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Waters Property Management

1301 Scenic Dr
Georgetown, TX 78626
(512) 863-5758
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I have been doing business with Waters for 2 years now and can personally vouch for them. One thing I have learned is its AMAZING at how hard it is to please tenants who want ever...


KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Work with them as if you were going to have to take them to court. You may have to. Under current law, if they withold deposit funds in bad faith, they cannot wi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/15/2013

I highly recommend the current, Waters Property Management staff. \r I moved in May 2013 and requested several things to be repaired and they respond very quickly (same day) via email\r with action they have taken. The repairs get done either that day or the next day. Donna, the repair coordinator is the best ever! She is very professional and quick to respond. She will be honest and share with you how the owner's want their property managed, but conveys messages to owner and will respond in a very timely manner. She will advise at times that she is still waiting on the owner for a response which is not in her control. The entire staff is very professional, courtesous very friendly and take care of the residents. Thank you WPM! \r Alma \r more

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Work with them as if 4/30/2012

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Work with them as if you were going to have to take them to court. You may have to. Under current law, if they withold deposit funds in bad faith, they cannot withhold ANY of your deposit and are liable for 3 x the deposit amount. more

What kind of HELL have I moved into????? 4/20/2012

I think the good review are planted by Waters Property Management, trying to make the public belive they are not so bad ! I have not been here 30 days and they SUCK !!!! The bad review are true, WPM has a real problem with making timely repairs. Don't sign the lease until WPM makes the property whole, because they want you to leave it better than you found it, their promises don't hold WATER!!!!. WPM expects you to make the repairs to the property as you live and pay rent. You are leaseing to repaire...LOL Who does THAT ??? I have call them only to get no answer. I have been cleaning this house since I moved in. Darwa ""The Cowardly Liar"" said,, ""I know my cleaning Lady does good work."" but, Darwa has never even been to this property NO ONE from Waters Property Management has been to this property. My neighbors talk about how WPM keep the property values down, for the lack of timely maintenance.This house is the ugliness on the block., NO grass just weeds, the leaves have not been raked in TWO years., the back yard was full of dog feces. WPM placed an ""AS IS"" term in the lease, this was the part they DIDN""T go over when I picked up the keys. She told me to keep all debris out of sight , keep the yard watered, edged weeded and mowed...NONE of that was done when I moved in! ....What the HELL ??? That's my fault I didn't understand, what that meant, and I didn't ask. One score for WPM. boo boo boo boo Every year this house gets a new tenant because, tenants WON'T renew the lease. This is a well maintained community, I was looking forward to living here for more than one year. NEVERTHELESS, I AM LOOKING NOW!! FOR SOMEWHERE ELSE TO LIVE ! ..............DON'T LEASE FROM WATER PROPERTY............ Once you sign a lease with WPM, you may never hear from them until TRY to get your deposit ALL the reviews it's BAD!! American Greed at it's best. :( WPM Lacks Integrity. ;-0 WPM has No Customer Services Skills. ;-[ WPM has No Communication Skills. :-\ WPM is a Very POOR Management Company . :-0 more

another actual renter, but an honest one 1/20/2012

horrible. just horrible. read the negative reviews and beware because they are all true. these properties are as horribly managed as it gets. if you need repairs they wont respond for a week or more and dont expect the job done right. you will have to get them back to fix it again. I will be leaving this dump in a few months when my lease is up and i thank the lord above that I wont have to live here anymore or deal with those rude, incompetent women in the office or their incapable maintenance people. if you own a property, i would think twice about using these people as they will let the property run down into disrepair and jerry rig it instead of fixing it right. DO NOT RENT FROM WATERS! more

Great company to do business with. 10/18/2011

I have been doing business with Waters for 2 years now and can personally vouch for them. One thing I have learned is its AMAZING at how hard it is to please tenants who want everything done yesterday. Darwa is the office MGR and works very hard to keep everyone happy. These properties are owned by different people around the country not Waters and sometimes they are tough to get in touch with for approvals. Waters just like many property mgmt companies are NOT the owners just the managers. I looked at several of the bad reviews on here and the folks that left them. They have plenty of bad reviews for many companies but few to zero good reviews. I would recommend Waters to anyone looking for a rental. more

