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Wiggles and Giggles Childcare Center - 5 Reviews - 16 Oneill St SW, Rome, GA - Child Care Reviews - Phone (706) 235-3544

Wiggles and Giggles Childcare Center

16 Oneill St SW
Rome, GA 30161
(706) 235-3544
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All reviews seem negative


My daughter went her for a very short time. I was not impressed at all. The teachers seemed to be preoccupied with ABC catalogs rather than the children. At one point a child w...

very bad 5/20/2010

this daycare is terrible... i'm so glad they were shut down....i wouldn't leave a animal in there care. more

Not impressed 5/10/2010

I checked into this center about 2 months ago and was not impressed at all. I waited at the front counter for about 6 minutes before anyone knew I was there. A predator or any other person who does not belong in a place like that could have easily walked into any of the without anyone ever noticing. The kids never seemed very happy both times i dropped in and the 2 yr old class has no structure or curriculum to follow. The playground is very bare and one of the days i dropped in they had mixed the 2yr old class with the 3 and 4 yr olds on the playground and there were ONLY 2 adults out there!!! There must have been at least 20 children out there! And there was trash EVERYWHERE along the fence outside. I was SO NOT IMPRESSED and after talking to some other parents i actually found out the someone i know had a grandchild that attended this center and managed escape from the facility and almost reached the highway before someone noticed him...they did not even know he was missing...and to top it off, they were not gonna tell the parents about it, so one of the teachers quit and told the mother herself!!! This is ridiculous! I understand they have new owners now and i hope this center recovers and becomes a great place for kids to go. more

I would not send my child here. 3/5/2009

When my son was 8mths I tried W&G however I quickly pulled him out after I quietly entered one day and peeked through his class door and saw him crying very hard sitting in a corner all by himself while the two "care takers" ignored him. I could tell he had been crying for a long time. A year after that I was actually employed at W&G. The ladys that watched my son were gone, they have a high employee turn over rate which is not a good sign. I very much agree with the previous poster that the owners could improve the center by providing more. More drinks (though I thought food was okay)& equipment such as educational toys and any other supply you could think of down to cleaning supplies. I often worried about the kids I watched, they were never given enough to drink and we were only allowed to give them one tiny cup like a dental rinse cup of juice or milk before the owner would take the container away. The kids would quickly gulp theirs down and then start stealing the other kids drink. The place is full of kids whos parents are on welfare as W&G accepts the welfare childcare voucher and bless their little hearts but there are some tough kids at W&G. They constantly hit, kicked and bit each other and did not care about being put in time out one bit or just refused to stay in time out so there was little the staff could do to protect the calm ones short of hovering over the troubled ones all day and there were just too many to do that as W&G are WAY under staffed. Lice and pink eye are very common at W&G as well. When I worked there, some of the staff where all right so if your child is there now just watch your childs class very carefully. I know profit is important for any business but you also need to make sure your business is a quality business especially a daycare. They are not horrible people but I hope the owners will one day put more money into the center and hire more staff that would greatly help. Two people just cannot safely watch 17 two yr olds and one person cant watch 18 four yr olds by themselves. more

Type the title here for your review of Wiggles and Giggles Childcare Center 7/23/2006

coming from a former employee Im not impressed at all on how they feed these children. for instances the menues will usually be packed full of carbohydrates,,,and lacking the nutrition your child needs and deserves for the high prices they charge you for taking care of your precious childs life. We were trained to know exactly how much of what was requiered for each individual child,,,knowing this they still seemed to ignore this if it some how inconvenaced them in some sort. Weither that meant having to go out to the store for more of something or having to cause them to come out the pocket a little more.Usually the children were denied what was required,,for intance say each were required a whole peice of toast in the mornings they often would cut the bread in fours to strech it to keep from having to go out and get more bread,,,theses things happened on a daily basis and were ignored when aggervated staff had to deal with the hungrey child.In many of cases when i was employeed there we had many of complaints from the parents of theses children that were coming home about straving because of their ignorance to change the way things were. Often parents were paying their high priced childcare and bringing food from home just to reassure that they werent hungy.Often staff would come out their pockets just to buy extra snacks as well. Also coming from an employee we would put in request to the director for supplies needed to for our daily activities and would wait weeks and weeks before reciving them,even when we would put them in before supplies were low. Employess were payed very,very little for the amount of work that goes into taking care of your precious childs life,,,and still having to come out the pocket for things,,,will directors lived the high life of eating out at chillis for example every night. Because we took our jobs so seriously we did do our best to do what we had to do in order to keep our rooms looking nice and decorated,,,as well as suppling the supplies needed for off the top of our heads curriculm. I will say this the few employees that are left from the beginning do however love these children but their patience dealing with the ignorance from the owners and directors has been a toll on them. I do very much miss these children and very little of the staff,however i do not miss the drama and fustration from having to deal with unprofessional owners and directors that know in their hearts what the right and best things for these children are but ignore because their main concern was the profet and thats it. How they seem to pass state required inspections is beyond me! I truley believe former parents that have sued these owners and have left for very good reasons should stand up and speak out! more

I wouldn't do it again 7/21/2005

My daughter went her for a very short time. I was not impressed at all. The teachers seemed to be preoccupied with ABC catalogs rather than the children. At one point a child was able to leave the facility on his own and made it to the McDonalds nearby. This is very scary! The last straw for me was when I walked in and saw a toddler walking around with a butter knife in her hand. She was just learning to walk and could have easily been hurt. This center has the ability to be better, but it is going to take a lot of work and dedication on the part of the owners. more
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