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Are You Really Getting Through? Are You Even Listening - Review by Ball-Romney D | Gottman Institute

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Are You Really Getting Through? Are You Even Listening 5/16/2006

Have you ever had a really bad argument with a significant other and wondered if they knew what they looked like as they said things that hurt your feelings? Have you ever wanted to hook your partner up to a polygraph? Dr. Gottman does something like this; he shows what couples look like when they're arguing, helps them to see what they're not seeing or hearing -- like sincere attempts to connect -- and helps onlookers to understand what the couple is really doing. His methods may help you to experience a paradigm shift in your own perceptions, and help you to hold on to what is good and precious in life, but only if you listen! They also sell a home version of their "pulse monitor ".... I'm glad that Jerry Springer didn't think of it first! more
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