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Wag the Dog - 29 Reviews - 2410 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR - Child Care Reviews - Phone (503) 238-0737

Wag the Dog

2410 SE 50th Ave (at Southeast Division Street)
Portland, OR 97206
(503) 238-0737
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Wag the Dog - Portland, OR


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I?ve been going to Wag the Dog for almost six years now-- since it opened-- and I?ve never been anything but delighted with the service, people and the care of my dogs. We, like m...


Went to check out Wag the Dog today, & I would NEVER leave my dog there. The dogs were unsupervised while the only employee on duty was mopping the floors. -Even with the 'cleani...

2 thumbs down! 10/3/2010

Went to check out Wag the Dog today, & I would NEVER leave my dog there. The dogs were unsupervised while the only employee on duty was mopping the floors. -Even with the 'cleaning' going on the place was dark, dirty & dingy. If you are fine with your dog being unsupervised in a dirty cement room then this is the place for you! *We found an amazing place-Fido's! Clean, bright,HUGE, friendly, safe, supervised, eco-friendly, amenities for dogs & humans, affordable, & they have a pool! We found the right fit for us & our dog. more

Still the best! 2/25/2009

I?ve been going to Wag the Dog for almost six years now-- since it opened-- and I?ve never been anything but delighted with the service, people and the care of my dogs. We, like many people, have dogs for children and we expect that they are given the very best of care. I know that both of my dogs are better off for having spent so much time in the care of Christine and her staff. My lab mix had all kind of behavioral issues when we first adopted her and Christine and her staff worked with her to change her nipping and occasionally aggressive behavior. I can?t say enough good things about the behavioral work she got while at Wag the Dog. Christine went out of her way to give me a full report each day when I picked her up on a list of things I needed to do to improve her behavior. This was often hard to hear (and frankly if I hadn?t heard it day after day I wouldn?t have believed it. My Princess is perfect?or so I thought!) She has improved incredibly and is much better mannered. We also have an older dog, as well. He has some hip issues and he seems to have much less joint pain playing at Wag the Dog than at the dog park or at other daycares we?ve taken him. I understand the flooring is well-padded and made of recycled materials. He often plays in the puppy room because he can?t handle some of the rough and tumble play in the larger room (with our other ruffian the lab)? and I appreciate that the staff is always looking out for him. They come home happy and a little dirty sometimes but nothing that a bath or a wipe down can?t fix. Thanks for continuing to be the best doggy daycare in Portland, Wag! Pros: Dog behavorist on staff, convenient hours, clean, fun! more

Not for everyone, but it's for my girl! 2/19/2009

While I can see why some pampered little prissy dogs might not like this place, my big girl has been going for years and loves this place. She even likes staying over during the weekends sometimes. I think you've gotta try it out and see if it fits for your dog. And your dog will have lots of fun playmates to roll around with (especially if she or he is a Lab.) Keep up the good work Wag on making a great home away from home for my little Princess. Pros: Caring staff, lots of dogs to play with, weekend boarding Cons: sometimes she's a little dirty, not always have availability for boarding more

not recommended 1/20/2009

For the few who mentioned that they ""fell"" for the ""Best Doggie Daycare"" title that Wag posts on was a Willamette Week's readers poll in put it in perspective. \r I moved from another part of town where my dog went to a more expensive but superior daycare, in my opinion. They were helpful, friendly, and informative about what my dog had done. My dog came back tired and friends even mentioned how clean she smelled. Then I moved to the SE and tried Wag. My experience there was disappointing to say the least. Christine, I agree, is not a ""people"" person. As the owner of the place, I would have thought she would put more effort into communicating with her patrons. Not so. My interactions with her were always brief, not only because she was always turning around and walking away from me, but also because what little interaction I did have with her were awkward. \r Her staff are a lot more approachable and friendly, though they didn't seem as genuine as the attendants at my previous daycare, who my dog showered with kisses at every opportunity. I think Wag has too many dogs--more than 50 on a given day--that they don't have time to form individual connections. I never saw my dog greet them or show interest in giving kisses. \r Finally, I have to confirm what other posters have said about the smell. Yes, my dog came back smelling LIKE URINE, not only on feet, but the entire body. How does that happen...?! I have volunteered at humane society in a few cities, including Portland's, and the shelter dogs do not smell nearly as bad. Of all the negative factors that led me to leave Wag, this was the more egregious. I would have ignored my interactions with the staff if I felt that they were treating my dog well. Having my dog come home smelling like urine showed me that they weren't really paying attention. \r If you value the quality of service that your dog receives, you'd be better off paying a couple bucks extra and going elsewhere. Pros: location, price Cons: poor service, unclean more

