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I see Dr. Susan Roitman and she is definitely one of the most understanding and gentle physicians.\r \r Definitely recommend Valley Forge OB/Gyn and especially Dr. Susan Roitman...


I have had this practice deliver my 3 babies via c-section. Before I explain, I must say, I liked Dr. Cadeaux (sp?) great personality and Segal, Shirker and Brown were nice too. C...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/26/2014

Do not go to valley forge obyn! They only see patients as a money symbol. The examiners will let anyone into the room during a medical procedure. They will loose your test results. They won't get back to you when they say they will. The front desk has attitudes. They will discuss your personal information to other staff in the hallway. Children are constantly running around the waiting room, as if it's a play ground. This place is horrible! more

Totally Disagree 3/24/2012

I have to disagree with the comments on Cohen & Canterella. I just joined the practice two weeks ago. I met Dr Cohen - he is wonderful. I just went through a blighted ovum and I went to this practice for a second opinion. He was the first doctor to explain to me what exactly was happening and also he performed the ultrasound explaining everything. I was 8 weeks and decided to go through with a D&E. I went to Phoenixville Hospital and Canterealla was performing the surgery. I was terrified and she came to see me prior. She explained everything and even made sure this is what I wanted do. She stayed by my side all the way to the operating room. Before I was knocked out she came in to talk to me again. She may be young but, hoenstly I have had other doctors at other practices and they do not take the time to be with you. If I were to get pregnant again, I would def go back to Cohen or Canterella. more

Would Not Reccomend 10/17/2011

For someone going through my first pregnancy, I definately found this office to provide little help. My questions were shrugged off or ignored alot of the time. I agree completely that Dr Canterella is absolutely horrible. I was in a ton of pain, 39+ weeks pregnant and her answer the first time was to ignore me, the second time I called her in tears about the pain she told me to drink raspberry tea otherwise theres nothing she could do for me. That is not the type of help I think a Dr should offer.\r They also have a tendancy to send me in to the hospital alot just to hook me up and send me home, noone takes any action to try and help you. I wanted Phoenixville hospital, but now I wish I would have gone with a different group definately!!! more

Great and understanding Dr's. 6/3/2011

I see Dr. Susan Roitman and she is definitely one of the most understanding and gentle physicians.\r \r Definitely recommend Valley Forge OB/Gyn and especially Dr. Susan Roitman as a gynecologist for your needs.\r more

No personal touch 4/21/2011

I will say that I disagree with most posters in that Canterella is one of the few doctors I LIKED, and that I found Cohen to be a dirty old man with no patience or time for me. He winks every 5 seconds, but at least only stays in the room for about 30 so it's only a half dozen times. Every person I've met in real life has agreed with this evaluation of him, and he has been the reason that they left the practice.\r \r Unfortunately, I decided to stick out my pregnancy with them as they were nearby, and my husband insisted on treatment by a doctor. I never had an appointment last for longer than 5 minutes. This is not an exaggeration. It was even rare for any doctor to ask if anything different was going on, or to be in the room for longer than a minute. There seemed to be a presumption that since I was having a ""healthy"" pregnancy that I shouldn't even have any questions. Beyond that, twice, they managed to double charge for an appointment because it was ""diagnostic"" as well, and I ended up paying out of pocket as insurance wouldn't cover it. Mind you, I still only interacted with a doctor for under a minute. I would never recommend this practice, and fully intend to leave as soon as I deliver. more

Very Nice People 2/15/2011

I have been going to VF OBGYN now for 15 years since I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I have had 3 children with these doctors and with only a couple of exceptions, I really like them. The doctor that I didn't like is no longer there. I have seen almost all the doctors in the practice. I have my favorites, like Cohen and Cadeaux, but I generally like them all. They were great about the VBAC I had with my second and the birthing plan that I had with my third. I have never been pushed to have an epidural or pitocin. I would not have allowed it anyway. The only issue that I have had is being reminded that I am at higher risk for being over 40 even though I have now had two healthy children after the age of 40. I am healthy and active and I have not had any issues with carrying children since my first was born breech.\r I would recommend this practice to anyone I know. more

