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Air Quality & Beyond INC - 28 Reviews - 7008 Owensmouth Ave, Canoga Park, CA - Plumbing Contractors Reviews - Phone (818) 992-5751
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Air Quality & Beyond INC

7008 Owensmouth Ave
Canoga Park, CA 91303
(818) 992-5751
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After hearing what sounded wrong from another company, I called A.Q.B. Air and ran it by them. They said they'd be happy to come look at it when they had a free slot later *the...


All reviews seem positive

Great service! 4/20/2012

After hearing what sounded wrong from another company, I called A.Q.B. Air and ran it by them. They said they'd be happy to come look at it when they had a free slot later *the same day*. The tech who came out seemed much more knowledgeable and more geared towards having a long term customer and doing the right thing. The other company just wanted to sell a new install, new and more service plans... Yes! they sure can sell. Not sure what else they can do. Great service, punctual and skilled. Was very pleased all around and happy to have found a company to continue performing AC service for us. more

These guys from A.Q.B. Air are awesome! 4/16/2012

I had A.Q.B. Air at my house for a Air Conditioning Install and they were wonderful. First of all, the guy was very responsive to telephone calls when I was setting up the install. I realize that it is the end of summer, but they were able to come within 2 days. When they showed up, on time, the whole team was very professional. Since I had the essentials, newer furnace with gas forced heat, the install only took half a day. These guys from A.Q.B. Air are awesome! more

Thanks to the magic of A.Q.B. Air! 4/1/2012

When the snow is crazy, your apartment management company is swamped and understaffed, and you're freezing your buns off, have the manager call A.Q.B. Air. Our technician came and all but dismantled our heating unit, cleaned it, and reassembled it with some new pieces. I have no idea what he did, so I'll call it magic. Thanks to the magic of A.Q.B. Air, we have working gas heat! No more re-lighting the pilot light for this merry home! more

Fabulous service! 3/29/2012

Fabulous service! My furnace began blowing cold air over the weekend. I tried he basic steps to fix it myself on Sunday night, but no luck. I contacted A.Q.B. Air in the morning, based on Internet rankings and reviews, and they were able to schedule an afternoon apt for me. They provided a 2hr service window where the tech would be available, and technician showed up and diagnosed the problem as a bad pressure switch after 20 minutes. Although he didn't have the part on hand, he was able to quote me the cost for the part and service. He returned with the pressure switch, installed it and gave me a review of the overall condition of my furnace all with an hour. I will definitely contact this company again for future services and recommend them! more

Great! 3/26/2012

It's Friday, and it's hot as balls. My central air stops working. I flee to the 'burbs in denial. Three days later (on Monday afternoon), I realize I should act like an adult and deal with the problem. I call A.Q.B. Air. They're cheerful and reassuring, and they tell me they'll be out between 8:00 and 10:00 AM the next day. Given the less-than-stellar luck I've had with contractors, I don't hold my breath. And then at 9:00 AM, the guy shows up, unphazed by the howling furballs that launch at him as soon as I open the door. Within five minutes, he's diagnosed the problem (my fan motor is kaput). He tells me exactly how much it will take to fix it, then proceeds to get it working within an hour--and with considerably less noise than before. He checks my freon and explains the benefits and drawbacks of adjusting the level. He replaces my air filter. He cleans up and leaves with a smile and a check that is far less than I expected when the AC broke. I'm a cool cat again, and I'll be using A.Q.B. Air for duct cleaning, chimney cleaning and every other HVAC issue that arises from now on. Now excuse me while I go sprawl across the air vent in my underwear. more

Figures! 3/23/2012

I am so impressed. Our air conditioner decided to break down just as the humidity is raging of course. So I called A.Q.B. Air and the repair guy said he could be over in 30 minutes. Excellent! He arrived and was courteous and quick, and diagnosed that the computer is broken on my GE air conditioner and there's nothing he could do -- i need to order a new control panel. And then when I asked him how much I owe him, he said nothing. WOW! Who does anything for free anymore? I'm just so impressed at how quick, efficient, and not greedy this guy was. Definitely call them if your air conditioner is busted! And they recommends to not ever buy one that's digital. Figures. more

