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5 Minute Rock Chip Express - 13 Reviews - 3017 Bridgeport Way W, Tacoma, WA - Billing & Electronic Claims Processing Reviews - Phone (253) 460-3046

5 Minute Rock Chip Express

3017 Bridgeport Way W
Tacoma, WA 98466
(253) 460-3046
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I stopped at one of the 5 Minute Rock Chip locations and inquired about getting a few chips (size of a nikel) repaired. I had been short on money at the time so I opted out of the...


If you must use this company ask the tech how long they have done repairs. The company trains to do repairs but only for one of 3 days. Other two are used for learning paperwork. ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/30/2012

DO NOT wait until your rock chip cracks to get it repaired!! The sooner you get the chip repaired the better the results! I have been repairing rock chips for many years now and the repair process is basically the same no matter which company you use. While some people may have had bad experiences with this company, the process is not a reflection on the repair! But the technician is important so DO NOT go see Damien or Warren .... neither of them work for the company any longer because they both had a very HIGH rate of failed repairs!! If you need a good repair job feel free to come see me (JAZZ) at Southcenter Mall Wednesdays thru Sundays 11a-7p .... I am the best of the best and take very good care of my customers without subjecting them to some of the objectionable techniques of the company! I am also the best at fixing cracks and do not have any failed repairs (although I have fixed many of Damien's & Warren's failed repairs!!) .... while it is a rock chip repair (not a windshield crack repair) I can fix cracks and have had over 1000 satisfied customers this year alone!!! more

waste of time 4/24/2012

If you must use this company ask the tech how long they have done repairs. The company trains to do repairs but only for one of 3 days. Other two are used for learning paperwork. When good techs emerge they try to hold them back and eventually fire them. There was a tech who would greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome to their site but he was always being moved around to other sites so you never know where you will get a good repair. I would strongly warn against using this company. If you have no choice ask for Dameon or Darren. They do excellent repairs that are hardly noticeable. more

Sketchy doesn't even BEGIN to describe this company! 1/8/2012

Before taking a position for 5MRCE in the I researched the company and found no website or internet presence. Just horrible reviews. That should have been my first clue, but I really needed a job after being laid off. I figured maybe these were just disgruntled employees. WRONG! Where to start? Their lovely ""NGCC"" is housed in a crappy run-down little building on the waterfront in Tacoma... their ""lunch room"" consists of a closet that has a shelf tacked onto the wall with two chairs pushed up to it and a half refrigerator. HR didn't have me fill out any paperwork that first day, and for training my lead Amber (who had no discernable skills that I could see) handed me a glass technician's manual (I was hired as a CSR) and told me to study it. I was later pulled into the mandatory weekly meeting where I watched the ""president"" George (?) berate everyone on how they needed to take care of their customers and do right by them. Someone's cell phone then rang and I watched them hand it over to the George who then threw it across the room. I should have gotten up and left right then and there, but decided to stick it out. In spite of no formal training other than being instructed to take a sheet home which listed their ""core values"" that they base their business on. I memorized them but the next morning in my hurry to be early to work I forgot the paper at home. Since these ""values"" are such a cornerstone of their business you would assume they would be posted for all to see, right? I could not find them anywhere! My lead quizzed me on them and I stumbled on a couple words, so she left me sitting for 15 minutes doing nothing. During that time one of the employees who had been there the longest (almost a whole year!) reviewed with me and I was ready to try again when my lead came back in. She sent me to HR to fill out all the paperwork needed for hiring. Just as I signed the last paper my lead walked in and the HR person then told me I was being let go. I had worked 8 hours on Monday and half an hour on Tuesday. They eventually sent me a check for 5 hours. Because of the system they use for logging in and out I understood this was an oversight and I was patient, but had to call back 8 - 10 times. In the meantime that HR person left the company and I continued on with calling her superior Jamie multiple times and she told me it would be taken care of. Eventually some man who was extremely rude and said he was a vice president spoke with me and told me I was lying about calling in previously. He said they would pay me for the 8 hours for the first day, but not the 30 minutes from the second day. He said he didn't care if I had worked the whole day on Tuesday, that I had been fired and he wasn't paying me. I ended up going to L & I and they paid me (it was the principle of the matter). In other words..... if you are approached by anyone from 5MRCE or Chipsmith run the other way! more

