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AMC Studio 30

2949 Dunvale
Houston, TX 77063
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I go to the movies about 5-6 times a month. I'm addicted. I actually love this movie theater. Yes there's talking because unless they pay 30 people to sit in every single one of t...


90% of the people who go there are high school students and over half of those are thugs. The lines to buy tickets are very long and the automated machines to buy them are alway...

If you want perfection... buy your own Theater? 3/25/2011

I go to the movies about 5-6 times a month. I'm addicted. I actually love this movie theater. Yes there's talking because unless they pay 30 people to sit in every single one of their showings for the entire film they can't catch everyone. I've seen groups of kids thrown out who we're trying to movie hop. I've also seen ushers escort talkers out of the theater and get police assistance if needed. I haven't noticed a huge safety problem, but I usually go on weekdays, or before noon to get $5.00 tickets. :) I go to the movies to enjoy myself so if someone is whispering I'm pretty good at either tuning it out, but if it's consistent I just tell Guest Services, and they're usually pretty good at handling it. There was a time when they couldn't catch the people actually talking so they let me stay and finish the movie, and gave me a free pass to come back and see it again or watch another... They have multiple managers, and I can agree that some seem too busy to help, but usually if I go to the Service area they take their time to hear me out. Prices are similar to average theaters in Houston. If you want it cheap go in the AM. Sometimes you can even get a whole theater to yourself :) more

Better than these reviews say 8/7/2010

I have read all these reviews about how bad this theatre in and feel like I have to offer a different point of view. I have probably been to this theatre over 200 times as I live fairly close by. A lot of these comments can apply to ANY theatre. Loud children, people not turning off their cell phones, high-priced concessions, people talking, etc. I haven't been to a theatre that there WASN'T a problem with this, especially during the summer when kids are out of school. I think that you as an individual have to accept that you are not sitting in your own living room and are unable to control the environment. I have most certainly told people to be quiet or shush. I have TOLD them to leave. They have plenty of staff there, if there is that much of a problem, got get management. I think it's unfair to label this theatre as "unsafe". There is constant traffic in the parking lot, so I think it would be difficult to steal a car or break into a car. Notice none of these reviews say that THEIR car was stolen or broken into. Unless you can provide facts, you are just speculating. I agree they should probably put a security guard on a golf cart in the parking lot on busy weekends. But, in over ten years of attending movies here, I have NEVER had a car problem or an incident in the parking lot, nor have I read or heard of one. And, to use the word "thugs" is just a code word for Hispanics or African-Americans. I would suggest you try to find an all-white segregated theatre if this is a problem. River Oaks comes to mind. I have seen the bathroom problem where kids let in other kids by the bathrooms. I have no idea why they let that go on. I have stopped kids before when I see it, but it's not my job to police it regularly. I swear some of these reviews were written by people who own other theatre chains. They offer movies for $5 on weekdays before noon. They offer a matinee price before 6PM. Their full-price admission is no more than other theatres in Houston. Any time there has been a problem with audio or video, I have promptly been given a free pass, whether I watched the rest of the movie or not. And if you complain about the concession prices, join the AMC MovieWatcher club and get free discounts all the time. You also get free movie passes. If you don't take the time to get the card, you don't deserve any discounts. You can buy coupons for discounted movies and concessions on eBay at any time. I usually save about 30% to 40% on every trip there using the AMC card and discount coupons. If you can't do these things, please stay home or go to another theatre and leave more room for me! more

Dangerous Place. Please Stay away 2/27/2009

My husband and I went to watch a movie tonight. There was a couple with children entering and exiting the movie room as pleased, standing up and making loud noise during the whole movie. My husband and I told them to please be quiet since they were disturbing the movie. They didn't care. The man told my husband in loud voice if he had a problem. I went outside to call security and the man and woman follow up. The man me threated me with physical harm outside. then he said he was going to wait for my husband outside to kick his....I spoke to security and we just got our tickets refunded and two free tickets. We never going back to this theather. There is not security to maintain order in the movie theather. Children are watching 10:00 p.m movies making noises. people can enter in and out of the movies without a person to control. Again, please be careful this place is very unsafe. more

Expensive, uncomfortable seats 8/30/2008

The movies are pricey, there aren't many bargain showtimes, and they're dodgy about giving student discounts. Additionally, the theater seats, while stadium-style, are ramrod straight and don't recline at all -- I had to use my purse as a back rest because I was getting a backache. For the cost and duration, I'd really prefer comfortable seats The theater was clean, well-kept and uncrowded. It should be noted that I don't go to the movies on Friday or Saturday nights. Sound and image quality seemed fine, and I can't comment on the concessions since I try to avoid them (already spent too much on admission). Pros: Clean, sound & image are satisfactory Cons: Very uncomfortable seats, expensive admission more

