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150 Bronx Bar

5555 Morningside Dr
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 520-9691
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Finally a club that isnt full of black people. Thank God.


This place is RACIST! I'm not usually one to pull the race card.... I try to believe I'm living in 2012 and NOT 1965 but sometimes I'm sadly reminded of my beautiful chocolate ...

Racist bar!! 4/19/2012

This place is RACIST! I'm not usually one to pull the race card.... I try to believe I'm living in 2012 and NOT 1965 but sometimes I'm sadly reminded of my beautiful chocolate skin tone. My African American girlfriend & I went here on 3/24/12 because we heard about the $13 all you can eat crawfish. We planned all week to come here after participating in a fundraiser that morning downtown at First City Tower. We and our other 3 white girlfriends all met there to chow down on crawfish. Our white friends made it there before us, and were already seated sipping on drinks. We got there about 10-15 minutes later but the door man wouldn't let us in. He claimed we needed a reservation. In the meantime two young, good looking white girls were let in before AND after us. True, they could have had a reservation, or maybe already checked in, but the sign on the sidewalk only said ""$13 all you can eat crawfish"". The sign said nothing about ""reservations required or preferred"" (even though their Facebook page says they are preferred). Anyway, we proceeded to question the doorman about why we could not get in. We tried not to make a scene even though we did ask for the manager. BTW, we were appropriately dressed. While waiting on the manager, we called our friends, who told us they were already inside. They flagged us down from inside the bar. The doorman couldn't help but notice we were part of a large party and eventually let us in before the manager could come. More of our white friends, who came later, did not have a problem getting in. We have since flamed this place on Facebook and apparently Bronx Bar has a racist reputation. Needless to say our group is boycotting this place. We now go to the Mezzanine Lounge for all you can eat crawfish on Sundays. So said this happened in 2012. On a positive note, the crawfish there WAS good...the butter dipping sauce is phenomenal...and we put a big dent in their crawfish as payback for their 1960's treatment! more

Whooo! 12/23/2011

Finally a club that isnt full of black people. Thank God. more

Racist Bastards!!! 7/11/2010

Its 2010 these scumbags needs to get with program and stop selective admittance into their freaking bar based on skin color....are u kidding me! Oh the Pony-Tailed white Bouncer......Only if his unknown biological father had used a condom...we would have been spared another Racist retard to deal with in this country. Uneducated fool...he would continue to remain a bouncer and earn $5.50/hr for the rest of his unfortunate excuse as a life. Don't even go here to waste your hard earned money! more

Racist Bouncer 7/10/2010

Yesterday, July 9th, 2010, four of my friends and I went to the bronx to have a good time. When we got there we stood in line like we normally do with our ids in hand. The first bouncer was Hispanic with salt and pepper hair while the other bouncer was Caucasian with long blond hair which he put up in a pony tail. He wore a black shirt with long sleeves and light blue jeans (for pants). These bouncers allowed 5 people go in before us. At first we didn't think anything of it until he allowed 17 Caucasians get into the bar before us. Much to our dismay, imagine how we felt when we realized that the only people standing in line were African Americans. Did I mention we had been standing in line for a long time when he allowed the entourage of 17 Caucasians who came in minutes after us in!!!??? When my friend tried to ask him why, he blew him off saying they were all females which by the way wasn't true because they had two male companions with them. So my friend said, please allow my female friends in then which he went further to say he couldn't because the club was too full (which by the way wasn't true either. You had people coming and going like if they were at a state fair). What do you know, right after he said that a few people left the club and 6 white folks came behind us and guess what, he let them in. Right in front of us. Some nice guy from inside the club who witnessed the whole thing approached the blond ponytail bouncer and protested on our behalf but his protest fell on deaf ears as the ugly blond headed bouncer proceeded to allow only white people get into the club right in front of us while we were neglected. I should emphasis, the bouncer with the long BLOND PONYTAIL was the instigator. We taped this racist activity on a cell phone and we forwarded it to ABC news. This is ridiculous, that at a time like this there are racist people in our society. Did I mention that as a result of his idiotic behaviour we had to go else where??? Please say no to racism!!! Please don't bother going to this spot, it is a waste of time. Pros: Great hip hop Music Cons: Endless hours standing in line more

