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Westpointe Video Games

5319 Westpointe Plaza Dr
Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 777-5500
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I've shopped here off and on for over 10 years. The owner is super sweet . She has maintained this small business for so long that the selection was off the charts! When other si...


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police and agents from the Internal Revenue Service arrested three people on Friday after raids at a Dublin home and a west side business. Two people were arre...

Going Strong 12/17/2010

I've shopped here off and on for over 10 years. The owner is super sweet . She has maintained this small business for so long that the selection was off the charts! When other similar stores owned by large corporations were closing, her experience and personal knowledge of her customer's needs allowed the store to thrive even in hard economic times. I plan to continue to be a big supporter so that the store can continue to do well in this community. more

great store 12/9/2010

This place is 100% legit. the women who run it are extremely friendly and helpful! I have been several times and have never once had a problem and I find everything I need most of the time for cheap! $16.95 for a brand new blu ray release? Yes, please! more

Why go anywhere else? 6/15/2010

This is the only store I will buy games or new movies. Their prices are consistently lower than nearby Gamestop and their employees are 100 times more pleasant. When they added used DVDs I was hooked! Pros: Prices, service Cons: Hours (closed Sunday) more

West point video games is the best deal ever 6/9/2010

This is probably the best place to buy video games new or used. One time i went to a Gamestop and looked at all the prices and west points prices were WAY better. The same exact games new at west point were anywhere from 3 to seven dollars cheaper than the same exact titles at Gamestop. I'm pretty sure the guy who said everything they have is stolen is either jealous or just wants to make trouble. This place is the tops by far for any game shopping experience. Pros: good prices and nice people Cons: none so far more

Westpoint Video Games is da bomb 5/5/2010

Yeah I come here all the time everyone has been friendly to me. I think it's kinda crazy how the older ladies know the video games, I mean, I'm a guy in my 20s and they seriously know more about this stuff than I do. Saved me some crazy running around. For instance, I wanted to buy a PS2 multitap and the lady was like do you have the slim version of PS2? and I was like yeah and she was like oh we only have the old PS2 multitaps they won't fit in the slim and we don't have any slim multitaps in stock. They didn't get a sale and educated me I was like thanks! Same thing happened I wanted to hook up my old school Sega and lost the wires. I asked for some and they said which version of Sega do you have? There are 3 different ones and they had different hookups (not even counting Sega CD and all that just the regular 16-bit console) I was like crap I don't know then they asked me about what it looked like, what buttons were on it etc and we figured out I had a Gen 2 model. Cord wasn't in stock on that 20 year old system but I was very appreciative, saved me some running around in the future. Also, do these people below think no other shop buys stolen stuff? How would they even know for sure if it was stolen or not? Blame the vile thieves not these nice people. As Vanilla Ice would say, Word to your mother. Pros: Everyone super friendly and they pack in the merchandise Cons: No cons only pros sucka! more

Keeping video games and movies affordable 3/2/2010

I am not a member of this site. I just signed up because of the horrible reviews I saw some people write. This is a legit business, not a shady pawn shop. I have been going there since they opened and I have NEVER had any of the ladies be rude to me. They are always helpful and nice. They give great trade in value and dont charge stupid prices like the major chains like Gamestop. The blu-ray prices cant be beat. I have family from out of state that goes there everytime they are in town. The only drawback is they dont always have the newest titles, which is fine bcause they usually have them within a few days or week. The people who write bad reviews are mad because they probably tried to sell crap titles, old titles or work for a competitor. Bottom line, I dont go anywhere else. Pros: BEST PRICES IN TOWN Cons: Dont always have the newest blu-rays more