Price tag patient and overlooked 12/17/2010

I have had this practice deliver my 3 babies via c-section. Before I explain, I must say, I liked Dr. Cadeaux (sp?) great personality and Segal, Shirker and Brown were nice too. Cohen was good to me along with Dr. Silverberg, but I REALLY would NOT recommend Cantorella (younger new doctor). Cantorella has NO manners and has a very ""stuck up"" personality that makes you feel like a pregnancy is an inconvenience and not a blessing. Here are my stories for each pregnancy.\r \r First baby: I had high bp towards the end of my pregnancy and my little one happened to be in the breech position. I was scheduled for a manual rotation of her on a Thursday at 37 weeks and 4 days. The Sunday before the appointment, I felt a leak and called them. They wanted me to get checked out at Phoenixville hospital, so I went and they ONLY did a swab for amniotic fluid. It came back negative and they sent me home. They should have done an ultrasound to measure. Four days later, my scheduled day for a rotation, I had an ultrasound to see if she was feet or bottom down so they knew how to turn her. Surprise, surprise, there was NO fluid accept for 2 inches in front of her face. The doctor said, ""Where's all your fluid?!"" I said, ""I came in on Sunday!"" She had NOTHING to say after that! Same doctor who tested me was the same one who asked me where my fluid was! They had to do an emergency c-section! I could have lost my daughter if she rolled on her cord (that is what they told me, like it was my fault!). After being poke relentlessly before the spinal was actually in, I was in tears because it was so painful. They kept hitting nerves in the wrong spot that sent sooo much pain through my pelvis and legs that made me says ""Jesus Christ!"" They were very angry with me and told me not to swear!\r \r Fourth baby: This pregnancy is unknown...I should say. I lost my insurance and my job. Our household income is too high for Medicaid and too high to enroll in a ""free"" clinic that has a pay scale. But here's where this office comes in. I called VFOBGYN and scheduled my 8 week appointment. I had a feeling I wasn't going to be accepted without my insurance, so I called and told her that I didn't have any and asked if I could still be seen. Pat or Pam (I forget which) told me very RUDELY, ""I'm just going to cancel your appointment!"" I was upset and she didn't give me the opportunity to offer to pay out of pocket. After trying the free clinics and trying to fight for medicaid, I called the VFOBGYN back to see if there is ANY possibility I could be seen. After all, it's about the baby! I was told that the only way I could come in the office and be seen is if I gave them $4000! I couldn't afford that upfront as we are supporting three children currently. I called several times over weeks and months and was still denied. I tried to talk to Dr. Cadueax who is more understaning to see what advice she could give me for prenatal care, since I wasn't wealthy enough to pay for ALL the prenatal care upfront and not broke enough to qualify for medicaid! NOBODY WOULD TAKE ME! Well, the person who took the message for Dr. Cadueax, must not have given it to her because the billing department called me back! Surprisingly, they told me....drumroll...I need $4000. So price tag patient, OH YES...there really wasn't much of a concern that I was over half way done my pregnancy! With a history of high bp! They wanted that $4000! So I honestly don't know if the doctors know what's going on out front with the receptionists or billing department. My mom was $2 short on a copay and they wouldn't let her see the doctor!! $2! My mom started to cry and Dr. Cadueax heard her and took her back anyway and told her that she wouldn't never have known what was going on out front if this hadn't happened. more

Pushing Epidurals 11/15/2010

I am 8 months pregnant and have seen just about every doc in this practice. With one exception everyone is nice. Cohen btw was really great - he's one of those people you either love or hate, so give him a chance. What I have found though is that a few docs, though nice, are not very supportive of a woman's choice to not have an epidural. I have made a birth plan, which includes not having an epidural or spinal unless the life of the baby is threatened in some way. I have another child and had an epidural and it was a horrible experience. I was so sick afterward and my labor went on way longer than it needed too. Because of my past experience I decided this time around, I would go without. I think it's the best choice for myself and the baby. However, in discussions with Canterella and another doc, she seemed to try to discourage me from this and scare me into getting an epidural. I felt like maybe the practice gets some bonus or incentive from it in some way the way she tried to pressure me. It was like dealing with a used car salesman. It is my choice to go this route and it is not a blind choice but rather based on my own experience and the experiences of family and friends. This was not a decision I came to lightly by any means. However, the docs seemed so unsupportive. It really made me wish I had chosen to go with a birthing center or midwife rather that VFOBGYN. more

