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USA Hunks Male Strippers Club & Strip Show - 17 Reviews - 225 E Houston St, New York, NY - Other Reviews - Phone (866) 872-4865

USA Hunks Male Strippers Club & Strip Show

225 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002
(866) 872-4865
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USA Hunks Male Strippers Club & Strip Show - New York, NY


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My friend literally dragged me here for her birthday party... otherwise I would never have gone. Male strippers aren't really my thing so I was kinda nervous. But I must say eve...


Ok..where do I start. I threw my best firiends bachelorette party here and paid lets say over $800 for 2 hours. I got the VIP package which included champagne, "best seat", a gi...

what an amazing show 7/13/2010

StacyLu12 Provided by Partner
My friend literally dragged me here for her birthday party... otherwise I would never have gone. Male strippers aren't really my thing so I was kinda nervous. But I must say everything was tastefully done. The guys were all really professional. They came out and danced for the girls on stage... there were bachelorette and birthday girls. The MC would call the names up onstage and the friends (like me) would go up and put dollar bills all over them. It was definitely a fun change of pace from the same old clubs. I could see why girls would come here for a birthday or bachelorette party. It really is something you do once in a while on a special occassion. I couldn't imagine coming here every week loll... This one girl next to me told me it was her 5th time there !!! lol more

A MUST SEE! 1/12/2009

newyorkgirl79 Provided by Partner
I went to the show last Fri. with a group of girlfriends from work and had a fabulous time! The guys are very sexxy, the show is a real production with costumes and stuff (yet was not cheesy at all, which was great) and we had a wild time. I would highly recomend it. There were several groups of bachelorettes there as well who seemed to be having a great time, too. Its hillarious to watch women scramble to get on stage! If you are looking for a bonding experience with friends, try this. Since you may stay for the afterparty for free, we stayed and danced to some great music after the show. During my search, I've discovered that other companies advertize some of the same dancers from Hunk-o-mania but when you get there none of those guys are there. This place had all the dancers on their website and more...after being at other clubs in NYC that host a male revue, I can honestly tell you that this show is in a different level; all the guys are absolutely gorgeous and there are some many of them... Overall, my experience with Hunk-o-mania has been above par and I will definitely be returning! Pros: Great service, gorgeous men, strong drinks more

Best Men Stripping Show in NY 1/11/2009

pamelajamie Provided by Partner
We came in from LA and I surprised my friend with tickets to the show, but we were late cause my friend takes too long to get ready! LoL We didn't get to sit where our tickets were for, so we sat over at the side of the stage by ourselves. Which was good cause when they ripped off their thongs and showed their butts, My friend about fell out of her chair and kicked over another chair. The girls behind us were laughing at her. We had so much fun the first night, we decided to come back again the next night and not be late. The second night we were in the second row center stage table. One of the performers was eyeing me and being all seductive. Then he ripped off his wife beater and threw it to me. I caught it! LoL But they never pulled me up on stage. They missed out on a good lap dance from me! Haha I got a few pictures with them after the show at Club Element. My goodness, them men are HOT! The guys seemed very sweet and down to earth. *USA HUNK * was entertaining and provacative without crossing any boundaries. It was full of energy and very entertaining. I would recommend the show for any group of girls looking to have a good time. more

Wow...Gorgeous Male Strippers!! 10/20/2008

sexydebbienyc Provided by Partner
Fine as$ guys who can dance...and I mean really dance. Not just stripper dance with thrusts, although they did do some of that, but real like hip-hop looking like JT and Tatum Channing. Ok, I'm not saying they should go and try out for "So you think you can dance" but whooowheee they are fine so I forgive the ones that kept forgetting the routines. Never seen Chippendales so I have nothing to compare them to, but I did go to VIP's after because I was seriously ready for some raunch after this teaser of a show. I say this show is a tease because once during each routine they pick a lucky girl to go on stage with them and dance for her. Oh how I wished I got pulled on stage with Brandon. Maybe next time... My new motto "100% prime USA HUNK Beef, ride a cowboy, YEEHAW!" Pros: Gorgeous Guys Cons: Too many girls more

