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Valley Empire Collection - 10 Reviews - 8817 E Mission Ave 101, Spokane, WA - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (509) 928-4611

Valley Empire Collection

8817 E Mission Ave 101
Spokane, WA 99206
(509) 928-4611
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This place called me out of the blue and says I owe money to them because of an unpaid bill from 2008. I have never heard of the place and told them they have the wrong person. T...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2013

if you look at it everybody that says this a scam is stupid pay your bills before they go to collections and you wont have fees just like any other business they have to make money and how would they make money if they just collect bills and immediately handed the money over to the company or state that hired them to collect from your idiotness's i owe over 5k and you don't see me crying about it. you know why? cause if i would have paid it when it was 1k it would have never accumulated to the number but since i was irresponsible like all of you were whining little whiners and if you didnt call and freak on them and talked to them with respect they would have shown respect right back. LocalYokal im sure respected them like an adult should behave and look wow he/she got respect in return crazy how that work huh? more

Watch Out! Scam 4/16/2012

This place called me out of the blue and says I owe money to them because of an unpaid bill from 2008. I have never heard of the place and told them they have the wrong person. They said they will report to a credit bureau if I don't pay them. These threats have to be illegal and trying to get info out of me just shows what a scam this is. I was shocked to find that it's a local business. If they defame me in any way I will be suing them. They didn't even have my correct address , so if you get a call from them don't give them any info and ask why they waited so long to contact you. They have no answer to that because it's a scam. Call the B.B.B. too. more


I had a bill sent to Valley Empire for collection. The original bill was for 306.65. Valley Empire then added 352.93 for collection fees. I called to make arrangements but they had sent it to my work to have my check garnished. Then now judgement is $820.29 !! I called to find out why it went up, they said it was more fees. It cost $513.64 total in just fees. That is ridiculious !!!! more

Horrible Company!!! 7/25/2011

I missed one payment for $20.00 and was sent to this collection office. To try to understand the situation they were nothing but rude. I didn't get any answers and they kept pushing me to pay if off right then and there. Some people are unable to pay off a full. I think it is ridiculous to punish someone who is trying their best with what they have. This company is awful, rude, horrible communication skills, not compassionate what so ever. If you find yourself dealing with this company your going to get screwed over. I did! With no mail sent to me or calls they decided to serve me papers. So thank you DBA Valley Empire Collection! Maybe next time you can actually have your employees contact your clients before you take it this far. more

So Wrong! 6/5/2011

This company really is shady. I have been trying to pay off a couple of debts (student loans first) so I hadnt gotten to some tickets. This agency hadnt contacted me for YEARS. They waited until a couple of months before their collection deadline and then started garnishing my wages without any notification to me. They claimed that they tried to contact me when the debt came to them. NINE YEARS PRIOR! Then they told me when they couldnt garnish my wages anymore that they couldnt take anything less than $150 per month. Wrong! I told them that they would have to accept whatever I gave them. HA! more

Valley Empire Collection 2/24/2011

This company is awful, the amount of fees they charge is outrageous. If you don't pay them they right away send guarnashment to your bank. There should be a law capping how much they can charge in addition to your original debt. a $200 debt has turned into $465.00 as they add all the fees plus a guarneshment fee on top of that. If people are struggling to begin with and cannot pay in full how the heck do they pay over double. It is ridiculous that they will not make a payment arrangement with you. more

I Cannot believe the City of Spokant uses these people!!! 11/16/2010

These people are rude, unprofessional rip off artists. It blows my mind that this type of business is even legal and tolerated by a CITY! I was trying to pay off three tickets to the City of Spokane, Washington and got behind a couple of months due to financial difficulties so they sent me to Empire Collection Agency. My tickets were almost tripled!!!!!!!!!! One ticket was$25. Their fee for that ticket was $25.00 and the interest was $20.00. The next was $35.00. Their fee was $35.00 and the interest was $22.00! So two tickets originally were $60.00, ended up costing me $162.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how many times I called, emailed and wrote them to settle this debt at a lower more ethical and moral charge, I got no response! What a bunch of criminals. And this stuff is legal. Shame on the companies/cities who use such schmuckers. more

Do you do anything? 9/17/2009

So i got a letter for a collection from a previous employer i thought was paid off, as i hadn't received any bill in 17 months. So i explained toe whole situation and sent back a dispute letter within 10 days, 20 days sooner than required. and now three months latter i cant refinance my car because there is a collection notice on my credit so i called them, and they have done nothing. so my case has been ""forwarded to a manager"" who is conveniently never in the office. Pros: they managed to stay in busieness Cons: They do nothing but sit on there hands more

Two points of view 8/10/2009

I had a large debt, that I did in fact owe. They were nice about it, and I went in and paid it off. It's better to go in and take care of any issues with them face to face. The people that work on the calling floor, are pretty much told to be rude and inappropriate. My ex-wife used to work there, and she was told to lie as much as she needed to, in order to get information about the persons place of work, address, phone numbers, &c. I blame the companies that use this collection agency, as much as the agency them selves. They know the company's tactics are somewhat questionable. I think the issues with the false collections, has to do more with their clients than the company it's self. Many times if a bill is in collections, and you pay the client rather than the collection agency, the client forgets to call off the dogs. So they keep bugging you. Pros: Took care of my issues nicely Cons: A company built on baeing rude and taking advantage of othes more

Rude People NEED HELP!!!!! 5/11/2009

The lady that I spoke to here at valley Empire Collection was rude to the 9th power, I agree with chrisraz37, DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE, I have not went that far, but I will call tomorrow and see if I can find a nicer person.. Probably just caught her on her way out of the office... Hope you wreck your car when you leave today, MISS RUDIE!!!!! Pros: None, RUDE Cons: None did not give me a chance more

These People Are Fraud Artists 4/1/2009

This place will rip you off and condescend to you while doing it. It's amazing, the attitude, while they attempt to collect on false claims. Case in point: I paid off some parking tickets 5 years ago and just now, yesterday, they're suddenly saying I owe for all of them PLUS INTEREST, as if they're collecting on a bank loan, or...a legitimate debt at all. Tip: dispute, dispute, dispute - with certified return receipt requested mail, and a lawyer, if possible. These schmucks aren't worth the paper they waste. Cons: The practice of resurrecting paid-off debts for revenue more
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