Don't believe all the junk these people are posting.. 5/18/2010

I have to say that when I read the posts the other people posted I rechecked what doctors office reviews I was reading. I have to say the VFOB docs are thee best doc's and all I can say is that I trust my life with them. Not only have I been a patient for over a decade but I have recommended them to other people including my sisters!! They not only took exceptional care of me through 3 births (and no one forced pitocin or an epidural on me...)but also helped save my sister's life after post partum complications (which had nothing to do with the doctor or their care of her!!!) Not all personalities mesh obviously or else everyone would not pick a primary OBGYN but that doesn't mean the doctor is a bad doctor. I <3 the doc's at VFOB and wouldn't want to go anywhere else!!! Pros: everything more


So, I have nothing bad to say about any other docs there, they've all been quite nice and supportive. However I had the grave misfortune to have Cantorella deliver my daughter last year and it was a disaster. Some background: I had one of my routine check-ups at eight months. As I was far along, it was an internal exam. Cantorella - who seems like she's 12 - is obviously pretty green. When she stuck her finger up there to feel my cervix, she did it so violently that I was afraid she ruptured something. Well, what a surprise when the next day I had all these cramps and then my water broke as I was walking. It was one month before my due date. I rushed myself to the hospital, where I found that Cantorella was the delivery doctor on call. She pressured me into getting pitocin to hurry the process along (there was no reason for this, she just clearly didn't want the inconvenience of staying late since my contractions were slow). Then, when I was experiencing all this pain at the site of my IV, she rolled her eyes and seem to suggest that I was exaggerating (trust me, I was not, it killed - turns out they turned the drip too high).. THe delivery went smoothly, I will say. All in all, if you are looking for a caring, compassionate and experienced OB, do not go to this doctor. They have many others who are very good, including Brown, Cadieux, Shirker, and Silverberg. Cons: MEAN, INSENSITIVE, NO BEDSIDE MANNER more

Money Hungry Practice 3/3/2010

This practice is one of the worst doctor's offices I've been to. They move patients in and out like cattle and have little to no interaction with the patient. Upon my first exam with this office because I had just miscarried, the doctor made me feel like I was a bother. She wanted me in and out as quickly as possible. When I began to ask questions she gave me short answers and started walking towards the door before the conversation was even finished. During that time I had to call the nurses several times to follow up on tests- which they lost, as well as my entire file, to contact the nurse you must leave a voicemail and wait for them to call you back. It's the most ridiculous process I've ever heard of. Oh, and good luck getting that call back. I had to call and call and call again til someone would actually talk to me! They have no respect for their patients, you are simply a dollar sign to them and the more patients they see the more money they make. It's ashame that there isn't more we as consumers and patients can do to stop practices like this besides picking another doctor. Cons: Terrible Office Staff, Poor Service, Poor Bed side manner more

Would not recommend 2/5/2010

I was a patient in my teens and early twenties because of how conveniently they are located to my house. Once i moved 10 miles away from their office, I assessed if it was worth it for me to keep continuing seeing the providers and I realized that it really wasn't to my advantage. The doctor who almost always wears the ostentatious blue eye shadow did not make an impression on me at all, despite positive reviews on rateyourmds website. She wasn't very keen on the idea of me having a ""natural"" birth once i got pregnant. she assured me that I would need an epidural because ""everyone does"" so that really turned me off. I successfully was able to transfer to the birth center in bryn mawr where i was under the care of nurses and midwives and i feel as i received superior care as a result. concepts of holistic care and alternative methods of treatment were never foreign to them and they were able to accommodate most of my needs. i am more than glad that i decided to make the switch because i would really miss out on probably the best ob care in the area. this was a few years back and i am still seeing the midwives for my routine obgyn care. last note on valley forge obgyn- i don't believe that they mean bad but i wouldn't expect any extraordinary care from them. they are designed to function as ""typical"" md office, with their overbooked schedule (may not be intentional) and cranky front desk receptionists. but objectively speaking, one deserves better. Pros: can't think of any Cons: a few more

