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Trader's Gun Shop - 12 Reviews - 2850 Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors, SC - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (864) 292-5644

Trader's Gun Shop

2850 Wade Hampton Blvd
Taylors, SC 29687
(864) 292-5644
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Trader's Gun Shop - Taylors, SC
Trader's Gun Shop - Taylors, SC
Trader's Gun Shop - Taylors, SC
Trader's Gun Shop - Taylors, SC
Trader's Gun Shop - Taylors, SC
Trader's Gun Shop - Taylors, SC


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I have been searching for a specific gun for awhile, with many different dealers, and finally came across what I was looking for at Trader's Gun Shop. I figured that a gun shop o...


I had a very poor experience at Trader's as well. When I was shopping for my firearm I wanted not only to get advise but I also wanted to make sure that the purchase I was to make...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/14/2013

I am a novice. I needed a handgun for my 23 year old beautiful daughter who was going to Columbia on Saturday for her second part of her CWP class. We had trained on my S&W 22 but had found out during the Tuesday class that she would have to have a bigger caliber for the shooting part of the class. I had been in Traders a couple of times before and was impressed that the guys who spoke to me, knew I was only looking and had lots of questions, nevertheless, they spent time with me answering simple curiosities. It was Wednesday and I went to Traders with the intent to buy a good pistol, that would be easy for my daughter to handle and sufficient for the class. I met Steve. We looked at a dozen or more guns. Different calibers, sizes, length of barrels, and prices. A while later, I owned a new 9mm. The owners provided a discounted holster, a free bottle of lubricant, an armful of targets. What followed was the best of my experience. I learned that the informative and gentle salesman, was a former Seal, a hero that served our country and spent years protecting me and my family. I had been served and taught and helped by a man that deserved to be served. He was a gentleman, a professional, who seemed to care only about me, a stranger who needed to buy a gun for his daughter. He had every reason to be cocky and short with me, after all, I am a ""Novice"" ( who now loves Traders)! PS, my daughter got her CWP, and she thinks I'm wonderful! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/3/2012

I bought a Walther pk. 380 from them new on 9 / 29 / 12 with my trade of a Springfield XDM. 40 .. The Walther was dirty when i received it.They told me that is the way they received it from the factory,did not think much of it after he told me that.I brought it home to clean it and discovered that it has been used quite a bit and the slider was warped.Also i noticed that a part inside the gun appeared to be damaged.It almost appeared someone shot this gun and jammed it and broke it.I dare not want this death trap awaiting for me to shoot it. I immediately called the owner and we agreed to meet to show him my discovery.Once we met he told me that there was nothing wrong with it even after what i showed him. I asked him if i can exchange for another new gun and he said no.He told me to send it to the factory to get it fixed.I did not agree with this so at this point i asked if i can just get my old gun back and he said not for even swap.I said what do you mean he said its a return policy. So i asked him what would it take for me to get my old gun back,he said give him $100.00 and the walther back. What BS !!! Never will i go back to buy such rubbish ! more

Bad customer service 12/27/2011

The folks who work there act like they're the only game in town so they can afford to be condescending and rude. They won't get any of my business. more

pack it up traders 8/26/2011

ok so here's just one of my stories from going to traders. i have two friends that are identical twins. the first one,brent, went there asking to have some work done to a pistol. the gunsmith told him what he wanted done wasn't possible (i'm not a gunsmith but last i checked reducing the trigger pull on a ruger single six wasn't rocket science). so brent went to james firearm in greer where they gladly did the work, did it well and didn't charge an arm and a leg. fast forward two weeks later.... brent's twin brother brad and i went to traders looking at guns. the salesman we were dealing with started telling us a story about ""this idiot that wanted to have work done on a cheap single six, so i told him it couldnt be done because i'm not wasting my time working on a piece of crap like that....hahaha what an idiot"". my friend then said to him ""my brother has a gun like that, you might know him, he's my identical twin. the idiot that wanted you to work on his gun."" the guy's jaw dropped then started rambling on trying to make up lost ground. this is the same guy that insulted me a month earlier when i asked to look at a gun that wasn't the expensive one that he liked. he told me that i didnt want the gun i wanted to see that it was a piece of junk that i needed to buy another one for $1000. FOR YOUR OWN SAKE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE CLOWNS. go to allen arms (allenarms dot net) on poinsette highway. they are extremely good and wont treat you like a moron if you don't know everything about every gun ever made. or go to james firearm off exit 56 on highway 14 in greer. they are good guys who know what theyre talkin about, and they manufacture they're own ar-15's which are priced right and well built machines. GO ANYWHERE BUT TRADERS OR YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF AND SOONER OR LATER PISSED OFF more

