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Dr. Stephen Doyne restored peace in our home with our children even though I did not win. Considering how long he has been in business with only a few negative stories-- obviously...


You need to see pbs dot org/wgbh/pages/frontline/real-csi/ ACFEI Amercian College of Fornsice Examiners International is what Doyne claims on his web site. What about hon...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2013

My son's Pediatrician recommended Dr. Doyne as a child therapist. I decided to engage in individual therapy with Dr. Doyne when I was unable to obtain consent from the father. He has helped me to gain an understanding of my situation and myself. Useful tips towards parenting and resources are readily given. Collaboration with other professionals, as well as, understanding the legal and court processes are a bonus. When I needed to come back after a long hiatus Dr. Doyne was there to become part of my team again. Thank you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/28/2012

Dr. Doyne has been absolutely amazing for the two years my son has seen him. It is not an exaggeration to say that without Dr. Doyne, my son would not have been able to get through a very diffucult time in his life. Dr. Doyne has been an advocate for my son, has built a strong trust with my son (at a time when he wasn't sure if he could trust anyone) and has been nothing short of phenomenal as a professional and as a caring, helpful man. If I could give more than five stars, I would! Thank you Dr. Doyne! more

You need to see pbs dot 5/27/2012

You need to see pbs dot org/wgbh/pages/frontline/real-csi/ ACFEI Amercian College of Fornsice Examiners International is what Doyne claims on his web site. What about honesty and character? So this man is a Child Custody Evaluator? Aren't Honesty and Character the ABCs of who should make an honest decision for those kids? Doyne LIED about his instructorship and professorship. Doyne LIED about the Rules of Court and did not did file his Mandatory FL-326 for Tax evasion purposes. When he was caught about this issue he then filled out the forms post-haste, even though he lied under the penalty of perjury about signng these forms. Doyne LIED about His wife being an employee in his office and when she never was. His wife collected unemployment when she never was. Doyne LIED about his Specialty Certification Diploma source, where it was actually from the ACFEI who sold another bogus credential to a cat and prison inmate too. This man is a fake, has well organized pathology, and is a very good actor.. That is it...Never trust. Never trust him. more


Dr. Stephen Doyne restored peace in our home with our children even though I did not win. Considering how long he has been in business with only a few negative stories-- obviously came from the loser not the winner-- I am very impressed with his work, attitude, honesty, style of hearing all sides and his genuine care for the children involved. And I personally think the children are worth the money and time these professionals take to find the best solution for the children and anyone who does not agree because they lost their case, some of their time, or some of their money needs to seek some professional help immediately for the sake of their children. The shoemaker's children never have any shoes. Where is the accountability people? Now go do the right thing for your children not yourself! Pros: null Cons: null more

Quality Doctor 3/5/2012

What many do not understand about being a Medical Doctor is that it is actually fairly easy to lose one's medical license through mistakes and or bad practices. The level of standard is very high in their training and practices. The AMA and licensing board is very strong on adherence to ethical, moral, and professional standards. This is why it is so hard to become one. If a Doctor fails to chart properly, for example, or does not accurately chart on a consistent basis, for example, they could very easily lose their license. This is why Dr. Emad Tadros can be trusted. He has served as Vice-Chairman of Scripps Behavior Health Services, and if Scripps didn't like this good man he would have been fired already, but he is a good man and a good Doctor, so he remains. His commitment to high standards is there. Pros: null Cons: null more

Fantastic in all regards 3/2/2012

In short, Dr. Doyne is incredible. His experience, education, empathy, and approach to counseling got me through an extremely difficult period in my life. He was able to identify with my situation due to his many years of practice and quickly get me on a treatment path that yielded nothing less than consistent progress and great results. While therapy is not always easy, my sessions with Dr. Doyne were the highlight of my day. He is not a person who will tell someone what they want to hear to unnecessarily prolong therapy. He provides the therapy that a person needs to get better. His goal was always the same as mine; to become a better, healthier person as soon as possible. It was also evident from day one that his goal was not to have me as a patient until the end of time to line his own pockets. While Dr. Doyne made sure I felt that he was there to provide support and counseling whenever I needed it, he placed great emphasis on and delivered progress. I can honestly say that my life is on a completely different, happier, and healthier path than it would or could have been without Dr. Doyne. I also feel that I have found someone on whom I can rely to help me get through any other difficult times in my life that I might have. After seeing the good that Dr. Doyne can do, I fully intend to use him as a resource to not only get through these times but also help make the good times better. His wisdom is equally valuable to augmenting the healthy as it is to aiding the troubled. He is trustworthy, available, kind, smart, and dedicated. I urge any readers of this post that are serious about improving themselves, their marriage, or their lives to disregard the negative feedback on this website and give Dr. Doyne a chance. As did I, I'm sure you will discover in the first few minutes of speaking with him that he is of the highest quality. You will also find within your first session with him that he deserves nothing less than your trust, respect, and confidence. While it seems that the internet has been flooded with what appear to me to be disingenuous, vindictive reviews of Dr. Doyne, I hope you will see the genuineness, honesty, and authenticity of this review and give yourself the chance you deserve to be helped by a great man. While I do not want to post details of my personal life on the internet, the reader should know that I have told Dr. Doyne that he can use me as a reference and stand ready to speak his praises or answer any questions about my experience with him should he ever feel it is appropriate or necessary. Don?t succumb to the irrational anger of individuals that most likely can?t be helped and are probably angry for reasons that have nothing to do Dr. Doyne. I hope you read and believe the reviews of Dr. Doyne by happy, healthy people because I?m sure that is what you want yourself, your children, your spouse, your friends, or your family to become. Cheers. Pros: null Cons: null more