avoid at all costs 10/10/2011

Beware! Do yourself a big favor and stay far away from them. My lease is finally up and my nightmare can finally end and I can leave this dump. yea! You name it and it has gone wrong here. Way too many things to list. I am lucky to get them to fix anything and when they do its a poor job that took forever to get done. The office staff wants to do as little as possible, so you are better off just fixing it yourself because they are no help at all. Must be nice to get paid to do so little. After reading all the other negative comments on here, I now wish that I had seen these before I signed my lease. All I can say is that the complaints sound very familiar and you can ignore them at your own peril. They have worked very hard to get their slumlord reputation, and have earned it quite well. Good luck to the poor people who will have to keep on dealing with them. I am very happy that its over for me and I can leave this horrible experience behind. more

very poor company 7/1/2011

This is bar none the worst renting experience I have ever had. The properties are poorly maintained and the staff are downright rude and indifferent. All I know is that if I was an owner I would expect simple maintenance to be performed on my property instead of letting the place run down into negligent disrepair. Good luck getting your problem fixed, as the staff blames the tenant first and might get someone there a few days after you report it...just dont expect it to be fixed right the first time. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. more

Review from a renter. 5/29/2011

I'm an actual renter. Just thought it was important to start with that. I didn't take over the lease from someone else, and I'm not house sitting for someone else. I've lived here for over a year and in that time, naturally I've needed repairs. They have always been completed in a very timely manner. Then again, so has my rent check. Maybe that has something to do with it, I really couldn't say, not knowing anybody else's situation. But the fact is I pay on time, and they fix things on time. When I call on the phone they are nice, when I drop by the office they are nice. more

Waters is a Good Property Management Co. 4/5/2011

I am the owner of rental properties in the Georgetown area and have used Waters Property Management for a number of years to manage my rental units. Many of the reviews on here are from tenants who have one prospective and I feel may be unfair. I can tell you as an owner, Waters does a very good job. Property Management by nature can cause tenants to be unhappy if they don't get what they want or feel entitled to, but you don't really always know the whole story, or both sides of the story when reading an online negative review. I can asssure you as an owner there are many times two sides to the story when it comes to tenant issues, complaints and problems. It is like anything in life, some are very good, but others can cause a lot of problems that they may create themselves. Waters has always been very ethical, fair, and hard working for me as an owner. I wanted to write a review from an owners' prospective of this property management firm. more

BEWARE of this Shady ""Management Company"" 3/22/2011

I totally agree with the people that say that this management property treat customers poorly. They also incur in questionable practices. We just got done with a year lease (Thank Heaven) and Ms. Bleeker was anything but helpful. Under Texas Tenant Laws, that she is supposed to abide by (one would think), she is obligated to do certain things and notify in a timely manner of anything she wasn't happy with in the last walkthrough. Why do that when she can just forge receipts and try to keep our security deposit? This lady thinks she is above Texas law, amazing, but true.... Completely unprofessional, so BEWARE! This property was given to us in absolute disgusting condition, and before we left, we slaved over the cleaning for 4 full days.... You could eat off the walls if you wanted to! However, she insists that she had to have it professionally cleaned... What a joke! No worries, she will be hearing from my attorney. more

poor attitudes, bad customer service 2/3/2011

The people at Waters treat their customers poorly. I have come to expect rude behavior from them, and sadly my expectations are always met. Trying to get them to fix anything is like calling Elvis, and when they do arrange to fix something they keep the renter out of the loop on basic information like when the repair will be made, what needs to be done, how long it will take, what you can expect, etc. When I complained, they actually suggested I make the repairs myself!!! From the condition of my rental, all I can say is that basic maintenance is not a priority for them, so owners and renters alike beware! The office staff always seems put out when you stop by, and treats you as an inconvenience. When speaking to you on the phone they seem abrasive and irritated. The first couple of times this happened, I thought maybe they were having a bad day and gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, after several encounters I get the impression that these folks just dont like their jobs or just dont like people in general. Either way, morale in the office seems very low, and their apathy and resentment of the customers is so thick you can cut it with a knife. If you own a place you want to rent and are looking for a management company, get someone else who will take care of the place instead of letting it fall into disrepair as Waters will. If you are a renter, run away as fast as you can! Even if you save a few $$ on one of their cheaper properties, it will be more costly in the long run as their properties are so very poorly maintained. Also, you wont have to deal with their surly, rude and indifferent staff whose personalities are better suited to jobs where they dont have to deal with the public. Do yourself a favor and avoid Waters Property Management at all costs. I would rather have a colonoscopy than deal with those folks! more

