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About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
About Face Skin Care - Philadelphia, PA
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Even if I don't necessarily understand the HOW of laser skin treatments, I definitely understand the WHY of them: they work! Thanks to Naomi, I now am: *hair-free in my desire...


All reviews seem positive

Science skin care = :) 2/7/2012

Even if I don't necessarily understand the HOW of laser skin treatments, I definitely understand the WHY of them: they work! Thanks to Naomi, I now am: *hair-free in my desired areas *freckle free on my chest, hands, and face *acne free even during my more hormonal periods *finally confident about the way that I look! (Although not from lasers, my Latisse eye-lashes are pretty incredible too.) Yes, these laser treatments don't exactly feel good, but they did accomplish exactly what I wanted them to. more

Rehabbing my face after baby. 1/16/2012

During my pregnancy, my skin went completely berserk. Acne flare-ups with discolored spots upon healing, and melasma (dark brown patches all over my cheeks) had me feeling extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable about my face, on top of the awkwardness regarding my changing body. AS SOON as I was done breast feeding, I called Naomi Fenlin to help me get my face back under control. In addition to providing an easy-to-follow at-home regimen, Naomi Fenlin figured out the perfect combination of laser treatments to nix my acne, erase my pimple scars, clear my melasma, AND remove the unwanted facial hair I had suddenly sprouted. (Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but also a potentially ugly one...) After feeling trapped in the wrong skin for a long time, it is amazing to look in the mirror and recognize myself again.* *Although now, it's me again-- with more than slightly improved skin. :) more

Great results, felt beautiful for grand-daughter's wedding 1/10/2012

As a grand-ma, I don't have many occasions now to get all dolled up. When my first grand-child got engaged and started shopping for photographers, I realized a.) the amount of family pictures I was soon going to be in, that would be immortalized, and b.) the amount of relatives and friends I hadn't seen in years that would all be congregating at this event. A hard look in the mirror convinced me to undergo a little pampering to get beautified for my grand-daughter's big day... Naomi Fenlin at About Face SkinCare was wonderful, she was honest and straightforward about the results I could expect, and the treatments that would work for me versus the ones that wouldn't. In the end, we settled on laser treatments for sun damage on my face, decolletage, and hands, and a Thermage skin tightening treatment for my face that made me look (in a very natural way) much younger. (My jawline was no longer lumpy, the drapey skin around my eyes was suddently tight again, and the overall texture of my skin just looked smoother, and fresher.) Without looking over-done or overly worked (in my opinion), I felt amazing at the event, and for once I was proud of the way I looked in pictures. I love my results, and send everyone I know Naomi's way. more

Never have to wear make-up now! 1/3/2012

After a series of Fraxel and Isolaz laser treatments, my skin is so perfect that I barely even need to put on make-up anymore-- and when I do, it's just lipgloss and mascara. Instead of having to spend 30+ minutes everyday trying to make my skin look healthy and NORMAL with a thick coating of cover-up, concealer, and foundation, the laser treatments I had transformed my skin to the point where it is now perfectly clear and smooth all the time. It is such a luxury to never have to worry about acne break-outs or scarring anymore, and I am forever indebted to Naomi Fenlin. more

Finally got rid of acne and acne scars! 12/28/2011

It used to be that my skin was so bad, I dreaded leaving my house just to go to the mailbox. Thanks to Naomi Fenlin at About Face SkinCare, I can now go live my life with nothing more than chapstick and mascara, bc I KNOW my skin looks good. When I was a teenager I was plagued with persistent acne that would not quit, and the scarring that was left behind was equally upsetting. I forced myself to become awesome at makeup application to create the appearance of healthy skin, but a smooth surface is impossible to fake, and I longed for a day when makeup wasnt a necessity. Through Naomi's Isolaz and Fraxel treatments, my chronic acne is a thing of the past, and when I tell people that I used to have cystic acne, they cannot believe me based on how clear and nice my skin is now. My acne scars are gone, my skin color and tone are even, and the overall results are so natural looking that no one would suspect that I wasn't blessed with naturally perfect skin. As a (now) professional makeup artist, I send every skin-challenged (and interested) person to Naomi Fenlin, confident that they will be in expert, live-changing, skin-saving hands. more

Nicest people, best results, greatly improved looking skin 12/26/2011

I had always hoped that my acne situation would be something that I would eventually grow out of, but as my 33rd birthday approached, with no end in sight-- I decided it was time to take drastic measures. Enter Naomi Fenlin: during my consultation, she surprised me when she said that my acne was complicated by a previously undiagnosed case of Rosacea. Six-months later: thanks to a combination of Rosacea, acne, and acne scar laser treatments, I finally have even-toned, clear, smooth skin. It is an amazing feeling to not have to worry about the appearance of my skin anymore, and my only regret is not looking into laser solutions earlier. more

Amazing BBL and husband's amazing hair removal! 12/21/2011

I am so happy to be the first person to write a review for this incredible place. I have always hated my freckles and sun spots on my face and recently found out that there is a treatment called a BBL that could help me. Well, Naomi did my treatment and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! While I was there, my husband decided he wanted laser hair removal on his back. Naomi is so professional and knowledgeable that I would recommend her to anyone. My husband couldn't be happier with his hair removal and I love my new and improved/fresh face! Also, I got Latisse from Naomi, which is for growing your eyelashes longer and fast... it is amazing. I have the longest eyelashes!! It is hard to wear my glasses because my lashes hit the lens and everywhere I go people are asking if they're fake! more

How I got rid of my acne 12/21/2011

\r I had been struggling with acne since my early teens, and after trying everything in the drugstore, everything on TV, and everything the dermatologist recommended, I was almost ready to give-up and just accept that I would never have the normal, clear skin I wanted.\r After seeing a friends' skin go from acne covered to clear, I asked her the secret, and was skeptical when she told me the trick was laser treatments. Even though it sounded too science-fictiony to be true, at that point I had nothing to lose and scheduled an appointment with Naomi Fenlin to hear about my options. \r Naomi Fenlin examined my skin, talked about my history and lifestyle, and answered a barrage of questions. In the end, I felt like I was in good hands with her, and she seemed to have a ridiculous amount of acne knowledge and experience. I scheduled the recommended Isolaz and Fraxel treatments, and was amazed to see that over the course of the following months, my skin began to clear, the scars faded away, and finally-- my face looked NORMAL.\r I have been obsessed with proper skincare ever since so that I can maintain the perfect skin I've worked so hard to achieve, and while I don't know if what Naomi Fenlin does qualifies as science fiction or not, all I know is that her acne and acne scar treatments worked when nothing else did, and I could not be more satisfied. \r \r more
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