Avoid this place 6/7/2008

Saw a movie here last Saturday night here for the first time in several years and the audience ruined the whole experience. The people next to us came in late, were talking on their cell phones, then texting throughout the movie and provided a commentary throughout. I would have asked them to shut up but everyone else in the theatre was doing the same thing, so it seemed pointless and they looked like the type who would be armed. There was something wrong with the sound system as well. It sounded like there was just one very loud speaker right at the front of the theatre which echoed. more

AMC Gulf Pointe 11/29/2007

I have NEVER been in a theatre where the SOUND was so loud it actually made you nauseous. I almost asked for a was actually painful watching the previews..........I was so committed to seeing the movies I toughed it out......... more

Not THAT Bad at ALL 4/7/2006

We come here one or twice a month (30 something couple) on weekend nights. Have not ever experienced any problems with the patrons in the movies or any problems with the a/v equipment that other people mention. Probably during the summer especially its teenager hell, but have had a good movie going experience everytime. Sure theres, lots of people sometimes and the line is long, but it moves along quickly. The last two times we were there, we used the problem.....and....the popcorn was fine! more

loud noisy environment 9/16/2005

This place is always full of loud kids, many cell phones going off during movies, people shouting...definitely not a place to go on a weekend night. I go sometimes during the afternoon, and if you can get to a movie with no one in it, the theater itself is fine. In general, though, avoid. The staff makes no effort to keep any kind of order and the patrons are generally rude and badly behaved. more

Rowdy Kids, Unclean, Etc. Etc. Etc 6/24/2004

90% of the people who go there are high school students and over half of those are thugs. The lines to buy tickets are very long and the automated machines to buy them are always broken. When you get your ticket, you can't always rely on the theater number on it because it's sometimes wrong. Inside the theater, people are loud and are yelling across the room to their friends or to the movie. It's very disruptive and the picture is always breaking too. Also, don't where your good shoes because the floors are so sticky, they will pick up a coat of it. Pros: student rates, great movie selection, stadium seating Cons: , false ticket info, pictures breaking more

Probably won't be back... 5/27/2004

Edwards Marq was sold out for Dawn of the Dead, so I called Movie Fone and found out the only showing I could make it to was AMC 30. I went, got my ticket from the automatic ticket kiosk (only one was working out of 4 or 5). The theatre wasn't very clean, but I can overlook that as it was Friday night and super crowded. 80-90 percent of the people there were in high school. During the entire movie people were screaming at the screen and yelling "shout-outs" to other people in the theatre. While all that was entertaining, I did not come to see it. I wanted to see the movie instead. And by the way, if you are IN a movie, give a shout-out. If you are AT a movie, shut up. Pros: 30 screens Cons: , crowded, parking hell more

Great theatre but... 5/17/2003

The only complaint I have about this theater is the popcorn. As soon as you enter the door - BAM - you get hit with a wall of usually nasty burnt popcorn oder. I wish they would invest in a vent system... Pros: good seating, easily navigated, good selections Cons: the ticket booths, popcorn smell more

A good theater 3/18/2003

Difinitly a great movie theater for all ages. Empolyee are friendly, but the security are somehow rude, they act and talk rudely to me. Pros: Newest Movie, Comfortbale Seating, Great Atmosphere Cons: Rude security, Lack food selection more

nice place to see a movie 2/26/2003

This place has the best location since its on Westheimer and Dunvale. I haven't had too many problems with rowdy teenagers during the movies although they've had picture problems sometimes. more



Love it. 9/5/2002

Very clean, nice employees, large walk ways, 3 snake bars with ~20 tellers, ~20 ticket tellers, ~30 arcad games, 30 screens, and lots of parking (even valet parking). Fine girls (but they mostly have dates). Only 3 exits onto the same street, no were to put more either. Pros: Lots of empolyees., Large rooms & halls., Fine girls. Cons: Only 3 exits. more
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    In 1920, Edward Durwood opened a single-screen picture house in Kansas City, Mo. Over the next 40 years, his company went on to pioneer the use of four- and six-screen theaters. In 1969, the company incorporated as American Multi-Cinema Inc. in honor of its signature multiplexes. Now, the company is known for theaters with 14 or more screens, as well as innovations such as armrests with built-in cup holders, stadium seating with LoveSeats, ATM-style ticketing and online ticket purchasing.

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