My dogs LOVE it!! 1/29/2008

Wag the Dog is a GREAT doggie daycare! I cant even say the word ""play"" without my dogs going bonkers! They love it there! All the staff is realy nice and caring!! And Christine knows so much about dogs, its amazing!!! Sure sometimes the kids come home a little smelly, but hey, they were playing with a bunch of other dogs all day long, you couldnt possibly expect your dog to come home smelling like roses! And I am always plesently suprised at how clean (and clean smelling) the facility is! I highly recomend Wag the Dog to anyone who has a happy dog that loves to play!! Your dog will LOVE it!! Pros: My dogs get to interact with other dogs, and they play all day, so they come home nice and sleepy! Cons: The lady at the resale clothing store will have your car towed if you park there for 2 minutes while you are picking up your dog! more

Wag is the best in 07 11/8/2007

I have been taking my puppy to wag for over a year. Lilly loves Christine and Toni, when I tell her we are going to day care she is so excited it is hard to get her leash on. We recenty added a new puppy to our family and she loves it there too. Puppies play hard, have fun and are worn out when we get them home. Lilly is white and is a bit dirty but what kid goes out to play and comes home clean? I have Toni give her a bath before I pick her up, she spends one on one time with her bathing, drying and brushing her. They love my dogs and treat them like part of the family. Christine has always been very professional and helpful any time I have had questions. I highly recommed using wag the dog. My girls love it! GIve it a try I am sure your puppies/dogs will love it there too Pros: Give baths, clip nails, love our puppies more

STAY FAR FAR AWAY! 10/1/2007

I started taking my dog there almost 5 months ago, and all the staff have always been nice to me. Christine, the owner wasn't the nicest lady but she wasn't rude at first. Recently, my dog has hated going there. Christine was very rude to me about it and she went psycho. It's dirty in there. My dog is light colored, and always came home black. I questioned christine about this and she was rude and simply told me it was from the floor and there was nothing she could do. That's gross and I don't know how she's still getting business. There are way too many dogs there at a time, and the place looks under staffed, how can they possibly take care of each dog individually?! I would never board my dog there overnight. And I will never bring my dog back there. Christina is insane, she needs to treat dog owners like humans. Maybe she needs some man action, or woman. Whatever it is, she shouldn't be taking it out on her business. I would NEVER EVER recommend this place to ANYONE!!!! Pros: Nice staff Cons: Crazy owners, unsanitary more


I too have had a terrible time with this doggy daycare. The staff are very rude and un-professional. They let the dogs act crazy with no training, and my dog smelled so bad everytime I picked her up. The owner is rude and tells you what you want to hear. This place is full of lies! I have been taking my dog to Lexi Dog which is by far the best doggy daycare in portland! They train the dogs to not act all crazy (so they don't pick up any bad habbits) and they also get nap time. The staff is wonderful. They are always out with them and they are very well staffed. My mind can rest when I know the staff are out on the floor with the dogs at all times and not sitting on their butt watching them like Wag The Dog. The staff at Lexi Dog are all professional. They are like a big family and treat you like your a part of their family. The prices are great too! My dog never smells when I pick her up at Lexi Dog. Wag the Dog is a very dirty place! Why are they still in business? I highly DO NOT recommend Wag The Dog to anyone. If you love your dog, take them somewhere else! Pros: Nothing positive to say Cons: Stay Away! more

My dog and I LOVE this place! 9/21/2007

I can't believe all of the bad reviews I've been reading about this place! I've been taking my dog there about twice a week for 6 months or so and have never had a bad experience. Not only does my dog come home happy and worn out (without smelling bad, I might add), he's excited to go there in the morning! Dogs can't pretend to be happy - either they are or they aren't - so all I need to know is that when my dog can't wait to get inside and play, he must be having a great time, and no one is mistreating him there. The staff, including Christine, has been nothing but helpful with every question I've ever had, and I love that they give out report cards to let us ""parents"" know who they're playing with and how their day went. I've already recommended Wag the Dog to other dog owners and I'll continue to do so! more

Great place to take your dog!! 9/4/2007

We love the daycare and highly recommend it to others! You can't ask for better staff or a better place to take your pooch!! Our lab loves it there! more

