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Wagner Services - 14 Reviews - 114 S Danville St, Willis, TX - Water Reviews - Phone (936) 856-4199

Wagner Services

114 S Danville St
Willis, TX 77378
(936) 856-4199
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Hey check this out! What would you do if someone kept calling your cell phone with a number from someone in the wagner services area in willis who used to hook up their landline b...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/26/2012

looking for legal help i am sick and on fixed income and was charged a 135 dollar reconnection fee even after bill was paid and service had not disconnected they have caused me to go to bed with out food i really need help\r 528 navajo montgomery more

is your phone number real 6696? 11/18/2011

Hey check this out! What would you do if someone kept calling your cell phone with a number from someone in the wagner services area in willis who used to hook up their landline by digging up their mama's yard and hooking up for free? I wonder if he is still doing that? The fruitcake!!!!! No wonder the girlfriend left years ago. more

HORRIBLE 7/5/2011

never give notice before they disconnect water. charge outrageous amounts for vague, unnecessary fees. the absolute worse customer service i have ever experienced in my life. i walked up to the counter at their office and the woman greeted me with ""what?"" like 'what do you want..' i wish i could use a different company to get my water. these people are horrible. they have randomly cut off my water for no reason and their excuse was 'oh we put that order in like a long time ago and forgot to change it. someone will come out there and turn it back on.' but she couldnt give me a time or notice that it was going to be turned off at all. this happened a couple times before and ive only lived here almost 2 months. my dad builds houses and this company provides water for all of them. yet they NEVER work with him on ANYTHING even though he has paid all of their outrageous fees and overcharged bills for YEARS. these people are just about downright evil. i hope karma exists. more

Very Rude Office Workers 4/20/2011

The people that come around and check the meters do an inadequate job and would prefer to overcharge you than read your meter correctly. Then the next month it is lower because they admit they read it wrong. If you do nto pay for their error, they will cut you off, so you just do it and wait for them to catch it. God forbid you go into the office off of 75 and ask a clerk. They are all unhappy women, but hey, this is Willis, Texas. They must not have gotten their pain killers in. We need an option besides them. more

Wagner Services/C and R Water Supply, Inc. 3/14/2011

This is the worst excuse for a service-oriented company that I have ever encountered. They constantly use fraudulent and illegal businessepractices and they treat the customers like crap. I have already filed a complaint against them. It's a shame I don't have the time to initiate one every day. If you are contemplating using this water provider, drill your own well. No matter what the cost, it would be preferable to trying to deal with these morons. more

Different customer...same complaints!!!! 2/28/2011

I have the same complaints as everyone else. I have had to deal with them on a face to face basis a dozen times over the years. Customer service (ladies in office) are by far the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. For the record I have to say that if I always paid my bill on time, I would NEVER have to see them face to face but I am occasionally late so I take that responsibility. However.. often times when it is late it is because they are stuck in the stone age and make it extremely difficult to pay your bill. If you don't get a check in the mail to get there on time your only option is to drive more than 60 miles round trip to actually go there and pay in person. If you have to actually speak with someone directly you had better have an appointment because they are never open. This million dollar company actually shuts down for lunch and closes the office in the middle of the workday everyday. What major utility company can not accept electronic payments either over the phone or on line?? I would gladly pay $1 or $2 for this convieience. I digress out of pure frustration but the reason I am complaining today is because my bill for $74 was due this past saturday(this includes my $5 late fee), they are not open on saturday and although they have a drop box for payments I knew they were not open on the weekends so I was not worried about it. At 7am this monday morning my husband drops the full payment in the drop box. We have water at this point. The bill is now paid in full and posted accordingly to my account. At 4pm the guy shows up and attempts to pull my meter for non payment. I tell him it was paid this morning. He says "" oh yeah, I seen you paying your bill at the office this morning"" He leaves, he comes back 5 minutes later with another worker in another truck and tells me they are taking the meter. I tell them no and please let me call the office and straighten it out.. IT IS PAID IN FULL. I call three times and it's busy. It's shut off day and they must be very busy. I'm standing on the meter box telling them I want to talk to someone in the office first, he tells me very sternly that he will call the police if I don't get off the box. I get off and they take the meter. 5 tries and five minutes later and they anwser the phone. She acknowledges the bill is paid in full and that it posted this morning. She tells me they are charging me $25 for a reconnect fee that must be paid to get my meter back. I tell her there is no reconnect fee becasue they had not yet disconnected and the bill was paid in full. She says the work order to disconnect went out before they got my payment this morning, I explain that they are not open on the weekend and the office does not open until 9am this morning and it was in the drop box when they opened the office this morning. I also tell her that the work order did not go out before I paid because the meter guy that came to take my meter was actually in his truck in the parking lot waiting to get inside the office when I dropped my money in the box this morning. He acknowledged this when he came the first time, thats why he did not take the meter but then came back after he spoke to the office. I called TECQ and they acknowledge that it is not legal for wagner to charge me a reconnect fee without actually physically disconnecting me but they were supposed to call me right word yet and I NEED water so I still have to drive there in the morning to pay the extra $25 to get the water back on plus the $20 in gas to get there becasue they don't take any electronic payments and they wont put it on my next months bill to save me the gas money. I have been a customer for 5 years and paid thousands to them in this time...It's ridiculous really. more

The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/19/2011

First of all these are the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. The do not read the meter most of the time,I know this because when I check it will be coverd with mud that has been there for some time. I have went for more than month without getting a bill. When I confront them with this they blame it on ther Postal Service.One of the worst things is that the ladys at the office treat us like they have something against us personally.They have a monoply out here,they can do and say anything they want to and we have no recourse We paid our bill at 10 or 11 AM and they said it would be 2 or 3 days to get our water on.They are a horrible company and I wish I didn't have to do buisness with them.. If I could do this with out rating them I would, actually I would give like 10 negative stars. more

