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Video Only

12000 SW Canyon RdSte B
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 520-0520
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Video Only is a great store as long as you understand the return policy, and are sure of what you want to buy. That said, my experience is that they are willing to negotiate a gre...


I had this video cam for over a month I read the book over and over.I couldnt fine the infor I needed to make the cam load my videos on the harddrive.I went down to the store.I en...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

it has a great reputation...don't pay attention to the negative comments of a few....go to the store, see for yourself. I've been going there for years, never one problem with sales or service. More than likely the ""haters"" who claim to have been ""wronged"", say so no matter what store they set foot in. It's their self-appointed job in life. And no, I'm not related to anyone who owns or works in a Video Only store. more

Willing to deal, Honors Price Commitment 11/24/2011

Video Only is a great store as long as you understand the return policy, and are sure of what you want to buy. That said, my experience is that they are willing to negotiate a great price for tvs and audio equipment. My last transaction they gave me a great deal on a LG 3d tv. Then, when Fry's put the tv on a lower price during a sale within 30 days after I bought it at Video Only, the VO Mgr., Cyle, gave me a credit for the price difference. I will continue to shop there as long as they continue to offer such great service and prices. more

Very good experience will Bill Selmi (Sales) 8/26/2011

The sales person Bill Selmi was very helpful and I thought gave me honest information about the TV and the Home Theater systems I wanted to purchase. He also worked with me on the prices and I strongly recommend to see him if you intend to shop from Beaverton Video Only store. The prices are really the most competitive. more

Best prices in town, quite knowledgable/nice sales people. 12/24/2010

This review is based out of 3 purchases by me, and couple of friends at different times over the past year. All of the purchases were for HDTVs (1 LCD Samsung, 2 Panasonic Plasma TVs). The information that the sales person give seem to be match the online research that I have done (w.r..t which is the best TV out there and the second best TV out there)... I guess they are keeping themselves up to date with their online research as well. The biggest reason why we all ended up purchasing at Video Only was the considerable difference in their pricing compared to BestBuy, Frys, or Ultimate Electronics. Right at the end of the deal, they could give you more discount to make you leave unhappy... I was surprising at the price reductions that I asked couple of times whehther the pieces that they sell are new and not opened boxes/refurbished. I haven't read anywhere online that they do such stuff... so, I have to believe them :-)... and also, all of our TVs had no issues so far. They seem very professional as they let you take your time, let you go check other store prices and come back for the same/better deal. Even their extended warranty is quite cheap ($99) but they don't sell that unless you ask for it (not sure how good it is as the sales person himself said that these TVs are high-end purchases and generally last with no problems, which is my opinion as well). I have no experience w.r.t. their 30 day policy as I saw customers complain about this policy at least other stores (like the one in Clackamas/Seattle). The only downside to purchasing here is that you have to extra for shipping (BestBuy does free shipping for any HDTV over $1000). more

Great Store, Bad Rep 3/5/2010

I love Video Only, but I have talked to so many people that say they don't shop there because they read so many bad things about it online. Pros: Knowledgable Salespeople, Great Deals Cons: Bad reputation more

I'm happy 2/9/2010

Dane sold me a 40"" TV & Bose theater system. He was excellent at determining what I needed & could afford. Smart, knowledgeable, super nice. Even took time to explain a computer purchase (which he doesn't even sell). Always available if I had questions after purchase. Have recommended him to friends & family and will go back to him for future video purchases. Delivery guys Terry & Tommy were awesome. They still had other deliveries on a Sunday night but took extra time to get my bookcase back where it popped open (I did it, not them and they sweated bullets getting it back together). Hard workers and great guys. All in all a great shopping experience. Pros: Great service Cons: I didn't experience any more