This Place is ALL THAT and MORE!! 10/20/2008

johnsgirls69 Provided by Partner
I honestly didn't expect to have fun at a USA HUNKS show, but to my surprise, I found myself standing on my chair and shrieking so loud that I COMPLETELY lost my voice the next day. I was surprised at how intimate the setting was. It was small enough for the men to give one-on-one attention to many of the women in the audience. For good reason, they focused mainly on the women who were obviously having their bachelorette party, so be sure to wear a veil, sash, or pink, feathery something if you're celebrating one! The no photography rule saddened me, but we took plenty of hilarious photos with all the dancers, at the end of the show - my girls know how to have fun! The dancing was tasteful, not vulgar, yet they def know how to hype the crowd up. There were some cheesy, but fun, skits and one of the dancers had an amazing voice - very talented! I fell in love with a Hunk with blond hair, a chiseled face, and even more chiseled body. He resembled Jerrod Smith, Samantha's bf on Seex and the City. Yum. We've checked out some of the other places in NYC in the past and this is DEF. the BEST club by far! more

NOT ALL THAT 10/15/2008

Delbk Provided by Partner
Ok..where do I start. I threw my best firiends bachelorette party here and paid lets say over $800 for 2 hours. I got the VIP package which included champagne, "best seat", a gift for the bride, and I can't remember. The event took place at Club Element, first my seats were horrible..right near the door. I was very upset..because that is why I paid over 800 so me and my girls could enjoy the night. We were suppose to have our own waiter, which I could never find. O did I mention there is a two drink minimum per person. There was way too many things going on at once..the show..then the guys doing private dances..I mean the guys were hot! But not sure if I would do it again..I would maybe just not get the VIP package..because I was obviously ripped off. Your better off hiring a hunk and doing it at another place where you and your girls could have a more private affair. Pros: HOT GUYS Cons: TOO EXPENSIVE FOR NOTHING more

Best Male Strippers in Manhattan! 8/13/2008

jaimexoxo Provided by Partner
I went to see the Hunk-o-mania male strippers show at Club Element a couple of weeks ago for a girlfriend's birthday. Hunk-o-mania bills itself as an "upscale male strip show". I wasn't sure what to expect. I had only seen one male stripper before, during college, and the guy was not cute and he was quite cheesy and not a good I was pleasantly surprised to have a good time. The waiters are attractive men who walk around shirtless, in tuxedo pants, muscular torsos on display for all to enjoy. They happily interact with the patrons eg, sitting on laps and giving spontaneous rub downs. The performers did a really good job. As one of the girls described it, watching them is almost like watching, "a dirty boy band" perform. They've got choreographed acts and they lip sync, they just happen to also strip and be in incredibly good shape. The women at the club were rabid. There was screaming, yelling, clamors for private lap dances, and bills flying everywhere. And unlike female strip clubs, the women are actually encouraged to touch the male strippers as often and frequently as possible. It was quite the memorable event. I was particularly enamored with one dancer, Tyson, who kind of reminded me of a bald, Shemar Moore. The man was hot...and quite popular with the ladies based on the immediate raise in decibel level whenever he was on stage. He definitely knows how to work a crowd. Hunk-o-mania at club Element is quite the experience. I'd recommend it for a fun night out with friends or for birthdays, bachelorette parties, yada yada. Pros: Sweet Guys and impeccable service! Cons: None! more

Fantastic Show! 7/4/2008

annapaula86 Provided by Partner
After having their website saved under my favorites for over a year, we finally decided to come out and see these men in person...everyone from the host to the waiters to the bartenders was top notch "perfect 10's" beatiful faces, gorgeous bodies and sweet personalities. If you just want to forget about the world and your problems for two glorious hours, this place is an oasis for female entertainment and pleasure...Trully a must see!!!I I never thought I'd like this type of thing but this show is really done with class...Thanks Hunk-O-Mania at Club Element for such an awesome time!!! Pros: Everything!!! Cons: None more

Avoid At All Times! 5/24/2008

NYMartini Provided by Partner
Where are the hot male strippers? They weren't at Hunk-O-Mania on Saturday night. I have been to many male reviews and Hunk-O-Mania at Element did nothing for my lobido. The show was supposed to be an hour and a half, it was more like an hour and 15 minutes. There was more talking on the mic than men stripping. The music was too low, and they pack the girls in like sardines.The perfomances were short, and did NOTHING to fulfill what a woman fantasizes about. My girlfriends and I were NOT sexually turned on and left the club feeling short changed. I went to Element with $100 in single dollar bills; I LEFT Element with $100 in single bills. In addition, our V.I.P. tickets were $45 per person. We were supposed to get our own waiter, and a bottle of champage. Our waiter served us the first drink of the night and then was never to be seen again. The complimentary champagne was never offered. Ladies, do yourself a favor. Don't waste your time or money. You're better off going to a regular dance club and watching cute guys take their shirts off on the dance floor. Pros: Our pre-paid seats were reserved and ready when we arrived. Cons: Short, Un-entertaining perfomances more