Ridiculous! 7/10/2010

Once you are ""black,"" you can't get in and they make you wait in line forever till you get frustrated and live (Um..duh..that's what they want). I was in line with 5 of my well dressed friends and the bouncer won't let us in saying ""it's full to capacity"". 7 white folks came in behind us and guess what, he let them in. I was like dude ? He was like they all females ( really 6 females and 1 male). I was like well, i got 2 female friends with me, you should let them him. He said again ""it's full to capacity"". Couple of minutes later, about 15 folks left the club at once, guess what, he said ""it's full to capacity"". The bouncers (Mexican and White dude, i think) then let about 10 other people in while we were there waiting. The White guy was all confused and knew what he was doing was not right. But had to go with the flow i guess by what the BOSS says ""no blacks"" ??? I guess. We ended up leaving and for me, I am never going to that F***** bar again! Cons: Racism right in your face! more

staff was wasted 12/4/2009

While i did enjoy the music I thought the place was TINY and overcrowded. Tough to get service and every staff member i encountered seemed to be more intoxicated than any of the patrons. Pros: location Cons: music more

The Bronx Bar; a Village hotspot 10/8/2009

This particular Saturday night it was pouring in Rice Village. My destination was the Bronx Bar, a smaller joint on Morningside, wedged in between Brian O?Neill?s Pub and the street housing the Ginger Man. I had seen the Bronx Bar on my way to the Ginger Man some weekends ago, and made a mental note to stop by sometime. The only way I can describe it was Spartan in decor. Pretty to the point. The layout of the place reminded me of a Starbucks on the rocks with a twist of bar. This was certainly emphasized with its attractive but not too innovative lighting. Distressed colored glass lamps hung over the bar which was a somewhat illuminated marble top. It was raining outside so I didn?t nose around the deck very much. But the energy was very warm inside. It was good spot to grab a drink, but not the best spot to relax due to the limited seating. They had the XM on until the VJ showed up. It?s really the little things that make a bar pass or fail at providing these basic services to their customers. The busboy was like a ninja expertly clearing a table as stealthily as possible. You?d really have to be looking for him to notice. You could tell the manager ran a, not to be clich?, tight ship. Parking was a downside but that?s the way rice village is. Just a little heads up there?s a CVS a block away. It was all too easy to park there and just walk up Morning side. The weekly rundown; Thursdays ladies drink free till eleven, Wednesdays eighties night, Tuesdays 5$ patron 3$ wells Fridays and Saturdays VJ Gabe graces Rice Village with his presence exclusively at the Bronx Bar. *On a side note I had researched some existing reviews on this establishment and thought it was disturbing and ironic the multiple reports of ?racism? exhibited by the bar. I only say Ironic considering the group I had found my way to mingle with consisted of; an African American, a Jordanian, two Caucasians, and four Hispanics. I am no subject matter expert on the topic, However I believe these reports may be somewhat over exaggerated. Pros: atmosphere, drinks, patrons Cons: seating, parking more

a good stopping point in a night out in rice village 4/18/2009

Bronx Bar can be a ton of fun, or a pain in the butt. If you get there early, you are guaranteed a spot to sit and there are usually good drink specials, but there aren't a lot of people. If you get there when it's crowded, it can be a lot of fun, but harder to get in. Sometimes the bouncers tend to get a little selective, but I've never had problems getting in, nor have any of my friends (who are of various races). The best time to go is Thursday nights for the drink specials. Pros: in rice village, usually has a drink special, decent music Cons: limited seating, can get crowded, can be expensive more

