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Waterford Estates Retirement - 20 Reviews - 17400 Kedzie Ave Ste 110, Hazel Crest, IL - Residential Care Facilities Reviews - Phone (888) 533-4808

Waterford Estates Retirement

17400 Kedzie Ave Ste 110
Hazel Crest, IL 60429
(888) 533-4808
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Waterford Estates Retirement - Hazel Crest, IL
Waterford Estates Retirement - Hazel Crest, IL
Waterford Estates Retirement - Hazel Crest, IL
Waterford Estates Retirement - Hazel Crest, IL


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Katie Wytrwal is very knowledgeable, always available, and provides all the help needed to solve any problems. I would also like to commend our new Executive Director, Ben March, ...


There are licensed and unlicensed CNAs that has keys to all the residents medications box. Why are there no nurses after 8:00 p.m.? The resident are complaining about how terrib...

Love living at Waterford 2/7/2017

Katie Wytrwal is very knowledgeable, always available, and provides all the help needed to solve any problems. I would also like to commend our new Executive Director, Ben March, for his concern, and care for each resident of Waterford Estates. more

The service and quality provide a total quality experience. 1/14/2017

The Waterford experience is relatively new to us since December, 2016. During this time, we have found the facility to be well planned, the staff to be gracious and professional and a caring environment throughout. The beautiful grounds, the tasteful furnishings, the caring and the provision of services are excellent. Most impressive is that concerns are immediately addressed and in most cases resolved very quickly. Many thanks are extended to all for their hard work, dediction and care. more

So far so good 1/14/2017

As a resident of 5-6 months or so, I have experienced quality, great care, and courtesy. The food is generally served on time and warm. Housekeeping has been as scheduled and efficient. My overall evaluation is as marked above. more

I rate Waterford estates 4 stars. Overall I'm very happy with the establishment 1/13/2017

I find Waterford estates a very pleasant place for mom and dad. They have adjusted well there. All staff members are super nice and show a lot of patience with the residence. I only have slightly negative thing to say. I feel that the nurses and or the doctor should communicate I little better with family members,especially on changing medicines more

I am giving Waterford Estates 4 Stars, because I feel that there has been positive changes, but still room for more that could make my rating excellent. 12/29/2016

My overall experience at Waterford Estates has been very positive. I realize that nothing is perfect. I feel that most of the staff appear to like their job, care about the residents and their families, have a lot of patience with them and go out of their way to be very helpful. From the time that we became part of the Waterford "family," through the assistance of Ben March, we have been quite happy. Ben has been great taking care of our every need/request. The women at the front desk are all wonderful! Cannot say enough about them and all the aid that they have provided, with a smile and always so friendly. Katie is not at the front desk, but she always hears what is going on and jumps right in with her friendliness and helpfulness, too. Cannot thank these women enough. For the most part, I have been pleased with the director, nurses and CNA's on the fourth floor. Maybe not always on top of their game, but when I approach them, they have been willing to tend to my needs and the resident's needs, answer questions or get answers if they do not have them, contact doctors, etc. My biggest concern has been administering medications. I am not happy when the meds during the middle of the day are not given to the patient/resident, but that issue seems to be better. My wish is that the director and nurses will continue to improve with communication with not only the residents, but more importantly, their families. I feel the activity team has done a great job giving the residents the opportunity to leave their apartments and interact with others. Maybe some new activities can be introduced, but then I think some have been the past couple of months. Entertainment has been super, just hope that some of the groups will come all year long and not just during the holidays. As for the dining experience...I feel Kevin and Lisa are trying very hard to please everyone, not an easy task. Kevin is not only great as the executive chef, but he is just so caring and patient getting to know the residents and their needs. He always seems to have time to talk to everyone and shows an interest in them and their well being. The dining room has gone through some recent changes with seating times and table assignments. It is my hope that some adjustments can be made, now that the "trial" period has ended. If one is sitting at a table all alone, why can't they move to the table next to them and join that person who is also sitting alone?! If the dining time is an hour or more, then why does the wait staff feel so compelled to clean off tables, set tables for the next meal, with all kinds of talking among themselves, (which is very disturbing) when it is supposed to be a nice dining/social experience? I do not understand why this cannot be done after the dining hour or in an area where there are no diners?! The food choices seem to be good, but I am not sure why some foods are overcooked. I understand the risk of one getting ill with foods not prepared properly, but overcooking can be an issue, as well. Another issue that I find disturbing is lack of flexibility when a resident cannot eat at his or her scheduled time. Things do pop up, such as a doctor's appointment off the premises, or a doctor visit in house, therapy, unexpected visitors, ... why is there no space for those that run into an occasional problem with their scheduled dining time? more

