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Businiess name:  Crane Daniel L Md
Review by:  citysearch c.
Review content: 
This guy is truly TERRIBLE. Yes, I agree, this isn't the place for support, interest, care or anything else like if you are a straight drug fiend who is looking for a Dr. who will go to any length of illegality to take your money and give you some dope...he is your man. ATTENTION DRUG ADDICTS! THIS GUY IS GREAT! If you happen to be a decent human being...this guy is not. his staff is horrendous. Most of the time they forget to call and remind you of your appointment, on top of that, if they do, its a recording that is sent out and calls in the middle of the night sometimes expecting you to be ready for your 9 am appointment. On top of that if you ever want to call and check when your next appointment is proactively they will give you the run around by putting you on hold constantly, switching you around to different people and just straight hanging up on you to your face and then taking the phone off the hook so it seems busy. Yes they have hung up in my face more times than answered the phone kindly to help me and I've been seeing him for 3 years now. On top of this if they do talk to you on the phone they are rude beyond belief and the receptionist sounds like she's has a 3rd grade education. They will never check their ""e-mail"" that they set up recently so don't even try. I e-mailed them for months once to try and set up another appointment because they kept hanging up on all my calls. The receptionist is a very loud woman with a little less than class who yells about your insurance information and prescriptions through the whole waiting area so everyone can hear and it is very embarrassing. On more than one occasion she has scheduled me to come in on a day that the Dr. wasn't available or overbooked a day and has sent me home telling me I was wrong even after showing her the card she wrote me in her own handwriting. Of course there is no reimbursement if you miss a bunch of work 2 days in a row because of her mistake. The Dr. himself offers no advice, help, comfort, interest. He almost interrupts you when you are talking to him about issues you are having in order to move things along and get you out of the door as soon as possible. I literally pay him $200 a month for a less than 5 minute meeting and he doesn't have the time to listen to me the 2 times I have come in with legitimate concerns? They make under-the-table completely illegal deals with patients in order to pocket money and screw insurance companies as well as the patients themselves as though they are above the law. They called me in the middle of the night to tell me about an appointment I had this morning that I hadn't known about and I missed the message and went to work. When they called to inform me of the charge they'd be sending me for missing the appointment I didn't even know I had I said ""bill me"" and hung up the phone as she has on me more times than not. She called back to inform me I've been ""terminated"" from their offices because of my behavior and they're sending a ""termination"" fee of $100 along with my $25 penalty for not showing up to the appointment that was never scheduled today and I was informed of via recording on my voicemail while I was asleep. They are a psychiatric Dr's office...I'm very sure they deal with crazier people than me so if that is the ""behavior"" that gets you terminated then god bless them and they old money bagging manipulative drug-dealing establishment! They should be arrested!

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