Questionable Practices 1/20/2011

We have rented from Waters several times. The only reason our first experience was positive was because we were not in need of any repairs. This time they refused to fix anything except when our safety was in question they drug their feet and did the cheapest job possible. I figured a property owner would want to maintain their investment but this is not the case with Waters. Their properties are going to the dogs for lack of repair. more

INCOMPETENT!! 7/8/2009

I was contacted by a renter of WPM to House Sit the property because of medical reasons postponing her moving from NM. I was trying to work with WPM on getting repairs done for her so the house was ready when she got here. They became more rude each time they had to fix something. Darwa & Nancy are the WORST people to EVER work in G-town!!! Darwa was leaving Rude & Ugly msgs for the renter while she was hospitalized!!! The yard around the property was a JUNGLE!! Saw SNAKES!!! I cleared it out. There are many many water lines on the property to pool & multiple baths, there was a leak, which had already been 'fixed', that made the water bill skyrocket. WPM blamed me. WPM MADE ME LEAVE!!! With a note stuck to the door of course, informal, with ""House Sitter"" as the title. No signature what so ever!!! There are signs of MOLD the house!! Because of unresolved water issues!!! KEEP YOUR FAMILY & YOUR PROPERTY AWAY!!!! ~Marine Wife~ Pros: NONE!! Cons: Rude, Disrespectful, Lazy, INCOMPETENT!! more

Very helpful and understanding! 10/8/2008

I have lived and rented from Waters for the last 3 years and came into a situation in which I needed to break my lease. The staff at Waters was very helpful and understanding. I made many phone calls to the office for advise on how everything would work and Darwa was extremly polite and took time to explain. They put my property up on the market and it was rented within the month. I even got my security deposit back after paying the relet fee. I highly reccomend them to anyone looking to rent!!! If you posted a bad comment on here then you must have always been a late payer and a pain in the rear. Pros: Great Landlords!!!! more

Excellent customer service! 8/20/2008

Waters PM are one of the best management companies I have ever used. Very responsive to your needs, they follow up and call you back in a timely manner. Their office staff are knowledgeable and efficient. Fees are competitive and the checks are always on time! I'd recommend to anyone! more

What a nightmare!!!! 8/11/2008

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I own a rent house and hired Water's to rent it out. Pros: I'm done with them Cons: Too many to list more


I'm currently renting from Waters Property Management and love it! I've been a tenant for a year now and whenever I have a maintenance issue, it's taken care the same day or the next. They are very prompt! I feel that they go over and beyond for their tenants. If you're looking for a rental, please consider Waters...THEY'RE GREAT!!!!!!! Pros: Great Help, Freindly Service and Wonderful CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! Cons: NONE! more

Horrible! 7/15/2008

Water's Property has been a problem from the beginning. We took over a lease from a friend and when we moved out the washer was missing - when we asked about it they said they had no idea and our friends must have taken it - I know for a fact that is not true. Also, about 2 weeks after we moved in (after our home had supposedly been checked from problems) the ceiling fan in my room fell out while I was in my room and the fan was turned on!!! Also, Darwa is terrible! She is always rude and unhelpful - i've discussed this with other people who rent from Water's and everyone agrees: DARWA IS THE WORST THING ABOUT WATERS!!! more

Horrible experience, Slum lords, Stay away 6/27/2008

I have had nothing but bad experiences with there management from the moment I moved in when I recieved my keys to inspect the place it was horrible there were insects everywhere and the carpets were stained and torn in places all the screens had holes in them all of this stuff was supposed to be fixed before I moved in I had to put off moving in for two weeks so they could fix all the problems but I had to call them repeatedly and they made it seem like it was my fault that the place was messed up. In the bathroom there was a shower head missing they tried to make it seem like I stole the shower head I hadnt even moved in yet what would I have done with a $10 shower head. And it wasnt just my residence when ever someone new moved in on my street they all had the same experience the property would not be ready to move in its a shame they operate that way they are quick to blame the renter for anything if you must rent from them make sure to document all the damage to the property before you move in. Georgetown would be better without them Pros: Reasonable rent Cons: there aint enough space more


Maybe the people at Waters are nice to the property owners, but trust me they are rude and totally unresponsive to their renters. Don't let them trick you. Once they have your deposit and your signature on a lease from then you will be treated like dirt because you are a tenant and not an owner. Save yourself a lot of grief and just go somewhere (anywhere) else. Cons: Really, too numerous to list. They are just terrible. more
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