Lives up to its name 4/11/2008

soohk74 Provided by Partner
Ladies (and gentlemen) if you are sick of going to clubs full of nasty looking men who can't dance, Hunk-o-mania is the oasis in the desert of ugly incoordination. Every male specimen you will see, from the bouncers, waiters, emcee, the manager Armand, and of course the dancers are deeeelicious, My fabulous girls took me here for my bachelorette and we were READY. Matching tanks, mini skirts, short shorts, thigh highs, wigs, boas, etc I was afraid they would not be able to handle us! But the second we stepped out of the limo Armand was waiting to take care of us and it was all muscles muscles muscles and some champagne from there. Armand hooked us up with the hottest table in the club and we were hootin and hollerin and out of control all night. Three of us went up on stage for outrageous strip dances (marine, wall street banker, leopard suited pimp). Buy your friends private lap dances! It's all part of the experience. There was a variety of women there, from the young and hot to a table full of grandmas, and everyone got into it and had a blast. This is a must do for a girls night out. We're going to make a tradition of it! Pros: Hot Men, Service more

Thanks for the Best birthday party! 3/29/2008

hollylee23 Provided by Partner
Last night I had my birthday party at Hunk O Mania show and was amazed to see how paramount their service was. Everything from my initial order on the phone to the end of the show was way beyond what I had expected. The other places were so rudely aggressive, including the people who answered the phones. The guys were not only extremely gorgeous but also very friendly and sweet. They sure knew how to treat us like princesses! This is the hottest male strip club in NYC and I can see why they've won Citysearch's best male "strip club award" in New York City! Truly is a must see for any lady coming to the NYC area, who would love to be completely entertained, and STIMULATED!!!! These fantastic men dance, and gyrate their way through the evening making us women forget EVERYTHING but them for 2 glorious hours!!! Pros: Gorgeous NAKD MEN, Great free afterparty! more

Best male revue show out there! 3/25/2008

sexyrussiangrl1 Provided by Partner
This is my first time reviewing on citysearch and I"m glad it's with Hunk-O-Mania. It is the best male revue show out there. I dare you to compare!! The Guys are attractive and attentive. They fulfill the PERFECT fantasy. The waiters are equally as hot and wait on you hand and foot. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME. At the door is Fran, an amazing sweet person with a heart of Gold. She will make your transaction speedy and efficient. You will become a repeat customer, I AM!! It's perfect for a night out with the girls. In fact you don't need any reason, just go. You won't regret it. The location is also perfect, it's the fabulous LES if you live in New York City, you know that's the place to be now i.e. many restaurants, bars, lounges and the prices on the lower east side are just awesome...Also, check out Stanton Social restaurant for some of the best food anywhere at a very reasonable price. Each Hunk O Mania performer caters to each fantasy you've ever had. From the multiple Wall St. type men dancing to the marine officers you will LOVE IT! And there's no shame in touching either. These guys know how to treat you with respect and still be a little raunchy! First timers should not be shy...just enjoy the ride!!! If you're celebrating a bachelorette party, a birthday or just a girls night out, this is the place to be!!! Pros: Gorgeous men Cons: None more

Best male strip show in New York!! 2/18/2008

nyhotty4u Provided by Partner
Dear Hunk-o-mania Men (HM), I just wanted to commend you for the wonderful work you guys do, I've been to other popular bachelorette party destinations in NYC and you guys are by far the best, even the club you perform in is beautiful, spacious and has a happening party afterwards. I brought a group 15 women to your show last Saturday night for a bachelorette party and you guys made it special for every member of the bride?s family from her grandmother-in-law, to her mother-in-law, and of course the beautiful bride to be. Everyone was so nice from the gentleman who answered the phones before the show, to the dancers, and even the waiters. I just wanted to thank you and I will certainly recommend other girlfriends to visit your show and plan future events with the Hunk-o-mania. We definitely had a better time than the groom and his buddies did on his bachelor party and your show was definitely a lot better than their greedy private strippers who cut their session very short. Again, I can?t say thank you enough but I will say thank you by referring you to many more brides to be and any girls who just want to have a fun girls? night out. Take care and good luck! Sincerely, Elizabeth H. P.S. I also wanted to commend the person running this business. He or she really understands Hunk-o-mania?s target market and does a superb job ensuring customer satisfaction. more

