is going to do what HE wants to do, he does not listen to you!!! It's all about him, not about you. I hated it, don't go to him unless you want or need someo...

Show-stopping hair...fabulous color! 5/17/2012

Really? Absolutely...I am delighted to write a review for Art. He is consistently fabulous and when he's created his masterpiece, people stop me in grocery stores, on the sidewalk and in the crosswalk. I had a woman actually reach toward me to feel my hair (did she think it was a wig?)...Art is really that good. Bring your checkbook...he's worth every bit what you will pay for looking your absolute best! more

Amazing. 3/13/2011

For the first 20 years of my life I have always gone to the same salon to get my hair done. An old friend of the family who gives me an incredible deal. Unfortunately, that incredible deal always left me leaving with something negative to say about what my hair dresser had done to my hair. Within the past few years I have gone to many different places, and had MANY horrible experiences. To say the least, I have grown to be very apprehensive about doing ANYTHING to my hair because of fear that something will go wrong. Thankfully...I have found Art! I cannot say enough positive things about him. He gave me highlights and a trim and I have received many compliments on both. He is incredibly precise with highlights in particular. He uses very small sections of hair to give the end result a beautiful blended look that I am so happy with! Besides his obvious talent, I also really appreciate that he does not double book appointments. When you have an appointment with Art he is working with you the entire time, you do not end up sitting around while he tries to squeeze in a quick haircut or anything. So many salons keep you there waiting while working on someone else that it was a nice change of pace. Overall...Art is friendly, amazingly talented, reasonably priced, and just plain and simple...does a great job! I would highly him to anyone. more

So much more than just a haircut 3/6/2011

The first time I met Art to talk about the best way to style my hair he had me stand so that he could evaluate visual balance. This is a very important aspect of overall image that I am surprised more providers of beauty services do not examine. One of the factors in deciding the best hair length is to see how it compliments your body shape. And the technical execution of the cut was excellent. I have fine straight hair that really needs precision cutting and Art nails it every time. He cuts it dry which is an advantage because it saves a HUGE amount of time and you can see on the spot how it will look. I hate getting a wash, trim and style and that is fabulous but impossible to recreate Monday morning when I am getting ready for work. more

The best haircut ever! 9/30/2010

Art is the best!...I am from Arkansas and had came here for my daughters wedding. I wanted to get my haircut while I was here. My husband found Art on the internet and he had such good reviews I decided to make an appointment with him. He is great!...I love my haircut and my husband loves it too!...My husband keeps telling me how hot I look with my new haircut!....Art does great work and I would suggest him to anyone looking for an expert to make you look and feel wonderful!...Art thank you for the great haircut, I couldn't be happier!!.... May 13, 2011.....Flew down to see Art again!... Art has done another great haircut & color on me!...My husband gave me a treat for Mother's Day to get my hair cut & colored by Art, I love how you not only love what you do, but you can tell you love to make your clients happy and pleased, with your transformation on their hair!.....Art, thank you again for your great work!....Your the best!....Just wish you were closer to Arkansas!.... more

Fabulous hair for the bride 7/27/2010

Art came to our home on our daughter's wedding day and created ""the perfect up-do look"" for her hair...elegant, not too fussy, a classic modern style. Her hair stayed in place all afternoon and into the night, even after a ride to the reception in an open convertible. Art also did up-do's for attendants and trimmed the groom. All parties are 100% satisfied...Art is simply the best! Pros: Professional more

An Absolute Artist! 6/2/2010

Art is a perfectionist and an artist. He knows just what you want without you telling him, I totally trust him with whatever decision he would make for my hair. You're the best, Art! more

A true artist 5/7/2009

Art is very talented and it is clear that he loves what he does. After searching for a hairdresser in Monterey for a LONG time, I've finally found the ONE. I did not have much length when I went to get a cut, and Art was able to give me 'shape' and volume without taking off any length. I left with a great cut and beautiful, one of a kind and healthy color. If you are looking for a professional with experience and talent, Art is the one! Pros: Can work with what you have and make it fabulous! more

