Yummy Bakery Cafe


1254 Township Line Road
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

(610) 449-0606
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The owner of Yummy's is one of the nicest people I have met in a very long time. Courteous and very friendly to my disabled son. He even will give you free donuts if you say the p...


my family and i had breakfast last sunday but were disappointed as the portions have been scaled back to ridiculous sizes but the above average prices have stayed ... my wife's pa...

The owner is a gentleman and a scholar. 1/2/2012

The owner of Yummy's is one of the nicest people I have met in a very long time. Courteous and very friendly to my disabled son. He even will give you free donuts if you say the phrase "Give me some Yum Yum!" It is a secret local tradition in Drexel Hill. I could not believe how clean the bathroom and tables were. I got such a friendly warm smile from everyone as soon as I walked in. The prices are outstanding, you can't beat the quality. The real "icing on the cake" though has to be the owner, he is as sweet as a Georgia peach! more

NOT SO YUMMY 7/24/2009

We go out every Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, we happened on Yummy's one day and decided to go there before we went to a movie. It took the waitress 20 minutes and 5 rounds to clean off a small table seating for 4 in a tight corner, after the 20 minute wait to be seated in the tiny dining area for brunch. The owner was rude, nasty, yelling and down right disrespectful to our son who happens to be tall and had his feet sticking out from under yummy's little tables. We kindly asked that he apologize to speaking to him the way he did, it was not necessary. He yelled across the room, he was spitting mad. He told me that he was having a bad day and he'd call the cops first. Since we had already ordered, we took our food to go because my husband didn't want anymore trouble. Otherwise, I would have left without a thought. I didn't even eat the food. more

Yummy's 7/7/2009

owner very rude! more

never again 7/6/2009

Good: finishing my meal and leaving the dirty cafe run by a nasty filthy mouthed owner.. Bad: food, prices , service, attitudes.. Improvements: new owners, new cooks, new waitress, new prices, clean bathrooms. Other: if you want to be treated like crap and have small over priced portions of bad food and go to a bathroom that hasnt been cleaned in a week then i suggest try yummies. and for good measure try to tell the little owner something negative and watch him turn red and throw u out.. more

cakes 6/22/2009

I ordered a chocolate cake with old butter icing. No where close to any type of butter cream icing!!! tastes like a tastycake chocolate cremies but alot more expensive!!! Go to pastry school, you missed a lesson! more

breakfast 3/26/2009

my family and i had breakfast last sunday but were disappointed as the portions have been scaled back to ridiculous sizes but the above average prices have stayed ... my wife's pancakes were half dollar sized but cost 6.95 where 2 weeks ago they were full sized ..... our female server was sort of nice but was so busy talking that we had to ask 3 times for coffee refills and it was like pulling teeth to get these coffee refills .... our bill was 46.00 dollars and that was with two kids which is way over priced as we can get the same meal with bigger portions at penn pines diner for 28.00 dollars and the coffee flows freely ... yummy ain't so good on the tummy or the wallet .... skip it cause 46.00 bucks for breakfast in this economy is a no - go . more


I had breadfast on Sunday morning at 8:00 AM with my husband and 83 year old father. When I went up to pay the bill, it seemed a little high so I questioned one of the charges. The owner was very annoyed that I would guestion him, but did check with the waitress who told me the one chaRge of $5.85 was for 2 coffees and one milk, and then preceded to add an addtional $.50 for the milk. By this time my head was spinning and the owner was rushing me so I just paid the bill. After exiting the bakery, I realized that we did not have 2 Coffees, only one coffee, one milk and one tea, which I was charged. I went back in to explain this to the owner and to tell him I thought he was rude earlier and he totally freaked out. He told me to never come back, reached in the register, pulled out two dollar bills, threw them in my fact and screamed, "Go F**K Yourself. I could not belive it. When I went outside and told my husband he was furious and went back in to demand an apology from the onwer. What he got was an out of control man trying to climb over the counter to attact my husband and throuhg him out of the store. We finnally gave up, as the onwer truely has mental problems. Yummies has been in Drxel Hill for over 25 Years, with a spectacular reputation, until these new onwers took over. They should not be in a service oriented business. I don't think they will be in business long, which is probably a good thing. Thanks, Peggy McEntee more

Mean owner, near-rotten meat 4/11/2008

Two experiences from Yummy's bakery follow, the first of which happened today, the second, a few months ago... My fiancee went to Yummy's today to split a grilled cheese sandwich with her three-year-old daughter, and the owner tacked a $2.00 "sharing charge" onto the $3.50 sandwich. When my fiancee questioned him about it, he was very rude to her. He ended up kicking her out, in tears. She's been a customer of the bakery for years, always going there for the family's birthday cakes. Previous employees behind the counter have always been very nice, giving a free cookie or two to whatever kids were in tow. But this guy's attitude was downright angry. We're not disputing his right to increase the price of the sandwich by over 50% just because she gave her toddler a few bites - he can price things however he wishes! We just were amazed at the rudeness in the way he handled her question, and the way he demanded she leave when she questioned him. A customer who witnessed the exchange followed my fiancee to her next shopping stop, where she commiserated with her, telling her that SHE'D just been given the same treatment after sticking up for my fiancee after she witnessed his outburst! Not only was the owner rude to her, too, but ordered her elderly mom out of the restaurant as well. This is just bizarre behavior for a "friendly neighborhood bakery". Needless to say, Yummy's has lost a few customers today! Previously, when I'd gone in with her and her three children a couple of months ago, I was served a turkey sandwich with sliced meat that was so old as to not just be simply stale, but smell and taste really off. I wouldn't have thought of posting this in a review except for the owner's exceptionally mean and petty behavior today. more

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Yummy lives up to it's name 2/27/2006

I went to the Yummy Bakery Cafe for lunch on Saturday and despite some minor setbacks, had a good meal and a nice time. The setting is adorable with cafe tables and metal chairs inside a warm looking bakery. They had soups and sandwiches on the menu (they are only open for breakfast and lunch). Both my companion and I thought the food was better than average. The baked goods were exceptional. The service was cranky. The waitress seemed rushed and unhappy to be there. She hurried my friend in her choice of meal. I will probably go here again, and hope they have a different server on. more
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