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A & E Appliance Services - 28 Reviews - 27422 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI - Electric Appliances Sales & Services Reviews - Phone (586) 775-0300
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A & E Appliance Services

27422 Gratiot Ave (at 4 Blks. N. of I-696)
Roseville, MI 48066
(586) 775-0300
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A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI
A & E Appliance Services - Roseville, MI


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Please...before you post a review regarding A&E Appliance Repair, make sure you are reviewing A&E Appliance Repair, in business for 60 years, located in Roseville, MI and NOT A&E...


I don't even want to give these guys ONE star. I took a part off my washing machine to A&E to have them check and see if it was defective. They told me it was seized and sold me a...

A&E Appliance Repair - Review the correct company! 10/24/2012

Please...before you post a review regarding A&E Appliance Repair, make sure you are reviewing A&E Appliance Repair, in business for 60 years, located in Roseville, MI and NOT A&E Factory Service which is the company that does warranty service on Maytag, Whirlpool, etc. All of the negative reviews posted are related to the services that A&E Factory Service provides not A&E Appliance Repair. This has been very determental to the business, so please make sure you are reviewing the correct company. more

@LouG418 6/29/2012

@Lizzie89. I am sorry you felt you had a bad experience at our store. We make every attempt at providing top notch customer service to all of our customers as can be attested to by our positive testimonials. more

These guys have been great - I had 6/4/2012

These guys have been great - I had guests coming over at night for dinner and my fridge went out - called A&E - told them the situation and got a repair guy out right away. Fixed it in time for my party - I would recommend these guys. more

Very Helpful Men 9/30/2011

I called A&E yesterday told them my problem they told me want to do to see what the problem was. Called them back after doing what they told me to do and they told me the problem. I went to the store they had the part i needed. They even showed me how to replace it. I came home replaced it. The replacement was a little harder then they said but the problem is fixed and my dryer has heat again. They always are very helpful there. I always deal with them for appliance breakdowns! Some of there prices can be high but they always are good to me and my family, so im willing to pay the extra money. more

THERE THE BEST!!! 4/15/2011

A&E Appliance Service in Roseville is the best for parts and service! I use them all the time,when I can tackle the job myself I just call them and there so friendly and helpful over the phone,they explain how to take things apart and what to look for in your effort to do it yourself. They always have the parts in stock and can order whatever obscure part you my need. I've tried calling other companies for advice and nobody wants to take the time and help you out like A&E does! When I can't quite tackle it myself, I call for A&E for service and they always come out the same day, there service men are always professional and courteous. When any of my family or friends ask me if I know anyone for appliance service I always recommend A&E because there so honest about the repairs they do!\r \r The last two reviews I've read, it sounds like there confused with the company name. Like it's stated up above this is not the company that does the warrenty for Whirlpool,Maytag,and Kemore brands,that more

A#1 Service 4/14/2011

I called A&E Appliance service today for my down refrigerator and John there service man came right out, he was so professional and courteous. We will always call A&E for all of are appliance breakdowns! The guys in there shop are also so helpful, I called them when my whirlpool dryer wasn't heating and they told me how to take it apart and how to check the thermal fuse, sure enough that's what it was. They take there time with people like me that don't no much about repairs and turn you into a do-it-yourselfer, that can save you alot of money!! I can't say enough great things about this company and I will tell everyone I know to call them for all there appliance needs. more

Always Helpful 4/14/2011

I have been going to A&E for over 30 years, they have never staired me wrong! They have checked my gas burner for my dryer and also checked my motor,they have always been honest with me. I've also used there service at my house for all my appliances and never had a problem,they come out the same day I call and always have the parts on there truck to fix whatever it may be. more

Never Do Business Again!! 4/4/2011

I don't even want to give these guys ONE star. I took a part off my washing machine to A&E to have them check and see if it was defective. They told me it was seized and sold me a new pump. I signed the credit card slip, they gave me the defective part, along with the new part and an invoice, which WAS NOT signed by me. The credit card slip made no mention of there being no returns on electrical parts and it was not told to me verbally. When I got home, having seen how A&E tested the 'defective' part, I tested it myself and it spun freely. I cleaned it out, reinstalled it and the machine works just fine! I never removed the new pump from the box. I took it back and was told there was no return on electrical parts! These guys are out and out shysters! Must have been the owner looking for a quick buck who 'tested' the part. I offered to pay a restocking fee AND even take a credit to be used in the future but no dice. I am stuck with an unopened box with a part I will never use, to the tune of $100. MY tenant needed a part for her washer the other day - I recommended another appliance repair shop and she went there and I will do that ANY time someone says they are looking for appliance repair! more

Nicest, Most helpful guys EVER!!!! 3/30/2011

I had a problem with my dryer a few months ago and my husband didn't even know how to get the cover off the dryer to look at the inside. The guys at A & E asked him what the dryer was doing ( or not doing really!) and walked him thru step by step how to take the cover off, what part to bring in and that they would test it and make sure that was the problem. Most people would just tell you to start throwing parts at it, they tested the part gave us exactly what we needed and told him how to put it in! Now my washer is leaking and I am calling them again tomorrow! I will never use anyone else and I live over 45 min away!!! You couldn't ask for a nicer, more knowlegeable bunch of guys! Thanks again and I hope you have another 60 years of great business! more

Wake UP A & # 3/29/2011

As for the above reviews? Seems like it depends strictly on who you speak to...Wake UP A & E customer service DOES count.\r that being said, I have used A & E for my appliance repair needs, many times...And one thing I can say is no matter how old, or obsucre the part was they almost always had it. And IF they didn't they had resonable suggestions or hey they are fine by me. more

