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Tsai's Math Class

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By the way, my child just got into Duke, U Chicago, Cornell, UT's McComb School of Business and OU as a National Scholar with a full ride. I still attribute the strong start Ms. T...



Bad, Just Bad 11/11/2017

Grammar. more

terrible 10/30/2017

my mother is one of those people that is hard to impress my math grade is usually 90+ but I got an 86 because of one test. I went to miss Tsai and she is terrible I cant understand her at all !! she is rude and calls everybody an idiot she doesn't explain the math. your basically paying to go and get yelled at then receive a 5-page packet with 70 problems on each page. oh, and did I mention that she makes the kids cry and then when you start crying she slaps your desk with a ruler once she got so math she knocked the stuff off a kids desk !! Finally, if you don't get the assigned problems right during class she keeps you until they are all right once because she didn't explain she help me 30 minutes after and my mom yelled at me for not getting them right the first time. PLEASE READ THIS AND UNDERSTAND IF YOUR CHILD NEEDS MATH HELP DONT GOT HERE more

Mean teacher 10/16/2017

Not nice more

Tsai math 9/12/2017

this class is the worst and miss tsai cant speak engilsh she gives 7 pages of home work and 40 questions on each page like ... is this also she is teaching 10 grade stuff in 7grade she gives 3yr old candy and yells alot more

It's alright 6/11/2017

I think it is ok here, Ms Tsai has taught me many things that are useful I will admit. However, there was always one thing that bothered me. Whenever we had to work on our checked questions, Ms Tsai would say that if people needed help, to go to her. But if you did, she would yell and say you weren't paying attention. Aside from that, I think she is a good, tough teacher who will help you learn a lot. more

Update from April 2014 review 4/1/2015

By the way, my child just got into Duke, U Chicago, Cornell, UT's McComb School of Business and OU as a National Scholar with a full ride. I still attribute the strong start Ms. Tsai provided in part to my student's success. YMMV. more

Tsai's Math was good for my child 4/16/2014

I can totally relate to some of these comments, but I must say that Ms. Tsai is an excellent teacher and gave my child a very strong foundation in Math that still serves her as a high school junior. It was a lot of work, but that is what it takes to be good at Math. Ms. Tsai is tough. She wants her students to excel. My student has always said she wouldn't be where she is academically if she hadn't been to Plano Day School and Tsai's Math. She went to Plano Day School through first grade and Tsai's Math until she finished 8th grade. This class isn't for everyone, it requires discipline and academic stamina. If you have a kindergartner that you want to be good at Math later in life, I say, start them early and get them used to hard work from a young age. Public school Math is taught too slowly with too many cute gimmicks and not enough emphasis on speed, accuracy and fluency. There is also an element of competition in Tsai's Math that is absent in public school. This is just my two cents worth, but I never regreted the time or the money. more

never come here 3/20/2014

the teacher is mean here. they don't even bother to clean up. when you need help and go up to miss tsai she yells at you and everyone can hear. NEVER COME HERE. more

student here 3/19/2013

yes. I definitely recommend coming here. It is a great place to learn math. The homework might be long, but if you listen in class, it should just be a review. more

It's a great place to learn math 1/13/2012

"She yells math into my brain", "She is bipolar, screams at student and smiles to parents", "the year-end award toys were pathetic".... You can hear all these from your kids if they go to Ms. Tsai. But guess what, by the end of the day, their math improves, and they would all have to thank Ms. Tsai for giving them 10 pages of worksheet to do every week. Don't forget the short test everyweek, and worksheets during summer holiday. There are other Math tutoring schools in Plano. Most of them are good. But my kids went to Ms. Tsai since kindergarten and now they almost finish middle school. Her class size is above average, but her fee is very reasonable. There is just not enough math homework in school. Ms. Tsai's material is a good fit to supplement the regular school work. I read another review that she made kids cried.... I believe everything she said really happened. She made my kid cried too when he was 3rd grade, because he was not paying attention in class, not finishing work, etc. I think it was a good lesson for my kid and he deserved it. In short, this is a great place to learn math. Don't expect to be pampered. more

Horrible! 11/23/2011

She called my child stupid! When my son would ask for help she would say that he wasnt listening and yells at him in front of the class because she has a mic on her shirt and it is loud for the class to hear... She gives old candy and she could tidy up the place a bit. The homework is a 5-7 page packet that she expects to have back next week and she yells at the student if they work on it in class while she is teaching. She made my child cry when he walked out and he is in the 3rd grade! She could use a new projector and actually use an eraser to erase the board instead of using her hand which turns black at the end of the class. I had just got out of work and i was wearing a white button up shirt and i came in to ask how he did and she basically wiped her dirty black ink all over my brand new shirt!! Ridiculous!!! Never going back.... more

Student here... 4/11/2011

Good: She teaches. I wouldn't have to pay attention in my school's math class because Mrs. Tsai would be a week or two ahead. She gives out interesting prizes, and tries to answer all your questions. Her packets, as large as they are, covers all topics of school math. Students should do their homework, if you as a parent finds your child not doing them and falling behind...well then.. Bad: The candy is an effective treat even though their might be sad tummies/toothaches, but you could ask her not to give your child candy. She uses old technology- a simple overhead and white board. Her packets get tedious, but they are effective.. Improvements: Definitely a better overhead or maybe a smartscreen could be used, but I like her teaching style. You don't have to pay attention as long as you don't cause too much of a ruckus. A bigger staff will be needed soon.. Other: To the parents: Kids have different learning styles. If they truly do not like this place/teacher, try a different one. I personally could not have gotten through my middle school years without Mrs. Tsai. Many other children go to this facility, and I recommend it strongly. Mrs. Tsai moves quickly, and it is up to you as a parent to help her. She also has some good tips such as flash card ideas. This place really does help.. more

A Student's Rating 1/4/2011

Having been at Tsai's Math for the majority of my pitful life, I have found out that it is actually beneficial to me. But of course she gives out quite a bit of homework. Alas,it is an excellent place. more

BEST MATH TUTOR EVER!!!!!!!! 2/12/2010

She is the best math tutor ever! I have been a lot smarter since I went there. She also gives us candy if we do it right. The homework isn't that bad. I like doing the packet and the quizzes. I just don't see why everyone hates it. It's really fun. Try it and find out. more

Worst daycare ever 9/27/2009

Would not go near that place. more

Please Its Horrible 9/27/2009

This is the Worst School I've ever been to. The WORST. It made my daughter run away for one week. more

Don't go to Tsai Math 9/27/2009

I hope you parents don't go to this horrible school. The Stress it caused me and my son. It was so bad when I went to pick him up, I saw about 15 roaches on th wall and on the desks. more

Math Class Review 8/12/2005

Tsai's math class is a very popular math class in the local area. They provided math classes up to (oh I don't quite remember) Jr. high about 3 years. ago. Parnets like them because they provide a lot of worksheets for the kids to practice. On average, the students need to finish more than 10 pages of math homework. Sometimes, they have more than 40 questions in one page. The quality is pretty stable. And parents love them because they know they can get the same services year after year and the students need to works hard. The teacher will not mince words if you did not turn your homework right. more
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