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ALL Electronics Service - Raleigh, NC
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My daughter was having a birthday party this last weekend. We really needed our big screen to work for us, and it decided to break down one day before the party. I called and ex...


They really do not deserve 1 star. This company is the worst experience of my life. The techs are untrained monkeys. The lady Kathy is so unprofessional that mere words can not de...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/16/2013

Called a couple of places when my LCD tv stopped responding to the remote, they all required a diagnostic fee (which would go towards the repair bill). They all refused to respond to what kind of cost the repair could be, based on my research. So this place was no different than any other electronics repair place, but their fee was considerably less, which worked for me and my inexpensive LCD.\r \r The repair was done in less than a week, the people were helpful and pleasant and they are in North Raleigh. And the cost was reasonable enough that I didn't have to go and buy a new TV. I would go back. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/30/2013

These people are the definition of FRAUDS. Not only are they completely rude, they are deceitful, pathological liars and cheats. They also buy CHEAP used parts on eBay and use them to repair customer TV's and jack the price up of the parts by 75%. They may have been in business 25 years but they won't be much longer. This family is corrupt to it's core. Fraudulent, scam artists. BEWARE - DO NOT SHOP AT THIS STORE! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2012

Left my 55 Toshiba on Friday. Picked it up on Tuesday. It has never worked better. I didnt get his name but the Owner ?? Repair guy ?? was extremely nice and informative. Fair price, good service, what else can I say. more

Not as bad as others are saying. 2/12/2012

Drop off was fine. They helped me unload my 52" TV. I was told up front it may take a couple of weeks and it did. I called about a week in the lady was polite and told me the parts had been ordered. About a week later she called, let me know it was ready and we arranged a pick up time. The guys showed me it worked and loaded it for me. It was warranty work so I was finished. They have no cooperate rules to follow so, yea not too professional but fine to work with. Pros: null Cons: null more

Scam Artists and Rude 12/23/2011

They really do not deserve 1 star. This company is the worst experience of my life. The techs are untrained monkeys. The lady Kathy is so unprofessional that mere words can not describe. Please, Please stay away from this company. I wish I would have been warned. Its hard to believe that customer service can be so bad. I have never hit a women in my life but would love to slap the taste out Kathy's mouth. Pros: null Cons: null more

Miserable Experience 11/7/2011

One of the worse repair service businesses I've ever had dealing with. Over three months to perform services needed. When I asked several times for an approximation of time to expect pick up my completed item, I was told Only: "They're working on it". This occurred approximately on five inquires. Once I was told "I'll send a note back and call you" No call ever came. When I pressed the person at the desk for some status information, she was belligerent, Rude and shouted "They are working on it and when It's ready I will call you" Pros: null Cons: null more


IF they would allow NO STAR I would have gave them one. This was the worst experience I have ever encountered. The lady at the desk answering phones made the most rude comments about us not knowing what was wrong with our tv. She insisted that we pay a diagnostic fee for them to tell us. I proceeded to pay when she called and quoted me on the price I had agreed. I was called to pick up my tv and the price was very different. She told me if i did not pay for my t.v. that I would not be taking it. Pros: null Cons: null more

Not a good choice for tv repair 9/28/2011

I do not recommend this repair center. I have called twice and experienced only rude comments from the woman answering the phone. Both times she was insistent that we bring the TV in and pay the diagnostic fee when we already knew what was wrong. After my last conversation, I would not take our TV to them under any circumstances. more


WIsh I could give a NO STAR rating. The favorable reviews must be written by the owner. This place is a rip off and I have never encountered such rude people. They didn't return calls and kept raising price of repair. When I requested that I pick up my TV and asked that they show me it still worked, the man plugged in a DVD. I told him that did not prove the TV worked and he told me DVD and TV are the same! HELLO? He said he could not show me the TV because they had no cable box. How can a repair shop not be able to view TV? The place is a mess when you walk in ... obviously no pride in the business. When I mentioned the bad reviews, I was told I had "psychological problems from listening to other people". I am in shock at such outrageous conduct by a business. Rude and crude. Don't take a chance - stay away. more