Thank you A.Q.B. Air! 3/16/2012

Our air condition stopped working at 9PM. We called A.Q.B. Air tech arrived within an hour, quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. The A.Q.B. Air team is professional, available, and experienced. While I have no experience with other AC companies in the area, I can say that our family felt safe with A.Q.B. Air in the house and the resulting bill (at 1030PM) was much less than I expected for an emergency call. Equally important, our air condition is now working!!! Thank you A.Q.B. Air. We're much cooler now (no pun intended). more

Anyone who needs HVAC work! 3/11/2012

I've been so happy with this company that I've written them a few reviews in other places on the Internet. Our furnace stopped working in what seemed to be the coldest day so far. I know, living in LA - could be worse, but it was pretty cold for our kids. I called A.Q.B. Air the next day and he was out pretty quickly. They gave us an awesome price and to be honest, i would have paid them a lot more for the work he did. really, the furnace worked better than it did before it broke down. We could never get heat to our third bedroom, but after he got it working again, sure enough, hot air is now blowing all the way to the back of the house. I don't know what he did, but A.Q.B. Air has made our lives a whole lot more comfortable. I would hire these guys again, no questions and refer them out to anyone who needs HVAC work. more

Polite Employs 3/9/2012

It is obvious that Air Quality and Beyond has a very positive philosophy about who they hire, how they treat their employees and how they want them to treat their customers. I rarely find a company with so many polite and congenial people. Everyone I have worked with or talked to has been so nice. Everyone Ive been in touch with at Air Quality and Beyond has been exceptionally positive, polite and considerate. It makes everything so much easier to accomplish when you know you can count on the civility of the people you’re dealing with. There are always going to be concerns, adjustments that need to be made, and problems to be solved. I feel that I can count on whoever answers the phone at Air Quality and Beyond, or shows up at my door to be a polite and decent person, as well as competent. I know they are working toward my complete satisfaction with the job they are doing. It is so much easier to do business with a company that ensures that their workers treat their customers well. I will have no problem recommending Air Quality and Beyond to my friends. more

Definitely worth a call to A.Q.B. Air! 3/8/2012

I am an apartment and home owner in LA and have tried various heating & air conditioning services before A.Q.B. Air. Most were okay but always lacking in some way or another. I started using A.Q.B. Air a few years ago and they are far superior to every other company I have used. The owner is a joy to work with, extremely nice, detailed and honest. In the past, other heating companies have presented a solution I felt was most profitable for them. When my furnace system recently gave out, he gave me several repair options including ways to save myself money! I would give them six stars if I could. If you're in the LA area, it's definitely worth a call to A.Q.B. Air. more

Respect! 3/5/2012

My burner flames were lighting and turning off right away. On top of that my house reeked of gas. I was scared for the safety of my children and wanted a professional to check it out right away. I was searching for a repair company on this search engine and came across A.Q.B. Air company which had tons of positive reviews so figured why not give them a call. Sure enough I got positive services from them too. After I made the call the came over in no time. Figured out where the gas leak was coming from fixed it and got my burner to work properly again. The technician did his job fast and professionally, while respecting me and my home. more

A.Q.B. Air was very professional! 3/1/2012

When I needed to replace my furnace at my rental property I called a number of heating companies for estimates. There was no comparison - A.Q.B. Air was by far the best.They came when they said they would and did what they promised at a very fair price. The job couldn't have gone better. A.Q.B. Air was very professional and the, price was more than fair. I highly recommend them! more

Well runed business! 2/28/2012

We all know what a racket homeowner warranties are. My washer start leaking, but the warranty customer service said this did not warrant an emergency call. They told me their appliance repair technicians wouldn't be able to come out for another five days. I remembered talking to one of my co-workers about her refrigerator getting repaired recently. She put us in touch with the company she used and within a couple of hours a A.Q.B. Air technician squeezed us in the same day into his already busy afternoon. When he arrived, he inspect the problem with the washer. He could have suggested replacing both the water valve and the cold and hot water rubber hoses, but said he didn't believe in replacing something that still worked I never would have known the difference. Instead he just replaced the defective water valve and he gave me his professional insights into the pros and cons of Maytag washers. The technician wasn't even able to stay long enough to even take a check the had to go back to his regularly scheduled appointment and said that their customer service would call the next day to process my credit card. That's why I'm giving A.Q.B. Air 5 stars: Any reliable appliance repair company could have done the job, of course, but unlike other places, A.Q.B. Air answers the phone quickly and calls you back when they promise. Their customer service representative did call me back the next day and my receipt came in the mail the following day. When the front and back end operations are that efficient, I know I'm not getting special treatment because of my referral. Their business is simply that well run. more