Worst Bar in Houston 1/4/2009

There are many great places to grab a drink with friends, family, and colleagues in Houston - Bronx bar isn't one of them. As many bars/clubs are selective about the women to men ratio (understandably so), this place is more concerned about what races hang out inside their cramped overpriced establishment. (There was a time when the bar management wasn't so idiotic and let all types of people in, but even then, the overpriced drinks and cramped confines were not fun.) There is no need to go to this establishment in Rice Village when there are about a dozen other places within walking distance. I've been to hundreds of bars -- from dive bars to posh high-enders --in Houston and throughout the country, and Bronx Bar has to be, by far, the worst one I've ever come across. Don't even bother trying to sweet talk the moronic ogre-like bouncers that work here - what a horrible job to have (not being a bouncer, but being a bouncer at Bronx Bar). Stay away. The bars that are next door to Bronx are heck of a lot more fun, cheaper, and an overall better environment. Enjoy your next night out! Pros: Good Location Cons: Everything Else - Horrible Service, Cost of Drinks, Moronic Bouncers more

All recent stories are SO TRUE .. Doorman is an absolute d bag 12/5/2008

All I can tell you is that the doorman is an absolute tool, and i can not for my life understand why they try to be so "" selective"" about the people they let in... I did not think it was racially motivated, but after reading the reviews below and my previous experiences i have to say i believe this is the case .. there's absolutely nothing special about the bar or the area, its RICE VILLAGE, theres nothing but broke college students and a bunch of d bags/pretenders with spiked up bleached hair (actually he doorman looks like that),.. but still, not worth putting up with the doorman's bs.. sorry, but this place is BIG TIME THUMBS DOWN Pros: people easy to look at Cons: you got brown/minority friends? avoid an awkward/ bummer moment of the night more

diverse party crowd 9/6/2008

Free seating if you can get it, which is nice, because crowding is inevitable. No reason to spend time on the patio since all the fun happens inside. People actually go here to drink and have fun, and everyone is approachable. Whether you just want to stand and drink or grab someone for a dance, it's a easy place for everyone to agree on visiting. more

everything is cool....except the doorman. PLEASE READ MY STORY! 9/4/2008

allow me to share my experience. i was with a party of 12 (5 guys, 7 girls). we were all dressed nicely and appropriately. anyways, MOTHA F****N A**H*** doorman lets the ladies in with no problem. then, looks at me and my friends and tells us that ""sorry fellas, we are packed right now."" which they weren't, lots of empty seats at the patio and the bar inside was nowhere filled to capacity. but, wait it gets better. after he told us it was packed, he has the nerve to say, ""for $100 i can let u fellas inside"". well, my friend whose girlfriend was already let inside was like, ""dont worry about it, i'll cover everybody"". i told him dont give that MOTHA F****N A**H*** a single effin penny. He was like, ""dude, chill be cool. i got it"". So he pays, we get inside. When we get inside, one of my friends just happened to be working at the bar so i tell her what just happened outside. She was furious to say the least. She was like, ""hold on i'll be right back."" Couple minutes later, she comes back with my friend's $100 and told us sorry. Which was hella cool of her to do. But, i was like make that MOTHA F****N A**H*** be the one to give us our money back. After all he was the one that took it, he should be the one to return it. She was just like please let it go, im gonna tell my manager what happened, but please just let it go with the doorman. Her being my friend, i respected her request. more

This place is pretenious!! 7/14/2008

This place is not worth it. The bouncer is an a-hole. I don't mind waiting in line, if there was actually a line. And its not only about the line, this place is small with bad music. I am only blogging because I hated bars in town who tries to pretend to be exclusive when its not. All those places never last. Sadly, this bar is heading in that path. This use to be the place to chill and lounge and have conversation with friends but now its just another sad little place where people go to be fake! Eventually this bar will lose its customers because those same customers will get bored and move on to the next so called ""it"" bar. more