The worst customer service EVER!!!! Go some where else... 5/14/2011

We had two TV?s that we took in for repair to this company. Took forever and me calling them to find out what is going on with them when they finally said one was ready the other was not. So went and got the one and called and called and called about the other TV always got a HUGE attitude from the lady (if that?s what you want to call her because ladies don?t act like that) Kathy that the part is not in. So some time goes by and I call to check on the TV and she stated to me that a man called in and told her that not to do the repair and they got rid of my TV. I don?t get where she said a man called in because she has always dealt with me a women and what right do they have to get rid of my TV. So I asked who the owner is because my TV needs to be replaced because no one told them to get rid of it and nor did I get a call from them? She laughed at me and hung up the phone on me. What great customer service right. Don?t think so!!! I would not recommend this company to my dog let alone any friend or family member. I say stay away unless you like your stuff to thrown away and to be hung up on. more


My daughter was having a birthday party this last weekend. We really needed our big screen to work for us, and it decided to break down one day before the party. I called and explained my situation to Kathy and she said they could be out there this morning and try to get the TV repaired for us. more

Does a business have to be so Rude !!!! 3/12/2011

First things first, the woman at the front should not be employed.. Was sent there by a warranty company. I had to continue to call back to get updates and nothing was being done by this company. . They came back 4 weeks later, after I kept calling them with 'we can not fix it". more

STAY AWAY! Terrible, Terrible, Terrible! 12/7/2010

I wish I'd read reviews before bringing in my laser printer for repair. After I was charged $175 to replace a part, the printer still didn't work. I brought it back and was told they'd call me when it was ready. I had to call them repeatedly and was told every time that they were trying to find a part and they'd call me. Finally after 2 weeks I told the nasty lady that I just wanted to get my printer back and that they could take out the part they previously replaced, since that obviously wasn't the problem, and give me a refund. She said that they wouldn't do any such thing because they can't reuse the part. When I complained, she started ranting about my "Stupid printer" and hung up on me. Fearing that I'd never see the printer again (after reading these reviews), I went and picked up the printer. Not sure what to do now... small claims court? What a shame that we have businesses like this in our community. more

I've referred tons of people there with Great Experiences! 7/28/2010

I?ve been using this company for YEARS and have never had any problems others have described. I?ve had parts ordered and never encountered any problems with them not coming in. Kathy has always answered my questions with patience and when she doesn?t know the answer the technician has actually come out there a few time to go into more detail! Awesome customer service. I think the only bad thing I ever encountered was there were three people in the line in front of me and there was only one receptionist to assist everyone, but I was in and out in about 20 minutes. I?ve been going there for ever and will continue to go there in the future. I?ve sent many friends and FAMILY there with no issues over the years. Pros: Super fast repairs! Cons: NONE more

I had a Fantastic experience!! 7/22/2010

After reading all the reviews I was a little apprehensive about taking my TV into the repair store. The location is very close to my house (and with the awesome coupon!!) so I thought I would give it a try. When I arrived I was greeted by a friendly lady who was very quick to help me out. I filled out the paperwork with no problem and every question I asked the receptionist she gave me more information that I had expected. So far so good. I got an estimate over the phone from Kathy that afternoon. She was actually very nice on the phone. I told her to go ahead with the repairs. She did tell me that the parts weren?t in stock so they would have to order them. (Now I?m worried after reading the other reports!) She told me it would take a week to get parts in but I expected to be without the tv for at least a week so I?m ok with that. I get ready to call to check on the status of my tv about 5 days later and guess what? TV IS FIXED! I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to have the tv in the house for the weekend for the kids. Over all it was a great experience. I never encountered any problems. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would without a doubt take all my tvs there. The prices are very reasonable and the service was very quick. I recommended the place to my neighbor and he had no problems either! Pros: Super fast quality service Cons: None more