Very respectful company! 2/21/2012

I spoke with 6 or 7 different companies about getting a forced air heating system in my flat - some were way too pricey, some were yahoos, some were kind of cocky and tried to get me to do stuff I didn't really want to do. This company is very respectful, professional, and didn't try to take advantage of the fact that I'm kind of a rookie with all this house-fixing-up stuff. They told me exactly that they were going to do, gave me the best price, and did a fantastic job. Three A.Q.B. Air trucks descended upon my house and knocked the job out in a day and a half. I am very happy with them and highly recommend them. more

Just another satisfied customer! 2/18/2012

I was contacted by the management company of my condo complex that my downstairs neighbor was experiencing a water leak in the ceiling of his bathroom. I was told the leak was coming from my unit and I needed to call a plumber to lift my toilet off the floor to have the seal checked. I called A.Q.B Air the next day for service. When calling for service my call was met with empathy and I was confident my repairs would be fixed correctly. Technician contacted me to advise of his arrival time and was within the time slot parameters. The repairs were performed efficiently and any possible future complications were identified and corrected. The guy took the extra time to make sure the repairs were completed and I was confident there weren't any leaks or clogging. The service I received from A.Q.B Air was exceptional and worthy of a positive review. I would and will recommend them for any and all your plumbing needs. Signed, Just another satisfied customer. more

under the impression 2/15/2012

After reading some reviews, I decided to give this company a try and scheduled them out to fix our AC unit problem. It appears that a lot of small companies don't like to repair water cooled systems. We live in a condo in west LA and we have a water cooled system. I called several companies and they wouldn't come out to fix my problem because they told me they don't do chiller system. Our building has a chiller on the roof and every other year we have a problem, and every company comes and charges Freon waiting for another year to come and charge again. This tech was the only one to say repair the leak and never charge the system. I was under the impression that charging the system was part of a yearly maintenance, but I guess all the other companies just wanted another service call the next year. I was glad they finally fix my problem they found a very small leak and my luck they were able to repair it. He explained that there are many times this leak is not accessible, which is probably why the other companies did not want to try. So finally I got the solution to my yearly expensive problem. I'm so amazed that this problem is gone, and I'm glad I took the time to read some reviews from other members. They were right on the money. This company is great and I give them 2 thumbs up. more

removed 2/8/2012

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EXCELLENCE! 2/5/2012

If I were to describe this company in just one word, I would say EXCELLENCE. This is the first time I call this company; and to be honest, I am more than satisfied with their service. Their response was quite impressive because from the moment I called them to the time they arrived was a matter of only a few minutes. In addition, they even take their time to explain you what went wrong with your Air Conditioning System so you can have an idea of what they will be doing to fix it. After a few minutes, my AC Unit was working again, but this time much better than it was. In short, if I were to recommend this company to my best friend, I would definitely do it; in fact, I did so already. So I guess there is only one thing to say ""Work well done."" Thanks. more

Keep up the good work! 2/2/2012

Excellent customer service, thorough, on time, and their business practices are beyond exceptional! We had a problem with our circuit board transformer that had burnt out. I had read the reviews on AQB Air and another heating company and I called this other company first and obviously they did NOT want business because they were rude and hung up on us! AQB Air has EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL service! I left them a message and they returned the call that same day, scheduled an afternoon appointment the same day, than even had the parts needed to do the job! They also took the time to check everything else relating to the heating including our thermostat! Obviously, they are doing everything right in running a business and will definitely send referrals to them! Thanks for the great job! Keep up the good work! more

real investment 1/29/2012

I highly recommend AQB Air. I came across this company in reviews and the comments about the great quality of service was proven true when the technician came to service our AC system. The customer rep started the refreshingly courteous and professional service. When technician came he explained everything that he was doing, was very clean and courteous while performing his duties. Went beyond his duty to act as a translator between myself and the condo association representative as I can only speak English. As a start-up company entering into real estate investment, I highly recommend this company and have already referred them to my property manager for any future servicing of the AC unit. more
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