Doggy Day Care You Can Trust 8/20/2007

I have to say that I was apprehensive to take my precious baby Oscar to any doggy day care, as the concept of leaving him with anyone I didn't know was inconceivable. Granted, I am a bit overprotective, but I want the best experiences for my dog, and sometimes I need some help when I get busy. After a great deal of research, I found that Wag the Dog came highly reccomended by friends and acquaintances as well, so I went for it. I will admit that I was nervous the first time, but any reservations were quickly dispelled when I picked him up later that first day. I could tell that he had the best time, and clearly was well taken care of. Since then, everytime we go to Wag the Dog, he knows, and is EXTREMELY excited and always happy. He has even stayed the night there, and I have never had any issue or concern. I have found the entire staff to be trustworthy and friendly, and have recommended the establishment to several other dog parents! \r I doubt there are many dog owners as discerning or overprotective as me, and I am the first to tell people where not to go (Normandale Dog Park for example) if I think it is unsafe or unprofessional. Wag the Dog rocks the party, and I totally trust them with my babies life! Pros: Reliable, Friendly, Trustworthy, Fun more

This place is horrible!!! 8/18/2007

This place is horrible! I can't believe they have been in business for as long as they have! The owner is VERY RUDE!! I have read the reviews on CitySearch for quite a while and have hesitated posting my own review here. I find it funny that after a few negative reviews, there are many of Christine's so called ""customers"" posting their reviews here. Personaly, I think she gave them a free day at daycare for posting their positive review. My dog smelled everyday after he left there! Recycled floor or not, it still smells! It is expensive and most of the staff is very strange. I'll keep my dog home from now on! more

Happy dog, happy dog owner 8/18/2007

We first started taking our lab puppy to Wag the Dog in 2004, before it was named ""Best"", but we weren't at all surprised by Willamette Week's acknowledgment in 2005. I've had dogs all my life, and the hardest part of ownership has been leaving it somewhere I wasn't comfortable with--Wag the Dog is different. My dog loves it. She knows when she's going to daycare or boarding by a catch phrase we use, and she goes nuts--can't wait to get to the car, panting at the car window, racing inside when we get there. That's what matters to me. It's so easy to leave her when I know she wants to be there.\r \r I initially chose Wag the Dog because of its proximity to my home and the fact that if I returned from out of town on Friday after 5, I didn't have to wait until Monday to get my dog (they have great hours) but if ever we move out to the burbs, I'll make the drive to Wag the Dog. Happy dog, happy dog owner. more

My dog adores being there 8/17/2007

I really like Wag the Dog, but more importantly, my dog adores being there. When we are in the car and it becomes clear to her where we are going, she lights up with excitement. Toni, Christine, and the rest of the staff are always so friendly to me and I can tell that they truly care about my pup. I was never allowed to have a dog when I was growing up and I was a new dog ""mom"" when I first started taking her to Wag. They were so accepting of my many many questions, as I want to raise my baby right. I am so thankful that I chose Wag the Dog. Pros: helpful and friendly staff, happy dog more

Been going there for years... 8/17/2007

I started taking my dogs to Wag the Dog the first week it opened. They have all loved it, return fully exhausted (even my 2-year old golden, who has energy to spare), and Christine and her staff have been wonderful with me and my dogs. I've observed Christine and her staff's interactions with dogs and customers for years and have consistently noticed the warmth they all express towards dogs and owners. \r \r It surprises me that there are negative reviews, given how professional Christine is with her staff and customers. Yes, my dog gets dirty, but that is because other dogs are slobbering on her and rolling around on the ground with her. Her paws are sometimes black, but the environmental trade-off (of the enviro-friendly rubber) is worth it. The staff does dress casually, but that is because they are playing with, and cleaning up after, our dogs! And yes, Christine must monitor which dogs can be allowed to play at Wag the Dog, which I really appreciate. It is nice to know that she is screening out the dogs that may hurt mine and others'! It is unfortunate to think that people who don't want to hear the news that their dogs have behavioral problems are lashing out at someone who is trying to protect everyone's best interests.\r \r Wag the Dog has donated services to my choir, Toni has rinsed off my dog (for free) on the days when she is especially slobbery, and Christine has given me tons of (again, free) behavioral/training information to help train my dogs. I have trusted these people with my pets from day one and have never been disappointed. It is worthy of the title ""Best Doggy Daycare"" in Portland. more