Best night ever!!! 2/13/2008

trishanyc25 Provided by Partner
I have seen many of the male strip shows in New York City and HunkoMania at Element Nightclub was by far the absolute best! If you're planning a bachelorette party or a girls night out-going to a HunkoMania show is a must! The guys are extremely hot and it's an overall just a great time. The production and choreography is so well put together and just watching the men strip is truly breathtaking! There's also singing and an acrobat skit that will leave you wanting more! The men are all very nice and pleasant to talk too. After the show there are plenty of opportunities to take pictures with the guys on stage-either will all of them or with your favorite. If that wasn't enough, you can stay at Element night club which is one of the largest danceclubs in NYC to continue partying all night long. You definitely need to check this place out, all your desired dreams will be performed right in front of your eyes! We are DEFINATELY seeing the show again!! And this time I think we will be a little more crazy so we can get pulled up on stage. Pros: Beatiful Men!, Treat women right!, parking on street; beautiful mega-nightclub; very well choreographed Cons: Can't take pictures during the show! Long lines!! more

Impeccable Service! 12/3/2007

sxygabynyc Provided by Partner
From the moment we booked the tix to the time we arrived at the club, this was by far the best bachelorette party we've ever been to...we've tried other popular places in new york city but, HUNK-O-MANIA exceeded our expectations. When we got out of the limo the line was really long and they just let us right in, the woman at the reception was very professional and courteous she explained everything we were intitled to in detail, our waiter was swift and polite and the stage show was soo much fun, the guys were all perfect "10" with awesome dance moves, there was someone for everyone; black guys, asian, white guys, latino, hunks with blue eyes and dark hair, blond hair, short hair, model type, bodybuilder type, you name it, they had it...we had a party of 14 and we each had our own favorite man...the guys you see on their website USAHUNK COM ARE REAL and they look even better when you see them in person...Girls do yourself a favor if you're celebrating something special and you want to have the most AWESOME girls night out, this is the place to be, nothing else in NYC even comes close!!!!!! Pros: All Cons: None more

HOT, HOT MEN!!!! AWESOME SHOW! 10/21/2007

lauragb Provided by Partner
Ok, so at first I thought the Hunk O Mania show was going to be somewhat lame... you know, like how you see male strippers on TV coming out in silly outfits like Firemen, or Police, or construction workers, and then they pretty much strip done and wiggle around on stage. But I wanted to see it because I've never been to any show like that before... and boy was I wrong!! And am I ever glad to be wrong, it was an AWESOME show with good choreography, dancing, and even some acrobatic stuff too!!! We were screaming and cheering and having a GREAT time... and the men do truely have some NICE butts, lol. My friend and I loved the show sooo much that we were like we should make this a monthy thing!! hehe... and the fact that the guys are super hot doesn't hurt either, and there is truely a guy for every girl. My friend and I both have our picks of our guys, lol, so no fighting, hehe. We are DEFINATELY seeing the show again!! And this time I think we will be a little more crazy so we can get pulled up on stage. You also get to meet the guys afterwards at the AVALON which was definately worth it because both my friend and I got to see our "lovers", haha and take pictures with them too. Pros: HOT men, awesome show Cons: not being able to take pictures during the show more

What a Time! 4/12/2007

sallllyannn Provided by Partner
I've been to a few male review shows but Hunk-O-Mania was the best one ever! The guys were hot and everyone had a great time, especially our bachelorette girl. Everyone with Hunk-O-Mania, from the person we booked with to the dancers themselves were very professional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Pros: The Dancers! more
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  • Hunk-O-Mania male strippers is the #1 male review show for ladies in history, now performing live in New York City and Atlantic City, NJ. NYC Address: "ELEMENT" 225 E. Houston St. (between Avenue A & Essex St.) - Every Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 11:00pm.

    Hunk-O-Mania is not just a male revue of male strippers. It is a high-energy, audience participation male review show that caters to women and bachelorette parties of all ages. Indulge a bachelorette party fantasy; celebrate a birthday or a girls' night out. Male strippers, male exotic dancers and hunky waiters will cater to your every need and make your night exciting and fun.

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