It really depends... 7/12/2008

I can sympathize with complaints of prejudice because I'm not white and I try to avoid places where I hear that they don't like minorities but I didn't really see a problem here. I went on a Saturday night and it looked like a mixed crowd. My group got in no problem because it was a bunch of girls but once we were inside, yea there were a lot of white people but I also saw a bunch of Indians and Asians and a couple black and Hispanic people. I don't know what people are talking about good music though.. it was kind of bunk. DJ kept playing a bunch of typical high school dance music but he played more hip hop at the end of the night. I had fun in my corner but the place was kind of a c0ck fest. Lots of pervert starers. This place is what you make of it. Drinks were pricey but they make them strong. It's a good alternative to Bamboo because theres no cover, which is the only other place you can dance at Rice Village. Pros: chill, not pretentious, no cover or dress code Cons: crowded, pricey drinks, so so music, starers but not touchers more

The no drama club 5/5/2008

This is the most relaxed night club I've ever been to. None of the games that the mid-town clubs play (you know, the bouncer with the big ego trying to create a line at the door, no cover charge like crummy suburban clubs, and a good overall crowd. more

I LOVE this bar!! 4/25/2008

My girlfriends and I go to Bronx Bar every Thursday night and we always have a blast!!! The bartenders are really sweet, the DJ plays awesome music, not to mention the $1 wells and drafts! If you ever want a chill place to dance, that's not too crowded,,,This is the place to be!!! more

Awesome Bar 3/19/2008

Bronx is a great place to hang out with friends. they are not against any race! they inforce dress code and they wont let anyone in if you are not dressed appropriately and that goes for any one....any race! they have great happy hours and i would sugguest go check it out for yourself instead of reading what everyone else says. I give it 2 thumbs up Pros: great location, nice patio Cons: needs more stalls in the bathroom more

best bartenders and music in Texas 1/28/2008

The bartenders all belong in Maxim of FHM magazine. Besides them being hot they are good. The drinks came out quick and strong. On another note, every time I come they are playing the best music. Dj Gabe is there most nights and he is freaking awesome. I'm don't dance at bars but I get dragged on to the dance floor by some girls every time I'm there. Pros: ambience, bartenders, music more

Better than ever! 10/9/2007

When I heard that Bronx bar was going to be opened again, I was so excited. This was one of the first places I consumed alcohol almost ten years ago. It has been totally gutted and beautifully redone and those disgusting bathrooms are now a beautiful work of art with multi-colored metallic tiles. Reading the latter reviews proclaiming racsim could or could not be true, but if I owned my own bar I would be the same way. Most clubs open up with the attractive crowd that spends a lot of money and know how to behave. You know the club has officially gone downhill by two determining factors: 1) They change the age policy from 21+ to 18 and up and 2) The majority of the guests are of African-American decent. I know there are a few exceptions to the policy, but the majority of the this particular race is very loud, and cheap asking if they can get their Courvoisier and Coke or Long Island Tea for $5 instead of $8 and ""hook it up, guuuurl!"" I say more power to any bar that wants to keep their upscale image. Pros: Beautiful Renovation, Hot Bartenders more

Bartenders are freaking HOT!!!! 9/27/2007

I just read the last two reviews about the Bronx and race issues. I have been in there a couple of times over the last few weeks since the reopening and I have seen what appears to be: Asian, Indian, Black, Hispanic and White. Granted I tend to remember girls more than guys. Anyway I doubt you overheard some bouncer yelling to a manger ""We don't allow no darkies in here"". Here is a fact. If a bar has too many dudes then you and your ten dude buddies probably won't get in. Just take yourself to Joe's Ice House. The area the Bronx is in has numerous bars around it. They are all good. But if you want to hear great dance music, see nice looking people and see people that are dressed nice, then go to the Bronx Bar. Otherwise go to Woodrows or G-Man. Pros: Weekend Nights it keeps out the flip flop, baseball hat wearing, tobacco dipping morons more
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