I just relocated to Waterford and enjoying the format and staff at Waterford. 12/5/2016

The staff at Waterford helps me to make this move pleasurable as they are open to questions and concerns that I have in learning the rules and proceedures. I still look forward to adjusting more to this move, and enjoying the activities, the beautiful surroundings ,and bus trips they offer. more

I love living at Waterford 11/22/2016

I love living at Waterford Estates. I enjoy participating in various Activities. I want to help the Management Team in anyway that I can. more

Declining Services 10/22/2016

My sister-in-law has lived at Waterford since 2004. She have seen services decline progressively through the years, especially the food. The original staff had the residents' interest in mind. The food was acceptable and there were more recreational outings then. Housekeeping is not as detailed as before. The polling process is not as accessible as then, when polling was done in the building. Residents tend to be reluctant to verbalize complaints to the management staff for fear of consequences, but discuss them among themselves. This place has all of the amenities of an enjoyable place to spend the last years of your life but the components must be properly implemented to please the residents. I love all of the physical aspects of the place but can we focus on the comfort of the residents more. more

I simply love everything about Waterford! 10/7/2016

I placed my mom in one of the best assisted communities ever! Her suite, the activities, the food, the staff & the atmosphere is 5 star. #WaterfordEstatesRocks more

I notce that Waterford has changed since they got new staff managers. 10/6/2016

There are licensed and unlicensed CNAs that has keys to all the residents medications box. Why are there no nurses after 8:00 p.m.? The resident are complaining about how terrible the food is. The rent is increasing every year and no new changes are not being made. Would you want your love one here? more

My Father-in-Law's new home!!! 9/28/2016

I was a patient there back in 1999 for aquatic therapy due to a foot injury. I was referred by St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights. When I had therapy there I was pretty impressed with the settings and thought to myself back then, "I could live here"! I was 41 years old, now I'm 57!!! It now was time per my father-in-laws request to have some help!! He is now 90 years young!! We set up an appointment to have a tour and info about the place with him. I hadn't forgotten about my own experience with just PT!!! Cara was the person who toured and informed us. She was absolutely a wonderful and informative spokes person for the facility. That being said and trying to keep this somewhat short, I said it back in 1999 and continue to feel the same, it's a place I would live in!!! Thanks for all your support and caring personality to help us make this very important decision in my Father-in-Law's life!! It's such a hard transition after all the years living in your own home, and you all are making him feel like it is his home now!!! Truly appreciated, Ken & Lor Ostrowski more

Wonderful place. 9/15/2016

I have nothing but good things to say about the staff and facility. Everyone has been very kind and helpful. My mother is a recent widow , and everyone has made her feel like she's not alone. I would and have recommended your facility to anyone. Mom loves the food says it's very good,and she gets plenty, sometimes to much. more

Excellent facility, but it may take adjustment before people are comfortable. 5/29/2015