I love this office, they make you feel like family!!! 3/17/2009

I have never been happier with an OB/GYN office. Honestly, I have never been treated so well from a front desk staff at a doctor's office before. We are expecting our second child and I have a hard time fitting appointments into my business work schedule and they are willing to accommodate and schedule my appointments as late as possible. \r \r They have a staff of very friendly doctors and nurses. \r \r When I have a question, they call right back, if they don't answer the call right away (which most of the time they do). And I have to say that Concetta is the greatest!! I don't know how she does it because she has to be busy but she makes me feel like I am the only patient there when talking with her.\r \r Thanks for the great support!! Pros: FRIENDLY front desk staff, caring nurses & doctors Cons: Parking lot during construction more

It's all about the money when it comes to medical care! 9/23/2008

I agree with the writer of the review dated March 5th ... I had moved out of the Phoenixville area and had finally found an OB/GYN closer to my home in NJ ... My upcoming appointment with the new OB/GYN was not routine, but rather a medical concern ... After playing phone-tag with the individual in charge of medical records, I too was told that it would take two weeks (!) for the records to be sent to the new OB/GYN and that it would cost me $20! Please - 2 weeks? I'm just over the Ben Franklin bridge ... are the records being walked over from Phoenixville to Cherry Hill? And, I'm paying $20 for this? Is the $20 to buy a couple of soft pretzels and a coke for the walk over? Aren't these my medical records? While we're at it, I too was overcharged for a procedure - didn't know this until I spoke with my insurance company ... I tcontacted the OB/GYN office for a reimbursement ... after some time, I finally received the reimbursement check ... then they had the audacity to send me a bill for the amount of the reimbursement?!? Yes, many medical providers are no longer interested in taking care of the patient, it's a business ... You could be dying as you reach the doctor's office or hospital ... but before you die, they will most certainly demand their copayment. Pros: uh ... well ... hmm Cons: it's all about the money, stupid! more

love the docs, love the nurses 9/19/2008

Originally went to this practice b/c of cyst issues...stayed with them for general reproductive health and had excellent care throughout and after my pregnancy and childbirth. Wonderful, warm office staff - nurses and front desk knew me well and gave personal service all 9 months plus...v. responsive nurse call line for any questions or advice needed at any stage of gyn/ob issues... Pros: personalized service, they make sure you know all docs in practice Cons: limited parking with current hospital building project, but nothing too bad more

You are not seen as a patient - you are seen as a $ 3/5/2008

I live an hour 1/2 away. I requested records because I have bleeding. I am very concerned becasue I had a Hyst. some years back. What could be sleeding? I am going to see a Dr. close to my home. I work. I phoned the office to get records they will fax me a form to fill out. It will take them up to two weeks to get the paper work out. Before they will do this they want me to pay $20, I think its unacceptable but I am willing to pay it. Then they can't take my pmt over the phone - because they are not set up for that as she stated. so they want me to mail this in and when they get my $20 and only then will they forward my medical records. Does it cost $20 to make a copy? Postage? I asked if they would just send them and I will send the check. Roxanne stated no thats no how they do things. Where is the customer service? Where is the patient care. They don't care how you are just about the $$$, $20 for that matter. When you have a credit of say $20.00 they don't send it to you. If your lucky you find out at one of your appointments. My opinion - in such a state of worry I have to deal with a unfeeling nasty money driven person. Save yourself the agravation & see a practice that sincerely cares about you and how you are, not one that just sees $$$$. Pros: nice waiting room Cons: poor customer service from staff more
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