Great Doggie Daycare 8/16/2007

I highly recomend taking your dog to Wag The Dog. Everyone is always very nice and extreamly helpful with any questions you have about training your dog- I have a energetic Boston Terrier who loves to play and he LOVES going to Wag. He gets excited as soon as he gets in the car in the morning! And hes a tierd tierd boy when he comes home. He gets in the car and falls fast asleep on the seat. He has very short hair and in general isnt a ""smelly"" dog- but sometimes he gets wet (from playing in the doggie pools they have!) and sometimes has black feet (this is just from the recycled floor they use- i think its great they made the choice to use the 100% recycled rubber!) But sometimes a ""dirty"" dog- is a very happy dog! And if he ever does need a quick wash down before he goes home i wil pay for a bath or i will just take a second of my time to wipe him down with the free waterless bath in the front room- And hes as good as new! They can also cut nails for you! I love this daycare and have been taking him for some time now and will continue to do so. He has also met some of his buddys at Mt Tabor Park that also go to Wag The Dog. I highly recomend this daycare! They care for your dog like they are there own! \r Pros: My dog loves it! more

Great Doggy Day Care 8/16/2007

Christine and the folks at Wag the Dog are the best! My dog LOVES to go there and always has a great time. It's clean, he gets tons of attention and activity from both people and other dogs, and is always happy and tired when I pick him up. My friend has a really wild and crazy puppy, but on the days he goes to Wag the Dog he is a totally different (and mellow, cool, well behaved) dog. I've recommended this place to friends and none of us have ever had a bad experiene. A definite five star doggie hotel!! \r \r Pros: Tons of attention for the dog, large play area, lots of activities Cons: My dog hates to leave! more

Bad Doggy Daycare 8/15/2007

My dog smelt like urine and was wet and BLACK evrytime I picked him up. They said it was because of the floor. The black rubber got all over my car and house. It was hard to clean up and I shouldn't be messing with this everytime I pick my dog up. I've never had to deal with this at my other doggy daycare I use to take him to (I moved). The staff were very nice, but they were really dirty too. They had black paw prints all over their clothes. Not only was my dog black, he was sticky feeling too. The owner Christine was very rude when I questioned her about this. I would also hear the staff yelling really loud at the dogs and cursing at them. I thought this place was all about positive training and not scaring the dogs half to death. My dog is very scared when a human yells at him because he was abused at his previous home. Everytime I picked my dog up, all the dogs would go crazy at the front and the staff would throw them back away from the gate to try to get my dog out. You would think being an animal behavorist, Christine would have better methods (more positve, less abusive) for handling the dogs. How sad. Stay away from this doggy daycare. There are many doggy daycares to choose from that are so much bettter for your dog! Research them first. Do not trust Christine at wag the dog. Pros: Staff had good customer service Cons: Owner rude, pet services bad more

Wag the Dog review 8/8/2007

We've been taking our two American Bulldogs to Wag since they have been puppies. This is a great Doggie Daycare. Christine, Toni, Jen, the entire staff are GREAT. They all love Dogs and treat our two guys like they were their own. Our two Bulldogs can be very energetic and rambunxious and will occassionally ""act up"" and are put in a ""time out"", which I have encouraged the staff to do. I want the Wag staff to do what I would do if I saw them misbehave, take disciplinary action to correct the misbehavior. I would expect them to do that with other dogs too and would be disappointed if they didn't, and I would expect them to NOT make welcome any dogs that chronically mis-behaved. I don't want dogs there that might instigate my two guys to misbehave. They don't ned any encouragement in that department. I feel totally confident everytime I leave my Bulldogs at Wag that they will safely play, be treated well, and be loved. Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to look at the behavior of their dogs and re-assess where they are coming from. more

my dog loves it! 7/27/2007

I have been bringing my dog to wag since he was 4 months old and he is now a year and a half. He is always excited to go to daycare to play with all his friends. I especially love the staff and I know that they treat him as if he was their own dog! Christine, the owner, has been helpful and available to answer any questions regarding his behavior. Occasionally he has come home smelling a little ""doggy"" but I know its just from a fun filled day of play, its no worse than he would smell from and afternoon at the dog park. Christine even took the extra time to fit my dog for a gentle leader that I purchased there. I always appreciate the staffs honesty regarding my dogs behavior while I am away. My dog loves going to Wag, and if your dog is a happy, healthy, dog he will enjoy it too! Pros: My dog loves it! Cons: bah! more
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Doggy day care provides exercise room for canines, as well as games that improve the animal's cognitive and social skills.


  • Doggy day care provides exercise room for canines, as well as games that improve the animal's cognitive and social skills.

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