My mother lives at Waterford Estates and has for five years and it is better than most and overall I am happy that she is there. However, there have been a lot of changes in personnel since she and some of them have been for the better they generally come across as having little concern for the residents. My mother was thrilled she could vote in the building, but they were deprived of that. They were sent to a center up a hill and with stairs. Other people who were less mobile than my mother could not vote. The food is horrendous. My mother is very lucid and independent and she can cook and it has gotten to the point where she is taking ensure because she isn't getting the nutrients from the food. I am disappointed with that because it wasnt that way when it started. They don't address problems, they punish the residents. They stopped letting them take leftovers. I know there is a problem with hoarding but to tell someone they can't have their leftovers seems strange. They treat the residents like children...they have done some things that are good with regards to security, but other things don't make sense. It used to be I could pull up to the back and get a cart and take things upstairs to my mother with no trouble. They eventually took all the keys to the back door so now that only the residents who drive can use the back door and now it is more trouble to get things to her. The rent is going up again. The bottom floor is now a medical center, so now it is harder to find parking. This winter they put a snow plow in a handicapped space and covered the sign. They have a little store because some residents can't get out and they jacked up the prices and I wodnered why they would do that? They do supply transportation to different places in the community, they have a bank that comes to the building, they have a good beautician so now my mother can get her hair done in the building. There are positive things; it's a beautiful place, a really nice place, but they do things that are just not thoughtful. I do suggest it to others, but they weren't willing to hold a space for my friend's relative so they went somewhere else. I don't see the upkeep of apartments is the same as it was when they first opened. They do have someone come n but my mother has been there five years and they haven't changed the carpet. when she needed new blinds they kept her waiting. My mother enjoys the fellowship and community; they do different things for the residents, but a lot of collaborative stuff they don't do. When we first went there what sold her was that they were decorated for the Crosstown Classic and she was really excited about that and it never happened again. I think they are limited in the things they do. My mother's living there is really good and she is still able to be independent. Her biggest complaint is the food...sometimes my mother won't even go down for meals. The food is just bad. People get fired but seemingly without cause. They fired the old activities coordinator and she really helped build community and did a lot for the residents so I'm not sure why they let her go and I don't see anyone doing that now. But it's not like you go in and see old people sitting and staring into space. They built a chapel for different ministers to come in which my mother and other residents like. It's beautiful, clean, they try to keep up the grounds as best as possible. Even though it is expensive for the average person it is less expensive than other places. Other places are definitely not as nice. I just think the facility needs to be more sensitive to the community around them and in the building. I am glad that she is there overall; she is still able to be independent even though she is 94. more

Great place for Seniors! 5/14/2015

Mom has lived in Waterford since June 2012 first in independent living and since January 2015 in assisted living on the 4th floor. Waterford is a great value but more importantly a great place! The grounds and facility are beautiful and very well maintained. Top notch! Even better is the staff! Mom has been treated warmly and tenderly by the people on staff. They are very caring and very interested in her well being. They go above and beyond to make her feel important and make sure she is comfortable and safe. All the staff are excellent and also very friendly, helpful and receptive to any and all suggestions. There are many activities available. I would and have recommended Waterford for any Senior who wants to live in a community where aging is a group experience. Getting old is not for sissies but it is easier with others nearby. Five stars and thank you Waterford Estates! Great job! more

Waterford has a exceptional Memory Care facility and staff. 5/11/2015

My father has been living in the Memory Care community, Reflections, for a year. The atmosphere of the facility is cheerful, decorated with bright colors and residents walk around freely within the secure premises. The knowledgeable staff recognizes the distinctive behaviors and personalities of all the residents. This recognition of each individual’s needs has provided me the comfort to know that Dad is treated well and cared for. The staff provides my dad with structure, fun activities and choice. The staff provides me with guidance, updates on dad’s condition, laughter and hugs. Reflections’ highly trained personnel is our extended family. My Dad feels like he is at home and tells me frequently “I like this place.” more

Comfort and Respect 12/5/2014

My wife's mother lived at Waterford for nearly seven years - first independently then with assistance/hospice care - she rarely missed a meal in the dining room and looked forward to the social activities and entertainment. Staff was always friendly and concerned for her safety and care. Security for her belongings was absolutely never compromised - all of her jewelry, collectibles were safely respected by staff - we highly recommend Waterford to all - affordable, pleasant, excellent food, and cooperative administration and staff. more

We're very pleased with Reflections since our mother moved in this past spring. 2014 11/17/2014

Director, RN's, Activity persons & personnel Aids should all be commended as well as how well thought out the entire layout and logistics are of Reflections. There's room fro improvement for healthier food choices. Such as...turkey & veggie burgers. Chix, turkey & veggie sausage/bacon. LESS BEEF! Greener salads without iceburg lettuce. Less dairy & sugary choices. Simply request & order from purveyor. Good to have the soy milk on hand. "food is our medicine as medicine is our food" more