Do not waste your gas or time applying at this place! 7/15/2011

I origionally applied to this company in May. I told the female I was interviewing with that I would not be able to start until the 18th, she offered me the job and told me someone would be calling me with a schedule for training that sunday. They called and told me I was scheduled for the following mon, tues, and weds. I told them, I told the lady I interviewed with I wasn't able to start until the 18th. I was then told to call hr on mon. I called monday and was told sorry, call us back and see where we are or just reapply later when your available. I felt that was shitty but understandable. I then reapply later. I get a phone call on this past friday to come in for another interview on mon and to explain to whoever interviews me that they are to notify bill of my recent experience in may. The lady tells me, well your hired but not offically and that someone will call me tues if not call her back. I get a call from her offering me the job on wed and to come in on thursday. Well, on Thursday the same woman who hired me raised her voice and said she was terminating me for lying to her and that bill never hired me. Ok, so where does the part come from stating bill hired me? don't they keep the apps of interviewees so when someone reapplies, they know what happend and who hired who? Your suppose to keep any application that comes through for 3 years, this woman was rude and humiliated me in front of two other employees for something I didn't do. If both women had been listening during the interviews all this drama could have been avoided. They can't even give you a normal schedule. Your hours and days off are different every week. And your expected to work on your days off on call. I can't believe this company is still in business! No wonder they have such a high turn over and always advertising. They spent 8 hours trying to figure out who hired me in the first place, lmao, when they could have just asked to hear my vm in which they offer me the job. more

Poor Repair procedure it dosent work !! 6/7/2011

I worked for these guys they are purely about numbers of repairs. I was even encouraged to pretend to repair rock chips that have already been repaired and bill the customers insurace anyway. The ""moisture evaparator"" they gave me to use was really just a hairdryer..and they are all part of some wierd cross dressing religious cult called the church of the 7 1/2 percent. The owner is a complete waste of skin loser who dosent care about his employees ! IF YOU WANT A REAL REPAIR GO TO SAFELITE !! These guys have no training no certification and have no idea how to repair anything. Dont let them drill holes in your windshield !! this only makes things worse ! more


I went for a interview today for CSR and I got there on time. I dressed professionally. I waited for a half hour before Jaime even interviewed me and she asked me questions that she asked me over the phone. She then came back out and told me and three other people she would be scheduling a second interview. A waste of gas to answer four or five questions that she had already asked over the phone. The call center is about the size of a master bedroom if that and they are located in what looks like a pier in a makeshift building. They are unorganized. As for the repair people I don't know what their experiences are, but this was a waste of time and gas. We are in a recession and because people need jobs is no reason to have them making unnecessary trips for interviews and running around. Damn people get it together. more

Tell everyone to avoid this company 3/20/2011

This place is horrible. Went in for a simple rock chip repair and they cracked the entire windshield and wouldn't give my car back for two hours and they tried to get the crack stopped. I spoke with their claims department and they had me go back to speak with the manager and trainer who was onsite at the Everett Mall location. The manager admitted that the crack resulted from employee neglagence. I later found out the empoyee was actually fired. Did that matter to this place; of course not. They refused to pay for the replacement of the windshiled that they admitted they cracked and I wasted 4 hours of my life. Go somewhere that can actually afford a building; avoid 5 minute rock chip express at all costs! more

Joke of a Business 11/29/2010

I was recently hired by this company, and didn't even make it past two days. It was literally the worst ran business I think I have ever had the indecency to know. I walked in for my first day of training and waited an hour and 45 minutes before they clocked me in, and then they immediately sent me on a 15 minute break. I came back in from having a smoke, and the guy who was supposed to train me had been fired because he made an error in the scheduling. I waited another half hour before another person was convinced to start training me. At this point, I was ready to just quit right then and there, but I desperately needed the money. I sat through two hours of semi-training (the girl training me was having an allergic reaction to something and was barely paying attention to what she was talking about or doing for that fact) -- most of it was reading through a bunch of papers and being asked if I understood any of it. It was all information that basically contradicted itself. My training was then interrupted by the so-called ""president"" who pulled nearly half the staff into this little conference area so he could ""re-train"" us as apparently the people who trained these people before didn't do it properly. Great. Just what the new person wants to hear on their first day. After lunch I spent about three hours ""training"" before they stuck me on the floor. What a joke. I was supposed to listen to the representatives take claims, but they decided to pull the rest of the staff into the conference room for training, leaving only five people working. The poor girl who ran scheduling that day was swamped and I felt really bad for her. The meeting took forever, and so work was backed up. My training for the day never got finished, and I was thoroughly heated when I finally left at six that evening. I turned in my resignation later that night. It was a joke to even think about applying there. Just don't do it. Worst ran business out there. more

Epitome of evil 4/26/2010

I was hired by the company in April 2009 when I desperately needed a job. In retrospect, remaining unemployed would have been the better option. Employees and customers alike are treated with no respect and forced politeness with a facade of genuine concern. Employees are sent to various sites on their own gas, dragging along equipment and basically become salesmen: bending the truth and being vague to sell product. Schedules are given a day at a time, with no days off (you are ""on call"" and must report in if they ask you to regardless of time of day). Customers are given a great repair (assuming the tech knowns what he's doing and cares enough to do a quality job...this is most often not the case), but the hassle is not worth it. The five minutes thing is a flat out lie. Be prepared to waste at least ten, most likely 15-30. Your insurance will cover it, but they may also raise your rates or drop you (despite the fact the employees will assure you this won't will). If you decide just to pay cash prepare to be haggled and be ready for them to try to rip you off. If you can't get the price down to $40, leave and try somewhere else or try again on another tech. My advice: when you see the red, white, and blue tents with the free rock chip repair sign and the techs in the red hats and aprons, stay FAR FAR away. And if you ever have the opportunity to work for a company called ""Chipsmith"", this is them, and I would again, stay far far away. Pros: Paycheck, somewhat ""free"" repair with proper coverage Cons: Everything else more