If you want perfection, you got it. 10/20/2008

Art truly is an artist. I am new to the Monterey area and had been to 3 so-called ?best in town? hairdressers before I found Art thanks to City Search. When I was having my consultation with Art he was friendly and professional and I felt very comfortable that I was in safe and creative hands. Art has a wonderful way of making your hair work for you without giving you that feeling that you have just lost a ton of hair. I have had my haircut all over the world from Sydney to London to Dubai by people I thought were the best in the business but they could all take a lesson or two from Art. His cut was perfection. Art not only finished my hair beautifully but showed me step by step how to re create it on my own at home. Big plus points for that! Pros: I walked out feeling like a movie star more

Best hair anywhere! 10/9/2008

They say ""seek and ye shall find"". At last!--thanks to Citysearch--I found Art Dominguez. I've been in the area ten years and had not found anyone who really knew how to cut hair. I got a lot of ""off"" dye jobs and parched hair from colorists who had been recommended by other people. Since I have had my hair done in major cities (Bumble and Bumble when I'm in New York), I had sadly concluded that folks in Monterey just had low expectations and therefore accepted mediocre results. Right before I found Art, I was so discouraged, I purchased my own professional scissors and some Whole Foods color believing that a home job would be preferable to what I had been getting. more

an ""Artisic"" experience! 10/6/2008

I entered the salon wanting a ""miracle"" - I think most people do, though they might not say it out loud. The lovely outcome more than met my need for uplifted spirit! more

Salon 9/27/2008

Be warned!!! this man is going to do what HE wants to do, he does not listen to you!!! It's all about him, not about you. I hated it, don't go to him unless you want or need someone else to tell you how to look. Pros: seemed willing to fix what he did, sort of Cons: had to pay a lot for results I never wanted in the first place more

Top Hair Stylist... EVER 9/11/2008

Before going to Art, I read reviews online. I tried scheduling an appointment, but found it quite difficult, so don't expect an appointment the same week. (He's that popular!) I ended up going to someone who studied under him, but was not happy with the cut. more

Art... he does magic! I feel sooo beautiful again! Thanks, Art !!! 11/8/2007

My hair was badly damaged by another hair stylist and was completely lifeless when Art found it. I felt ugly before he touched my hair. Art magically transformed my hair into something that I have never expected! I am beautiful again! He truly did an amazing job with my hair! Art really listens to you. I just let him do what he thought might look good. And yes, he gave me the best coloring job I have ever had. Art is very talented! I completely trust him for art?s sake, and I am so blessed and grateful that I found him. He is a very unique stylist and artist who have the ability to bring out the best in your hair. I consider myself very lucky to be at the hands of such a great artist! I thought that the remedy to my badly damaged hair was to whack it all off, but then there was Art. And there was art. He performed, basically, magic to my hopeless hair. I don't know how he did it, and I never thought it was possible to salvage such a mess that this other hair stylist did in Marina, but whatever it was that Art did to my hair, it was great! Now I would wake up in the morning not feeling depressed when I see myself in the mirror... I feel great! Thank you soooo much! I really, really highly recommend Art to anyone wishing to bring out the best in their hair. He is better than the best Beverly Hills hair professionals! I am soooo glad that he is in Monterey. Art is art himself! Art, thank you for bringing my confidence back. You are the best in the world! I feel beautiful again... Thank you for that! Marienell Bautista. csumb Pros: Very affordable for the quality delivered. Art delivered beyond what I expected and more... Wish the world has more artists like ART! Cons: He brings out the best in you -- I might always expect this. Too bad, there is only one Art. more

Awesome Haircut 10/3/2007

Art did an amazing job with my long, limp, lifeless hair. When I went in I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I could tell he already knew exactly the cut that would work for me. I pretty much gave him free reign, though he made sure I was happy every step of the way, and I'm glad that I did. While my new cut isn't crazy or completely different, it is so beautiful! I can just let my hair air dry and STILL have a great style if I want to now, because the cut just works so well with my naturally wavy long hair. I don't think I've ever felt this good about a haircut. Thanks Art! Also, just so you know, he dry-cut my hair and I have NEVER been happy with that technique until now. Pros: Suprisingly quick and inexpensive. An absolute artist! Cons: Be sure to ask specifically for shampoo and styling if you want that included. more

A Great Experience!! 8/30/2007

Being new to Monterey I was nervous to begin the search to find someone that I would trust cutting my hair. I logged onto City Search and after reading many reviews on Art Dominguez I decided to give him a try. Boy, was I glad I did! Art gave me a awesome haircut! He is GREAT with long hair and is not overzealous in cutting. He really listens to what you what. We then decided to add some color so I just let Art do what he thought might look good. Wow! He foiled my hair and gave me the best highlight job I have ever had. Art is very talented at what he does. I completely trust him and am so thankful that I found him. more