Review on independent living. 11/13/2014

After searching and researching many assisted living/independent living places for my parents, Waterford Estates was the place we found to be the best. It fit what they needed. The property is beautifully landscaped and clean. They have recently undergone some very nice updates and decorating in the lobby, halls, and dining room. The amenities are endless; many activities, bus trips, hair salon, store, weekly socials, swimming pool, patio, OT and PT services, independent nursing care, and to many more to mention. Waterford is exceptionally clean which is a big plus, the nurses and staff there are very friendly and helpful with anything, and go above and beyond. My parents are in their own independent living apt. They enjoy it very much, if the need arises they can move up to the 4th floor to assisted living, which is very a nice touch as the nursing staff is very good up there too. The dining room and food is like a 4-star restaurant, the food and wait staff are exceptional. My parents have help with medication management and bathing, their CNA's are awesome and truly care about their patients. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, please ask for Jana or any of the awesome sales team. more

Thank you Waterford Estates 11/12/2014

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for my aunt and our family! I know how much she thought of you and the staff at Waterford Estates. She really enjoyed the people there and she had many strong relationships with other residents. I always knew that there was no better place on earth for her than Waterford Estates. I can only hope to have the same kind of environment in my senior years. Life for me will never be the same without her, however I know that God has a plan for all of us. Thank you for being a part of my aunts life…and ours. Regards, Steve more

In my 20+ year career as a Registered Nurse, I have encountered many senior resident communities. Waterford Estates has always been one of those communities that remains top on my list to refer to... 11/5/2014

As a home health registered nurse, I have had the opportunity to care for many seniors living in their own private homes. I have always promoted senior living communities to my patients still living in their homes as I have witnessed the dramatic improvement in quality of life that a senior living community can bring to an aging person's life. Waterford Estates, in particular, has been one of my favorite senior communities as the living options and care options vary according to each resident's needs. Other senior living communities offer one--maybe two 'cookie cutter' packages which often are financially driven--not need driven. At other communities, my patient's were left feeling as if they were going into a nursing home. Waterford Estates has always been able to offer an individualized care package based soley on the resident's needs---resulting in promoting maximum independence, less cost, yet safe environment for the resident. The patients that I have referred to Waterford have always felt that their dignity was not lost during such a difficult transition from home to senior living. The families of my patients felt reassured as Waterford offered a great value, the ability to care for their loved one througout the continuum of life, and most of all great service and care! more
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Owner Message

  • Waterford Estates, located in Hazel Crest, IL, provides a safe and vibrant lifestyle for seniors. We remain customer-focused and resident centered - promising each resident they will be afforded choice, independence, dignity and quality of life! Our staff is supportive with each resident of our 12-acre campus. We offer independent living, independent plus as well as licensed assisted living for those age 62+.

    Waterford Estates campus features pond views, a secure courtyard, abundant parking, paved outdoor walk paths and lovely landscapes. We provide many lifestyle choices, including 11 different private apartment floor plans (studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom & 3-bedroom options) with a price point that is very affordable!

    Our amenities include:

    • Fully furnished transitional suites (trial, respite or short-term stay)

    • Physicians 5 days weekly

    • Pharmacist, lab, mobile x-rays

    • Diabetes management and fall prevention programs

    • Therapy and rehab services & support groups

    • Emergency call response systems

    • 24/7 home healthcare services, including medicine management

    • "Living Well" lifestyle programs and events

    • Spacious studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom

    • Full kitchens, but also a choice of 2 or 3 daily meals

    • Weekly housekeeping, maintenance and local transportation

    More than just a retirement community, we provide a safe home with a wide variety of events and lifestyle options.

    Call Waterford Estates today to schedule a tour!. Rental Properties||Companions|Nursing Home Services|Nursing Home Services|Nursing Home Services|Retirement Apartments|Dementia Care|Dementia Care|Independent Living|Respite Care|Respite Care|Elder Care|Elder Care|Elder Care|Intermediate Care|Retirement Communities|Disabled Care|Disabled Care|Disabled Care|Disabled Care|Live-In Caregivers|Developmental Disabilities|Retirement Homes

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    Open Daily 24 Hours ; Open 7 Days