Liars ? 3/26/2011

I found the web site listed on google for A&E misrepresented the facts. The ad stated that A&E performed warranty work for (among others) Whirlpool. Based on this, I referred my 78 year old mother to call them for service on a refridgerator purchased a few months ago. When called, A&E claimed they did not do warranty work. I hope this incorrect advertising is quickly corrected ! more

Big Misunderstanding 1/11/2011

The last three bad reviews I've read are making a reference to A&E Factory Service, that's the company that does the warrenty work for Sears,Maytag,and Whirlpool. That is not this company A&E Appliance Parts and Service that has been in business for 60 years in Roseville,MI. It's a shame that A&E Appliance Parts and Service has to put up with all the bad reviews because of the similarly of the company name. A&E Appliance Parts and Service has built there name on a great reputation on service and customer relations more

Bad service! 12/30/2010

Spent the whole day at home waiting for A&E Appliance Service to repair the dishwasher they messed up when they did a recall repair.\r \r Called to tell me there would be a 130 charge, But it was under warranty, just cancelled the order and didn't bother to even call me.\r \r He left note saying i didn't want repair. Now i have to wait another week and stay home another day for a return call.\r \r \r \r Don't use A&E appliance repair! more

Poor service 12/6/2010

Took off work to have my washer repaired. They were supposed to arrive between 1 and 5pm. I called at 4:25pm and was told not to worry someone would be at my house soon. Called again at 5:00pm and was told 'sorry we have to reschedule'. more


I have been trying to get my Maytag Washer repaired for a month now. My appoinment was for today between 8 am and 12pm......they showed up after 1 pm after I had to leave for work. I called at least four times between 8 and 12 to let them know I had to leave by 12:30. My washer is in the back yard I left a note on the door and told the girl in the office to have them go in the back yard and install the was underwarranty so there was no charges involved they ignored my note and the notes in the computer and just left and refused to go back and won't come back out for another two weeks. more


I had a problem with my dryer and your service man diagnosed my problem for free. I did what he said and he was correct. I returned to your store and bought the part, returned home, replaced the part and it works great. I thank you very much for the help in these very rough times in my household. The price was very reasonable and my dryer works great. more

Awesome! 10/19/2010

My Whirpool duet ht( washer) gave me a horrible scare. My neighbor then scarred me to death regarding the possible repair bill. since the economy has took a turn, i'm not ready for any major purchases. Well I called A&E on Monday. The tech. showed up on Tuesday Morning( his name is Kermit, awesome customer service skills and very nice) and he let me watch while he did his magic. Luckily the cold water to the machine had gotten shut off & hose had wore out in the inside. He fixed it and I thought pricing was quite reasonable and He was HONEST. He could have said it was the pump or any very expensive repair, but he didn't. I'll say it again, He was HONEST!!!! I would highly recommend him and A&E. My new repair zone! Thanks more

excellent service 9/21/2010

A & E Appliance (Roseville) did a great job repairing my GE refrigerator. I had water leaking all over the kitchen, they came right out, had the part on the truck. It was repaired in 30 mins. The fee was in line with what I expected. I wouldn't call any other repair company. THANK YOU A & E (Roseville) Nan---Harrison Twp. more

Great Service 8/12/2010

I want to thank A&E Appliance Service in Roseville, MI. For the great service on my washer,they came right out the same day,had the part on the truck,and were resonable and honest with me! Be sure to call the original A&E Appliance Service,don't make the mistake of calling the nationwide A&E Factory Service, they do the warrenty work for Sears,Kenmore,Maytag,Whirlpool... Looks like alot of the bad reviews on this site talk about warrenty work through calling Maytag and Sears.THAT IS NOT THIS COMPANY!!!\r \r Thanks again A&E Appliance for bailing me out once more!!! more


Unfortunately I was referred to A&E by the local Home Depot as a place that would most likely have the furnace parts needed with Saturday hours. I called first confirming the hours of op. I arrived meeting a very unfriendly clerk whom got me the part while acting as if I was imposing by patronizing the business... Just a bad vibe all around no customer appreciation whatsoever (his name was Ken). I am a new 1st time home owner trying to learn as I go and there is nothing worse than being made to feel as if any question is a stupid question.... I bought the parts anyways (ignitor & flame sensor) for $90+.. When I got home my neighbor stopped by for a beer and I told him about the experience thinking nothing of it.. I told him what I bought/spent and his jaw hit the floor... !! I immediately searched/called a shop in California taking advantage of time zone (hours of ops) and confirmed what my neighbor was telling me.... TRUE! Apparently these parts are each $20-30 parts with EBay being even cheaper (of course). In todays economy it is a real shame that businesses like this still thrive and exist not to mention the place looked like a total dump! So with all being said and done it's my bad in doing biz with any company that treats new customers like #%&#, looks like a dump, and CHARGES DOUBLE based on a new home owner/new customer not knowing any better... Nice work A&E! Since then I have returned to Home Depot and spoke to the reference source he felt really bad and in fact Home Depot gave me a 15% discount on my purchase to make up for the shortcomings in dealing with a direct referral.... I didn't want to accept that discount but I did and the savings almost paid for the parts entirely.. Thanks Home Depot and Thanks again A&E for reminding me you cant just trust any small business for face value in today's state of the economy. Words of advice DO NOT do business with these guys they will treat you bad and charge you double! Pros: had the part/opened saturday Cons: not customer friendly/PRICE GOUGING more
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