I had this video cam for over a month I read the book over and over.I couldnt fine the infor I needed to make the cam load my videos on the harddrive.I went down to the store.I entry the store to be told have I been helped I said No.I told the man my issue and he said someone will be right with me ( mind you this was right after thanksgaving day )Yes there was people in the store buying t.v. they had alot of sell people ! Now back to my issue.Another sells guy came up and asked if i been helped.I told him all I want is to know how to put my video on the hard drive.,Again someone will be with me.Then the topper happens.A couple came in ,wanted to look for a new t.v.the same sells man took them over and started saying this and that about the t.v's I asked him..WTF.I asked you for help you blow me off.He said he had a coustomer right now.please wait ! My wife went over to the video cams.and sure enough a sells women came over to her.My wife said.Here my husband had a question for you.I showed her my video cam and she was like.I had no time to help you.I said.THIS IS BULL CRAP out loud.I payied over 350 dollars and you are blowing me off.This sucks.! She said what the hell do you want to know about your damn cam ? I told her .she took it out of my hand.and said read the book and here..this is how it works. She turned and walked away.I said once again out loud.THANKS FOR NOT HELPING ME.GUESS ONCE TO BUY SOMETHING HERE YOU DONT GET HELP AFTER YOU BUY FROM HERE...I will go buy anything from them ever again....I did fine the same one online.they told me.they dont pay the diff cause online items are no shipped in boxes ! I was like rip people off !! DONT BUY FROM THEM..You wont get the service you want. !! The ones who did post nice remarks might just be the sells men and women. Cons: I payied over $359 for a video cam more

Excellent customer service 12/6/2009

Gave us an incredible price on a 46"" Sony TV.. Matt (the person who helped us) was very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. would definitely buy there again! Pros: Very knowledgeable staff, competitive prices more

Dont be sorry!!!! 11/23/2009

I havent even been there and Im sorry! Pros: Good Inventory Cons: Uncomfortable setting more

Go somewhee else 11/18/2009

I bought $2,453 worth of 2 TV's, a Blue-ray sound sytem, etc, being assured the sound system and larger TV would work with one remote from Comcast. False. They tried to sell me a universal remote. After threatening to return the whole deal they ""gave"" me a bottom of the line remote my wife could not use. When the sound system malfunctioned they referred me to a repair shop that said they were not authorized to work on the system I'd bought. If you want lies and no back up, go to Video Only. Cons: Results don't match promises. more



Skin Color Oriented Store 3/22/2009

I walk in the store with my brother, there were about 7 employees there 4 of the them were helping other customers, I made eye contact with a couple of them but not even a welcome smile, anyway I was looking for a 52? LCD TV I looked the prices and almost cried, why do they advertize they are the best Store in town when the prices doubled the ones at mayor retail stores. I spend about 10 minutes there been stare by the employees but no help. I?m 80% sure it may it be my skin color the factor of service denial. Anyway I did buy my TV (same Series TV) at Fred Meyers for half the price of Video Only. I will never come back to Video Only. Cons: Worst customer service more

RUN RUN RUN AWAY 12/22/2008

I most recently purchased a 47 inch flat screen, home theater system and stand for just a little under $2,000. They seemed to manage selling me the electronics with no problem and taking my money was a snap. However, I have now spent over a week and more than three attempts trying to get it delivered. At the first delivery appointment, they were to call 30 minutes prior to delivery so I could leave work and meet them at my house. The only call I got was a voice message that they delivery guy was at my front door and since I was not answering he was going to leave and I would have to call the store and reschedule my appointment. THANKS FOR NOTHING. I called and spoke with the store manager Orlando who treated me like dirt, but not-so-kindly rescheduled the delivery two days later. Two days later, nothing happened. I called the delivery center and they said I was not on the list for a delivery that day. At this point, I returned to the store. Apparently, this ELECTRONICS store has no computerized system as you see reams of notebook paper all over the counters. When they dug through piles of binders, they determined that Orlando forgot to reschedule it. Maybe they should invest in a lap top and internet - I think Best Buy could get them set up! I am now at home trying to get ahold of anybody at the store with no answer to my calls. I think I will just call my credit card company and have the charge reversed. Hey Video Only, THANKS FOR NOTHING! more