Who's Really The Accountable One 4/20/2010

I was hired on by 5mrce on 3/31/10 to be a CSR (Customer Service Representative) in the NGCC (National Glass Claims Center). Okay, first of all I've never seen a company ran this way and I'd have to say that I saw a few demotions, a few being fired (a nice way to say it, let go)!! If I'm going to be held accountable for mistakes I made then that's fine, but this employer didn't give me proper training and there was too many people that had access and was doing my job too. I know I made a few mistakes, but what about the mistakes that others made and they was supposedly trained to do the same job I was. They had me doing it wrong. There were at least 5 people who knew how to do scheduling and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wanted that position!! Why is that? According to several of these fellow employees, the Scheduling position was the position of DEATH! That was nice to know. I was not trained for two weeks in scheduling according to HR. I had 3 days and not 3 complete days! I was hired and applied to do process claims. I was trained in that for 3 days and after 6 or 7 days, was chosen to be cross-trained in scheduling, a management position. Talk about stress. All three people that somewhat showed me how to do the job, all of them did things differently and mistakes were made that I caught, oh of course unless that was done purposely by someone to see if I'd catch it by reviewing the reports. Oh yeah, the reports. The person in HR that was trained in scheduling just a few days before me had me making mistakes on the reports and changing the previous days reports to reflect how she did it. Of course she didn't admit that to me, the Head of Operations did. So, who was doing it right and who was doing it wrong. HR had their hands in scheduling, the Head of Operations had their hands in scheduling, one employee who started training me had her hands in scheduling, the so called President had his hands in it, the Vice Pres. did, at least 3 others had their hands in it. Okay basically what I'm saying is, if I'm supposed to be doing a job, the training should have been complete and accurate. I don't mind being held accountable for something I did, but DON'T pass the buck onto me and make me accountable for something that I didn't do. This company was a joke! A lack of professionalism and respect for those who want to succeed. Pros: I got paid Cons: Not enough pay for the amount of stress more

These Guys Saved my Life 12/19/2009

I stopped at one of the 5 Minute Rock Chip locations and inquired about getting a few chips (size of a nikel) repaired. I had been short on money at the time so I opted out of the amazingly low $55 offer. About 2 month later while driving on the freeway...well you guessed it, my windsheild cracked straight across the middle. I took my car into into the local winsheild repair shop (Novus) I beleive and well i ended up paying about $950!!!! Now whenever I get rock chips these guys are the first ones I call 65$ compared to $950...well its a no brainer. Pros: Much Cheaper tha Auto Glass Shops Cons: Outdoors Cold Weather more

one of the worst experiences of my life 1/20/2009

so i was shopping with my fiance at the citadel mall when we saw a rock chip repair company. Ill start out by saying the five minute advertisment was a total lie we waited for 15 minutes before the gal even said hello then he had some paper work plus a phone call wich in my opinion should have been taken care when she was eating that burrito. then there was a phone call which she said she had to wait for before she could start the work because my car was made before 2000. the phone call took 10 minutes all the while the lady was smoking a ciggarette 2 feet from out car. anyway the work took 10 minutes and in the end it still cracked out a day later ended up having to replace the windshield. now maybe the work would have been better if it was a different person but the company on the phone which they called ""national glass claim center"" was full of incompatant people but over all i was appauled the lady who did our car was the manager and her name is cindy miller i dont suggest going to these people they are at both the malls here in colorado both chapple hills and the citadel and all our military basses fort carson peterson airforce base and they airforce academy thankyou for letting me get this of my chest if you have any questions just email me at hivbia@hotmail Pros: they idea makes sense if thats a pro Cons: redicoulus waiting time awfull employee/manager rude work ethics more

Take it from a person who worked for them! 12/2/2008

Rock chip repair isnt a ripoff or scam,but like all industries there are low quality and fast buck mongers who make millions on the backs of honest workers. 5MRCE Is one of them. If you want quality repair ask the tech how much experience they have. If its less than a month, run away and go to a glass shop or find another location. Also, if you want to get into the industry its a good investment for relatively little startup or overhead and easily done from your own vehicle, house, or shop. more

5 minute rock chip express 8/19/2008

Not enough training for techs.. Don't pay them enough.. THE SUPERVISORS FOR THE TECHs have NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Rip Off Cons: Treat employees bad more
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