A talented ""Art""ist 8/27/2007

Much like the excitement of taking cars out for a test drive, I love to change up the mix when it comes to stylists.. I'm always looking for something more or for someone to magically transform my hair into something it's not - or never will be! Fortunately, a friend recommended Art Dominguez after I had recently moved to the Monterey area. He is a truely unique stylist, who has the ability to bring out the best qualities in the hair that you have. I consider myself lucky to be at the hands of such a great stylist, and would highly recommend Art to anyone wishing to bring out the best in their hair. more

Best Haircut Ever 5/3/2007

Yesterday I had my first appointment with Art, a true professional and a rare find these days. The guy is a wizard with scizzors!!! I received the best haircut I've ever had in my 55 years. A true artist- We are lucky to have him in our area. If he wanted to I'm sure he'd be in demand in Beverly Hills or New York. I just hope he doesn't get so busy he can't fit me in. I want him to do my color next. The products he uses are very safe and environmentally friendly. Oh, and he doesn't talk your ear off. A very enjoyable and relaxing experience. Highly recommended! Pros: He's a Pro more

Amazing, Amazing!! 4/13/2007

I Okay, I have been a bit reluctant to write this? because selfishly, I don?t want to find Art too booked up to see me. On the other hand, the man has an amazing talent that really should be shared. He is that rare beauty buddy who has your best interests at heart. In his case, I think it is a matter of professional pride. So if you are looking for a hair professional to care for your hair, I would only comfortably recommend Art. From cut to color ? he?s the best. Here?s my story?. I have been seeing Art every 6 to 8 weeks for the past three years. When I first started with him, my hair was wildly out of control. It was dry and frizzy in parts, curly on some parts of my head and straight in others. I had been seeing a colorist who did foils for me, but unfortunately the results varied widely from treatment to treatment. The situation was desperate. He soon brought me to sanity. First, he identified a better color for my skin tone, then he changed the coloring process to a simpler and gentler one that provided more natural and predictable results. As our visits progressed, my old hair was trimmed away and the new hair that grew in and he cared for was lovelier and lovelier. He is up on the new products that work and he has introduced me to great stand-bys. He?s definitely more of an advocate, then a salesman. He tells me what will work and then leaves it up to me. I really feel that Art very genuinely wants my hair in top condition. The last treatment he recommended was absolutely one of the best! A color touch-up, a bit of a trim, and then he finished it off with a Hawaiian Blow-out. My hair looks and feels amazing. Even after repeated washings. I think the key to Art?s success, is that he builds the relationship with you slowly. He will only go as fast as you are comfortable with changes and he will be honest and frank with you if it?s going to take some time or if something is not going to work for your hair type or face shape. For me, it?s been a wonderful journey and it keeps getting better! The best compliment to Art is that I was recently mistaken for 35 or 40 years of age ? not bad for a 51 year old woman. You have got to admit that?s one amazing hair cut! Pros: All Good! Cons: None! more

Best hairstylist in Monterey 4/4/2007

This is my first time writing a review. I am so happy that I found Art at the Metamorphosis Salon in Monterey. My hair is heavy and difficult to cut. Art understood what I wanted and layered my hair perfectly. I am so grateful that I found him. Yeah Art! more

Best color and advice on the planet, helped me change to my natural color (painfree and beautifully) 2/25/2007

Artie helped me to grow out my overyl tinted hair and enjoy my natural color and natural hair again. It has been a complete rebirth for me. Now in my mid-forties, my hair is healthy and the cut is a work of art. I constantly receive complements from coworkers, new aquaintences, and complete strangers. It took about a year to transition to my natural hair (a mix of white, blond and grey) and Artie knew exactly how to make it look fantastic the whole time it was growing and changing. He took hours to make the colors blend, and cut it in a way that's flattering and suits my lifestyle. Everybody loves it! And I'm always bragging about my ""real hair"" and the best hair sylist in the world. Thank you again, Artie. Pros: expert, honest advice; hair cut and products to suit me and my lifestyle Cons: the world needs more Art Dominquez.... too bad there's only one! more
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