Lawsuit? 3/1/2012

Is Stephen Doyne suing anyone for exposing controversial facts about him? Why not? Pros: null Cons: null more

Doyne was falsely accused - man up and apologize 2/23/2012

Dr. D practiced here for years and helped thousands. Then a therapist-dad came out as the bad guy in report and made it his mission in life to ruing Doyne's life. After Doyne was vindicated NOT ONE of the people who repeated the crazy stories has had the maturity to stand up, apologize, and fix the mess they helped create. Don't believe me? Here's the record of appeal exonerating him: see Tadros v. Doyne, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, case number (Super. Ct. No. 37-2008-00093885- Pros: null Cons: null more

Run! Run! Run Away! Don't go! Children will hurt more 10/15/2011

Doyne is a self centered egocentric actor/fraud who ruins families. There is no way that I could contribute 1 star but had to in order to post this truth. Any money you may have, he and Dr. lori love will empty. Doyne doesn't care about you or your children. Run away. Don't go to him or his partner, Lori Love.Purposely, they will go back and forth and perpetuate in order to take your money. Children have begged for help when being abused- don't care. Women are usually called histrionic, men are narcissists. The more money you have, the longer this will go on... Both will drain you. Use you, your children and abuse you. Both lie, make up fabricate and do not in any way look out for yours or your children's best interest. The system itself is incestuous. Don't be conned by your Attorney to use either one. They will postpone, delay, manipulate real truth. The more money you have..more money they will take. The family law court system needs to fire these fraudulant and unethical so called experts. more

Doyne's Fraud on The Public 8/27/2011

** Doyne is by his innate nature is a manipulative, con- artist professional fraud, Credentials fraud , Propaganda Fraud, and is clearly full of ? pumping air in a dead horse CV/Resume?. Doyne has gone the extra mile to purchase a useless, but certainly very impressive piece of paper certificate, of which the same was sold to a HOUSE CAT! Google "The Credentialing Con" more

Do not be fooled 8/26/2011

Do not be fooled by this smarmy man. In my experience his only interest is in extracting as much money as possible from his unsuspecting clients/victims. Instead of choosing office decor which would help children feel at ease, he instead has photos of himself at a triathlon, his own sports trophies and other objects of vanity which are absurd and inappropriate in a professional office. He will profit greatly by charging for numerous and needless standard psychological tests which he'll administer to you and your children. He has sued clients who have dared to criticize the authenticity of his proffered credentials. IMO it is highly unlikely that you or your children will benefit from any contact with this man. more

He Saw The Truth! 8/9/2011

Dr. Doyne was wonderful through the entire custody evaluation. The kids loved him and he was very comfortable to talk to. My husand asked specifically to have the evaluation done because his ex-wife was continuously making false accusations. She had a hidden agenda for putting our family through hell and back. The courts would never do anything about it after we had the support of many professionals. Dr. Doyne saw right through what her and her boyfriend were doing to the children. She was using them as pawns and putting them through terrible things that they will never forget. He was an advocate for those children and now that my husband has sole legal custody, they are somewhat protected, although she does share in physical custody. No one wants to see the children taken away from a parent and he recommended her to have some therapy for her issues. Unfortunately, she will never change her ways. Dr. Doyne took the time to get to know us and our values and listen to everyone's concerns on BOTH sides. This is something that you never get in court. You are always rushed out of there without being able to tell your side of the story and it seems that the judges are annoyed that you are even in front of them. In a divorce, there is always going to be one side that is not happy or did not get exactly what they wanted. This is about the children and what is best for them. I feel he did what he was hired to do and did it in a professional matter. All of the people that were after him about fraud, were people that didn't agree with his recommendation. Dr. Doyne was awarded legal fees by the court, further proving that the claims were meritless and without any foundation. I highly recommend Dr. Doyne without any hesitation. He knows children and what is best for them. more