See for yourself 1/20/2010

rtrowgo says prices too high, product is dirty. Bluraylover says employees are constantly cleaning sr0987 says one item was priced lower at another store and they made fun of your shorts.. JRWrightman says prices are so low they must be stolen. I've owned retail stores and I know you can't please all the people all the time. I know there are as many, or more, rude customers than employees. I've been to this store many times and never witnessed or been involved in the negative issues found in this column. Some prices are higher, some are lower. They are under no obligation to meet or beat competitors prices and we are under no obligation to shop there. I've been in the ""mysterious"" backroom, it contains security monitors, testing equipment and a restroom. I will continue to shop there because I always find it a pleasant and rewarding experience. I generally learn something, about the industry or new product, or find obscure system parts or movie titles. All I can tell you is to see for yourself. I think with all they have to deal with they are doing a good job. P.S Maybe they weren't making fun of your shorts, maybe they were making fun of your legs. Pros: Massive inventory more

Accuracy re; user reviews 1/20/2010

Never have I seen such a wide disparity within the reviews of one shop.. People love it or hate it w/ no in-between. I have to believe the haters have there own agenda, i.e; envious competitors;: and how can this website allow slander and libelous (criminal) claims without regard to facts or evidence? I have bought and sold games there (I wear an army jacket, maybe I was that ""junkie""). I like the fact I'm not dealing with corporate America that offers 16% for your product and cannot deviate because prices are set by number crunchers in another state.Employees at GameStop or EB are just doing there time and care little about the business, its reputation or its success. Here you can deal with the owner, directly, on-site. Independent shops are the backbone of America and the fact they've been at this location 10-12 years and in business even longer tells me they are doing something right. I've found them to be knowledgable, fair and customer oriented and they will continue to get my families business. Highly recommended. Pros: Friendly, great selection and fair pricing more

Stolen DVD's Video Games, Cards and More! 1/17/2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police and agents from the Internal Revenue Service arrested three people on Friday after raids at a Dublin home and a west side business. Two people were arrested at a home on Baronscourt Way and one person at a video store on Westpoint Plaza Drive, 10TV's Jason Frazer reported. The three are accused of purchasing DVDs and other items that were stolen from nearby stores, like Walmart, Meijer and Target, and then re-selling them at the video store for a fraction of their original price. Lisa Harper, who allegedly ran the fraudulent business, faces a felony charge of receiving stolen property. Her roommate, identified as Kimberly Parker, was charged with a misdemeanor. The third person taken into custody was not identified. Best place to sell your stolen video games or movies! They are always ready to buy hot merchandise. How else do you think they can sell new movies or games so cheap! Next time you are there look out for the drug addict selling a bag of stolen merchandise to them! The even have a back room for the sole purpose of buying the stolen stuff in private! I know cause my friend worked there! Enough said... Pros: They buy STOLEN merchandise! Just ask Hillard Police Dept. ! Cons: They buy Stolen video games & movies! Just ask Hillard PD! more

Definitely worth checking out 8/12/2009

I love this place, they always have the newest games in stock, sometimes even before the big super stores like Best Buy. Also, their prices are better than most everywhere, they are competitive with the places you will find on the net even. Another nice thing is the place is dog friendly, the ladies there all have their little dogs there and they are cute. The women that work there are very friendly in person (sometimes not so much on the phone though) and I really enjoy shopping here. Pros: Get games super quick, great prices more


So I have no clue what some of these people are talking about. About the only ""issue"" I've had with customer service was when there were 10 people in the store and the lady was too busy and missed me. Their prices are not always the best (and yes I check the gamestop) but I've found DDR games in there BRAND NEW for 20-30 dollars less than MSRP..... Its called price comparison, but don't overlook them when you want a game just keep in mind they aren't ALWAYS the best, but they USUALLY are Pros: Great Prices Cons: Somewhat hard to find all the great deals more

Best place for game 5/22/2009

They have everything, the people there are nice and if they don't have a game in that you want they will order it for you and let you know when they get it. If you have a problem with a disk they have this little machine that cleans it and it works cause they tried it on one of my games and its like new. Pros: everything Cons: nothing more



