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United Collection Bureau - 16 Reviews - 4400 N High St, Columbus, OH - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (614) 263-1200

United Collection Bureau

4400 N High St
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 263-1200
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All reviews seem negative


Just got 1 probably first call from them. caller id shows unknown number. Agent asked for me and wanted to verify my address. Asked who he was, said united collection bureau. I hu...

collections 8/25/2011

Just got 1 probably first call from them. caller id shows unknown number. Agent asked for me and wanted to verify my address. Asked who he was, said united collection bureau. I hung up. they'll probably call again. more

Preemptive Strike 2/2/2011

I have recently been contacted via snail mail by this agency, the United Collection Bureau. They represent the OH Attorney General's Office as well as other companies or entities attempting to collect alleged debt. So being an entitiy to enforce collection activity for the OH Attorney General's Office, they probably feel 'empowered' to collect on 'any' debt by any means available. This is a FALLACY on the part of UCB. \r \r I was a bill collector for 2 years myself. From the reviews shared by many of you, it sounds as though this company is an 'In-House' collection agency. In-House collection agencies feel as though they think they are not regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977. But they indeed are held to the same consumer protections rights and laws owed to all Americans under the act. \r \r My experience has not been as appalling as those shared on this site, as I have only been contacted by them via the US Postal Service through an initial letter from their agency. \r \r But being a former collector I have sent them certified mail warning them to not contact me by any 'telephonic' means at their disposal and if they do I will immediately contact my own State Attorney General's Office (MN) and file Civil and criminal suit against their agency. All of you have the same rights. And don't think it's ever too late to do so. \r \r Any consumer that is being harrassed by such an agency can and shoul reach out to their state's Attorney General, Governor and or Congress person for support in their endeavors to cease and desist this type of collection activities. \r \r There are laws on the books that protect you from these business practices. Seach on google under 'Fair Debt Collection Practices Act' and you'll find a PDF file that will explain your rights as a consumer against attack from agencies such as UCB.\r \r One more step that you can take is to send this agency, and any entities that represent them, a letter to 'cease and desist' any further communication to you, family, friends or third parties altogether. You can find a 'template' provided through google search. Search under 'cease and desist' letter.\r \r I'll update this site with my outcome which I feel will be successful. \r \r Best to All,\r \r SB more

Rude, Deceptive and Harassing! 11/15/2010

A collector from United has been calling my job harassing me and anyone that answers the phone. They use illegal collection tactics. I have told them repeatedly not to call my job but that doesn't stop them. I'm not sure that the UCB that is harassing me is the one here in Ohio or not because they use toll free numbers. The person that calls if foreign but will use an American name such as Kevin, David or Calvin. They do not tell me what the account is for. I told them to send me something in writing or in my email which they refuse to do. more

Completely Deceptive and Harassing! 12/18/2008

A collector from United called me and did not identify himself. When I asked who was calling, he told me a first name - and said he was from an institution other than United. Further, it was an institution located someplace other than the area code identified on caller ID. The caller ID indicated an area code - but no other digits! (I researched this out after the call, because this individual was threatening ""legal action"" from said institution).\r He did NOT have the correct person in the first place, but chose to call my workplace and left messages - even after I called back and told him I was NOT the person he was seeking!\r Such deception and harassing is unconscienceable in my opinion. I'm uncertain why companies such as this are allowed to exist and continue ""business."" Pros: there are NO pros Cons: Deceptive, Harassing more

Harrassive, uncooperative poor customer service 6/26/2008

This company is very harrassive and refuses to get off phone when u tell them too- I explained to them- I had 2 major surgies- tumor removed off brain an breast cancer and nearly died- no work an income- what more could they take from me. I also explained the hospital screwed up paper work and it is being straightened out an they all but called me a liar. I asked for itemized bills with crediter names and and contact info - received nothing and was called a liar. They hound you to death an pester family members - which is against the law. I have worked in simialr field and you do not act this way to get cooperation out of the customer- you just make them mad. Until I get itemize bill with info i need- you might as well stop calling Cons: uncooperative and very harrassive more

Thanks for the posts. regarding reviews 2/5/2008

i read all of the reviews..........could empathize. \r \r I had them call me before years ago on my cell looking for a man who I did NOT know, had the same cell number, I had been given. ...I ended up having to change my cell phone\r \r Now, after many medical bills, and increased interest rates, I find myself in bad place, being hunted by these horrible people. \r \r I did find the posts and reviews helpful. These people set out to threat, embarass, and intimidate.\r \r The worst is an autodialer is stalking elderly that have nothing to do with this............constantly harassing them, and laughting at a 74 year old man, out of breath, totally upset. \r \r What are their rights.........???? Pros: There are none with these individuals Cons: no concsience, they really have no accountability for their actions more

Horrific Customer Service......Be Warned,,,,,,,,,, 2/5/2008

these cons are amazing.........real piece of work. who else calls someones elderly parents and gets them so upset they almost have a heartattack, and laugh at them in distress.........i'll tell you whol.....these idiots.\r \r they also call all of your neighbors and let them know of your personal problems.......they called and shared to any neighbor that would give them the time of day.......or scared them that we were in serious trouble.\r \r this should not be allowed, or legal, they will do anything for a buck. more