Traders bites, but here's The Place To Go... 7/1/2011

If you don't like Traders, and you probably don't with good reason, give Allen Arms Indoor Range a look. They ROCK! more

I think the owner is a liar and a thief 3/22/2011

Owner might be a Liar and a Thief.\r \r I accidentally gave him an extra $20 bill because they were new from the bank and stuck together. \r I noticed when I went to put my bank envelope back in my purse that another $20 was missing. \r I asked him if he could check and he got really defensive and said, ""ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR?. \r He refused to check the drawer. \r \r I had two $20s and now I dont \r Im pretty sure he stole my money!!!\r What can you do.\r more

Hit and Miss Low Customer Service 2/8/2010

I had great experiences at Traders the first few times I went. I have purchased guns, ammo, accessories and reloading supplies there. Prices are fair and the selection is good for both used and new guns and ammo. I have dealt directly with the owner and some of his staff and had wonderful experiences. However, I recently went in looking for a specific gun that they did not happen to have. I worked directly with two of the staff (one of which constantly was playing with his cell phone in front of his face while he talked) and they both told me that it was not a good idea to purchase the gun I was looking for and tried to persuade me to buy other guns that I definitely did not want. When I balked at the purchase, the guys began to roll their eyes, look at one another, make that annoying pssshh noise, and one commented to the other, ""can you believe this guy?"". They then immediately began to ignore me and deal with another customer. This experience was in direct contrast to the experiences I had with the owner, the woman who works there, and other Traders employees over 5'7"". Avoid the short angry gun-toting salesmen at Traders. I will still go back, but I will look up for good customer service. Pros: Good Prices, Technical Help and Selection Cons: Customer Service Terrible at Times more

Great Experience 1/16/2009

I have been searching for a specific gun for awhile, with many different dealers, and finally came across what I was looking for at Trader's Gun Shop. I figured that a gun shop of all places is not likely to be a place for awesome customer service due to the ego's and perspective of most gun toting dudes. If you notice, places like gun shops, motorcycle shops, and other places where ""manly man"" hang out are not pinnacles for customer service, because it isn't manly to be cool and helpful to another dude you don't know. Anyway...I thought despite everything my gun buying experience was great at Traders Gun Shop. The guys were straightforward, and I received what I consider a FANTASTIC deal. My gun brand new is $687 retail. I purchased a slightly used, although in perfect condition CZ 75 PO1 9mm for $430 without even haggling. Also, I was in and out in about 20 minutes. I am very happy with them and would recommend to anyone. Remember, if you buy manly things...I think it is expected that you already know about it....because no one cares once you pay. I found that out when I bought my motorcycle too. Pros: Value, convenience, selection Cons: I felt it would be considered lame to ask a stupid question more