They SELL Stolen Property! NEW Games and Movies Are Stolen! 3/11/2009

We went there last week and were shocked to see what looked like a Junkie selling a huge BAGS! of NEW GAMES to the fat lady at Westpointe. They must be stolen! Who has a BAG of new games with 5 to 10 of the same game like Killzone 2! That game just came out! The guy selling the games was CREEPY!!! I am DONE GOING THERE. I have heard the stories that they buy massive amounts of STOLEN GAMES and MOVIES! And now I believe it! Don't go there unless you are cool with buying STOLEN PROPERTY!!!!!!!!! Pros: None! Cons: None if you are cool with buying STOLEN GAMES & MOVIES more

Not Recommended!! 2/20/2009

It is local, it is close to where I live, the prices on some games and accessories are good, but overall, this place acts like they don't care about your business. My husband and I walked in one time and saw a brand new game priced higher than its used version at Gamestop. We tried telling the ladies at the store, just to let them know, not complain or anything, and they were like ""well if you think they're cheaper then go shop there."" They didn't get our business that day. We still check them out from time to time because we really like video games, and another time, the ladies at the store actually made fun of me wearing denim shorts on a cold day. I know because I heard them whispering about me with me standing next to them! When they realized I may be listening in, did they stop? No. They just made their voices lower. Too bad we were actually gonna buy something that night, nope, no business from us again!! Even the way they talk to people, they are so rude!! Go to Gamestop or Wal-Mart instead! They're both right around that area! Pros: Local Cons: Rude people more


I am not one to write a review however, I have made many attempts to stay local in my children's game purchases to no avail. This place opens when they feel like, they never answer thier phone, and as to their customer service and prices NOT A DEAL AT ALL. The products they offer are dirty, the ladies as another review states and I can confirm are rude and self absorbed. I am much happier spending my hard earned money in a store that wishes to remain in business. If you are intrested in the details of my experience I am at yahoo with my screen name here. Trust someon who took the time to write a review the truth of these statements. The prices compare to a big box store and you have better customer experiences with any other dealer. EBGAMES is next to the giant eagle and they gave me 10% off for my problem! that's customer service Pros: It is local Cons: They are lazy and inept. The selection is exteremely poor with prices way too high! more

Great Prices, Friendly Service 6/24/2008

My son and I love to go to WestPointe Video Games. They have a great selection of games, consoles, and accessories at a reasonable price. The ladies who run the store are always very friendly and accommodating. WestPointe's competitors offer no competition when it comes to prices or service. Pros: Service and prices. Cons: Nothing comes to mind more

Best selection of videos and games 12/20/2007

One can literally stand for hours reading all the titles and games this place has to offer. I buy used items all the time with complete confidence because the ladies care about the customer experience. I have never had to return a video or game because it didn't work. \r \r If you want new releases they have them too. If you have a wish list leave it with them and they come through 99% of the time. I come here because of their prices. The workers are friendly and knowledgeable.\r Pros: Large selection of DVDs and Games Cons: Titles on DVD covers too small for my old eyes more

TERRIBLE!!! 9/29/2007

This place is not so great anymore.. Prices are high and the customer service (the ladies that run it) or HORRIBLE. They are rude and everything you bring in to them to trade is always $5.00 no matter what it is. AND sometimes they will tell you if you don't like the price then leave!?!?!?!?..WTF? \r \r This place use to be great and have everything however I have noticed as of late, thier stock is nothing to get excited over - probably because everything knows they rip you off anymore!!... more

Great Video Game and DVD Store. 10/3/2006

This is a Video Gamer's Heaven on Earth. They got DVDs, they got a very wide variety of video games. And they're cheap! They exchange, sell, and buy which is great. In an exchange, they give you the correct amount of money for a game instead of some other companies out there. The workers are very friendly as well. This is a great Video Game/Movie Store. Pros: Great pricing. Large selection. Cons: A bit far of a drive for me. more
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