The absolute rudiest people I have ever dealt with 1/14/2008

Recently, I have been experiencing extremely harrassing phone calls from this company. I spoke with several different people concerning a debt that needed to be resolved and they were absolutely horrible, rude and unwilling to cooperate in a professional manner. I was unable to resolve this debt because the customer service representative was yelling and screaming into the phone. Accusing me of being lazy, and saying that I need to get a job without even asking if I were employed or not. Which I am employed. Actually at a law firm. And like the other reviews posted on this site, I too know my rights and the law and I also know that this type of behavior from this company is subject to a law suit. I find this type of behavior extremely disturbing and find it difficult to believe that a company that has been established this long will hire such incompetent people. This particular employee needs to be fired and her supervisor. Pros: No pros. Cons: Rudest people ever dealt with more

Worst Company Ever 8/31/2007

My husband is a victim of identy theft, and this collection agency is where the account went to. I have been attempting to work with this company for 3 years now trying to get the account deleted off of his credit report. Every month they tell me it will be taken off. I am getting ready to file suit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I have gone above and beyond to prove this as a fraud case. Even the orginal company called UCB to get it taken care of and they are still reporting it. These people are so rude and really dont care, even when the person is the victim, they dont have the customer service skills and shoud not be working for this company. I am going to do all I can to this company for damages and the verbal abuse when I call. Pros: My 3 yr old has better manners Cons: worst ever more

Horrible Customer Service 8/2/2007

A guy called on Wednesday at my place of WORK and when he couldn't be patched through to me, he began berating, harassing and yelling at my receptionist. He was told not to call this number anymore and not only did he continue to call, but he threatened my staff members if they wouldn't put me on the phone. I happen to know the law and, debt or no debt, this activity is intolerable and none of us have to be forced to take it. Most people don't know this, but this activity (calling a person's place of work when told expressly not to) is harassment and is a direct violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. section 805. I reported United Collections Bureau to the Federal Trade Commission on 8/1 and am planning to contact the Florida State Attorney General's office if this activity continues. For those of you on this page who have faced this, know your rights. You DO NOT have to take this type of harassment. Those of us in debt know what we are responsible to do to get out of debt and should not be bulled and terrorized. This activity is a form of terrorism and these guys WILL be held responsible for their activities. I urge all of you to take on the same crusade when you are harassed like this. The only way to stop these criminals is to take them down!!! Pros: Sounds like the telephone representatives are on steroids Cons: Their practices are illegal and under investigation by the FTC more

United Collections Bureau 8/1/2007

I live in the 38305 zip code and my wife has been getting harassing phone calls from the RUDEST beings ever created. Somebody I guess had her cell phone number in the past and they have been harassing her accusing her of lying and calling her names. Today they called back and I would not let her answer the phone....I DID! After civilized talking on my part I started swearing at the woman. Now I was speaking her language, which she understood. I finally got her name and a phone number. I had never heard of the person she was calling for nor do we have anything in collections. I am currently looking into what legal action we can take against this sorry excuse for a company. Pros: NONE!!! Cons: I think Hitler was nicer to types of people he did not like more

Worst Customer Service Ever! 7/27/2007

I cannot believe what happened to me the last couple of days. The rudeness of the reps and the inconsideration for my efforts to resolve the issue. I was given 5 days to take care of it... I attempted on the first day to get the issue resolved. Unfortunately, I was yelled at, accused of lying, discrediting my character, and threatened with legal action and above all... hung up on. I have tried to resolve this issue and the cooperation of this stupid company would have been helpful. I went above and beyond to take care of this collection and all I got was repulsive and disgusting behavior. I have talked to collection companies before and this by far was the worst. They hardly had any information on my account. I am deeply upset and dissatisfied with them. I hope they never call me again, or I WILL take legal action for harassment and slander. Cons: Horrendous more

Rude representatives 2/5/2007

They call and threaten legal action without stating whose account they represent.\r They call at work and do not identify themselves, just leave a first name.\r Complained to representative about call at work and he justified action and said he would call work number to reach me inspite of my protest.\r \r more

This company is Harassing me!!! 1/16/2007

How Rude and Condescending! They have no compassion. Today I was yelled at an threatened with legal action. Cons: Reps are Rude, Yell at You, and (illegally) threated legal action!!!!!! more

A group that can't follow written insructions 1/11/2007

I refuse to discuss any allegations over the telephone. I have written to them on more than 1 occasion stating they need to provide any details of their allegations in writing. Nothing, just a call. Anymore I got my telephone set up that a call from their number automatically goes to a trash box. So now I don't have to listed to their threats. I just see how many times they've called or get the occasional letter asking me to call. I will only write back indicating I don't do these type of discussions verbally, any documentation must be sent in writing for me to review. NADA back. \r \r They are just stupid any know how to use an autodialer. Pros: they have a fast autodialer Cons: their autodialer gives the name of the caller and states that they are calling to collect a debt. Isn't that illegal? more

Never answers their phone! 5/27/2006

Honestly, why give a phone number if all it does is go to voicemail? Pros: persistent Cons: unresponsive more
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