Tellin' it as I know it. 5/2/2011

I would be highly suspectful of any positive post on here about Doyne. Where, where do you ever find so many negative posts about any one professional? Almost never ? the public has spoken the truth about Doyne, this should be truthtelling in and of itself. more

A qualified, empathic experienced professional 4/25/2011

Many of the reviews about Dr Doyne do not resemble the man who compassionately and with great insight assisted my children through the divorce process between their father and myself. Dr. Doyne made recommendations that supported what was in the best interest of the children while my husband and I were mired down in our anger and fighting over the division of every aspect of our marriage, including the children. For any parent unfortunate enough to be going through a high conflict divorce in San Diego there is support and help in the office of Dr. Stephen Doyne. He can see past the charade of what parents are attempting to present to the attorneys, courts, judges, and mediators etc to make the often unpopular but appropriate recommendations to protect and aide the children from the hideousness of divorce. Looking back, both my ex-husband and myself realize and appreciate the knowledge and expertise of Dr Doyne. Our children benefited greatly from having Dr Doyne involved in our case. My ex and I don't agree on a lot but we do agree on the value and importance of having a professional like Dr Doyne on the case to look after what is best for the children. We highly recommend him. more

He Saved My Kids LIfe 3/28/2011

Dr. Doyne's decades of experience allows him to quickly see through the smoke screens and game playing of his often highly educated and successful clients and do what is in the best interest of the children involved. Dr. Doyne does not wince in making what he believes are the best recommendations for the children in the cases assigned to him even when there is extraordinary pressure to do otherwise. In my case, I was divorcing a successful attorney who on the exterior appeared to have his life together. Behind closed doors he was an abusive alcoholic. My ex-husband was so convincing at hiding his issues that even his closest friends did not realize the degree of his problems until years after they became friends. It took Dr. Doyne just a few sessions to realize my ex-husband's behavior was putting our kid in danger physically and hurting our kid emotionally. When Dr. Doyne reported his concerns to the court, my ex-husband responded by attacking Dr. Doyne personally and professionally. Dr. Doyne never relented and continued to champion what he saw was best for our kid. Our kid was being put in one dangerous situation after another with the father, but the courts would not intervene until he was physically hurt - even when my ex-husband was picked up for drinking and driving with our kid in the car the courts refused to intervene. I was terrified each time i had to do the drop- off with my ex-husband. There in NO doubt in my mind that Dr. Doyne saved our kid's life. Because of Dr. Doyne I have a chance to stop the cycle of violence that was part of my ex-husband's family heritage. Saving our kid came at a huge cost to Dr. Doyne, so I can say with the greatest of confidence he will do what is in the best interest of any children who are lucky enough to find their way into his office. Most families will never need the type of expertise required in my unfortunate case, but you can rest assured Dr. Doyne not only can spot what is best for children, but he has the courage to be a real advocate for them! more

Stephen Doyne, Divorces Inc. 12/1/2010

Stephen Doyne is not a good person in my world. Having had two people in my famiy divorce, under his reccomendation, and being the only one in my family to mantain a consistent marraige (without any counsel, by the way), I am qualified to say that Stephen is a guy who will 'jump the gun' and tell his patients to divorce. His flaw is that he sees the world as cut and dry, without any regard to helping families 'work through their problems'.. Something that is underrated in this world, and diminished by so called qualified people like Stephen. If you are wise and believe in your family or family at all, I really suggest you look elsewhere for advice. more

What's deeply wrong with this man and the divorce industry 9/16/2010

Doyne's legacy is disgrace. He has been exposed to have fraudulent certifications, to have lied on his resume three times, to have changed the names of institutions he claimed granted him legitimate credentials, has bilked dozens of parents out of millions of dollars at $20,000 per "evaluation" (an outrageous sum for someone with his weak, fraudulent credentials), has been sued numerous times for fraud, malpractice, lying and theft. more

730 Custody Evaluators in San Diego 9/12/2010

I am a 730 custody evaluator in San Diego, Ca. more

Sociopath has run wild 9/5/2010

Stephen Doyne is a sociopath who has been permitted to run wild. Stay away from this individual who has fraudulent professional credentials. While with my child in this individuals office in the blazing sun, it was quite warm, 84 degrees is what his thermostat read. more
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