Worst Store in the Wooorldddd !!! 12/3/2008

i needed an exact purchase date for my tv which i purchased there about a year ago. i'm told that they don't keep records of that, and have no computer system set up to do that. Mike (the evil) sales person was Rude and Hateful but i didn't fall into his trap. i politely asked his name for a referral to a repair shop for my tv. he wasn't wearing a nametag, don't know how many of the others were. you Will be Sorry if you shop there... and forget about returning anything... winning the lottery is a snap by comparision. i really believe that this place is where all burnt out, bad car salesmen are relagated to. BUYER BEWARE. Oh, by the way, thanks to mike, i purchased a plasma at Best Buy Pros: location, parking Cons: you have to consider the return policy when making the value judgement. more

Good deals at a brick & mortar store. 9/1/2008

I see mostly negative reviews for Video Only (VO), so I thought I'd share my experiences. I've made 2 purchases at this store; an Onkyo receiver about a year ago and a Samsung LCD TV today. Although one can usually find the lowest prices at an online store, I prefer to make my big purchases locally where I can walk back into the store if there are any issues. I've never been comfortable with the idea of spending thousands of $ on electronics that I order and have shipped from across the US. Pros: Great prices. Great selection of TVs. Cons: Return policy is 30-days store credit, so it's not a place to try out the latest gadgets and then return them. more

worst customer service in years 7/10/2008

went to purchase a tv and stand I had looked at earlier in week, Salesman, Jim, denied he had quoted me $29.99 to deliver new tv and remove old one. When I tried to help him recall the conversation, he became defensive and said ""Are you calling me a liar"". I never called him anything. He then became intimidating and threatening and seemed to enjoy his own behavior, showing off for his colleagues. He refused to give me his card, tell me his last name and blocked my way in an attempt to talk to another salesman. There were no other customers in the store. I am an older female and his intimidation was certainly unnecessary and uncalled for. I believe this man should not be working with the public and recommend that women boycott this store. Pros: don't know Cons: very unprofessional, intimadating, rude salesperson more

Great combined deal on Hitachi 3/22/2008

Hi. I bought a 50"" FullHD plasma, a glass stand, top of the line Bose system and cables. Sales guys helped me choose among LCD vs Plasma. Helped with final choices after long net search. Beat ALL other prices, had in stock, helped load my truck, offered installation which I did not use. I am going back today for a smaller one :) Pros: Price and ability to build full system Cons: Not Nordstrom, not supposed to be more

Horrible Customer Service. Horrible Products 3/18/2008

I was given a Cannon Camera. After 40 days the lens stopped working. I came in with my box, receipt ect... more

Video Only: You'll be sorry!! 12/20/2007

My husband and I went to Video Only the other night to buy a digital camera. I was looking for a small camera to fit in my diaperbag and didn't want to spend more than $300 since I already have a $2000 SLR. First of all my husband had to go hunt for a saleman to help us. After he finally found someone, he told us that he was too busy for this and didn't have much time for us. He was extremely rude to us the entire time. He pointed out a couple of cameras, but was obviously perterbed when I started asking questions. Each time I asked a question he rolled his eyes at me or sighed in obvious disgust. He stood with his arms folded and tapped his foot impatiently the entire time we were there. When I asked to actually hold one of the cameras and check it out, I thought he was going to blow-up! At one point I asked him if we should come back another time, to which he replied ""no, but I am really busy tonight"". Finally after about 5 more minutes of his antics I told him that it was obvious that we were a bother to him and we would leave. I have never been treated so poorly at a store as we were that night! I know that a $300 camera is small to them, but if I am treated well in a small purchase, the next time I need a $2000 TV or whatever, I would come back! Let me tell you, I will never step foot in a Video Only again! I don't care if I have to pay $50 more for the exact same thing, it is not worth being treated like garbage!! I've tried calling and talking to a manager about it, but they refuse to return my calls, probably because they know they have terrible service!! Whatever you do, do not go to Video Only!! You will definitely be sorry if you do!! Pros: There is not a single ""pro"" to Video Only, and there are definitely no ""pros"" who work there! Cons: Rude employees, poor customer service, not knowledgeable about the products, impatient more

Don't Shop There or... You'll Be Sorry 11/29/2007

Just like their ad says ""you'll be sorry"" If you purchase something and need to return it, you will be more then sorry. Pros: Variety and Price Cons: Horrible Service more
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