Horrible 11/8/2010

Horrible place! If your looking to buy a house and this is your water company DO NOT BUY IT! They do not read your meter! They just estimate your bill every month! I have lived in my house for 2 years and when we first moved in out bill was 80 for water and sewer! Now it almost 150! It has never gone down! And heaven forbid do not be late on your bill! Grr I hate thud company! more

Terrible customer service 10/22/2010

Wagner Services has terrible customer service, and cut off your water at the drop of a hat. I have been paying my bill each month for years, sometimes late, sometimes not, but they ALWAYS get their money. They just cut off my water 12 days past my due date. 12 days? thats it? If i were a month late, maybe two, I can see cutting my water off, but after 12 days without any kind of notice on my door, or a phone call. A cut off notice should be something that should be put on your door, or get a phone call to make sure the customer is aware of the cut off date. mail is slow and not always accurately delivered. Now i have to pay 75. dollars to reconnect, what a rip off. On top of that Wagner Services charges a base fee with no usage allowance included, which is not allowed, then they charge you a usage fee on top of that! They need to stop that practice and refund all the money that they have overcharged their customers over the years. Think I will drill a my own water well and give wagner the boot! more

no rating for this sorry company 10/19/2010

\r Wagner Services ,ie.C&R Water is the worst water company in the Houston area that I have ever had.\r My boyfriend called them a few days after the water got cut off to pay the bill and have service restored and they gave him the amount due then when he went there to pay, they gave him a totally different amount.They refused to take the amount that they told him was due and the lady was very rude.\r Now they have removed the meter and is going to charge my boyfriend for the rusted shutoff valve that got broken when the meter reader came to read the meter and is accusing him of stealing water.\r They also are very overpriced.He was paying over $100.00 a month for sewer and water.I never paid more then $55.00 for sewer and water.\r Consumer be ware...\r more

Wagner Services 7/27/2010

(B) A reconnect fee may not be charged where service was not disconnected, except in circumstances where a utility representative arrives at a customer's service location with the intent to disconnect service because of a delinquent bill, and the customer prevents the utility from disconnecting the service.\r (C) Except as provided under §291.89(c) of this title when a customer prevents disconnection at the water meter or connecting point between the utility and customer sewer lines, a reconnect fee charged for restoring water or sewer service after disconnection for nonpayment of monthly charges shall not exceed $25 provided the customer pays the delinquent charges and requests to have\r \r §291.88. Discontinuance of Service.\r (a) Disconnection with notice.\r (1) Notice requirements. Proper notice shall consist of a separate written statement which a utility must mail or hand deliver to a customer before service may be disconnected. The notice must be provided in English and Spanish if necessary to adequately inform the customer and must include the following information:\r (A) the words ""termination notice"" or similar language approved by the executive director written in a way to stand out from other information on the notice;\r (B) the action required to avoid disconnection, such as paying past due service charges;\r Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Page 23\r Chapter 291 - Utility Regulations\r (C) the date by which the required action must be completed to avoid disconnection. This date must be at least ten days from the date the notice is provided unless a shorter time is authorized by the executive director;\r (D) the intended date of disconnection;\r (E) the office hours, telephone number, and address of the utility's local office;\r (F) the total past due charges;\r (G) all reconnect fees that will be required to restore water or sewer service if service is disconnected.\r \r I contacted Stevens J Grant · (936) 539-9797\r 336 N Main St · Conroe Pros: unlawfal disconects Cons: ripoff more

your ripping us off 8/31/2009

I paid a water bill today granted it was late(i paid the late fee) when I called to tell them i was coming in to pay the bill they said i had a 135.00 reconnect fee my water was never disconnected but if i didn't pay the money they would disconnect it and i would have to pay it anyhow because a work order was already posted so why can't you just call and cancel not in their policy i intend to take further action i am on a fixed income that was my grocery money how can you take advantage of people like that""? i have also contacted the Conroe Courrier , The Houston Chronicle,Channel 13 news,The and the Chamber of Commerce and anyone who wants to follow this on facebook-Lauraroderickon facebook Cons: nobody knows who to contact about what!! more

Terrible service 3/9/2009

horrible customer service. No call, no show on connection day + 3!!!! Shameful. more

Wagner Water (C & R) is overcharging on monthly billing by charging a base fee & normal usuage on top of the base fee! 1/25/2009

Wagner Water also know as C & R Water is charging a base fee which according to TX Commission of Enviromental Quality Administrative Code is not allowed because they are not allowing any usuage in that base fee...the usuage charge is added on top of the base fee. TCEQ's phone # is 512/239-1000 & their website address is: THIS INFORMATION HAS ALSO BEEN VERIFIED BY TECQ...What makes it so frustrating is that Wagner has been aware of the issue since the end of August 2008 & they have not corrected it....the worker at TECQ told me to inform him if they haven't corrected the billing. I have been extremely patient with Wagner in which I have given them over 4 months to correct the issue...they are truly screwing alot of people by over thirty dollars each month.....The worst part of the whole situation is that I don't have a choice in another water company...sounds like monoply to me! Cons: Aware of overcharging & doesn't care! more

bad water service 10/29/2008

you people are screwing everyone. my daughters water was due on sunday you were closed on sunday so she payed on mondayat 8.00 am you people came by tuesday afternoon and cut her off then turned around and charged her with a 50.00 turn on fee . i think i am going to go to take it to akins on 26 news she has two kids and one goes to school how low can you go Pros: poor Cons: poor more
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