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Rude customer service - Review by Laurie B | Woodinville Medical Center

Woodinville Medical Center


Rude customer service 3/31/2011

In this economy, would it be that difficult to hire people who actually care about customer service? There are only two pharmacies in the area that can fill my prescription. Woodinville is much closer, but I won't be using them again. When I called the day before I went to pick it up, they said the prescription was ready. When I got there, it was only half ready. (Point 1: The prescription is either ready, or its not. Don't tell customers one thing if the opposite is true.) I went to pick up the prescription on a day when I had left a kid sick with the flu home alone. I was also getting ready to leave for a trip that evening. I literally did not have even a few spare minutes to wait for them to finish filling the prescription they had told me was already filled. But when I explained that I couldn't stay, the "customer service" person very loudly and insulting went back to the woman making up the capsules in another room and announced loudly to the entire building, with much eye-rolling, that I couldn't even wait a few minutes. Implying, of course, that I was being unreasonable for being unable to stay to wait for the prescription they'd told me was ready in the first place. I ended up taking a partial prescription, even though they charged me for the full one. I didn't get this woman's name, but she was in her 30s or 40s with dark hair, shoulder length or longer. This woman does NOT belong in a customer service position! more
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