Taylors' Overrated Gun Shop 12/12/2008

I had a very poor experience at Trader's as well. When I was shopping for my firearm I wanted not only to get advise but I also wanted to make sure that the purchase I was to make was what suited my needs. This required a couple of trips. Once I made a decesion on a certain firearm, I told a friend about what I was planning on buying, he too wanted one of them. The next week he went into the store with the money in his pocket to buy this gun, but one of the workers talked him out of it. The worker told my friend that this gun often locks down and he shouldn't buy it. This gun is a S&W .357 mag M&P 340 model. It is not a jammer! I wrote off my friends experience and deceided to go ahead and go to traders and purchase this gun inspite of the experience my friend had. But first I asked my neighbor about what he thought about this weapon (since he is on the Sheriff's dept and uses this as a backup) and he told me that it was a very reliable gun and that I should ask for the owner of the shop when I go in to Traders because he knows him personally and said that he was different that the worker that my friend ran into. Well, he sure was. He was ready to sell me the gun, but the only one that he had was the display gun and it was one that had been dropped a few times (the scars were on the gun to prove it). I asked him if he could order me one from the factory, and he said that he could, but that he couldn't promise that the price would be the same. So I asked him if he would be willing to take a little off of this one since it was damaged goods. He refused. I never asked for any amount, I was just looking for him to take a ""little off"" because of the damage to the gun. Needless to say, I had the money in my pocket and so I traveled to Anderson and purchased the same gun for about $30 less and it wasn't damaged. My friend also purchased his gun at another store. Trader's not only lost a sale due to the experience my friend had, but they also lost a sale to me. Pros: lots of selection Cons: the treatment of customers is not on their priority list more

Great GUN SHOP, period. 10/15/2008

I have dealt with the owner of this shop for almost ten years now and I assure you he does know the difference between .223 Remington and NATO 5.56! You may have gotten one of the couple of strange employees he's had during the last year when they moved to the larger, new location. I was in there this weekend with my wife and the owners wife was working too they were so busy. They are not the type of people to look down on anyone, and have always treated me very good. He has some new employees who are not into pressure selling and that is great. They have the largest selection of pistols and rifles in Upstate SC no doubt. Prices are on par with the rest of the community. This is not a pawn shop or gun show where you go to haggle, but I have done that there before and come away satisfied. Pros: large selection, knowledgable staff, Cons: parking, signage more

Bad Customer Service 9/14/2008

I give them credit for having a nice store with a good selection. But beware of the sales people. If youre looking for someone with a know it all attitude and you need someone to talk down to you, this is the place to be! \r \r Whats worse is the lack of knowledge these guys have. \r \r I had the owner try to tell me that I could put 5.56 rounds in a .223 chambered rifle and that there wasnt a difference between the two rounds. If I had listened to him he would have ruined my rifle. Im scared to know how many people he has sold 5.56mm ammo to that needed .223. When I told him they werent the same he argued with me and told me that I didnt know what I was talking about, in a very know it all kind of way. If youd like to read more about the 5.56 vs .223, just do a google search. \r \r And by the way, the prices arent the best in town, and dont expect to negotiate, you will have no luck Pros: Very large selection, easy to browse Cons: Staff, Prices are average at best more

Traders Gun Shop 7/25/2008

The BEST gun shop in Greenville / Up-State area! Great selection of Weapons / Guns and ammo. The Peopl are VERY knowledgeable, and courteous. Very diversified and unlike other shops down to earth, not rude or pushy, and well friendly. Good gunsmith on duty and prices are good. \r \r These guys will take the time to explain to you what you want and need to know. I hope the rumor is true about an indoor range for this location. We would be assure to have friendly people...\r \r Cons: Agreed you should drive slowly or you might miss it the first go round (worth turning around).\r \r \r \r \r Pros: See Review Cons: See Review more

Trader's is best! 5/25/2008

Best gun shop in the Greenville area! Unbelievable selection of handguns and rifles, even some ""unusual"" pieces. Good selection of ammo, including Corbon and Corbon DPX. Good holster selection (no left-hand stuff in stock, though). Lots of salespeople who are VERY knowledgeable. Good gunsmith. Good prices. I go there a lot. Pros: Read the review Cons: Small parking lot, not a noticeable sign, drive slow - you might miss it. more

Lowest prices in town, very friendly and courteous 12/7/2007

The people here were very courteous and friendly towards me gave me a tour of the place and different firearms there and explained everything to me in full detail from loading my pistol to even cleaning it. Pros: Everything about this business is GREAT!!!!!!!! more
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