All Electronics needs to be investigated 5/25/2010

I'm a grandmother, visiting from Florida, waiting for my daughter to give birth. My daughter and husband brought their TV to All Electronics on April 3, 2010. It is now May 24. They have called to get a status. Kathy (claims to be President??) is rude and abusive! How does a business get away with taking YOUR property, refusing to give information .. frustrating customers to the point of giving up ... thus Kathy keeps the products? I decided to call myself - and did that yesterday. Kathy hung up on me twice, swore like a truck driver .. I was horrified! All I asked was "may I get a status on their TV so that I can surprise them by paying for it and picking it up? I'd like it here when my daughter gets home from the hospital - I can come in with my son in lawl" .. well ... she was so rude to me .. I asked "do we need to come with the police to get their property? - she then started shrieking (maniacally!) .. WOO HOOO .. YAHOOO .. YIPPEE .. bring the POLICE!! and hung up. So I ask you, should people like this be allowed to terrorize innocent people??? I have now found over 30 complaints about her/All Electronics ... maybe the Attorney Generals office needs to investigate? I did call the Raleigh police yesterday .. they said to go there and attemp to get the TV .. and call 911 when she explodes. I choose not to put myself/children at risk. So I've posted this, posted to the Better business bureau .. and the attorney generals office is next. They need to be investigated and fined for this abuse! After we contacted the BBB this morning ... they did contact Kathy! She called my son in law saying the TV cannot be repaired. Funny that it took 7 weeks to get a call back .. and you need to call the BBB for that to happen? Well, that's not enough ... this business needs to be heavilly FINED so they see how the customers feel getting ripped off. Shame on them! Does anyone know if Raleigh has a TV show that exposes this type of business? We have one in FL .. and NY ... I'll look into that next! Good luck all ... Granny Laurie Pros: Intimidation - Scare Tactics Cons: Kathy needs professional help asap more

Do not go here 5/10/2010

They had my TV 4 or 5 times, and it still is not fixed. They took my $500 to buy and replace parts and they "can't find a problem with the TV.". Bad customer service, just a bad place. We have to find a new repair place not. My money to them is lost. more

Horrible Service, Horrible Receptionist, Avoid this Place!!! 6/28/2009

Avoid this place. My husband took our 26 in LCD TV there to be fixed. The horrible female receptionist called us with an estimate and I took a message so my husband could call back. The estimate was extremely high and, after already having paid for the diagnosis, my husband said we didn't want them to fix it and we would pick it up. The woman said "Fine, do whatever the hell you want. But you can't pick it up today, it will take us two days to put it back together". My husband was irrate. When we went to pick it up, the man who brought the TV to the front offered to carry it out to the car because we had out 4 month old infant daughter with us. The woman yelled at the other employee "Don't you dare carry that. He (my husband) wants it back, he can carry it to the car". She even tried to stop the employee from holding the door for my husband.The woman is crazy, the service is aweful, the place is expensive. Personally, I have never experienced such poor service in my life. There is no need to pay to be treated like dirt. Pros: none Cons: Horrible customer service, expensive, rude more

Big on attitude; Small on customer service 3/3/2009

I have never witnessed such poor customer service in all my life. After months of arguing to get my stereo fixed, it never happened. I had a "Sharp" stereo with a faulty receiver. Sharp suggested I take it to All Electronics. From the start, the owner/female that works the front counter, had the worst attitude, and I have no idea why! We were polite at first. Long story short, after about six months they refused to fix my stereo, because I gave them a bad review when a Sharp service representative called me. Awful, stay away! Pros: I will never have to step foot in that place again! Cons: Name it! more

had no problems 2/27/2009

Based on the $etter $usiness $ureau report (for some reason this site won't let me write the actual words) and some other reviews here I was pretty wary about using these folks, but now that the service has been performed I can say that I am very satisfied. Pros: repaired TV at home, kept us updated on status more
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